Shiny Abra Easter Egg Hunt

Hi pokemon tower defense fan this week we have another exciting shiny hunt for you to find. we have a nice shiny Abra for you to get your hands on.

this week the shiny hunt 8 digit/letters long. let get cracking on code then


This Clue is on the homepage of but is the very last letter shown on the homepage.


What postion is for gameplay is the game Bloons Tower Defense 4 To help you on your quest for this clue checking out the TOP GAMES section will help you


See the clue 3 here PTD Clue 3


Follow Clue Number 3 to advance to clue number 4 Clue 4 Check it out here


In the game Tentacle Wars The Purple Menace How many levels are there in the main game. The number you are after is the FIRST number.


On this Badge Games How many badge does the game Wizard Defense have


On THIS GAMES the letter you are looking for appears 4 times.


The same clue as the other clues. What is the first number of the rating for pokemon tower defense. Pokemon Tower defense

1,749 Responses

  1. help Says:

    whats the code

  2. James Says:

    the code didnt work D=

  3. dave Says:

    whats the code? i suck at finding t

  4. arnice sackwhipe Says:

    wuts the code????

  5. Nick Says:

    I don’t know what the code is, but I noticed a typo on the transformers game’s page. It should say you’re, but it says your.

  6. waffle Says:

    what is the code D:

  7. Fabio Says:

    I think it’s janky, but I got m16928o4. Matt is a sexy name.

  8. Fabio Says:

    i rock

  9. Fabio Says:

    Shut up Fabio!

  10. Fabio Says:

    But you are fabio! Well, so am I. Ahhh! I’m you, or me, or whatever.

  11. Fabio Says:

    I know a lot about Paul McCartney!

  12. Leprechaun Says:

    has anyone figured out clue 6?

  13. Leprechaun Says:

    i mean 7…

  14. Holybumb Says:

    Code is easy… =-)

  15. ValdasVis Says:

    Found the code already, pretty easy this one. Not wanting to give anyone any hints so good luck everyone!

  16. CODE Says:

    the 2nd is real not 1st

  17. guru Says:


  18. me Says:

    what is code 7

  19. me Says:

    what is the code

  20. Sprxkit Says:

    Muahhahaa got the CODE :D

  21. waffle Says:


  22. waffle Says:

    i forgot the shiny zubat code i remember it was p0k3…but i forgot the rest

  23. luiz Says:



    who wants a charmeleon?

  24. irvin Says:

    what is the code 4 zubat D:

  25. waffle Says:

    i forgot the shiny zubat code it was p0k3..i forgot the rest

  26. waffle Says:

    agh i wish i knew all the shinys

  27. ARCEUS Says:



  28. guicsdfs Says:


  29. for you Says:


  30. Matt Says:

    heres a free alakazam for whoever gets it first


  31. JusHua Says:

    whats the max lvl now??? (anyone want to trade any shiny code for kadabra lvl30 leave a comment ^^

  32. Senseisional Says:

    Code for shiny mew

  33. Senseisional Says:

    I have the abra code for somethin

  34. pigy Says:

    i want the codes for all siny pokemon.

  35. pigy Says:

    i will trade a code for a kadabra lvl30.

  36. pigy Says:

    the max lvl now is 36

  37. Killer Says:

    -JusHua the lvl cap is 36

  38. Seth Says:

    I want to trade a shiny graveler or shiny Alakhazam for the same type.

  39. raphael Says:

    the code for shiny zubat is p0k35644 but I think it’s not working

  40. AWC Says:




  41. RTL13z Says:

    I got what the code was!! the first letter isn’t in the URL so it’s not “m” but it’s at the end of the homepage at the bottom so it’s “s”

  42. Blazerexy Says:

    Plz help me wats the code

  43. JusHua Says:

    i already know zubat , geodude , rattata ,abra (shiny pokemon) code o.0 SO ANYONE WILLING TO GIVE OR TRADE CODE??? I HAVE shiny KADABRA 36lvl here

  44. Your Saviour Says:

    the code is [removed by admin], you’re welcome.

  45. dbone Says:

    plz tell me the code

  46. jp16551 Says:

    i have shinny pokemon for trade preview it

  47. Sam and dan rocks Says:

    Ugh can someone just tell me the clues lol im so lost!! please!

  48. poke lover Says:

    thank you for shiny abra code

  49. Sam and dan rocks Says:

    who wants to trade a shiny pokemon for a shiny beedrill 14de1d5ce97f30

  50. Brutal Says:

    anyone know the code for abra???

  51. raphael Says:

    in the code for shiny abra i’m stucked in clue 7

  52. raphael Says:

    yehey I got the code I will tell u this is the code s16928o4 don’t think that this code is fake it’s true

  53. Sam Says:

    Okay, i got this Magikarp And i wanna trade it for a abra (Shiny or not, you decide ;)). Igot a gyarados too, but it took me 2 weeks, so for a gyarados, it should be a kadabra. And please give me the code. I am The maker and I need it now, okay? I need to see if there is a bug on the shinies. So, I can log the game down, cause the hard working of version 2.7, AND all those bugs. I need a special code to check the bugs, but it is Letters instead of numbers. Some of the code i´ve allready found. If there is some bugs Write this ??581???, okay? The question marks is what i haven´t found so… Good luck finding bugs in this game.

  54. Sam Says:


  55. POKEMON Says:

    Hi ya guys want a free Deoxys for free check out our blog at play if you desing the ninja-ja then you will have a code! and i will put it up for trade so you will get it as soon someone reads my code (0o127237daf231)P012

  56. POKEMON Says:

    Free rayqussa for trade =D its 10321dfsa12123),df21

  57. POKEMON Says:

    If you want to know how to get heeps of starters just make a account then put it into trade syumtem and type the code thiungy and go to and level em up to 28 or something and Do the same thing expet just talk t profasa oak and get the starter again and yeah thats it =D

  58. POKEMON Says:


  59. Dracoo Says:

    i want the codes for all siny abra pls.

  60. sharon Says:

    i want a shiny ratatta i have shiny geudude
    14de22ce2c64c9 code of geudodude

  61. sharon Says:


  62. rayan Says:


  63. trainer mew Says:


  64. trainer mew Says:

    im trading a shiny mew lvl 19 for a shiny squirtle

  65. ScottyDott Says:

    Does anyone want a shiny abra?

  66. Ash Says:

    What´s the code!!!?????

  67. xalara Says:

    can someone tell me what pokemon exist in this game until now v2.7?

  68. xalara Says:

    can someone tell me what pokemon exist in this game until now v2.7?

    how evolve katabra?

  69. xalara Says:



  70. xalara Says:


  71. nicholas pokemaster Says:

    what is the code for shiny zubat? also my lvl 28 beedril is up for trades. code is:



  72. xalara Says:


  73. nicholas pokemaster Says:

    tell me the dam code!

  74. nicholas pokemaster Says:

    holy cow i got ashiny geodude from brock ……..COOL!!!!!!!

  75. Pepe Says:

    I have an alakazam!!!!!:)

  76. harry10 Says:

    trading a shiny mew lvl 100
    for charezard

  77. harry10 Says:


  78. harry10 Says:


  79. harry10 Says:

    yes no enywon plz

  80. harry10 Says:

    ok i will swap a mew lvl 200 for a charzard

  81. josh Says:

    just go on youtube to find every code

  82. the trader Says:

    I want an Abra (not shiny) I offer this:
    Shiny golem 14de21ba783066
    Shiny piedgeotto 14de21bd7b0a71
    Shiny pidgey 14de21c29af8e2

    I also captured a shiny metapod and i have a charmilion at 25 level…
    Please contact me:

  83. nico Says:


  84. the trader Says:

    another thing…
    if you want an Alakazam, Golem, etc. you don’t need another person…
    click on send pokemon, and then recive it… it will evolve

  85. nico Says:


  86. Rokusaku Says:

    Okay so why wont my game import from newgrounds?

  87. poke Says:

    help i need around a level 22 plz

  88. romulo Says:

    people the only way to defeat Kyogre with Charizard and Venusaur is
    Venus (dance of petals)
    Charizard (airstrike)

  89. Calvin Says:

    Got every shinys =)

  90. Kiru Says:

    CAN we even kill kyogre O_O i think the stupid whale keeps using rest, its impossible to kill him.

  91. Matt Says:

    What is the code for Shiny Abra Please ?

  92. arceus Says:

    quien da mew por abra shiny o picachu normal o geodude shony ysubat shiny

  93. pokemon giveaway Says:

    who wants a shiny Abra for free

  94. pokemon giveaway Says:

    who wants a shiny abra

  95. Roosss Says:

    I got the code, im not telling you but i got an abra to trade :)



    have it, HURRY

  96. PokeFreak Says:

    easy code

  97. KS27 Says:

    A ver quien es el primero!



  98. Steave Says:

    Whats the 4letter code for piedgeotto trader

  99. thor Says:

    A code plese a code

  100. Steave Says:


  101. Roosss Says:

    Kiru i can kill him easily… make a new account and choose bulbasaur then trade it the the account you want it on, easy :) my razor leaf rocks

  102. miguel Says:

    hola comerciante que poke te puede interesar?

    bidrill lv 36
    buterfly lv 36
    blastoise lv 36
    veusar lv 36
    gyarados lv 36
    golbat lv 36
    primeape lv 36

  103. pokemon master Says:

    i just beat kyogre with vileplum and raichu lv. 28 raichu using electro ball and vileplum using mega drain

  104. nikkeeyyyy Says:

    its easy look on youtube bud

  105. pokemon master Says:

    i did not look on youtube i beat that whale by myself

  106. Gara Says:

    WHAT IS A SHINY IVYSAUR CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. pokemon master Says:

    i know this is not much but if you want a lv.5 charmander code (not shiny)



    type this code for a charmander

  108. nikkeeyyyy Says:

    can anyone give me a low level please all my pokemon are 36 and i can’t capture a low level pokemon :(

  109. PER Says:

    nikkeeyyyy I’ve got a poliwag that you could have whats your email

  110. hi Says:

    how do i put in previous mystery gift codes because it only lets me put in the current one

  111. Siren Says:


  112. Dave Says:

    its so easy

  113. Steave Says:

    People can find a shinny Zubat at Mt.Moon 2. or using this code.

  114. ashley Says:

    i have a bellsprout up for trade its a level 12 preview code 14de283e0cbec8 other code 63e8

  115. Steave Says:

    and it’s a low leveled nikkeeyyyy

  116. Repell Says:

    I used Raichu and Golem
    Golem on top, Raichu down there.
    Raichu should use first thunder wave, then Electro Ball, because it makes more damage like that.
    Hope I could help.

  117. ashley Says:

    i have 6 shiny abras i want 2 know the rest of the codes

  118. xXhommyXx Says:

    need a shiney abra

  119. xXhommyXx Says:

    or just a normal abra

  120. sexy Says:

    yo lower kyorges defense, hes too strong

  121. KIRIO... ;) Says:

    Hey, the code didn’t work… clue 7 is wrong… all letters are written more than 4 times…

  122. sexy Says:

    change the challenge mode too its too hard, CHANGE IT DAMITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. corbinium Says:

    i cant get the new version

  124. pokeman master Says:

    trading a zubat

  125. killerofyou Says:

    code for shyny abra?

  126. poketamer Says:

    the trader
    i give you a shinny abra for the shinny pidgeotto!

  127. hunter Says:

    look on youtube for a shiny abra and you will find that code

  128. ... Says:

    im playing from bubble box and i can’t get the shiny abra code, it just says get the shiny zubat code, any ideas?

  129. Camitas Says:

    Hey, how can i evolve my Golbat? it’s needed happiness (like in normal pokemon) but i don’t know how to achieve it… HELP!!
    Well, what’s the code for Abra?

  130. ignacio Says:

    help me i need anyone shiny pokemon i trade

    an picachu lvl 12

  131. ignacio Says:

    alguien que hable español estoy dando un picachu lvl 12 por un codigo de shiny pokemon

    speak inglish i gift an picachu
    lvl 12 for an code of anyone shiny pokemon is avaible

  132. rhys rocks Says:

    i want all shines tell me how to get a shiny calaimander

  133. ananymo Says:

    i got : m16918o4
    but it isn’t the real code :(

  134. Ismael Says:

    anyone got a shiny geodude

  135. O.o Says:

    i got one

  136. malakai Says:

    HA!! got in first try i am awesome

  137. Gx Says:

    free shiny abra

  138. Gx Says:

    its true

  139. O.o Says:

    give away



  140. Gx Says:

    you cant evolve golbat because its red/blue golbat evolves in GOLD/SILVER/CRYSTAL!!!

  141. Grant the man Says:

    someone trade me a poliwag ;]

  142. 1Gx Says:

    i need the code for a pikachu (not shiny) please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Grant the man Says:


  144. Mike Says:

    anyone have a fearow they wanna give up?

  145. Ni3ls Says:

    WELL. even though it didn’t take too long to crack that doesnt seem to work.

  146. jd Says:

    14de2b8faaa1a6 8c6c trade (shynee abra) i want a mew

  147. ashley Says:

    ji got a shiny butterfree from viridian forest 2

  148. Drufen Says:

    Como Evolui Kadabra?

  149. ImAboob Says:

    The Code is SGh3757

  150. ashley Says:

    i want a shiny mew or mewto plz reply if u can trade one

  151. Pepe Says:

    I have a shiny pidgey,shiny pidgeotto,a shiny geodude,six shinys golems,a shiny kakuna,a shiny jigglypuff,a shiny wigglytuff,a shiny rattata,a shiny zubat and a shiny magykarp :)

  152. caucasus Says:

    here is a free shiny metapod lvl 9 ( already got shiny butterfree lvl 30 :D )


  153. chivas Says:

    the code for abra iss16928o4

  154. caucasus Says:

    here is a free shiny kakuna lvl 7


  155. Pepe Says:

    And now I have a shiny beedrill!

  156. madman Says:

    i lvl 36 Charizard

  157. Mubex Says:

    oh that ws easy, next time do a harder one

  158. nikkeeyyyy Says:

    got numerous shiny’s and lvl 36’s up for trade name a specific pokemon and i may trade with you… i need a mew!! if any ones willing to trade please reply!

  159. Mubex Says:


    its a mew, who gets it, coment here

  160. Ismael Says:

    Any of these pokemons for shiny sqirtle or balbasaur



  161. Mubex Says:


    the x are sumbers you can get this gice

  162. Mubex Says:

    i have all shinys, who wants talk to me

  163. gas Says:

    clue 5 6 7 & 8???

  164. Golem Of Epicness Says:


  165. Sam ( no not the creator) Says:

    the code for abra is **692**4 no lie i tried it myself and to defeat kyogre all you need is a decent raichu and a venausaur if u don t another raichu might do it and if it doesnt just get a clefairy to use disable for kyogres rest also just use any of the other profiles on the game to get all starters just keep creating a new file and sending the pokemon to another profile

  166. Sam ( no not the creator) Says:

    and by the way its only pokemon in the original pokemon fire red and leaf green so no crobat sry

  167. Sam ( no not the creator) Says:

    anybody know how to get a mew anywayill trade anything for one just tell me with a comment i he=ave every starter and a bunch of shiny pokemon like a shiny fearow

  168. Kyle Says:

    Free Siney Mew 14de2a5ea431c0 ,7e21

  169. Sam ( no not the creator) Says:

    i also have a shiny golem shiny pidgeotto a shiny alakazama shiny abra and a shiny golbat comment if you want to trade anything

  170. hytmjhynhtuh Says:

    i will give a shiny mew for a abra level36

  171. baldrian22 Says:

    kiru u can destroy kyogre. use a venusar vit petal dance and raticate vit super fang.

  172. Luiza Says:

    I want a pikachu(doesn’t need to be shine.)
    i have a raticatte lvl 24
    quero um pikachu(n precisa ser shine)
    tenho um raticatte lvl 24
    contact me
    fala ae
    trade code 14de2d7b5d10e6

  173. Grant the man Says:

    i need a poliwag and i want a shiny

  174. mtn dew Says:

    wats the code

  175. mtn dew Says:

    wat is the code

  176. moe Says:

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  177. mole Says:

    Oh yes, bet Kyogre first time! ;) got one hell of starting six, even though they not shinyy! i got all lvl 36, Charizard, Venasaur, Blastoise, Nidoking, Nidoqueen & a shiny Golem. not the best but still beats them everytime ;)

  178. KSI Juggernaut1 Says:

    I have a bunch of shiny Zubats for trade… If Need Be I Can LVL them.. im looking for all the shiny pokemon execpt Zubat and Spearo(Just caught him in game)

  179. ashley Says:

    who wants a shiny abra…


    …get it before its gone i might trade more i have a bunch of them so all probly post more codes

  180. Nagggs Says:

    I have 21 Shiny Mews that im giving away for the best offers so just email me at

    I am also giving away 6 Shiny Squirtles and 6 Shiny Pikachus. Just email me and tell me your offer
    and what level the pokemon is and i will email you back my response

  181. Bearkin Says:

    Clue 3 is kinda not correct… A number 6 turned upsidedown would be more like the letter P then the number that it is actually asking for.

  182. jordan Says:

    what are th codes for shiny mew

  183. nacho Says:

    amigos tengo el codec de mew agregenme q les paso a mew gratis sin ningun intercamio de pokemons

  184. Nagggs Says:


    Email me of what you have and I will tell you what I will take in return for a mew.

    email me at

  185. nacho Says:

    amigos doy mew shiny solo agregenme en su msn el mio es repito las regalo

  186. seth Says:

    iwho ever gives me the code to a shiny abra i will give you a shiny butterfree

  187. anamonus Says:

    abra code s16928o4

  188. KSI Juggernaut1 Says:

    -Shivas i tried that code and it didnt work.. any suggestions?

  189. wq Says:

    I am trading a lvl 12 shiny zubat

  190. moe Says:

    necesito pokemons de agua los cambio po pokemon shiny

  191. DAILY Says:

    How do you get a golem i have a graveler level 31

  192. arceus Says:

    alguien ,e puede decir como matar a kyogre es imposible o no

  193. Totito Says:

    How do i pass the “old rod” challenge? please somebody help me!!!!

  194. I love this game Says:

    sam i love your game and btw people it is easy beating kyogre just use pichachu (electro ball) and graveler (rock blast) piece of cake and sam keep up the great work :)

  195. bleh Says:

    the codes every body tells you are false!

  196. Bbgun9999 Says:

    code 1s easy :L

  197. Akira Says:

    You CANT evolve Golbat. Crobat is a Johto pokemon, you can (As of now) only get pokemon from the Kanto region.

  198. PIKAGREYMON Says:

    14de2ee892a2dd 6a55
    for butterfree lvl 36

  199. abc Says:

    I have a shiny alakazam lvl 29 and will trade for a Jynx. My email is email me if interested :)

  200. hezyz Says:

    cual es el codigo de rattata shyni

  201. arceus Says:

    ya mate a kyogre

  202. arceus Says:

    con mi venosaur esmuy fuerte y mi golen y esa ballena kyogre se murio

  203. wq Says:

    im trading a oddish lvl 15

  204. Get your shiny Abra here Says:

    send to so u know the shiny code of abra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u need more shiny pm me or send a messagge on makulitnalalake! i got many shiny like onix poliwrath nintales oddish shiny nidoqueen or nidoking !!!

  205. Get your shiny Abra here Says:

    and i have shiny sandslash! dont forget to send a message on

  206. shiny dude Says:

    if any one wants a shiny mew 14de31c6c36309 leave a mesage on this page in capitals saying YES PLEASE!!!

  207. Get your shiny Abra here Says:

    and more shiny i got! like abra alakazam mew mewto and more!

  208. shiny dude Says:

    ps it is legit

  209. Sam ( no not the creater ) Says:

    anamonus is right about the code for abra (s1**28*4) and by the way the easiest way to beat kyogre is to use 2 raichus or a raichu and a ivysaur and if you really need to get rid of kyogres rest just get a clefairy to use disable

  210. Sam ( no not the creater ) Says:

    comment if you want to trade i have every starter evolved once a shiny pideotto a shiny alakaxam a shiny abra a shiny fearow a shiny golbat and a shiny wigglytuff no mew so dont ask but i might have another non shiny pokemon you want so comment.

  211. Sam ( no not the creater ) Says:

    i also have some low level pokemon if anyone needs to get pokemon weak enough to catch something

  212. Sam ( no not the creater ) Says:

    oh and btw you cant get a crobat since its only pokemon in the original fire red and leaf green games so sorry

  213. mr. t Says:

    i want a shiny ratatta, pidgey and weedle or theyre evolved forms . watever u want if i got it i’ll trade it

  214. death Says:

    hey any 1 want 2 trade if so write back sayin my name i will tell u hat pokemon i have and we can work on a trade

  215. aleksa Says:

    i need onix

  216. death Says:

    any 1 have any legindarey pokemon

  217. jacae Says:

    how do i put the code in to get the shiny zubat ?

  218. jacae Says:

    trading butterfry for a good high lvl pokemonn 14de21ba783066

  219. jacae Says:

    if udont want your shinys please contact me i would really love them :) thanks …

  220. jacae Says:

    can someone please put a free shiny in thanks

  221. mr abc Says:

    i try the code s16928o4 but it did not work.

  222. felipee Says:

    when you are able to get a eevee

  223. felipee Says:

    cuando se va a poder conseguir un eevee brillante

  224. nikita Says:

    what the codes on onix

  225. dodong Says:

    higay nyu na ung pokemon ko@!

  226. Borja Says:

    cambio shiny kakuna… q m ofreceis?

  227. the trader Says:

    Siren i agree your offer…
    Contact me in my e-mail and we will interchange pokemons…
    Alguna otra oferta????

  228. Borja Says:

    cambio kakuna shiny x shiny ratata o shiny pidgey (o lo q m ofrezcais)


  229. the trader Says:

    will give free shiny abra for nothing

  230. mr. t Says:

    shiny butterfree

  231. Zero Says:

    I want a magikab and i am willying to trade for it, if anyone has such mystical creature please send me a mail at

  232. reventador Says:

    plis codigo charmander shiny

  233. Andrew Says:

    smb wants a shiny nidoran?




  235. pokemon master Says:

    dosent any body want a charmander

  236. ???? Says:

    hey i will trade any of my full evolved pokemon(venusuar,charizard,blastoise,)

  237. ???? Says:

    but for a ekans though

  238. ???? Says:

    oh just so no one is mistakend there not shiny just all three fully evolved ill trayed any of them for an ekans

  239. oiuhy Says:

    STRONZO CHI LEGGE!!!!!!!!!!!!(TANNE ME!)

  240. Ismael Says:

    Any of these pokemons for sqirtle or balbasaur



  241. antonio Says:


  242. maial Says:

    i kill KIOGRE it’s to easy

  243. maial Says:

    i wanna to trade a shiny buterfree lvl 28

  244. Pablo Says:

    Cambio abra shiny por otro tambien shiny
    I change an abra shiny for other shiny pokemon


  245. elo elo Says:

    e jaki kod jest na shiny ratata

  246. jj Says:

    what’s the last code

  247. jj Says:

    any poke s up for trad

  248. who wants to trade???? Says:


  249. pleaaaase Says:

    can somebody tell me the code plz :(

  250. EREBO Says:


  251. EREBO Says:


  252. EREBO Says:


  253. miinii Says:

    and one wonna have a level 36 gyrados for a shiny?

  254. miinii Says:

    anyone wonna have a level 36 gyrados for a different pokemon?

  255. ryan Says:

    this new gym is easy! just use wirlwind and your fine

  256. miinii Says:

    tell me the pokemon thn if i like it gyrados is yours

  257. blalvadfjhdsf Says:

    the code starts with m

  258. ryan Says:

    o wait this is bull it heals itself

  259. gogeta Says:

    what the f u c k 2 shiney hunts
    ago it was all about what pokemon you had and their level and every one s p a c e d everything to give the codes away to HELP now you are just saying you know the code and it is completely boring god i wish that these last 2 shiney code hunts were never invented i dont even see the same names of the people on here because they wont say any thing because ther is nothing to say. What is this a new generation of A s s e s f u c k e r s and s h i t heads

  260. gogeta Says:

    abra evols at level 16 and kadabra can only evolve through trade

  261. gogeta Says:

    shiney geodude code is 5231

  262. ryan Says:

    disable doesnt work in the gym part 2

  263. gogeta Says:

    shiney geodude code is 5 2 3 1

  264. v v4tnnht4ny44c Says:

    pigey code???

  265. Dren Says:

    bla bla

  266. Bot Says:


  267. hola- halo Says:

    quien quiere un cambio tengo de todo para cambiar;D el que quiera un cambio me avisa a

  268. killerofyou Says:

    at wich lvl abra evolve?

  269. MyCool Says:

    Cerulean Gym 2 is impossible to beat

  270. Magic Says:

    Does Anyone What a Shiny Metapod For any Other Shiny Pokemon

  271. T-Rex Says:

    whats the geodude code!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  272. Shiny Mew Says:

    I have Shiny Mew for trade
    Contact me with your offers (no s. zubats or abra’s please)

  273. Sam ( no not the creator) Says:

    tell me if anyone wants to trade for a shiny beedrill

  274. I love this game Says:

    did my guide thingy help anyone?

  275. ashley Says:

    i want a shiny butter free wait i have one

  276. ashley Says:

    hey who wants to trade a pikachu?

  277. 123 Says:


  278. the trader Says:

    123 what do you want in exchange?
    k kieres a cambio

  279. the trader Says:

    sorry i made a mistake…

  280. Ismael Says:


  281. nwo Says:

    the older shiny codes dont seem to work when a new one comes out, unless its just me

  282. Bulbs Says:

    Can Raichu learn moves on this game? On real Pokemon game Raichu cant learn any moves after its evolving.

  283. bloodandcandy Says:

    trading shiny abra to whoever wants it find me on first to pm me gets free shiny pikachu!!!!

  284. tobiasalexan Says:

    say code to all this pokemon again

  285. CON 123 Says:

    trade shiny ratata

  286. someone Says:

    i powned kyogre yay

  287. someone Says:

    lucky it does not heal full

  288. jitse Says:



  289. bloodandcandy Says:

    i trading alot of dif kind of shinys come find me at newgrounds[]com

  290. Dren Says:

    Thank’s for the shiny abra

  291. Dren Says:


  292. nahuel Says:


  293. Wolf Says:

    What is the new code >.<

  294. Ismael Says:


  295. mario Says:

    anyone want to trade a shiny for my shiney pidgey

  296. Levo Says:

    geodude code is 3254

  297. Bluestar Says:

    Where do you punch in the code??

  298. mario Says:

    does anyone have a charzarged or a blastoise ill trade for shiny pidgey level 7

  299. Alexlass Says:

    Hi… i would like get hold on a Shiny Pidget… trade o free :)

  300. Steave Says:

    I can’t find a stupid shinny pikachu! It’s driving me nuts!

  301. jezuz 19 Says:

    tengo un abra shiny que no necesito lo cambio por cualquier shiny que no tenga mi msn el codigo 14de3faada26a5

  302. Cadu Says:

    eu tenho um shiny oddish

  303. adrian Says:

    borja te cambio mi pigei sinin x tu kakuna sinin

  304. adrian no Says:


  305. adrian Says:

    mew sinin
    kien sera el primero

  306. joseph Says:


  307. O.o Says:

    nnnnnnniiiiiikkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeee ill give u a mew for what?

  308. Jaybles Says:

    Got it! Muahaha!

  309. Burningfox6 Says:

    If you want some free pokemon subscribe and I’ll give you lvl 36 shiny pokemon! :D

  310. Burningfox6 Says:

    On youtube.

  311. arceus Says:

    seria mejor si se pudiera capturar en este nuevo nivel a kyogre.
    would be better if we could capture this new level Kyogre

  312. gecko Says:

    traDE me pokemon 25 or up WITH CODE and i will tell you the code email me at

  313. daburns13 Says:

    If you have a pokemon lv36 and knows fury swipes than it’ll easly kill kyogre.

  314. daburns13 Says:

    I like the new shiny abra

  315. anon Says:

    haha, i got it on the first run :D easy

  316. jon Says:

    ¿no se puede capturar a

  317. KSI Juggernaut1 Says:

    I found got the abra code but go figures it int working… and i have no idea why any ideas?

  318. dude90 Says:

    hey guys me and my bro found shiny abras code woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  319. Grant the man Says:

    some of you are stupid people have
    been telling the code

  320. canoli Says:

    im so freakin pist!!!! yesterday my freakin stuid ass golbat killed a wild shiny oddish in the water gym before i could click the pokeball, then today my freakin shiny gravler killed a shiny kakuna in virdian forest 2!!!!!! what did i ever do to you karma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  321. juan Says:

    yo te doy el shini peddgey

  322. Shiny Says:

    Hi guys!!!
    I give you a shiny abra!!!

    The Code: 14de3ffbe484ff

  323. mario Says:

    who wants a shiny pidgey lvl7

  324. mario Says:

    who wants a shiny pidgey lvl7 the preview code is 14de3e2ca22e15

  325. bovanator11 Says:

    the codes are 5 2 3 4
    next is 5 2 3 1
    i forgot the rest oops! wat ev i pawned kyogre with my shiny golem and venesuar i think thats how you spell it again wat ever but if enybody knows the shiny mew code tell me please and weedle shiny code those are the only ones i dont have it suck and sandshrew starters and ekans i dont hav any old ones bu pidgey and jiggleypuff wich actually arent that old so yah post some old codes people i dying with out awesome guys it sucks atleast i have charizard , blastoise and , venesuar…

  326. mario Says:

    any one want shiny pidgey lvl7 trade 4 any pokemon just send me preview code and ill see here is pidey code-14de3e2ca22e15

  327. bovanator11 Says:

    i need shinies to i will trade any thing for starters sandshrew ekans and mew shiny i will trade my charizard venesuar or blastois alakazam garados any thing i have

  328. bovanator11 Says:

    i forgot to say pikachu
    and ask me if i have pokemon cuz if i do i will trade for shinies

  329. bovanator11 Says:

    and if anyone has legendaries same thing i will trade anything literaly

  330. roi Says:

    bagon shiny a la venta

  331. mario Says:

    how do u beat the water gym

  332. anamonus Says:

    I BEAT KYGOGRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  333. anamonus Says:

    it was easy(:

  334. austin Says:

    hey im looking for a good trade i can maxout out any pokemon you want just let me know.. email me

  335. Steave Says:

    kyogre was easy. i had Raichu using thundershock. and arcanine using roar to keep kyogre away from the candy.

  336. name Says:

    i beat him too

  337. daburns13 Says:

    I know how to evolve graveler to golem, anyone needs help.

  338. daburns13 Says:

    ops,I meant need help

  339. brayden Says:

    cant find

  340. Heath Says:

    i want to trade pokemon

  341. daburns13 Says:

    i’ll trade my shiny golem(lv29) for shiny starters or shiy pikachu.

  342. daburns13 Says:

    again another mistake, SHINY pikachu.

  343. jose mi Says:

    quiero un pokemon de nivel avanzado y tambien kiero brillantes ayudarme

  344. jose mi Says:

    ayudame amigo

  345. mosek Says:

    necesito un bagon doy lo k sea kualkier pokemon :D

  346. mosek Says:

    kien tiene un shinks o un sandash lo kambio por lo ke sea

  347. mosek Says:

    roi te cambio el bagon
    por el pokemon k kieras ?

  348. Dgiau Says:

    J’aime vos indices, j’aime votre jeu, j’aime les pokémons !
    I love your clue, I love your game, I love pokemon !

  349. ass Says:

    I found a cool way to get money easyer first go to route 2.And you know how joey sends out 2 pokemon well when they battle they get the money for you.

  350. daburns13 Says:

    Please reply ASAP.

  351. chivas Says:

    I got a shiny metopod

  352. pocketmonster100 Says:

    Shiny Pidgey



    lv. 1

  353. redfan Says:

    hey ppl I have 3 diferent shinies they r Geodude, Beedrill, and zubat two of them for now if anyone wants any of those plz contact me on my msn I’ll trade for any other shinies

  354. Bubba Says:

    Beat Kyroge with level 22 pokemon. =D

  355. trade? Says:

    will trade level level 36 fully evolved anything for a shiney that sint a geodude, abra, pigdey, or zubat: reply soon plz

  356. trade? Says:

    *that isn’t a*

  357. gg Says:

    i know arbra code i tell if someone give me a shiny mew or shiny pikachew

  358. Seth Says:

    Ill trade you your golem for a gravler x)

  359. zeqian Says:

    how to get code 5

  360. ginga Says:

    ha yi haw shini menapod iy have shini butterfree

  361. Seth Says:

    Never mind >.>

  362. Tim0wnzu Says:

    To beat Kyogre just get a pokemon with screech and a golem/graveller with rock blast, kills Kyogre before he even takes 2 candies

  363. Mv Says:

    Oh my god I cannot catch a Magikarp, its either too weak or my Pokemon completely ignore it or the health will be low but won’t be in the red :(

  364. dammy Says:

    i noe th codeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee its is s16928o4

  365. dammy Says:

    copy nd paste dis s16928o4

  366. mr. t Says:

    how do i get a shiny mew…. anybody?

  367. redfan Says:

    other shinies available they are Golbat, Graveler or Golem (u decide)and Spearow.. or Fearow if I keep training.. :) for more info add me on msn

  368. almaquer14 Says:

    whahaha….i have shiny deoxys…..

  369. allesgozer Says:

    just send me a message if ur interested… 14de007f2c1ac4
    my lvl 36 shiny kadabra for a shiny pikachu or a shiny magikarp….

  370. anish Says:

    any one had shiny mew i will trade for lvl 29 graveler

  371. lol Says:

    the only thing special abt the shiny abra code is that it can be used multiple times so its easy 4 u to get one and if yur frend didnt get the code,you can trde it aka:giv him/her
    other than that the shiny abra is whAT i call:KNNDSKNDDSKJDNDJFNJCNONCECESJNEDE

  372. lol Says:

    who wants to trade lvl 36 blastois/charizard/venesaur for a nindoran female?

  373. anish Says:

    i had 3 shiny abras:)

  374. lol Says:

    maybe wigglytuff or clefable?

  375. lol Says:

    or even pikachu?

  376. lol Says:

    umm… arbok??

  377. zeqian Says:


  378. gargon Says:

    i all um if anyone can give me the codes for shiny jigglypuff or if you want a trade then contact me by

  379. lol Says:

    actually im giving out venesaur’blastoise;charizard’wigglytuff,clefable or arbok for a nindoran female

  380. drew Says:

    who wants a jynxs i will swap for a mew

  381. drew Says:

    doesnt matter if its shiny or not

  382. drew Says:

    who wants to trade a jynx for a mew i have jynx but i need mew :/

  383. DON'T CHEAT Says:

    Who will have my best pokemon?
    Here is the code for a shiny Mew level 35:
    14de4dcb9690da cf9b
    Say me when you have this pokemon

  384. nano095 Says:

    which is the code?

  385. nano095 Says:

    which is the code charizard

  386. nano095 Says:

    decime el code para el charizarz o cualquier otra evolutin del charmander shiny

  387. Darker Says:


    Mola, gracias a que lo pusieron hasta nivel 36 pude evolucionar a mi charmeleon shiny

  388. master 1.1 Says:

    who wants to trade pokemon?

  389. DAVOR Says:

    cerulean gym 1

  390. DAVOR Says:

    anyone wants a nidoking

  391. Grant the man Says:

    well i will trade pokemon but it
    depends if i all ready have that

  392. Grant the man Says:

    fyi i caught a shiny zubat

  393. felix007 Says:

    i want a shiny abra for shiny golem lvl.25

  394. felix007 Says:

    i want a sniny zubat for shiny geodude

  395. felix007 Says:

    who wants a shiny geodude lvl.22

  396. felix007 Says:


  397. tobiasalexan Says:

    vhere i get abra?

  398. Bubba Says:

    To evovle graveler just put in trade and then receive it, and then you have Golem. =D

  399. pedro Says:

    i give free magicarp level 10 code :14de4f802251f6
    password: 87f6

  400. Bubba Says:

    Yay for shiny gyarados!

  401. ash Says:

    hey guy can someon give me a code :(

  402. dennis Says:

    how you get chiny pokemon

  403. seth Says:

    how do you evolve graveler to golom?

  404. shiny fan Says:

    YES PLEASE!!! shiny dude

  405. Totito Says:


  406. Sonic9047 Says:


  407. Sonic9047 Says:

    Anyone interested?

  408. Neppi Says:

    How can I get a shiny mew

  409. Neppi Says:

    I need a shiny mew how can i get one

  410. Neppi Says:

    i need a mew is there someone who want to trade

  411. Dudeguy Says:

    Hey, I need a Pikachu badly. Any weak crappy level one is fine, I just need one. If I have to trade you something to get one, here is information for one of my pokemon to be traded:



    Thank you very much!

  412. nikkeeyyyy Says:

    willing to trade either charzard. blastiose. venasor. richu. pikachu.arcanine.gardos. shinys:
    goldbat…oddish…nidoran..golem alakazam…needoqueen…ninetails for a shiny mew u choose!!!!!!!

  413. KS27 Says:


  414. gg Says:

    geodude 5341

  415. gg Says:

    i trade a shiny Abra for a mew or shiny mew

  416. Sonic9047 Says:


  417. Sonic9047 Says:

    My Preview Code is 14de5152709ac9

  418. Sonic9047 Says:

    Anyone interested

  419. someone Says:

    i want shiny mew please tell me the code

  420. Plusle Lord Says:

    To beaat kyogre just put shiny graveler LVL 26 1st using rock blast and LVL 27 Wartortle using bite and you can beat it.

  421. poke fan :D Says:

    como se hace el nivel de kryoge diganme por si acaso estos son mis pokemon:
    nidoran (chica)
    etc son muchos osea…. 33!!!

  422. jakob Says:

    what is the code

  423. Grant the man Says:

    don’t forget me i want a mew or
    shiny mew

  424. goalieman Says:

    free magikarps



  425. bovanator11 Says:


  426. bovanator11 Says:


  427. bovanator11 Says:

    forgot to say i will give abra for shiny mew oh and abra shiny …

  428. Unknown Says:

    Free Shiny Trades

    Shiny Zubat:

    Shiny Zubat:

    Shiny Geodude:

    Shiny Geodude:

  429. Lou J Says:

    Jp16551 what do you want for the shiny kakuna

  430. furkan Says:

    ik wil ebra code

  431. Warren Says:

    if anyone wants to trade shinies, reply or something, comment i guess

  432. Warren Says:

    if anyone would like to trade anything for anything, prefer shiny, tell me

  433. daburns13 Says:

    HEY lol,i’ll trade ya a arobak(lv36)for your charizard.

  434. miniman Says:

    i tried a new code i found and still nothing, or any other code i found doesn’t work, but anyone want to trade anything

  435. Steave Says:

    Alexlass! i has a shinny metapod! do have a shinny mew?!

  436. PRO Says:


    I have 10 abras and much shinys!
    All my 6 pokemon are level 36!
    It are all very good and strong pokemon!
    Kyogre is easy!

  437. daburns13 Says:

    Free abra code:14de5539d3c2e7 security code is:b11e

  438. jeremy Says:


  439. thor Says:

    cambio este pokemon 14de556eabf3d2

  440. Darkrai Says:

    What´s de code for shiny rattata

  441. Darkrai Says:

    What´s de code for shiny rattata?
    Qual é o codigo para rattata shiny?
    Qual es el codigo para rattata brillante?

  442. Clue 6 Says:

    the answer for clue 6 is 100

  443. blake Says:

    hey guys! i got a few pokemon for trade that you guys might like i have a shiny alakazam if you would like it please trade me a shiny metapod or pidgey thanks :D

  444. daburns13 Says:

    I’m online around 4:00 to 8:00 if you want to trade with me.

  445. nickc999999999 Says:

    trading some shinys like kukuna beedrill zubat cefary nidoran and abra

  446. daburns13 Says:

    My golem code is:14de427a30715b but i won’t tell you guys the secerity code untill someone trades me…

  447. Alexlass Says:

    Hi i will like to trade almost any pokemon in the game for:
    Shiney pidget *
    Shiney Ratata
    Shiney Kakuna
    Shiney jiggleypuff
    shiney Metapod *
    shiney magikarp *
    Shiney Pikachu

    * = i would like most!!

    mail me:

  448. nickc999999999 Says:

    i got shiny to trade for stuff jus post what you want and ill give you it

  449. daburns13 Says:

    Dose any one have a shiny butterfree(shiny meatapod,shiny caterpie)i’ll trade for a shiny beedrill…

  450. nicolasss Says:

    cambio un shny abra por un shiny beedrill

    change abra to shiny bedrill

  451. Awesome Face Says:

    By the way,it’s at lvl 1 and only knows teleport.

  452. Pokenator Says:

    14de57053ea9e7 db0c

    basic clefairy

  453. Pokenator Says:

    need good pokemon accidentaly got rid of my lvl 30+ team

  454. Nabexis Says:

    Anyone who missed a shiny Zubat, I have 3 to give away–I want nothing in return, these are just cluttering up my team line-up:

    1. (Level 7) 14de57124c71aa 1067

    2. (Level 10) 14de571596246f 0950

    3. (Level 9) 14de5719311026 1cba

  455. Heath Says:

    i want to trade with someone

  456. Heath Says:

    wat level does abra lean an actual move

  457. Alexlass Says:

    for shiny kakuna i would trade any pokemon you need..but.. hmm shiny golbat lvl 23 or shiny alakazam or any normal pokemon hmm like vulpix lvl 22.. hmm you say? anything els? but for shiney pidget and magikarp i will throw in my nidoking /nidoqueen

  458. Cewkie Says:


  459. matute1998 Says:

    i need a shiny starter i doesent mather if is a squirtle or bulbasor i need pls

  460. cool man 101/jason.kaiser Says:

    I would like a venysaur for a shiny zubat

  461. hytmjhynhtuh Says:

    14de5619617e1a 9866
    code for shiny mew and really good attacks

  462. mosek Says:

    Darker I change your charizard for every pokemon you need please

  463. Szejnik Says:

    I want trade shinny kakuna or caterpie :/

  464. jose mi Says:

    quiero un new brillante xfavor darme uno

  465. cest Says:

    doy un pikachu interesado? pues
    dime si tienesa algo que valga
    la pena. es de lv 19, ya tengo uno lv 22 y y un raichu lv 28

  466. devon sheffield Says:

    i will give u lv. 36 venysaur for shiny mew rattata or starter or legend code , just post it on this website

  467. poke guty Says:

    ive got a lvl 14 pidgey up for grabs first come first serve



  468. mr. t Says:

    hey alexlass i got al the shinys u want but i need a mew

  469. jp16551 Says:

    free shiny pokemon their two diffrent ones one kakuna and th other geodude both shinny first come first serve


  470. cest Says:

    doy spearow 14de59f48a2561 a410

  471. Derek M. Says:

    I have a shiny alakazam, all three starters evolved to their max and leveled up to the level cap (level 36). I also have a lot of pokemon, all them level 36. I’m interested in getting my hands on a shiny mew. If anybody is interested in some pokemon and/or doing a trade, please comment.

  472. swampert Says:

    hey devon sheffield can you give me the venusaur please?

  473. swampert Says:

    daburns13 i offer you a shiny kakuna or a shiny zubat

  474. Turkey Killer Says:

    if you could leave all the codes for all the shiny things that would be really nice

  475. zaza Says:

    Doy un alakazam lvl 29 que ofresen ? Manden un mail a

  476. Trading shiny Beedril lvl 15 Says:

    Trading shiny Beedril lvl 15

    P code: 14de5b0552c89b

    Looking for anything really, I got two today XD

  477. Trading shiny Beedril lvl 15 Says:

    shit nvm, too stoned to rember the code, well i got one more if someone wants to trade something?

  478. maxfrost8 Says:

    code for shiny abra if you didnt get one here your code s16928o4

  479. AurigA Says:

    someone want a shiny beedrill or a shiny kakuna??ill trade it for some shiny…

  480. ptd lv Says:

    como usa o trading

  481. zeqian Says:

    i will trade with daburns13

  482. Dennis098 Says:

    Trading growlithe for a vulpix

    Email me

  483. Dennis098 Says:

    trading oddish for bellsprout
    email is above

  484. zeqian Says:

    i want to trade for golem

  485. zeqian Says:

    i want to trade for golem
    with daburns13

  486. frank Says:

    i have a level 36 golem and golbat and gravler shiny for good trade


    comment for security code

  487. The Pokemon Tower Defender Says:

    everyone does know that they can trade to themselves to evolve pokemon only evolvable by trade, right? anyway, if you want to trade with me, I have the evolutions of all three starters, wigglytuff, golem, fearow, pidgeot,vileplume, beedrill, butterfree, nidoking, nidoqueen, and primeape. all are at level 36

  488. Free Pokemon Says:

    Free Shiny Abra!!!!



    First who gets it!

  489. shiny dude Says:


  490. shiny dude Says:

    any mews for trade?

  491. Wosa Says:

    shinny butterfree

  492. carlos Says:

    yes plz

  493. zeqian Says:

    if can my email

  494. zeqian Says:

    i need a golem
    or ninetail

  495. zeqian Says:

    trade with me

  496. drew Says:

    i have a jynx who wants to swap for a mew

  497. zeqian Says:

    no need golem

  498. zeqian Says:

    i have

  499. alpa tinapa Says:

    amp, hey, if your having that shiny abra…. then its a useless thing, it only does is teleport, and cant gain xp XD promize

  500. HeeroJiro Says:

    im having truble geting past mount moon 2 can some one give me some tips on how to get past it?

  501. zeqian Says:


  502. zeqian Says:

    a deal

  503. fable poke Says:


  504. fable poke Says:

    im trading jigly puff

  505. fable poke Says:

    14de5f3036d55e 2483 oh shiny

  506. fable poke Says:

    god bye

  507. alex_sikorsky Says:

    Who wanna trade one of my pokemons - pm me. Here is my pokemons:
    Shiny Graveler (2nd stage of Geodude) - 31 lvl
    Shiny Raticate - 35 lvl
    Shiny Zubat - 11, 12, 13 lvls
    Ivysaur - lvl 22
    Pidgeotto - lvl 24
    Beedrill - lvl 19
    Raichu - lvl 20
    Nidoran (Male and Female) - both 11 lvl
    Mankey - lvl 8
    Wigglytuff - lvl 7
    Spearow - lvl 8
    3 Shiny Abras - all 15 lvl

    Email ME!!!

  508. shiny dude Says:

    trading shiny beedril for shiny magikarp

  509. shiny dude Says:

    trading shiny beederil for a shiny magikarp

  510. harry10 Says:

    ill swop a mew for jynx

  511. tyler524 Says:

    il swap a shiny mew for jynx

  512. Pokemon Lover Says:

    will someone tell me the second code for trade that could be great….

  513. Pokemon Lover Says:


  514. asakra Says:


  515. asakra Says:

    14de630d60e044 trading

  516. jgjgjgjgj Says:


  517. eric Says:

    change a graveler shiny for another.
    you interested?

  518. KS27 Says:


  519. eric Says:

    change a graveler shiny and charmander for another.
    you interested?

  520. eric Says:

    change a arcanine for another.
    you interested?

  521. CON 123 Says:

    i trade shiny ratata with rayqasa
    say free rotomb non

  522. Landlower Says:

    They have a game crated for trade you dont have to do that its not like you have to act all anoying shiny pokemon are not hard to get anymore i didnt donate and i have allmost all of them no need to get all greedy i can give you them for free if your really greedy inof to messege me for free pokemon you lost your ways

  523. ginga Says:

    ok iy trade golem,yinx,nido king,vilepruum,pruum,garidovs,gol bat and primejp for 3 mew

  524. poke freak Says:

    i got shinies..
    shiny beedrill
    shiny vileplume
    shine graveler
    shiny kadabra
    shiny golbat
    shiny pidgeotto
    i want a mew please.. plus i have good normal pokemon’s

  525. eric Says:

    change a arcanine graveler shiny and charmander for another.
    you interested?

  526. gogeta Says:

    thes f a g e t s are so worried about the shiney hunts that they cant finish what they started because you f a g e t s cant stop giving out answers so they keep making new hunts but there is always somehacker ho gets the code and gives it awayso if allof you top puting comments up an shut the fuck up sayng youre pissed that they havent put up any new levels because YOU CANT SHUT THE F U C K UP and stop putting comments up about th same thing over and over again

  527. miniman Says:

    got the shiny abra now thanks guys :O

  528. master 1.1 Says:

    du you hawe a mew ?

  529. miniman Says:

    anyone want to trade for my shiny fearow?

  530. miniman Says:

    and no i dont have a mew

  531. poke freak Says:

    i have
    and poliwrath.. who wants what??

  532. miniman Says:

    those abra’s are hard to level up

  533. miniman Says:

    anyone want some level 36 kadabra’s i got a few

  534. l0l Says:

    any one want shiny abra? 14de63e378e67f

  535. eric Says:

    change a mew for another.
    you interested?

  536. nikkeeyyyy Says:

    ill swap a shiny mew for arbok…or viulpix preferably shiny

  537. flor Says:


  538. flor Says:

    flor flor.boon@hotmail vakeenmoeke

  539. pokemon man Says:

    will some body trade a mew

  540. pokemon man Says:

    i trade Alakazam level36 for mew

  541. conley Says:

    what is mew mystery gift number victor luiz

  542. drew Says:

    whats your email then harry

  543. eric Says:

    my email?

  544. eric Says:

    jaja harry you hasn’t got a mew

  545. conley Says:

    i have shiny ratata if you want him then enter this code 9c0e1

  546. FatalStrikes Says:

    whats the lvl cap?

  547. Victor Luiz Says:

    qual é o mystery gift do mew??
    por que eu quero muito o mew

  548. Pokemon Lover Says:

    does anyone no the shinny wartortle code

  549. Pokemon Lover Says:

    and the bulbarsaur one

  550. Zero Says:

    trading max level starters for mew

  551. bob Says:

    holy crap wont anyone give me the right code for a shiny mew

  552. Pokemon Lover Says:

    i have a nidoran (female) lol

  553. Clayton Says:

    If you really want a shiny Zubat just replay Mt. Moon 2 and there will be one on level 10 all ready catch w/out even attacking it.

  554. Pokemon Lover Says:

    i hav a mew

  555. brayan Says:

    alguien me diria los codigos de todos los pokemon que se sepan plis

  556. brayan Says:

    alguien me diria todos los codigos que se sepan o me regalarian pokemones especiales plis

  557. dsiboy Says:

    daburns13 hey dude i will give you two shinies for that golem please reply if anyone else has golem i need note there both level 1

  558. alex_sikorsky Says:

    Who wanna trade one of my pokemons - pm me. Here is my pokemons:
    Shiny Graveler (2nd stage of Geodude) - 31 lvl
    Shiny Raticate - 35 lvl
    Shiny Zubat - 11, 12, 13 lvls
    Ivysaur - lvl 22
    Pidgeotto - lvl 24
    Beedrill - lvl 19
    Raichu - lvl 20
    Nidoran (Male and Female) - both 11 lvl
    Mankey - lvl 8
    Wigglytuff - lvl 7
    Spearow - lvl 8
    3 Shiny Abras - all 15 lvl

    Email ME!!!

  559. Bob Says:

    i have 6 starters, 2 of each, a mew, and all pokemon catchable, all SHINY and lvl 36
    I am the master!!!!!!

  560. miniman Says:

    no one wants a lv36 shiny abracadabra? or my lv 36 shiny fearow? anyone want to trade now

  561. miniman Says:

    i mean kadabra

  562. Bob Says:


  563. eric Says:

    I first say women

  564. miniman Says:

    dam i got a lv 36 charizard and ivysaur but not blastiose, i got a lv 10 squirtle?

  565. miniman Says:

    all i have is a lv 10 squirtle, but i got a ;v 36 charizard and ivysaur

  566. miniman Says:

    i don’t got 1

  567. brayan Says:

    cual diferencia hay entre pokemon blue y pokemon red yo juego el red

  568. brayan Says:

    alguien habla español y es profesional en pokemon tower

  569. brayan Says:


  570. brayan Says:

    me aburro del ingles

  571. brayan Says:


  572. miniman Says:

    i got a lv 36blastiose now, i found a war to get unlim cash and every hit/ kill levels your pokemon up its awesome

  573. brayan Says:

    quien regala o cambia squirtle y charmander

  574. brayan Says:

    ya tengo todos los pokemones que se pueden tener sin codigos solo me faltan los de codigos quien me los da

  575. Pokemon Lover Says:

    who wants a mankey lvl 12


    give me wartortle blastoise venusaur or growlithe or arcanine

  576. Pokemon Lover Says:


  577. Pokemon Lover Says:

    i need them to defeat the first and second water gyms

  578. Pokemon Lover Says:

    dose eny1 no the wartotrle code

  579. brayan Says:


  580. kyoko Says:

    quiero evolucionar a kadabra quien me ayuda?????”

  581. Pokemon Lover Says:

    wats the damn security code for kadabra lvl. 36 tel me NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  582. kyoko Says:

    cambio un bedriill shini por otro brillante

  583. Pokemon Lover Says:

    thats abra i need kadabra

  584. Steave Says:

    the fishing rod challenge was easier than the onix one.

  585. Pokemon Lover Says:

    i hav a normal squartle

  586. Pokemon Lover Says:

    lvl. 10 i think

  587. miniman Says:

    i’ll mail you

  588. dsiboy Says:

    i have free shiny wiggily tuffs anybody want one lv 26 i one one level 25 mew for it thxs plese repley

  589. isi Says:

    Please I need shiny abra put the code
    Por favor poned el codigo del abra shiny y de algunos mas.

  590. Rokusaku Says:

    Willing to trade a lv 29 Charmeleon
    For any lv Magikarp

  591. Rokusaku Says:

    Willing to trade a lv 29 Charmeleon
    For any lv Magikarp anyone?

  592. Steave Says:

    Are all those exclamation marks necessary?

  593. nikkeeyyyy Says:

    need a shiny squirtil…wartil or blastioise ill trade u ONE pokemon your choise

  594. miniman Says:

    how do u get mew?

  595. miniman Says:

    anyone want to trade for my lv 36 charizard blastiose or venisuar, i’m in need of some shiny pokemon

  596. nickc999999999 Says:

    giving a mew away first person to say my name gets it lol goood race lvl 36 mew

  597. nickc999999999 Says:

    shiny mew loolo diwho said it first well never know

  598. ping Says:

    can i have one that is not used?

  599. tom Says:

    who want a manky lvl 17

    the code is: 14de6926f4087e

  600. Rokusaku Says:

    Trading my lv 29 Charmelion, or lv 23 Ninetails for a magikarp any level

  601. T-Rex Says:


  602. Poke Fanatic #1 Says:

    I finally have every shiny!!! :)

  603. Poke Fanatic #1 Says:

    have all the shinies!!

  604. miniman Says:

    i know how to have unlim cash and each hit/kill levels up your pokemon, easy lv 36 in 5min but its a cheat sorta so nah

  605. T-Rex Says:

    what the ____ misty has KYOGRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  606. daniel Says:

    I will open it has three evolutions Abra Kadabra and Alakazam

  607. dsiboy Says:

    ok guys abra evoles at level 16 or above thx

  608. dsiboy Says:

    i will give you lv 10 Magikarp for a charzard please

  609. dsiboy Says:

    hey Mv i will give you my lv 10 magikarp for one of your good pokemon

  610. gas Says:

    i have shiny kakuna, bedreel, 2 zubats, ratatta, to trade for anything,
    mail me here>

  611. gas Says:

    i have shiny kakuna, bedreel, 2 zubats, ratatta,and pidgey to trade for anything,
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  614. nickc999999999 Says:

    trading Pokemon and a mew

  615. nickc999999999 Says:

    im trading a mew

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  617. ;) Says:

    lo regalo
    abra shini lv 14 2+ para evolucionar

  618. nickc999999999 Says:

    get a mew from me next time a post it will be t he code for me hope you get it first

  619. kory009 Says:

    The code for shiny abra is **69**04!!!! Send me a email to trade

  620. Give Away Says:

    Metapod (x2)
    Butterfree (x1)
    Spearow (x3)
    Geodude (x1)

    I have these extra shiny Pokemon all captured in the wild. If anybody wants one,

  621. Pokemon Lover Says:

    ill trade enyting for a blastiose charizard or venosaur

  622. brandon Says:

    when do u get any attacks for shiny abra and ill

  623. brandon Says:

    is shiny metapod orange

  624. cest Says:

    regalo shinys abra y pikachus
    (no shinys) a cambio de un mew
    mi facebook es

  625. Poke master Says:

    To beat kyogre Get or Raise a lv. 29 Pickachu

  626. Poke master Says:

    to Beat kyogre raise a pickachu to lv 29.

  627. Poke master Says:

    to raise an abra easily, Train at cerulean gym 1 and put abra in the middle of the stage

  628. Poke master Says:

    to raise an abra easily, train at Cerulean gym 1 and put abra in the middle

  629. Poke master Says:

    to raise an abra easily, train at cerulean gym 1 and put abra in the middle.

  630. Get your shiny Abra here Says:

    dis the shiny abra code! s16928o4 tnx ! and if u want someshiny make me here on> !!!!! tnx!

  631. Get your shiny Abra here Says:

    and the problem i think is abra only have teleport!!!

  632. swampert Says:

    i want the mew nick9999999999

  633. Luke Says:

    what is the code plz tall me

  634. Luke Says:


  635. prats Says:

    i want 2 trade my shinny piggeoto lvl 26 4 a shinny subat any lvl

  636. Bobby Says:


  637. Bobby Says:

    email me at

  638. joshbball Says:


  639. joshbball Says:


  640. dsiboy Says:

    i have shiny alakazam lv 36 plz trade me blastoire for it

  641. megaman12 Says:

    hey who wants a shiny lv 36 mew for a ninetales

  642. miniman Says:

    finnaly got my gravler or what ever, i got the shiny geodude and the 3 rd stage of him 2

  643. need shiny zubat Says:

    whats the shiny zubat code

  644. need shiny zubat Says:

    whats the shiny zubat mystery code

  645. Gamerperfect Says:

    ok guys i was fightn the last boss thus far and realized a way to beet it… use leer and rockblast

  646. miniman Says:

    i just power leavled my lv 1 golden geodude into a lv 36 gravler, traded and now i got back my golden lv 36 3rd form of geodude, took about 5min to power level him

  647. kyogre slayer Says:

    you can beat kyogre all you need is ivysaur lvl 29 and some other one like i used a golem lvl 35

  648. Dialga Says:

    can any body give me a riuch oh yeah evolved form of picachu

  649. Pokemon Lover Says:

    y cant it b a shinny blastiose hunt

  650. connor Says:

    does anyone want a shiny abra level 36

  651. Pokemon Lover Says:

    dos any 1 want 2 trade

  652. connor Says:

    does anyone want a shiny abra lvl 36 14de70aa9cb6d6

  653. MR MEW Says:

    i want a mew! YES PLEASE !! :D

  654. MR MEW Says:


  655. Pokemon Lover Says:

    how do u use the old fishing rod

  656. Xxnick3xX Says:

    i have shiny abra and the code if u want some reply to me :D or leave a comment below

  657. swampert Says:

    hey zeqian i can give you a ninetales

  658. daburns13 Says:

    hold on zeqian what do you want to trade me???

  659. daburns13 Says:

    i’ll see you soon i gotta go…

  660. swampert Says:

    sam and dan rocks i can give you a shiny zubat for the beedrill

  661. swampert Says:

    hey luzia i can give you a pikachu for the raticate ok?

  662. swampert Says:

    hey nickc999999999 i want the mew

  663. Luke Says:

    ill trade now

  664. Luke Says:

    is 36 the stroghtst level you can get

  665. felipee Says:

    CAMBIO UN ABRA BRILLANTE LVL 1 contactese 14de70dc7d7bb0 f5ae

  666. TEXLAX Says:

    what are the codes for the shiny pokemon(not abra)?

  667. FREE POKEMON!!! Says:

    “free shiny kadabra lvl 36 with psybeam! It’s first come first serve people

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    P.P.S don’t complain if you try to get it but someone already has, because like i said before, it’s first come first serve….

  668. Endless Says:

    xD!!!! porque me salen puros shining zubat, juego de mal xD!!!

  669. Endless Says:

    y el metapod shining lo maten sin querer xD!

  670. Pokemon Lover Says:

    I have 1 i will give my pikachu
    lvl 18 iv’e clone it so i have 3
    of lvl 19 pikachu it’s have electro ball.the preview code is…..14de723344b4ad-the security code is….7f7d
    (Note:Only Luiza Can Get It!)

  671. Pokemon Lover Says:

    sorry i mean lvl 19

  672. derric Says:

    send me a emai1 if u need any Pokemonany level + any move my email is i mean any Pokemon so send me emai1 10 .days ti11 i sto generateing codes so urry

  673. derric Says:

    or post a comment

  674. Pokemon Lover Says:

    Codes…Please…..Who Wants to claim my trade shiney Pidgey! lvl 1 useless to.

  675. derric Says:

    and i wi11 1eave the code For u + any `1eve1

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    auf der seite http://wwwpokemontrashcom/triche-pokemon/Divers/CreateCodephp
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    kann ich shiny pikachu pls

  679. big J Says:

    have shinny pikachu trade for a mew

  680. big J Says:

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  681. Wolf Says:

    donde puedo capturar a mew?

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  683. fasdfas Says:

    i have a richui lv 10000
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  684. pokemon man Says:

    i trade shiny Alakazam level36 for mew any level

  685. nikkeeyyyy Says:
    need an arbok both shiny and normal mail me and we will agree a trade

  686. nameless Says:

    Free Abra



  687. sander is AWSOME Says:

    i have a shiny mew hahahaha

  688. sander is AWSOME Says:

    lvl 36 hehehe

  689. sander is AWSOME Says:

    hwat is the code for a shiny pikachu i give you the kode for mew

  690. Rms! Says:

    Alguien me puede decir como se consiguen los shini Charmander,shini Bulbasaur,shini Squirtle, o mew o legendarios? Porfavor

  691. Rms! Says:

    Solo quiero que me digais como o donde se consiguen… porfavor

  692. haunted Says:



  693. Rms! Says:

    anyone know how or where to get a shiny Charmander, Shiny Squirtle, or Bulbasaur Shiny Mew? answer please … Thank you very much for that answer

  694. Siren Says:

    hey tyler524 i will trade you my jinx for your mew

  695. nathan Says:


  696. Waste Says:

    How wants a free shiny pigey? Or mankey?

  697. fable poke Says:

    treading shiny staters 14de76ac3c9842 1b41

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    14de76b657c6ed 8ad6

    and mew 14de76ba1f0b22 adb9

  698. Waste Says:

    How wants a Shiny pigey or Shiny mankey?

  699. fable poke Says:

    hope you like it
    =) ;)

  700. fable poke Says:

    :) ? like it?

  701. caca de perro Says:

    el codigo es 14de1c783956f8

  702. poo Says:

    my beeping abra wont evolve quicly and it only noes beeeeeeeping telaport

  703. poo Says:

    some body wanna tdrade because i really want a shiny butter freeeeeeee

  704. anthoni Says:

    got a shiny zulbat

  705. kkkk Says:

    If you want codes for lv 36 charizard,blastoise or venusaur
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  706. fable poke Says:

    hope you like dat pokemon

  707. filip Says:

    zubat lv9

  708. filip Says:

    zubat lvl 9

  709. Lolololol Says:

    Shiny abra lvl 6 trade for any pokemon above 20 (its hard to train abra)

  710. Lolololol Says:


  711. filip Says:

    oddish lvl 12

  712. Lolololol Says:

  713. poo Says:

    hres a shiny pokemon


  714. poo Says:

    i have ashiny nido quween lv 29

  715. poo Says:

    i got a fearow!!!!!!

  716. kyogre slayer Says:

    …Shiny Butterfree…

  717. Lt Wood Says:

    I am looking for a shiny pikachu and gyarados. I will give the zubat and abra shiny code to anyone who gives me it. I also have more shinies.

  718. Simon Says:

    Free Mew!

    14de78369464e8 0199

  719. chrisi Says:

    Shiny mew:
    Preview Code : 14de78a8956cbf
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  722. chrisi Says:

    shiny charizard:
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  723. chrisi Says:

    shiny blastoise:
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  725. carlos Says:


    es un garados que me ofrecen

  726. don Says:

    Thanks a lot!! chrisi

  727. chrisi Says:

    shiny venusaur:
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  728. chrisi Says:

    what yet?

  729. don Says:

    get the everthings done

  730. chrisi Says:

    shiny ninetales:
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  732. chrisi Says:

    shiny ninetales 2:
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  733. chrisi Says:

    all lv.36

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    siny gyarados lv. 17:
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  735. miniman Says:

    i got 2 shiny alakazam’s lv 36, i got a shiny lv 36 fearow, a lv 36 shiny golem, a lv 1 gold geodude, and a lv 36 nidoking and a lv 36 nidoqueen, my email is if u want to know all of what i have

  736. chrisi Says:

    i have all shinys

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    shiny jinx lv. 17:
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  738. '¬' Says:

    Does any body want a free Raichu? I dont need it any more

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  740. Kogarashi Says:

    Shiny Mew lvl 36 for other shiny!!
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  742. chrisi Says:

    hey its my code levo

  743. Seme Says:

    What is the code for Shiny Abra? Write to me on my facebook.. Name Seme Britalje Draiman…

  744. chrisi Says:

    shiny victrebel:
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    joke its here:
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  746. Levo Says:

    shiny jinx lv. 17:
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  747. anonymus Says:

    can you give me the shiny mew code?

  748. ginga Says:

    nickc999999999 iy give you shini alakazam,primeape,vulpixs,nine tails for 2 mew

  749. carlos Says:

    en que nivel evolucionan charmileon y wartortol y grabeler

  750. derric Says:

    Pokemon give away as 4 any Pokemon and Put emai1 and i wi11 send codes in message

  751. derric Says:

    Pokemon give away as 4 any Pokemon and Put emai1 and i wi11 send codes in message any 1 to

  752. enselmo Says:

    i have a shiny alakazam lvl 36 willing to trade tell me your offer

  753. Evensen Says:

    free shiny geodude


  754. Steave Says:

    Can i has a shinny mew please? I’M DESPERATE!!!!

  755. toadmatesr2 Says:

    can someone send me a good pokemon plz

  756. kyana Says:

    someone plz give me a code if u dont ill cry plz ppl im asking nicly and i want a pickachu can u give me one thank u and jesus name we pray amen!.

  757. nickc999999999 Says:

    im giving away a shiny mew

  758. Evensen Says:

    one more geodude for free ^^

  759. nickc999999999 Says:

    to the first peson to say my name

  760. nickc999999999 Says:

    ok you won

  761. nickc999999999 Says:

    14de7d62c04184 0348

  762. nickc999999999 Says:

    theres you mew

  763. nickc999999999 Says:

    your welcome

  764. nickc999999999 Says:

    did you get it

  765. HaloWarsArbiter Says:

    Anyone know if Giratina A/O is in the game? It says 151 and I like the first generation and all but there are better Pokemon out there… just saying…

  766. someguy Says:

    can i have a mew?plz

  767. someguy Says:

    can i have a mew?plz nickc99999999

  768. funky Says:

    if anyone want a kakuna code is 14de7ed031e86c the secure code is ae8d

  769. =D Says:

    shiny abra code:s16928o4

  770. Maxi Says:

    How did Golbat evolve ?

  771. weremutt24 Says:

    kyogre can be defeated with 2 raichus about level 25 each. go to relearn, right above use item to get thunderbolt.

  772. Steave Says:


  773. TEXLAX Says:

    i will give a lvl. 30 shiny alakazam for a shiny magicarp or shiny gyarados. contact me at

  774. will Says:


    shiny beedrill

  775. ei hola a todos Says:

    hola me podrias decir algien algun codigo o darme algun pokemon shyny un mew un pidgyot lo q sea

  776. ei hola a todos Says:

    me podriads decir un codigo algien

  777. Steave Says:

    Thanks so much! I’m forever grateful

  778. es importante Says:

    hola me podrias decir algien algun codigo o darme algun pokemon shyny un mew un pidgyot lo q sea porfavore

  779. cheat Says:


  780. alvaro Says:

    codigos porfavor diganme codigos tambien cambio graveler al 35 shyny y ratata al 23 shyni por mew shyny o por un gyarados

  781. cheat Says:


  782. alvaro Says:

    cambio shynis por mew o gyarados

  783. cheat Says:


  784. alvaro Says:

    se comentan estos mensajes que yo digo?

  785. alvaro Says:

    que algien responda se comenta lo q escribo¿?

  786. alvaro Says:

    que algien me respondaaaaaaaaa

  787. Jose Says:


  788. matt Says:

    hey i will trade ninetails for mew

  789. alvaro Says:

    hay algien hay? contestad

  790. SalamixD Says:

    cambio shynys por mew o gyarados shynis es importante y decidme si esto se a publicao o no

  791. matt Says:

    plz need a mew shiny or not

  792. TEXLAX Says:

    how do you get shiny mews

  793. pokemaster Says:

    shileno or Diego

    whats the security code for the growlithe

  794. T-Rex Says:

    easy way to level up abra put it by front and don’t move it around then put your strong pokemon near by it attack with your strong pokemon and watch it level up

    ps find the 1


    find it if not goodluck
    now find 123456789
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!########################################################6^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^**********************************************9((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))7#$@$@!$@$%@$#$$1$#@#$%$#$%^%$#$%$#@#$%^%$#@!#$%$#@#$%^32#$%^$#@#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&**&^%$#$%^&*()*&^%$#@#$$ERFGBNHJYRF^%$WQW$#QWQEFR2!@WEFRGTHYU&^%$#ETY^$#WERT^%$3WREFTYUTRDSFGYTREESDFGHYUT^REDFGYT8ASDFGHYUJJYHTREDFGHJUYGTRFDSFGTHYUTRESDR$#$%^&*%$WSDFGHY&^%$EWSCVBGT%#@FGTR$WEDSVBFGTRGFDGTDGFTTRDGFTRDGFB4 ihykuhgyujitWERTYUJYHGBVCDE$RFV BFCV BHGFDDFVGTRFDGTRDGFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFSER%T^YUHGBFDRTGFDRFTGFRDTGRFDTGFVCCSDRESS!@#$%^&YHGFDSEW$R%TGFDFRTYGFVDRFTGFDRETFGDETRFRFEFTRESFGTREFSDGTRFSDFGHYGFRDSDRTFGHFDSRTFGYHFDGHUYGTFDSEDRFTGYG5rgtfhyuj7trdsfgthyutrfdghyjuyhgtfrde#$sertyhgvcfxd
    thumbs up if ya found all 9 numbers if not good luck

  795. pleice Says:

    shileno/diego i would like your Growlithe email me the other code on

  796. pleice Says:

    14de7faa442bd7 for any lvl ekans or growlthe email me for other code with the code for your pokemon

  797. Carlos Says:

    hola, como se consigue a mew? y a mas pokemons aparte de abra,geodude y zubat en shinys? xD

  798. nickc999999999 Says:

    i giving away a mother mew hope you want it bad

  799. nickc99999999 Says:

    hi guys

  800. Carlos Says:

    Cambio pidget con buenos ataques por un buen pokemon , ofrezcan..

  801. nickc99999999 Says:


  802. nickc99999999 Says:

    ok im give mew away so here we go im giving away 4 mew and if you want it you better be fast

  803. Carlos Says:

    cambio pidgeot

  804. nickc999999999 Says:

    the mew code is 14de7fff6721c6 740a hpoe you like it

  805. pokemaster Says:

    need a raichu. ill trade 5 lvl. 15 pidgeys for a raichu

    pidgey 1- 14de7fe7eaef13
    pidgey 2- 14de7ff0dceb65
    pidgey 3- 14de7ff37bbab7
    pidgey 4- 14de7ff76184ed
    pidgey 5- 14de7ffbca698c

  806. nickc999999999 Says:


  807. tom Says:

    hey magic iwant that shiny metapod for a shiny kakuna?

  808. pokemaster Says:

    i want a mew or mewto (shiny or not)

    please give it to me or tell me how to get one. im a noob

  809. China Says:

    Hey, I really want a shiny mew, if you can get me one, contact me at Thanks.

  810. daburns13 Says:

    My email is

  811. daburns13 Says:

    If you want to email me

  812. tom Says:

    anywan a manky for free lvl17?
    the code is:14de6926f4087e
    the secure code is: ed16

  813. SalamixD Says:


  814. SalamixD Says:


  815. SalamixD Says:


  816. China Says:

    Can someone trade me a bulbasaur and a squirtle please?

  817. Gamingboi Says:

    I will give any pokemon I have for a shiny or non-shiny mew. They are all level 36! Please

  818. Gamingboi Says:

    Can you trade pokemon between people on the hacked version and unhacked version?

  819. swampert Says:

    i will give you an arcnine by your wartortle pleice

  820. joseee 1 Says:

    ta bei o seu e-mail pra da os codes

  821. Steave Says:

    Thanks for the mew nickc999999999

  822. joseee 1 Says:

    meus pokemon prncipais são:

    chalizard lvl 36
    blastoise lvl 36
    ivssauro lvl 36
    raichu lvl 36
    alakazam lvl 36
    pigiot lvl 36

  823. Alexlass Says:

    hi just wondering.. thos who got
    the Shiny Magikarp, did you find it ingame or? i just keep finding
    this 14de81f717c0cc

    thx for your answers if you have any :)

  824. shileno Says:

    cambio a butterfree shiny

    lo cambio por mew normal o shiny
    o por cualquier pokemon shiny

  825. diego (shileno) Says:

    cambio a buterfri: 14de7f50008cf5

  826. bobo Says:

    do some one have a shiny pokemon to free

  827. bobo Says:

    shileno can i get the cod to the shiny graveler

  828. bobo Says:

    diego please can i get the code

  829. pote Says:

    who wants a abra lvl 1 14de800982232e 2cd4

  830. I know the code :) Says:

    i want the abra!!!!!

  831. bobo Says:

    diego can i have the code please

  832. Carlos Says:

    Tengo un alakazam shiny lvl 36,Golem shiny lvl 36,Pidgeot lvl 36, Charizard lvl 36,Gyarados lvl 36,Blastoise lvl 36,Venusaur lvl 36…+ Busco un MEW!!

  833. Lolmuch? Says:

    Tradinng anything that i have for a groliph the firey dog pokemon thing i got lots of stuff like sandslash and magikarp and alakazam and more

  834. commander marks Says:

    does anyone want a shiny mew 4 free

  835. commander marks Says:

    14de8257d0f544 11e7 shiny mew level 36

  836. diego (shileno) Says:

    i have
    tengo a

    alakazam shiny:14de824a661506

    golem shiny:14de824b7e51ec


    golbat shiny:14de824f17436f


    cambio a estos pokemones:
    1ºAbra:code: 14de12c32000a5
    2ºAbra:code: 14de12c4a39924
    Magikarp:code: 14de12c6959a3e
    Growlithe:code: 14de13647486b1
    Poliwag:code: 14de136654f9e4
    butterfree shiny:14de7f50008cf5



  837. commander marks Says:

    anyone here

  838. kevin :D Says:

    quieren algun shiny yo los tengo todos !!!!!!! mi email es

  839. kevin :D Says:

    cambio un shiney por mew (no nesesariamente shiny)nl 1

  840. jamil Says:

    I want it!

  841. dfsfddfds Says:

    14de78e42b6803 a56a

  842. trade me Says:


  843. kyle Says:

    whats security code for growlithee tell me

  844. kyle Says:


  845. eyyy Says:

    free shiny abra

  846. Little Off Topic Says:

    Soo… Are Abras and Magikarps completely useless or do they eventually do something useful?


    tell me if you want a shiny pokemon and i can give you that except shiny mew because im not going to give you people it

  848. goku Says:

    sombody speak spanish

  849. garrett Says:

    i do

  850. zeqian Says:

    hi everyboby,
    i would want a mew if you have one pls email me in

  851. smartei Says:

    i’ll trade for that blastoise

  852. Dialga Says:

    have anybody played pokemon indigo if you do play pokemon indigo add me as a friend name:Blue Dialga or pokemonv i dont remeber what hope you add me as a friend.

  853. jose Says:

    i need a strong pokemon ill trade

  854. jose Says:

    lol ill trade u

  855. kajun alec Says:

    how get mew?

  856. miggy Says:

    i caught a shiny pidgey myself its on route 3

  857. hi bye 31 Says:

    beat kyroge with lv21 ivysaur and lv25 gravler

  858. bobo Says:

    alexlass wath is the code to the shiy bellsprut

  859. liverpool Says:

    i want a mew!

  860. liverpool Says:

    i want a mew!!

  861. liverpool Says:


  862. Gabriel Says:

    how i get shiny golem?

  863. lol Says:

    hey nikkeeyyyy i will trade u blastoise lvl 36 if u trade me a lvl 5 nindoran female

  864. LOL Says:

    can’t believe people got problems with Kyogre.
    beat him on the first try with 2 pokemons who weren’t even lvl 28.
    beat him 3 times now or something

  865. commander marks Says:

    if any one will reply me i will give them a level 36 shiny mew with this really good move called rock blast also go to youtube and search pokemon tower defence genorator and that can get you any pokemon level and move that you want

  866. 4976 Says:

    who wants shiny nidoran girl

  867. commander marks Says:

    does anyone want a mew shiny level 36

  868. commander marks Says:

    does anyone want a mew

  869. commander marks Says:

    here is the code 14de8c31386c3a 6989 that is 4 shiny this is 4 regular 14de8c338e0dab bd5a

  870. commander marks Says:

    who got them

  871. commander marks Says:

    raphael you cant evolve and goalbat

  872. 4976 Says:

    i want a shiny mew ill give u a shiny nidoran

  873. joseee 1 Says:

    votem na pokeballs diferentes na proxima

  874. chris Says:

    shiney dude i wants the shiney mew YES PLEASE.

  875. Carlos Says:

    salami de donde eres?

  876. chris Says:

    IF ANY ONE IS HERE SAY INCAPITAL LETTERS IM HERE and ill give you a free shiney bellsprout.

  877. raphael Says:

    @zequian I think no one have mew unless they have a pokemon generator

  878. hi bye 31 Says:

    can someone give me a mew i will give you shiny abra

  879. raphael Says:

    fuck tomorrow the shiny pokemon that they will give is shiny charmander!!!!but I want a shiny PIKACHU plss vote in the poll in feedback vote for shiny pikachu and the new feauture is pokedex!and plzz can somebody tell me how to evolve ur GOLBAT

  880. arceus Says:

    se puede capturar algun legendario?

  881. raphael Says:

    who wants shiny pokemon
    just tell me what pokemon it is

  882. raphael Says:

    14de8e2362f74d security code:1dc0 hi bye this is a code for venusaur

  883. Robin Says:

    free arcenine lvl 12


  884. ug Says:

    how do you kill krogre

  885. rapsihu Says:

    MEW 14de8cbd51b142 0757

  886. Luke Says:

    how do you beat the old road?

  887. Luke Says:

    how do you beat the old road ?

  888. Luke Says:

    how do you beat the old road ?

  889. mierda Says:

    Hola yo quiero a butterfly shiny lo puedo cambiar por algunos shiny solo mandame un mensage

  890. mierda Says:

    does anyone speak spanish?

  891. SalamixD Says:


  892. hi bye 31 Says:

    don’t need mew i got shiny now

  893. SalamixD Says:

    hola soi nuevo podria darme algien un mew o un gyarados shyni o cambio shynis tengo graveler shyny al 35 raticate shyny clor rojo al 25 y mas siganmelo porfavor es importante amigos

  894. SalamixD Says:

    muchas gracias ^^

  895. nathan Says:


  896. SalamixD Says:

    porfavor dadme algun mew o gyarados o pidgioto shynis tambien os lo cambio pero plis cambiadmnelooo

  897. hi bye 31 Says:

    trade abra shiny for charazard blastoise or venusaur

  898. pokemon man Says:

    i trade a charizard level 36 for mew 14de90d612d6b0

  899. SalamixD Says:

    you trade abra shyny?

  900. SalamixD Says:

    you trade abra shyny???verdad

  901. raphael Says:

    hi bye thnk me if this code helps 14de8e2362f74d 1dc0

  902. SalamixD Says:

    your trade your abre whif charizar venusaur o blastois o you trade blastois charizar y venusaur for azbra shyni?

  903. SalamixD Says:


  904. SalamixD Says:

    dedmen pokemon porfavor es importante necesito ayuda =(

  905. SalamixD Says:

    que sean a ser posible shynis ^^

  906. SalamixD Says:

    muchas gracias a los que me ayuden ^^

  907. jj Says:


  908. Says:

    trading abra shiny who wants?
    code: 14de8e2362f74d
    scode: a770

  909. Dialga Says:

    i have lv36 alkazam

  910. SalamixD Says:

    diganme codigosees importante o cambio shynis tamben

  911. hi bye 31 Says:

    for shiny gyrodos

  912. chris Says:

    im still wating for somone to say IM HERE!!!!!!

  913. Siren Says:

    hey,commander marks. i will give
    you a sandslash for a prewiew
    code of one of the mews

  914. doy geudude shiny Says:

    doy un geudude shiny por un poliwar

  915. 4976 Says:

    who wants shiny nidoran female ill trade

  916. Lt Wood Says:

    I am looking for a shiny pikachu and gyarados. I will give the zubat and abra shiny code to anyone who gives me it.

    I have lots of shinies and hard to get pokemon

  917. chris Says:

    i will

  918. chris Says:

    poo ill trade with you

  919. Lt Wood Says:

    I am also looking for someone to trade my kadabra and graveler to and then back to me.

  920. chris Says:


  921. SalamixD Says:

    cambio shynis por mew shyni o gyarados shyni

  922. SalamixD Says:

    tambien dadme codigos con pokemons que no usen o q tegan repetidos

  923. SalamixD Says:

    porfavor esque los necesito gente que sea amablke q me los de y q nadie me lo qite

  924. SalamixD Says:

    mi email es si algien qere q me los envie a esta direcion

  925. SalamixD Says:

    asi sera mejor muchas graciuas a los que me ayudais sois muy amables ^^

  926. SalamixD Says:

    i trade raticate shyne colour red level 23 for mew shyni or gyarados shyny level 25 or 26 plis cenqiu ^^

  927. SalamixD Says:

    todos los codigos q me envieis enviadmelos al correo de arriba a

  928. to shiny dude, Mew pew pew Says:


  929. ginga Says:

    komander Markc iy trade you a shini alakazam for mew

  930. ginga Says:

    no no no redol shini gol bat

  931. hi bye 31 Says:

    raphael some one stole the pokemon

  932. ginga Says:

    wait wat abavt victri beel

  933. hi bye 31 Says:

    i have 7 shiny abras to trade for neather charizard blastoise venusaur mew or shiny gyrados or a legandary

  934. SalamixD Says:

    digan codigos amigos ^^ cuando tengan pokemon repetidos porfavor que algien me consiga un mew y un gyarados shyni y ya esta solo a esos 2

  935. hi bye 31 Says:

    email me the code if u want one if u give me one of the pokemon listed i will give u a shiny abra no jokes

  936. SalamixD Says:

    i trade a shyny ratat wiht a legendari

  937. hi bye 31 Says:

    my email is

  938. SalamixD Says:


  939. SalamixD Says:


  940. SalamixD Says:

    the code os the raticate shyny is 14de8fa3c2a809 plis trade your gyarados shyni whif my raticate plis

  941. SalamixD Says:

    i email you plis read the email ^^

  942. anuncio de telemierda pokemon Says:

    vendo un wigglytuff al Lvl 22

    preview code: 14de905a7180ee

    security code: 122a

  943. maerer Says:

    i vil trade a level 36 primeape fore mew level 10 and upp

  944. hi bye 31 Says:

    i read the email whats the security code plz send it to my email

  945. hi bye 31 Says:

    member i said shiny abra

  946. maerer Says:

    i vil trade a lv 36 primeape for a mew ani lv

  947. diego (shileno) Says:







  948. diego (shileno) Says:

    butterfree shiny:14de7f50008cf5

    — DIEGO —

  949. hi bye 31 Says:

    sorry but i already have all forms of those

  950. SalamixD Says:

    plis dadme codigos por el email

  951. hi bye 31 Says:

    the shiny butterfry was taken send it to my email somewhere up above next time

  952. poo Says:

    how the f u c k do yue up levle up abra

  953. poo Says:

    ive bin leveling up that bitch and he only noes telaport i really nead help gettin kadabra

  954. hi bye 31 Says:

    put abra at front of field and when bad guys are near it itll use teleport and gain exp from the pokemon

  955. poo Says:

    hres a shiny code



  956. poo Says:

    only if somebody gives me mew!!!!!!!!!!!!

  957. poo Says:


  958. poo Says:

    but witch level do i go one

  959. Levo Says:

    abra shiny es): 14de91ef1908d4

  960. poo Says:

    bbye i have to go

  961. poo Says:

    im back again

  962. poo Says:

    could some body trade me kadabra

  963. poo Says:

    poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo po poo poo poo poo poo

  964. poo Says:

    Please note: Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. There is no need to resubmit your comment.

    Please note: Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. There is no need to resubmit your comment.

    Please note: Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. There is no need to resubmit your comment.

    Please note: Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. There is no need to resubmit your comment.

  965. poo Says:

    please give me all the shinys you have!!!!!!!!!

  966. simon Says:

    hey i just got done doing it… again….
    i did 2 other times and none of the codes worked they all came out to be asme code so i probaly didnt mess up…..
    helps me!!!!!!!!!!

  967. dave Says:

    id like a mew shiney or not doesnt matter if someone could comment with a code i would appriciate it

  968. magnus Says:

    when abra evelusen

  969. magnus Says:

    when abra evelushen

  970. poke freak Says:

    where can i find a mew… i have allot of strong pokemon.. just want a mew… is the mew even strong?

  971. osman Says:

    whats the code for mew everyone is talken about it and i cant find one

  972. cest Says:

    shiny abra code is (o codigo de
    abra shiny es): 14de91ef1908d4

  973. osman Says:

    anyone want a picachu i got 3 2 r up for grabs both lvl 19 contact me

  974. osman Says:

    scratch that someone hacked it now contact me at

  975. angelina poke legen ?? Says:

    I Blastoise at level 36 for a Charmander

  976. aa Says:

    who got a mews for me

  977. cest Says:

    I completely do not speak English

  978. serb4life Says:

    ok i got a shiny abra for trade you offer me what u have code is


  979. Darkrai Says:

    cest and poo these codes are for trading

  980. aa Says:


  981. Mitch Says:

    I really need help with the Tower Defense. Can anyone give me codes to trade? My team is horrible and any time I try to get trades, someone already got them

  982. Andrew :) Best Team :) Says:

    aa86 ……..
    First one to put in gets free……

  983. aa Says:


  984. TM103 Says:


  985. ButtenX Says:

    this is the code for a shiney wiglytuf

  986. alex Says:

    Can someone trade me??? i want to level up my shiny graveler… i’ll give a shiny golem lv. 36 for another strong rare pokemon… just email me at

  987. A Says:

    I know the code fuckers!!!!!! by …..

  988. osman Says:

    r u aloud to have more then one page of pokemon

  989. jj Says:

    what is the code for shiny mew please tell me

  990. alex Says:

    When is the new update coming out???
    I want more shiny pokemon i will trade for a shiny golem… (or will be after you get it) If you want to trade tell me then i will put the proof code out… I can also trade a lot of other level 36 pokemon including any of the starters!

  991. codes Says:


  992. Dangill5643 Says:

    To jashua i will trade a level 30 graveler :D

  993. nathancawthorne Says:

    s1691008r4 i think that all the clues

  994. unknown man Says:

    hey im looking for a level 30 electric type pokemon
    i have a lv 6 abra its also shiny
    code is: 14de94a0cad884 197b

  995. Drago Says:


    eda8 is a code for a wigglypuff lvl. 20

  996. emer Says:

    I am willing to trade a lvl 36. alakazam for anything else worth that. any takers??? leave a comment.

    also how do i know that a person gives me the right security code to get the pokemon. how can i trust them?

  997. iosu Says:

    alguien me da un pokemon buenisimo luego lo devuelvo

  998. nick Says:

    trade code for level 36 shiny mew

  999. alex Says:

    Can someone help me evolve my shiny graveler??? i just need to trade it then trade it back…

  1000. fenrir Says:

    this code wont work its driving me insane

  1001. daburns13 Says:

    I want a shiny raticate,I’ll trade a shiny zubat(lv1)code…

  1002. alex Says:

    hey, where did you get all the shiny mews???

  1003. TM103 Says:


  1004. alex Says:


  1005. daburns13 Says:

    I’m bored,can someone just hurry up and email me I want some codes if that will be nice…

  1006. alex Says:

    Can someone trade me!!!!! Any one! I will TRADE GOLD BUTTERFREE!!! 14de976f77b1c8 PLEASE TRADE WITH ME!!!!!!!

  1007. alex Says:

    Does any one want a shiny abra??? if you trade with me i will give you the code… i just did it and it works!!!!

  1008. alex Says:

    Why does nobody trade with me??? this stupid thing keeps putting my messages up where no one can see them… sigh. I guess i will never be able to trade anyone… PLEASE TRADE WITH ME IF YOU ARE READING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1009. alex Says:


  1010. alex Says:


  1011. Brad Says:

    WHAT IS THE CODE FOR ABRA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1012. ronald Says:

    como quisiera tener un mewtu alguien el el you tiene uno pero brillante

  1013. kajun alec Says:

    how do you get a mew!!!???

  1014. kajun alec Says:

    whwn is a new lvl coming out!

  1015. Gamingboi Says:

    nick, what do you want for your shiny new? All my pokemon are level 36, but most of them aren’t shiny…

  1016. Gamingboi Says:

    Trading these pokemon, all level 36:

    Shiny Golbat
    Shiny Golem
    Shiny Alakazam
    All others aren’t shiny, but I have every other pokemon.

  1017. TM103 Says:

    Gamingboi Says wat u want to trade for a shiny alakazam

  1018. luiz Says:

    14de98fb9d00f5 im trading a good abra:D

  1019. raphael Says:

    here is a code for 6 shiny mew but the only attack is psychic
    1.14de972c41e891 f566
    2.14de972eb1e768 65bf
    3.14de972fd37a9d 4a3c
    4.14de9730c55c51 dced
    5.14de9731b8ebef 7c5b
    6.14de973292fd64 488c
    hope you get it!!!!

  1020. ronald Says:

    lv 34 charmeleon por un ?????escojan

  1021. Gamingboi Says:

    raphael, THX sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, you need ANY pokemon, I got lots!

  1022. TM103 Says:

    raphael u got anymo

  1023. TM103 Says:

    ronald do u want to get rid of that charmeleon

  1024. Babylon Says:

    I need shiny pokemons !

  1025. TM103 Says:

    rapheal i need sum

  1026. raphael Says:

    no prob,it’s a give away if you want more pokemon just tell me

  1027. Gamingboi Says:

    I have the rest, but most aren’t shiny, the only shiny pokemon I really want is a shiny sandshrew or arbok.

  1028. Gamingboi Says:

    Anyone need a level 36 raichu, I have too many…

  1029. Babylon Says:

    Charizard and Venusaur, “Pigiot ” ,Butterfree , Golem and Alakazam

  1030. Babylon Says:

    I need one ..

  1031. XD :3 ;) Says:

    if someone wants a Clefable lv 18 change it for anything

  1032. raphael Says:

    @gamingboi I will give you level 36 sandshrew do you really want sandshrew or sandslash shiny or not

  1033. Gamingboi Says:

    I really want a shiny sandslash, but I don’t want to be greedy. :(

  1034. bob Says:

    here is a shiny raticate for anyone who wants it.



  1035. raphael Says:

    14de97d29734c0 2d23

  1036. Gamingboi Says:

    It didn’t work :(

  1037. Gamingboi Says:

    Plus, I have to go… I’ll be on later

  1038. raphael Says:

    try this
    14de97fabb13c6 ea7e

  1039. taft Says:

    trading lvl 12 oddish for any level pickachu pre code 14de9a183027ff sec 471c

  1040. kajun alec Says:

    where get mew?

  1041. Nagggs Says:

    I have 21 Shiny Mews that im giving away for the best offers so just email me at

    I am also giving away 6 Shiny Squirtles and 6 Shiny Pikachus. Just email me and tell me your offer
    and what level the pokemon is and i will email you back my response

  1042. Arceus@thegasstation Says:

    has anyone figured out clue #2?

  1043. Arceus@thegasstation Says:

    has anyone figured out #2?

  1044. leafeon rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    14de99341ef809 b417

  1045. anish Says:

    hey any one want charizard for free

  1046. anish Says:

    14de9cc5e03b79 e6bf

  1047. anish Says:

    who got it say to me

  1048. anish Says:


  1049. anish Says:

    :) :) ;)

  1050. fufufu Says:

    hey where the heck do you get mews and i need a ivysoar or golbat or somfin

  1051. raphael Says:

    I have every pokemon like shiny mew

  1052. fufufu Says:

    cant get past kuegure how do you do it!!???

  1053. fufufu Says:

    need 2 trade wif sumwun

  1054. anonyimous Says:


  1055. Phear Says:



    thats a shiny geodude. anyone want it?

  1056. lol Says:

    whom wants a lvl 36 magikarp?

  1057. Robin Says:

    fre arcenine

  1058. Robin Says:

    a second free arcenine

  1059. hi bye 31 Says:

    i will trade for a poliwag lv24 for a mew

  1060. Sub Says:

    who got pikachu wana trade with me?

  1061. christian Says:

    i need magikarp i will trade a shiny beedrill or a shiny abra for a magikarp

    shiny abra preview: 14de9d81c0e7c3
    shiny beedrill preview: 14de9d963387ef

  1062. eret Says:


  1063. SalamixD Says:

    porfavor gente que tenga shynis repetidos que me los de por este correo: me mandais el codigo

  1064. SalamixD Says:

    mucha gracias a los que me mandeisss alguno ^^

  1065. Robin Says:

    i want a shiny venusaur

  1066. white Says:

    i have a charmeleon sombody wana trade for a mew mail me

  1067. raymon223 Says:

    the code for one shiny jiggly by trade is 14dea129346efo
    and the security code is e255
    have fun

  1068. white Says:

    my gmail is

  1069. white Says:

    sombody i want an alakazam or a venesuar pleas

  1070. white Says:

    i yust deafeated kyogre whit my shiny ratecate lv26 and richu lv25 who whants my shiny ratecate i wane trade for mew lv36

  1071. white Says:

    pleas gif my a code for mew here is a code for schiny abra 14dea0d4119aa7 abbe

  1072. matias Says:

    hello how to get pokemon in shiny have 5 and shiny kakuna is green like the not shiny metapod. -_-

  1073. Pepe Says:

    I have a shiny gyarados!! :)

  1074. chris Says:

    I want

  1075. chris Says:

    but who knows the code of abra

  1076. XxPKMNzZxX Says:

    I can’t beat the kyroge of misty.
    Cerulean City GYM 2

    I have a Shiny geodude and shiny Zubat and Shiny Abra!!

  1077. XxPKMNzZxX Says:

    I have Ivysaur charmender and squirtle.
    Who want’s trade????

  1078. Amortime Says:

    Cambio un Graveler para poder evolucionar a golem.

  1079. Waste Says:

    What was the code for shiney zubat?

  1080. Waste Says:

    free bulbasaur trade

  1081. XxPKMNzZxX Says:

    I don’t now….
    That’s my question to…

    What is the code for mew2

  1082. Waste Says:

    free charmander trade

  1083. XxPKMNzZxX Says:

    rapeal, i want a venusaur..

  1084. Waste Says:

    free squirtle

  1085. Raphael Says:

    who wants a shiny venusaur

  1086. Waste Says:

    free shiny geodude

  1087. Waste Says:

    what is old rod code?

  1088. Lalo Says:

    hola me podrian pasar el codigo de un pedgy shiny mi correo es

  1089. TM103 Says:

    who got sum free pokemon

  1090. ???? Says:

    He vencido a Kyogre con Golem (Desenrollar) y shiny Beedrill (Pincho Misil)

  1091. Dylan Says:

    Can someone give me a good pokemon gift codde? :$:$

  1092. Dylan Says:

    i want a shiny venusaur

  1093. nico Says:

    i have shiny abra

  1094. nico Says:

    i trade a shiny abra for mew

  1095. nico Says:

    i trade a shiny golem lvl25 for mew

  1096. jon Says:

    ¿Aguien me da el código de mew por favorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr? Graciasssssssssssssssssssssssssss. En el correo

  1097. nico Says:


  1098. jon Says:

    ¿Alguien me da el codigo de mew por favor? Graciassssssssssssssss
    Mi correo es

  1099. kajun alec Says:

    shiny golem or not shiny golem for mew, shiny or not shiny

  1100. SalamixD Says:

    todos los codigos que me deis no los escribais aqi escribidme un email a esta direccion vale? muchas gracias a todo los q me ayudeis ^^
    lo digo por que me los qitan vale? gracias ^^

  1101. CON 123 Says:

    whats is a code for shiny mew

  1102. chrisi Says:

    a shiny mew o.k.:
    Preview Code : 14dea385572768
    Security Code : 9794

  1103. chrisi Says:

    a shiny mew o.k.:
    Preview Code : 14dea385572768
    Security Code : 9794

  1104. chrisi Says:

    i have

  1105. redrules Says:

    i have a nedoking if any body wants to trade

  1106. chrisi Says:

    shiny mew:
    Preview Code : 14dea3926a464a
    Security Code : 8eec

  1107. chrisi Says:

    have somebody a kyogre i havent one
    i’ll traid it for 8 shinys of choice!!!!!!!

  1108. chrisi Says:

    you can send me the code at
    i’ll send you than or before the shinys

  1109. chrisi Says:


  1110. chrisi Says:

    Why hallo?

  1111. SalamixD Says:

    enviadme mensajes a dadme codigos de mew o gyarados o pidgei lo q sea shynis pro pliss dadme alguno =:::: jooo gracias a los que me alluden

  1112. SalamixD Says:

    ewes importante gente dadme mew shyni o gyarados solo 1 solo 1¡ pero enviadmelo por email a porfa

  1113. SalamixD Says:

  1114. pokemon man Says:

    i want a shiny mew can you give me a mew

  1115. joao Says:

    i need pikachu
    i trade it for a charmeleon


  1116. joao Says:


  1117. nico Says:


  1118. chrisi Says:

    you have to send me your e-mail address to send

  1119. chrisi Says:

    can i have kyogre?

  1120. chrisi Says:


  1121. chrisi Says:

    I watch your mail to have given some shiny mews

  1122. chris Says:

    anyone want to give me a shiney mew ill give you somthing good

  1123. nico Says:


  1124. liverpool Says:

    mew code thank you.

  1125. ronald Says:

    no hay copdigo de mewtwo solo se consuigue

  1126. fufufu Says:

    where do u get mews? need wun BAADDDD!!!!

  1127. fufufu Says:


  1128. danny54 Says:

    hi guys if you have a youtube acount send me a real mew not or it could be shiny plz i want one

  1129. cole Says:

    someone try this code 14dea5beaf346b security 7b91 trade

  1130. nico Says:

    meine email adress facbool
    k ich mochte ein mewto und mew

  1131. khoa Says:

    did any one khow the code of the shine abra

  1132. matias Says:

    wats clue number 2

  1133. arnauelpro Says:

    Cambio alguna mew x 1 charizar al nivel 36

  1134. arnauelpro Says:

    cambio chgarizar lv 36 x mew

  1135. arnauelpro Says:

    insisto,alguien me lo cambia?¿

  1136. Gamingboi Says:

    Can anyone trade me a kyogre for any level 36 pokemon?

  1137. pokemaster Says:

    i beat kyogre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1138. Gamingboi Says:

    Anyone willing to give any shiny pokemon? Really want a shiny sandshrew.

  1139. Gamingboi Says:

    Trading 3 shiny mews for any shiny pokemon or kyogre.

  1140. Max Says:

    the code for a ratata lvl 10 (not shiny)



  1141. moe Says:

    who wants to trade a growlithe for a alakazam. f624 is my recieve

  1142. Gamingboi Says:

    Raphael, you still trading that shiny sandshrew or sandslash?

  1143. cest Says:

    shiny butterfly code is 14dea6e14a288d
    codigo de shiny butterfly en español

  1144. Wujex Says:

    Can someone send me a Shiny Mew?Or Kyogre?

  1145. Charizard Says:

    anyone want a charmeleon Lv 16,shiny geodude Lv 17,or shiny abra Lv 11 if you want one of these comment first come first serve i will thake anything lv 15 and up for one of these

  1146. Charizard Says:

    charmeleon has the moves of:

    Shiny abra has the moves of:

    shiny geodude has the moves of:
    rock throw
    rock polish

  1147. cool man 101/jason.kaiser Says:

    i like to a trade at 1h10 a shiny zubat

  1148. Charizard Says:

    ill trade you that zubat for abra coolman 101

  1149. jessen Says:

    can i have shiny abra

  1150. cool man 101/jason.kaiser Says:


  1151. jessen Says:

    and mewto / mew

  1152. Charizard Says:

    its a shiny Lv 12 Abra

  1153. jessen Says:

    ican make you pokemon max lvl

  1154. jessen Says:

    shiny of corse

  1155. jessen Says:

  1156. jessen Says:

    leave comment

  1157. jessen Says:

    free code voor me
    beedril 36 14dea5d62025a7 f48d
    any won can have it with this beedril ou can catch low weak pokemon easy

  1158. ShadomUmbreon Says:

    YAY got a shiny Abra HAPPY HAPPY YAY YAY

  1159. jessen Says:

    ps not shiny

  1160. jessen Says:

    ps not shiny have lol with me beedrill

  1161. jessen Says:

    ps i have shiny golem any won want it

  1162. ????? Says:

    cani please have a mew for 2 abra lv. 5

  1163. jessen Says:

    this is code 14dea608a03a05
    ps lvl 27

  1164. SalamixD Says:

    enviadme emails cambio shynis por mews o gyarados shynis enviadme emails con codigos de shynis q tengais repetidos o peticiones de intercambio con el pokemon que me qerais ss cambiar gracias^^

  1165. SalamixD Says:

    mi email es

  1166. dados Says:

    quien me cambia un sharisar por un wartotle

  1167. dados Says:

    un parasect lvl26



    es gratis al primero que lo ponga

  1168. leafeon rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sennd me a shiny mewtwo code

  1169. hipi Says:

    any 1 give me a mew plze i need 1 bad dam kyogre is not gonna die for me!!!!!!!!!!!

  1170. Azorin Says:

    Shinys PLIS give me

  1171. willywillis Says:

    can someone give me a mew it does not have to be shiny PLEASE

  1172. SalamixD Says:

    ok you trade mew 1 shyni mew for a shyny graveler level 37? raticate shyny red level 24?^^

  1173. SalamixD Says:


  1174. Beastly001 Says:

    i can’t remember my shiny geodudes trade code how can i find it back out

  1175. joseee 1 Says:

    pessoal veja meus outros comentarios.

  1176. darren Says:

    butterfree for trade for any one



  1177. Drago Says:

    give me a charmender,charmelion or a charisard then i give the code to a strong shiny magicarp

  1178. Drago Says:


  1179. TM103 Says:

    sum one hit me up on if u want to give up free or trade Pokemon

  1180. Seth Says:

    Hey anyone willing to give out shiny mew code and how many levels are there in this game cause i gota lvl 36 shiny kyogre and i willing to tradem for mewto or mew i also know the shiny mew and kyogre code so contact me and trade me a shiny something for the code or ask me what i have i have all level 36 xept for a 9 i think and i have em all so thanks and dont forget

  1181. zazuki Says:

    i need shiny pokemon i have two

  1182. albert Says:

    give me the abra

  1183. LastAsesino Says:


    Hola gente! Me interesan algunos pokemon, si los tienen y me los quieren dar o quieren un canvio, aqui pongo los que necesito.
    Necesito los pokemon de la edicion roja, todos los que no salen en la azul.
    Mi correo es


    Hi guys! I’m interested in some pokemon, if they do and I want them to or want a change, here I put the need.
    I need the pokemon red edition, all those who do not come in blue.
    My email is

  1184. roffles Says:

    trading shiny abra for shinies i dont have.

    i currently have






    i am ONLY trading the abra.

  1185. roffles Says:

    trading shiny abra for shinies i dont have.

    i currently have






    i am ONLY trading the abra.

    if interested email me

  1186. Gamingboi Says:

    Anyone trading shiny magikarp?

  1187. Gamingboi Says:

    Here is my offer for a kyogre:

    2 shiny gravlers

    2 alakazams (1 shiny 1 normal)

    2 ninetails

    2 poliwraths

    1 sandslash

    1 shiny mew


  1188. willywillis Says:

    maybe someone can trade it to me tell me what you want and i will see what i can do i don’t have very many shiny pokemon just 3 golem(lvl 26),alakazam(lvl 19), and zubat(lvl 9).

  1189. tomi Says:

    I have lots of pokemons, only pm me.
    facebook:tomi amorin

  1190. devon sheffield Says:

    i will give ANY pokemon for the mew CODE

  1191. willywillis Says:

    hello. ummm i have three shiny pokemon they are not very high level but i will trade them for a mew. i have a golem and an alakazam and a zubat. anyone PLEASE

  1192. Jedan Says:

    Any one want a shine Metapod?

  1193. sai Says:

    i have loads of shiney pokemon

  1194. goku Says:

    9934 mew

  1195. goku Says:

    Pokémon Tower Defense - Code Generator

  1196. Gamingboi Says:

    devon sheffield, I don’t have the mew code, but I can trade you a shiny mew for some shiny pokemon. What do you have? I have six shiny mews.

  1197. goku Says:

    here you can get any pokemon you want

  1198. goku Says:


  1199. goku Says:

    14dea90ef29ef0 0585
    14dea91020c707 8b66
    14dea910f82b28 f134
    3 mews

  1200. Addicted2death Says:

    hey gaming boy, ill trade u somthin for a shiny mew

  1201. goku Says:

    14dea91ae78b2c 1aaa
    14dea91be70722 1494
    14dea91d35cb4c 9521
    shiny buterfre

  1202. goku Says:

    i can get any pokemon i whont
    if you need sonting speak me and ay get you 1 or 2 or 3 or any you want

  1203. goku Says:

    ¿sombody need a pokemon?

  1204. Addicted2death Says:

    anybody willing to trade a shiny magikarp/gyrados?

  1205. goku Says:

    ¿kien habla español?

  1206. XD :3 ;) Says:


  1207. Gamingboi Says:

    Trading 9 shiny kadabras for shiny pokemon!

  1208. luiz Says:

    a shyne spearrow for a fast people

    14dea991a196ae 4840

  1209. devon sheffield Says:

    gambogi i will trade a lv. 36 venusaur

  1210. Fernando Says:



  1211. wjd8 Says:

    I have shiny Geodude, Zoobat, Abra, and beedrill for mew.

  1212. raphael Says:

    gamingboi no one can catch kyogre

  1213. Addicted2death Says:

    Anybody have a shiny squirtle?

  1214. raphael Says:

    if u want shiny arbok I will give you

  1215. Gamingboi Says:

    I’ll take the shiny arbok, but I have to give you something, you can’t keep giving me free pokemon.

  1216. Jedan Says:

    How are you’re shiny pokemons?
    Mine are Abra and Metapod.
    This are the pokemons i can give you.

  1217. ronald Says:

    atension todo el mundo tengo a mewtwo

  1218. Gamingboi Says:

    Raphael, I’ll trade for the shiny arbok, but idk what you need.

  1219. Gamingboi Says:

    devon, I already have venusaur, but if it’s shiny, I’ll consider.

  1220. Gamingboi Says:

    I just really need shiny pokemon.

  1221. XD :3 ;) Says:

    ronald,¿tu cambias tu mewtwo por un shiny cualquiera mayor a lv 20?

  1222. Gamingboi Says:

    Raphael, you still there? Idk what you need, so just tell me.

  1223. XD :3 ;) Says:

    o uno normal mayor a lv 20?

  1224. Gamingboi Says:


  1225. Addicted2death Says:

    I have over 20 mews all shiny, i promise all my codes work, i will get u any pokemon u want

  1226. Addicted2death Says:

    swampert what shiny pokemon do you want? ill get it for ya

  1227. fetasio Says:

    Free Shiny Graveler lv36

    for any lv36 shiny pokemon

    codes are:

    preview code:14deab810aefaf

    security code:9c64

  1228. Addicted2death Says:


    Heres a shiny mew, first come first served, but i got a couple hundred mew so, whateva xD

  1229. XD :3 ;) Says:


  1230. swampert Says:

    i will gie a shiny zubat or shiny kakuna for a kadabra

  1231. nathan Says:

    shiny mew any body want tell me

    preview 14deac22ab3a55

  1232. XD :3 ;) Says:

    swampert, and for mi pidgeotto lv 20, or a gloom lv 21. ¿its a deal?

  1233. anonime code Says:


  1234. anonime code Says:

    is abra shiny lv 1

  1235. XD :3 ;) Says:

    YEAH , I defeated kyogre with a raichu and a gloom for 25# time

  1236. Code Giver Says:

    Go to “Trading,” and click “Receive Trade Pokemon.” The first one who enters the following code and security code in “Receive Trade Pokemon” will get a
    free SHINY ABRA!!! It WILL work if you get it first, so be QUICK! THE CODE IS…

    Pokemon Code: 14deaf2d92e36a

    Security Code: c0c9

  1237. Code Giver Says:

    not me

  1238. Code Giver Says:

    I NEED ANOTHER SHINY THAT’S NOT ABRA!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1239. Code Giver Says:

    is anybody on?


  1240. shadowforge Says:

    I have a shiny ferrow( however you spell it) message me on newgrounds to trade. optimally i would like a mew or something

  1241. Code Giver Says:

    i need more shinies.

  1242. Code Giver Says:


  1243. Nicholas Says:

    I got a lvl 36

  1244. Nicholas Says:

    Whoops I forgot, I released it

  1245. alejandro Says:

    what is the shiny abra code???(cual es el codigo de el abra shiny???)

  1246. Code Giver Says:

    how do u get past challenge mode> Old Rod?

  1247. Blackblaze100 Says:

    Hey guys im tradeing a pokemon look at them and ill tell u wat i want

    1.Level 36 Ninetails - Growlet
    2.Level 36 Golbat(Shiny)- Any pokemon
    3.Level 36 Golem - Any pokemon
    4.Level 36 Gyarados - Any pokemon
    5.Level 36 Jynx - Abra (idc if its shiny)

  1248. Code Giver Says:

    HOW DO U GET PIKACHU?!?!?!?!?!?!

  1249. Blaziken is Boss Says:

    Gamingboi I’ll give you a 36 golem beedril or butterfree for a mew

  1250. cacavoladora Says:

    tengo un arcanine shiny, un golem shiny, un alkazam shiny, un bulbasaur shiny, un zubat shiny, un butterfree shiny y un beedril shyni

  1251. moe Says:

    how do u beat the 2 challenge

  1252. Gamingboi Says:

    Anyone have a shiny spearow?

  1253. Gamingboi Says:

    Swampert, I’ll give you a shiny kadabra level 36 for your shiny kakuna.

  1254. nathan Says:

    mew code tell me if you want it

    preview 14deb1b2e2ebc4

  1255. killer Says:

    does any one want to trade pokemon

  1256. give all to you Says:

    I can give you all pokemon what you what

    say lv
    what pokemon

    and your email to send em the code for the pokemon send me a email for

    Note: In 10 minuts E go to share a lv 25 shiny gyrados comment below and said who whats bye

  1257. give all to you Says:

    thats is not corret

  1258. give all to you Says:

    whit you have facebook ??

  1259. give all to you Says:

    2 minuts to share

    Note you what to be my friend say you facebook name and send friend request

  1260. give all to you Says:

    Its time go to cath this red girados the code is:



    good luck

    Note: 1º go to cath fast
    2º whif you what more said next give is a shiny blatois lv 25

  1261. KS27 Says:

    Here are the codes for 7 magikarp








  1262. wjd8 Says:

    Ooo, pretty. Ill trade a shiny beedrill :)

  1263. white Says:

    here is a code for shiny kakuna may i now a code for swampert 14deb394a683fc 28fe

  1264. Tobi-chan Says:

    I got a shiny butterfree which i wanna trade for a shiny growlithe.
    The code is: 14deb586504336

  1265. sachin Says:

    Shiny for any shiny pokemn except abra.Security code is 14deb7ee0be4ec.Other code is crcfde.

  1266. Code Giver Says:

    im back!

  1267. Code Giver Says:

    Why is the “shiny” geodude yellow and the “regular” geudude gray?

  1268. Code Giver Says:

    how do u beat Old Rod?

  1269. jellyboy5 Says:

    or shiny mew? :cool:

  1270. jellyboy5 Says:

    :D :cool: :p

  1271. jellyboy5 Says:


  1272. Tobi-chan Says:

    Clue 6 is pretty unclear.. O.o

  1273. eric Says:


  1274. eric Says:


  1275. sachin Says:

    how do you change your mystery gift because mine is stuck on Abras code?

  1276. A-Train Says:

    i have no clue how to beat kyogre and what happensa after?

  1277. tha guy Says:

    tobi chan whats the next code then the sec code

  1278. tha guy Says:

    any one knows how to get a rock pokemon?
    i want one

  1279. kajun alec Says:

    whats the code for shiny charmander?

  1280. Zefiro Says:

    whats the code for shiny charmander?

  1281. Tobi-chan Says:

    Solved it already..

  1282. Bleached Says:

    i can’t figure it out :S it won’t work for me, i’m pretty sure i got it right :S :( i want a shiny abra!

  1283. sachin Says:

    I dont know how to get past pewter gym n chalenge mode!ANNOYING!!!!!

  1284. sachin Says:


  1285. tha guy Says:

    can anyone trade me a pikachu ill give a geodude, a paras, a spearow or an oddish for it, contact me by these comments

  1286. tha guy Says:

    any one wants some pokemon? ill get some..

  1287. sachin Says:


  1288. sachin Says:

    Which Nidoran is female , the blue one or the purple one?

  1289. tha guy Says:

    i want a pikachu, ill trade it for any pokemon you want if i have it

  1290. sachin Says:

    I cant pass mt.moon 1 its soo hard!

  1291. nathan Says:

    here is the rest of the code ef58

    tell me who gets the mew

  1292. sachin Says:

    JIglypuff level 5 for anything thats over level 4 security code is 14debbf30e6708 and other code is 1760.

  1293. Tobi-chan Says:

    I shall tell when the game has been updated.. I can tell you the code but it wont work right now..

  1294. sachin Says:


  1295. Gamingboi Says:

    Anyone trading shiny pokemon? I have too many shiny kadabras level 36.

  1296. knows all Says:

    some one trade me a picachu i will trade anyone a shiny kyogre level 100

  1297. Klopin Says:

    need a kyogre.
    will give as many shiny mews, raichus, gyrados, charizard… any shiny pokemon at any desired level… all i ask is for a shiny kyogre or even just a regular kyogre.

    email me at

  1298. janox Says:

    when they get a new chapter?

  1299. gigity03 Says:


  1300. wjd8 Says:



    free MAGIPARK

  1301. Code Giver Says:

    that SUX!

  1302. kevin Says:

    for a shiny wigglytuff

  1303. kevin Says:

    i want a shiny kadabra at least 25

  1304. kevin Says:

    i want a shiny graveler at least 25

  1305. freepokemon Says:

    14dec6f32a69d6 acb8
    14dec6f3c767be 9dcb
    14dec6f446a890 708f
    14dec6f4cd99fa 1156

  1306. freepokemon Says:

    14dec708f244da 29f2 free mew

  1307. Snow Says:

    Hello i lost the shiny abra week and i need it, can anyone give one to me, i can give u the shiny charmander code or give u one shiny charmilion or shiny zubat pls, add me

  1308. Grant the man Says:

    need mew or il die please

  1309. Grant the man Says:

    free shiny lugia 14decf114ef23a

  1310. sachin Says:

    I ned advice cerulian gym 1 cant do it!!!!

  1311. sachin Says:

    I ll give you a abra BLEACHED for any shiny pkmon that yu have and it has to be level 9 r under OK!

  1312. kajun alec Says:

    i will trade a sandshrew or golem for a mew

  1313. Wolfy Says:

    ppl, stop putting ur e-mails onhere. ppl read this, rapers could read ur e-mail and e-mail u! so dont post e-mails on here. be safe. be smart.

  1314. freepokemon Says:

    14ded32d6d08ab 54b4

  1315. curt Says:

    i have a shiny Wigglytuff to trade 14ded40f1708cb

  1316. curt Says:

    i have a shiny Wigglytuff to trade 14ded40f1708cb

  1317. curt Says:

    hey kevin i have a shiny graveler lv 25

  1318. como eu consigo um mew? Says:

    como eu consigo um mew?

  1319. pokemaster Says:

    free picahu for a kyorge preveiw code: 14ded53492a703 security code:5033

  1320. curt Says:


    22ee free Pokemon!

  1321. freepokemon Says:

    14ded6145c1ee3 7153

  1322. freepokemon Says:

    14ded616e4a228 2cec
    14ded6f7994a26 b5ab
    14ded6f835c9f0 c5f0
    14ded6f8bad574 85b4
    14ded6f955f5b4 5ef4
    14ded6f9d9d4a5 1495
    14ded6fa6afff0 d49a
    14ded6faec2bfb 4eb5
    14ded6fb6ef208 9de2
    14ded713a33449 e0b7
    14ded71436e1ee 6d3b
    14ded714ba0a5f ab88
    14ded715495085 2cc0
    14ded7be4def7a 7013
    14ded7bee9bb6e 5b68
    14ded83d7414cb 13df
    14ded83f28a07f f863
    14ded7d567b0d0 a8af
    14ded7d60d40cc ae3c
    14ded7d694a7e2 62f9
    14ded7d710d9e3 5ca3
    14ded83e76d10c 43a9
    14ded86129c92c 735b

    lots of shiny lvl 36 mews, visit www[]pokemontrash[]com[]triche-pokemon[]Divers/CreateCode.php for more user created pokemon

  1323. freepokemon Says:

    14dedc389f0e95 156f

  1324. pokemaster Says:

    i will trade for a mew i i would give him kyogre,shiny alakazam,pidgeot,charizard

  1325. savio pokemon Says:

    qual o codigo do bullbasauro??

  1326. Grant the man Says:

    free poliwrath 14dee3fe844757

  1327. zero Says:

    oddish lvl 20 for any pokemon codes are 14dee661ba7doo and 1389

  1328. matheus Says:

    oi me chamo matheus eu troco meu charizard shiny,abra shiny,primeape shiny,pikachu shiny por um kyogre e um mew
    escrevam o comentario de baxo do meu

  1329. eric Says:

    I’m got a red gyarados
    did you buy?

  1330. sachin Says:


  1331. ¿? Says:

    alguien tiene los siguientes codigos:
    shiny zubat
    shiny pidgey
    shiny abra
    shiny jiglyypuf
    shiny ratata

  1332. mehh Says:

    free shiny zubat! 14dee5e2c21988 5992

  1333. sachin Says:

    Can I have a free mew please?

  1334. sachin Says:

    Ill give you what ever pkemn you want! for Gyarios ok

  1335. Naomi Says:

    Hi i already know codes to onix venonat and mew mystery gft codes

  1336. Naomi Says:

    any one want one of the codes?

  1337. Naomi Says:

    anyone gona anser?

  1338. Naomi Says:

    sachin ill give u mew

  1339. Naomi Says:

    will anyone anser :( *cries*

  1340. Naomi Says:

    anyone want a shiny primeape lvl

  1341. Naomi Says:

    guys i have a shiny alakazam i
    created it. go to google and put
    pokemon trash triche divers than
    clik the 1st one

  1342. Naomi Says:

    oh the shiny primeape
    prev code is
    and security is
    enjoy i created it :)

  1343. jomomma Says:

    omgawsh nvm guys lol

  1344. kris305 Says:

    will trade growlithe for anything i dont have

  1345. kris305 Says:

    sachin want trade?

  1346. kris305 Says:


  1347. kris305 Says:

    will trade shiny charmander code for shiny mew code or pokemon

  1348. kris305 Says:

    anyone on?

  1349. tyler2u Says:

    plz some1 tell me (a) code i will trade a bellsprot



  1350. tyler2u Says:

    plz some1 tell me (a) code i will trade a bellsprot.



  1351. kris305 Says:

    anyone wants to trade with me

  1352. kyle Says:

    i have garadoes

  1353. kris305 Says:

    i already have it

  1354. eric Says:

    i have charizar, venasur and blaistoise

  1355. kyogre Says:

    ihave a shiny mew to trade i will trade a kyogre or shiny kyogre or a mewtwo

  1356. kyogre Says:

    the preveiw code is 14def9385d559c send me your codes at

  1357. kyogre Says:

    or post your email and the preveiw code

  1358. como liberar as telas? Says:

    como liberar as telas

  1359. rabzo Says:

    anyone wanna trade

  1360. kyogre Says:

    i want a kyogre shiny or no a mewtwo i will trade a shiny mew

  1361. kris305 Says:

    have it already

  1362. rabzo Says:

    anyone their

  1363. rabzo Says:

    i am giving away a pokemon
    14def95fa003aa 98a4

  1364. kyogre Says:


  1365. kyogre Says:

    anyone online

  1366. kris305 Says:

    free shiny pickachu 14defd6e9800f2 8edd

  1367. kris305 Says:

    tell me when u take it

  1368. codes Says:

    who ever wants a shiny jigglypuff gets it

  1369. rabzo Says:


  1370. kris305 Says:

    also free geodude
    14defd8e5b49e8 27e2 tell me when u take it it is lvl36

  1371. kyogre Says:

    what else do you have

  1372. kyogre Says:

    do you have a mewtwo

  1373. kyogre Says:

    i will trade a red garidose for a mewtwo

  1374. kyogre Says:

    i will trade a red garidose for a kyoge

  1375. lucas Says:

    qual codigo do shinys novos

  1376. last trainer Says:

    shiney abra, shiney abra!!! my god

  1377. trash ketchum Says:

    alguien me puede decir el codigo para shiney ABRA

  1378. lol Says:

    kyogre kill walkthrough take pkmn in first lane:venesaur/golem/victrebel
    golem use tackle/smack down victrebel use leaf tornado/leaf storm venesaur use petal dance take pkmn in second lane vivtreebel/venesaur

  1379. lol Says:

    all lvl 36

  1380. Eric Says:

    does anyone have a Mew cause I will trade a shiney charmeleon

    the code is:14df0b19f9a008

  1381. Eric Says:

    plz anyone

  1382. nwyfre shiny pokemon trader Says:

    anyones who wants a fearow for a shiny mew?
    shiny fearow code: 14df09c02e84d0
    security code: f2f2

  1383. gonzalez Says:

    ai no perdon no es ese codigo

  1384. gonzalez Says:

    pero te puedo dar un abra (no es shiny)

  1385. rabzo Says:

    i have a mew. I’ll trade for a kyogre if you don’t believe
    code 14df0efa096ff7

  1386. gonzalez Says:

    ola digo codigo especial a los españoles decidme buestro email

  1387. lllllll Says:

    14df1220054dec 805e

    a bulbosaur for a mew, plz!

  1388. lllllll Says:

    hello?, plz?

  1389. kris305 Says:

    eric here u go keep yours it is free

    14df15058831d9 acd0

  1390. kris305 Says:

    tell me if u get it

  1391. Eric Says:

    GOT it!!!! thanks

  1392. Eric Says:

    anyone have a venasaur cause i need one

  1393. tyler524 Says:

    yes shiny won

  1394. kyle Says:


  1395. kyle Says:

    what codes

  1396. kyle Says:


  1397. kyle Says:

    i have a venasaur
    what will you trade me

  1398. kyle Says:


  1399. rabzo Says:

    who wants my mew

  1400. gonzalez Says:

    españoles dadme buestro email

  1401. gonzalez Says:

    os dire un codiggo especial

  1402. kris305 Says:

    all of u who want kyroge he is banned from trading

  1403. kris305 Says:


  1404. kris305 Says:

    14df24565e8ae1 f08e free pokemon tell me if u like it

  1405. kris305 Says:

    I GOT KYORGE!!!!!!:)

  1406. kris305 Says:

    it tells u how on youtube SEARCH how to get kyorge

  1407. kris305 Says:

    only way i can do it for u if u give me your username and password and the moves u want for him ok

  1408. kris305 Says:

    and lvl

  1409. kris305 Says:

    only going to do first 3 people

  1410. Someone Says:

    I have a shiny pikachu here is the code

  1411. gonzalez Says:

    I GOT A *KYOGRE* :)

  1412. gonzalez Says:


  1413. gonzalez Says:


  1414. gonzalez Says:


  1415. gonzalez Says:


  1416. sveinunited Says:

    does anyone want to trade a shiny chamender lvl 13 for a shiny abra or a shiny bulbasaur?

  1417. kris305 Says:


  1418. kris305 Says:

    free KYORGE


  1419. kris305 Says:

    gonzalez it looks like gyrodoes but it is mew here:

  1420. kris305 Says:

    who wants my profile?

  1421. kris305 Says:

    tell me when u get it gonzolez

  1422. kris305 Says:

    i know how to get lvl 100

  1423. kris305 Says:

    my user is

  1424. elise Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want shiny pokemon

  1425. elise Says:

    if any one is willing to give me some

  1426. kris305 Says:

    14df2d3942b1f5 0d78

    14df2d360 0003

    14df2d3ffea4c9 e8d7

  1427. gilman217 Says:

    kris305 i peviwed your mew but whats your sercirity for it

  1428. xpion of RESHISHIRAM Says:

    Get a free shiny mankey lv.7.
    P.S I don’t need it anyway.

  1429. Eric Says:

    kyle i will trade a shiny mew
    here is the code:14df34625ac580p

  1430. Eric Says:

    kyle plz????????

  1431. Eric Says:

    i need a pidjy level 17

  1432. Eric Says:

    also a venasaur

  1433. lllllll Says:


  1434. curben Says:

    eric i have a pidgey level 17 for you

  1435. lllllll Says:

    eric, i have a venasaur

  1436. lllllll Says:

    ill give it to u :)

  1437. lllllll Says:

    just answer!

  1438. curben Says:

    i am looking far a shiny mew

  1439. lllllll Says:

    is anyone here???

  1440. lllllll Says:

    ill be bak

  1441. sveinunited Says:

    i can take the venasaur :)

  1442. sveinunited Says:

    i want a free pokemon

  1443. kris305 Says:

    Gilman which one

  1444. kris305 Says:

    anyone wants a free pokemon that is in the game and is tradable tell me i am going back on later

  1445. kris305 Says:

    0ld prfile

  1446. lllllll Says:

    im bak

  1447. lllllll Says:

    hello?, anyone?

  1448. lllllll Says:

    if anyone answers now they get a free pokemon!

  1449. crag Says:


  1450. lllllll Says:

    crag, is also me :)

  1451. lllllll Says:

    i have a gyaradoes!!!!!!!!

  1452. lllllll Says:

    anybody want it? FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1453. sveinunited Says:


  1454. Charmeleon Says:

    im new on and im better than my brother. cool eh

  1455. Prophet Says:

    Here are a few lvl 36 shiny goodies Enjoy!

    14df49035c51ae 370b
    14df490a6e9305 7696
    14df490e14c52a c8ad

    14df4912267e12 442f
    14df4913a9ceaf eb4f

    14df4916f4015d 839a
    14df491866b1e6 1908

  1456. gilman217 Says:

    kris305 your shiny mew i foung it but what is the sercirty for it

  1457. kris305 Says:


  1458. Hi Says:

    kris i found your mew labeled as kyougure but the pass is wrong D:

  1459. Hi Says:

    DX dang :< lol

  1460. Hi Says:

    anyone know the code?

  1461. kris305 Says:

    the one i said FREE KYOROGE was a lie :)

  1462. kris305 Says:

    :( :) ;) ;(

  1463. kris305 Says:


  1464. gilman217 Says:

    5a59 isnt the code can you find the real one i can you someone good

  1465. gilman217 Says:

    what does xd mean

  1466. gilman217 Says:

    also send me trade at so nobody can see

  1467. cody Says:

    i am new

  1468. cody Says:

    poliwag level 22 preview code 14df53c70 or ofb6 security code9ceb

  1469. kris305 Says:


  1470. kyogre Says:

    please someone trade with me i will trade a mew

  1471. kyogre Says:

    please someone trade with me i will trade a mew or garidos

  1472. peyton white Says:

    i have a kyogre level 25 anyone want it?

  1473. peyton white Says:

    if you want my kyogre email at

  1474. whats the code? Says:

    Whats the code for shiny abra on version 2.9.1? Please tell me because I really need to know. Also can someone trade me a growlithe at any level?


  1475. whats the code? Says:

    Whats the code for shiny zubat? Please tell me very quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1476. God&Jesus Says:

    Free shiny spearow



  1477. Poketrade Says:

    HEY! Want A FREE Shiny Level 36 Mew, Venusaur And Primeape!? Here! Mew: 14df785626ba9f 1ff8
    Venusaur: 14df7868420b67 17cc
    Primeape: 14df78758ab87c e872
    Also I Want A Nidoqueen Level 35 Not Shiny.

  1478. kyogre Says:


  1479. Naomi Says:

    guys the code doesnt work anymore the version v2.9.1 is out and this code doesnt work any more D:

  1480. someone Says:




  1481. kyogre Says:

    do you have a kyogre or mew2

  1482. kyogre Says:

    who wants a mew or shiny mew for a mew2 or kyogre

  1483. kris305 Says:

    kyorge cant give u kyorge but youtube tells u

  1484. Ryuuk 57 Says:

    jigglypuff lvl13 4 trade

  1485. Ryuuk 57 Says:

    email me at if u wnt a vulpix lvl 22 will trade 4 shiny pokemon

  1486. gilman217 Says:

    remember trade me i have all starters level 36 and many more so email me a trade a

  1487. Clayton Says:

    I am willing to trade a lvl 36 shiny charizard and a lvl 36 shiny beedrill for a shiny mew of any level, send a trade code for proof and ill send mine…..
    E-mail me at

  1488. no tell you Says:

    code now

  1489. Eric Says:

    want a shiny mew i can duplicate it for lots of people?

  1490. kris305 Says:


  1491. lllllll Says:

    sveinunited, do u really want it?

  1492. lllllll Says:

    im sry i hvnt bin on in a wile.
    plz forgive me. but, if u answer ill giv u the code:)

  1493. lllllll Says:


  1494. jordan Says:

    yes i got a shiny golem and shiny charizard lvl 36

  1495. jordan Says:

    i also got a shiny butterfree

  1496. jordan Says:

    does someone want to trade something for one

  1497. jordan Says:

    does anyone want to trade something for my alakazam lvl 36

  1498. Eric Says:

    i want afree pokemon can i have won plz?

  1499. Naomi Says:

    want my shiny spearow?

  1500. Eric Says:


  1501. kyogre Says:

    anyone want to trade

  1502. ethan Says:

    I want to trade kyogre

  1503. ethan Says:

    do not listen to that last one. I want to trade with you kyogre

  1504. ethan Says:

    tell me when you are ready to trade

  1505. ethan Says:

    who wants lv100 typlosion the lv100 is a cheat for a lv36 mew

  1506. ethan Says:

    or kyogre

  1507. ethan Says:

    who wants an arceus

  1508. qkq Says:

    i want

  1509. Anne Says:

    Shiny Spearrow


  1510. Free Says:

    14dffc8280d29a ead5

  1511. mew Says:

    if you give me a shiny mew preview code and security code i will give you my farfetch’d!!!

  1512. Allion Says:

    Contact me if you need non-legionaries or hints at ADRIAN@OBSESSIONMATRIX.COM.

  1513. Anglzpt03 Says:

    Can someone trade me a venasaur for a shiny nidoqueen?

  1514. Brad Says:

    I got a charizard level 36 and a shiny graveler level 35 and a raichu level 34 …. but I need more now!!! please bye

  1515. Brad Says:

    Team rocket sucks but go TEAM PLASMA!!!

  1516. dude90 Says:

    the new pkmn tower defense on is amazing. it has 3 different chapters and chapter 3 is all new

  1517. Says:

    I will give anyone willing to trade a kyogre for 1 shiny mew
    mew proof: 14e0742f0517c5
    email me at

  1518. 123 Says:

    Any one want shiny Golern
    Change it if you want

  1519. hello Says:

    Can someone give me old codes of shiny pokemon?

  1520. Maikoh Says:

    Hey sunshine9198 tell me the securiy code of the siny mew

  1521. 123 Says:

    give me a code for shiny please

  1522. I Says:

    hoe krijg je de code van chinie pokemon

  1523. akio Says:

    como vence de um kyogre

  1524. lo Says:



  1525. necesitoshinys Says:


  1526. kyogre Says:

    anyone want to trade a mew shiny or a plain mew

  1527. kyogre Says:

    anyone want to trade a mew shiny or a plain mew for a kyogre

  1528. steven Says:

    kyogre can i get a mew idc if its shiny or not for free plzz

  1529. htrshthtrhtr Says:

    shiny charizard FREE moveset Flamethrower, Petal Dance, Hydro Pump, Psichic

    just copy and paste into trading



  1530. htrshthtrhtr Says:



    same moveset as above charizard

  1531. htrshthtrhtr Says:

    whoops forgot to put pokemon name btw its a shiny blastoise

  1532. htrshthtrhtr Says:



    this time venusaur

    ps above is a blastoise

  1533. chaserules Says:

    i got a shiny nidorian code trading for mew plzzz

  1534. chaserules Says:

    i got a shiny nidorian trading for mew

  1535. chaserules Says:

    code is 14e0e4046eaad2 70ef

  1536. chaserules Says:

    getting desperate any poke mon except for magikarp zubat and golem

  1537. steven Says:

    i want a mew plzz some1

  1538. chaserules Says:

    giving away two shiny mew lv 40 pm me for c ode preview will be shown
    14e0e7cc71c14d shiney mew

  1539. hans Says:

    whats the second code

  1540. hans Says:

    the mew

  1541. hans Says:


  1542. elena Says:

    i well give a shiny spero for a vallpix any level

  1543. shiny dude rocks Says:


  1544. Victini Says:

    For people who want shiny mews, press import profile, type $FreePKMN$ for Email and password, there’s an ARMY of mews and other event pokemon. (Like around 100 mews?)

  1545. Victini Says:

    Elena, do you mean “I will give a shiny spearow for a vulpix, any level.”

  1546. Tepig Says:

    this code is for a shiny vulpix lvl 15 14e149f100efe4 08e0

  1547. Tepig Says:

    and an ordinary abra is 14e149ff322dbd 05de 4 trade

  1548. Tepig Says:

    14e14a01bf16ec c09c shiny abra 4 trade

  1549. Victini Says:

    For people who want shiny mews, press import profile, type $FreePKMN$ for Email and password, there’s an ARMY of mews and other event pokemon.

  1550. shadowclaw Says:

    I got a lvl 4o gyarados for mew

  1551. shadowclaw Says:

    ir you want a shiny beedrill igot a lvl 40 beedrill

  1552. shadowclaw Says:

    i have a shiny starmei

  1553. mippel Says:

    I NEED A MEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE, GIVE ME A MEW TRADING CODE AND SECURITY CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  1554. Taylor Says:

    need arceus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1555. towermon Says:

    iv’e been looking all over for a shiny abra and i finally found one but my blastiose had to kill it lol………

    stupid blastiose………

  1556. john Says:

    i have a shiny gravler lvl. 40 for a mew or mew2 or mew three.
    shiny or not.
    i also have a onix lvl. 37 for a shiny abra any lvl.

  1557. john Says:


  1558. john Says:

    i now have all lvl. 40s!!!!!!

  1559. john Says:


  1560. john Says:

    i have a bunch of vulpixes
    but i have a shiny fearow which is the evolved form

  1561. Brad Says:

    need arceus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1562. albert Says:



  1563. victor pk master Says:

    who has arceus and its code if you do can i have the code pelaaaaaaase
    n thnk u

  1564. Victini Says:

    Dude, there is no Arceus in PTD…

  1565. kadrabra1 Says:

    hat einer den code fur kiogre

  1566. kadrabra1 Says:

    hallo habt ihr ein kiogre ich gebe euch dan auch ein shiny pokemon was ich habe?

  1567. kadrabra1 Says:

    es ist egal was fur ein level das kiogre ist

  1568. kadrabra1 Says:

    14e16ac7f5fb95 aa65 das ist der code fur ein shiny pokemon lvl 27

  1569. john Says:


  1570. john Says:


  1571. Thomas Says:

    i’ll trade a lvl40 arcanine

  1572. kenneth Says:

    ik wil graag een shiny charmander ik heb de code al eens in gevuld maar het lukte niet

  1573. kenneth Says:

    ik wil graag een shiny charmander ik heb de code al eens ingevuld maar het lukte niet

  1574. kenneth Says:

    die codes zijn allemaal bedrog

  1575. kenneth Says:

    ik wil graag een shiny charmander, wat is de code?

  1576. Val Says:

    i don’t get clue 2 if someone would explane it to me it would be real nice o.O

  1577. Arial Says:

    So, do we have to wait for the old codes like this to be changed for the new version? Because the old code everyone else used was before code 3 and 4 were changed to 1 and r so nothing works.

  1578. POKEMON CODES Says:

    tell me codes

  1579. POKEMON CODES Says:

    shiny charmander code is 381rm1n4

  1580. bobbobbobber subobob Says:

    its r11R28 lol

  1581. chefcole Says:

    how do i find my pokemon’s codes

  1582. chefcole Says:


  1583. matthijs Says:


  1584. hans Says:

    ey me regalan un pokemon shiny

  1585. hans Says:

    porfa!!!!!!! :)

  1586. me Says:

    anyone have the codes for shiny geodude or zubat i will trade for other codes(they are good codes)leave a reply plz

  1587. samuel Says:

    i have beat kyogre first time

  1588. samuel Says:

    i got shiny zubat and geodude wanna trade

  1589. bob Says:

    i like pokemon tower defence

  1590. bob Says:

    my name is bob
    I like games

  1591. bob Says:

    i like my website

  1592. bob Says:

    my dad helped me make it.

  1593. bob Says:

    can i get my code now?

  1594. Logan Says:


    well, i’ll give away one charizard, but, it have a price: my charizard by one magikarp, i don’t need him, i’ve got one shiny MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  1595. Taylor Says:

    towermon use the mystery gift

  1596. andré Says:

    quem quiser um arcanine lv 18 ou um pidgeotto shin lv 27 , eu quero em troca um mew normal meu email e

  1597. mr.pokemon Says:

    does anyone kno ny other codes the abra code doesnt work

  1598. mr.pokemon Says:

    i kno all of the legendary dog codes

  1599. `POEP Says:


  1600. radu Says:

    14e367254d7bcc, 14e367250eb5a1 AND 14e36724c5489b are all SUICUNE!!!
    14e3672639a7b8, 14e36725a9b945 AND 14e36725f756c2 are all ENTEI!!!
    14e3672472f486, 14e367243962df AND 14e3672405ed06 are all RAIKOU!!!
    14e366d6154bfe and 14e366d4cefb81 are both squirtles!!!
    14e36635a3b3f0 AND 14e352a9da17ee are both shiny staryu!!!
    14e366c7bcdf56 AND 14e366c8e88c36 ARE BOTH BULBASAUR!!!
    14e366c8e88c36 and 14e366c7bcdf56 are both CHARMENDERS!!!

  1601. alex Says:








  1602. ???????????? Says:

    can somebody give me shiny mew please

  1603. ???????????????? Says:

    i offer meowth for shiny mew here is the code

  1604. poke Says:

    what is the shiny mew code

  1605. ash Says:

    how do you pass the challenge 2

  1606. ??????????????????????? Says:

    were can i get vulpix

  1607. ????????? Says:

    ??????????????????????????? i have a shiny vulpix you can trade it for a pikachu

  1608. mihai Says:

    wots shiny vulpix code

  1609. mihai Says:

    wats suicun code i will give you shiny geodude hat code is 361rnb34

  1610. 987654321 Says:

    I want Gyarados , Jynx, Voltorb or Machop

  1611. nucleo300 Says:

    cual es el codigo de weekly shiny me lo dicen por faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  1612. jesus Says:

    Charizard - Lvl (42) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e499634a0fce) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Pidgeot - Lvl (42) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e4951b1005e8) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Pikachu - Lvl (42) Regular - TradeID (14e499f4b04425) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Raichu - Lvl (42) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e49538da7c5f) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Raichu - Lvl (42) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e49a2d31b90c) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Abra - Lvl (15) Regular - TradeID (14e49b466900ab) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Geodude - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e486b7681d4f) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

  1613. Amrit Says:

    Pikachu - Lvl (42) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e4807bb4c65f) -

    Sandshrew - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e41bb65df114) -

    Machop - Lvl (20) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e480cc917959) -

    Tentacool - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e49366bde0e6) -

    Tentacool - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e493691418e0) -

    Onix - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e41bb525692a) -

    Staryu - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e41bb392f2d9

  1614. THE MASTER!!! Says:

    Who wants a Shiny pidgey i caught?Trade me for anything shiny( not a shiny geo or pidgey i have those)

  1615. killerkyle99 Says:

    what the hell none of these codes work no matter how i put them!

  1616. King Pokemon Says:

    if you want a arcanine


  1617. King Pokemon Says:

    (level 42)

  1618. giannaras Says:

    haou can I whrite a trading code

  1619. pokemon Says:

    What is the code

  1620. Haru Says:

    I speak french and i don’t know the english (just a little bit)and i want help or the code for an abra shiny please.
    And i have a blastoise for trade:

  1621. Blake Says:

    how do you evolve. I have a 39 squirtle and im confused

  1622. Amante2 Says:

    Code Abra SHiny Pls

  1623. aras Says:

    please give me charmelons code

  1624. aras Says:

    please give me and my charmelon evoulotion charızard

  1625. keith Says:

    shiny charmander please

  1626. garo1234 Says:

    i can trade a shiny onix at lv 44
    the code is:14e6ccbbc807a3
    my trainer account name is garo1234
    if you got a shiny starter pokemon i will trade but if you got another shiny it’s okey.PSif i wjrite something wrong is becorse im norwegian:-)

  1627. georgeegroeg Says:

    hey can you please tell me how can i get a pokemon with FLASH attack, or please tell me the names of the pokemons that can do it… please answerrrrr ¡!

  1628. sushant Says:

    thank you

  1629. xRebornHero Says:

    Tentacool - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e75e8e86c45a) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Tentacool - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e75e8f296ba5) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Staryu - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e6c9272da394) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Staryu - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e7b9cdd1ea5b) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Starmie - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e6c999330739) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Starmie - Lvl (6) Shiny - TradeID (14e7b9cc9903d7) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Eevee - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e7b9cd3c1695) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

  1630. xRebornHero Says:

    Everything for any shiny pokemon!

    Tentacool - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e75e8e86c45a) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Tentacool - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e75e8f296ba5) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Staryu - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e6c9272da394) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Staryu - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e7b9cdd1ea5b) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Starmie - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e6c999330739) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Starmie - Lvl (6) Shiny - TradeID (14e7b9cc9903d7) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Eevee - Lvl (20) Regular - TradeID (14e7b9cd3c1695) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

  1631. Brayden9898 Says:

    shiny mew wanted i will give blastoise raichu raticate nidoking alakazam and golem

  1632. junoo Says:

    trading shiny tentacool lv 5 for pigeot,mew,venasaur,blastoise,garaadose

  1633. junoo Says:

    code 14e83c3e8f049c

  1634. op4 Says:

    your crazy

  1635. nolan Says:


  1636. Charizard master Says:

    how get jynx,mr.mime,porygon,pinsir,dratini,scyther.

  1637. sathosi Says:


  1638. suf1 Says:

    how do u trade on ptd v4.2

  1639. william Says:

    my account got hacked and i lost a garydos

  1640. keko Says:

    please tell me whats the mysteri code pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  1641. bastard bith Says:

    shiney pokemon get all of them before all out if you have legandery dogs il trade any pokemon

  1642. bastard bith Says:

    i want legandre dogs hers some codes Gastly - Lvl (40) Shiny - TradeID (14e92f6b23a19b Voltorb - Lvl (20) Shiny -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e92f6f08f164) Dragonair - Lvl (41) Shiny -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e92f6ff56e06

  1643. victor Says:

    como faço para entrar em rock tunnel no, meu game so aparece um onix???

  1644. Shiny Zek Says:

    Hey Guys/Girls anyone got a shiny charmander,squirtle or bulbasaur because i would like to trade for one of those i will give you…

    and ill also tell you how to pass the challenge 2 old rod if your stuck at it and i will tell you how to beat challenge 3 and get the pokedex.i (can also give you the code for a cubone avatar if possible.)

  1645. Shiny Zek Says:

    plz i really want one oh can someone tell me which pokemon can learn flash?????

  1646. keko Says:

    to get mt flash yuo need to learn cut and on level
    route 2 put the pokemon with the mt cut near the bush and when you finished the level the proffeser oak willl go out and give you the mt flash abra cani learn flash

  1647. keko Says:

    you need tu put choose cut

  1648. brad Says:

    I like to play this game

  1649. ethan Says:

    i need to play pokemon tower defense because icannot evolve my pokemon

  1650. lucian Says:

    pleaasss who kwon the code for sniny raichu I need him for a quest

  1651. lucian Says:


  1652. pokemon Says:

    clue 3 is 1

  1653. Ash Says:

    what is code plss i trade it to shiny mew lvl 36

  1654. Eric Says:

    Its also on Trading Page on game corner

  1655. Albrent Says:

    Why i do not get a legendary pokemon i need them to beat Kyogre

  1656. Sasuke Says:

    Please give me 1 Entei,1 Suicune,and 1Onix

  1657. Boyz Says:

    where do you submit the code?

  1658. hej Says:


  1659. Alex Says:

    hey any one of you can trade me an entei , raikou or suicune, for a victini and a shiny staryu???

  1660. Sasuke Says:

    can anyone can trade a entei,suicune,raikoufor a shiny kyogre and shiny gyarados

  1661. kaylynn hyde Says:

    I already have a shiny Abracadabra and it is pink and I do not like it and it is ppppppiiiiinnnnnkkkkkkk like can you make pokemon level 1000000 like seriosly you only make it level 70 and that is not fair a persons pokemon is level 900000000000000 and that isnt fair and his pokemon is kyogre and it is not fair i need to beat the hard way in pokemon tower defense.

  1662. j3j3m0n31 Says:

    who want to trade lvl 1 shiny charmander 14eedfc4b35f4d
    i want a mew or entei or suicune or raiku

  1663. j3j3m0n31 Says:

    i got a venusaur (hacked)
    and i defeat kyogre he got no candy
    and i have chamander lvl 1 shiny id (14eedfc4b35f4d)

  1664. BRUNO Says:

    I want a Victini. if someone has to change to please my name is BRUNO EMIDIO

  1665. reck Says:

    can anyone give me some codes?

  1666. eed Says:

    the codes dont work /i keep putin em in but dont work / thr probably expired or somethin someone get me a new one

  1667. kyle200 Says:

    who wants a warturtle

  1668. hi Says:

    14f1190edbadb3 i wnt a dranti
    i give victini

  1669. aidan Says:

    what is the code??????

  1670. rafael Says:


  1671. daniel Says:

    yes. code number 7 is letter o.

  1672. zachary, Says:

    yes happy just right and a hello

  1673. Zzzzeeekkkkkrrrrrooommmm Says:

    what is nomber 5 ????? pleeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss tell me=(

  1674. Dills Says:

    i’v got a ponyta
    i remember i got it from someone name that begin with a 6

  1675. James Rush Says:

    How do you submit the code and whats the code for the shiny PONYTA!!!

  1676. Little Cute Mew Says:

    it wont let me put the code in =’(

  1677. Little Cute Mew Says:

    can any1 help me

  1678. ishbat Says:

    wanna have a wortle and giveme a ponyta or exegute

  1679. gash Says:

    hvordan blir jeg med på shiny abra easter egg hunt

  1680. gash Says:

    whats the code for the shiny abra

  1681. linching Says:

    ik wil een shiny pokemon

  1682. Facu_peralta_99 Says:

    TradeID (14f55606a8b1a0)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Pidgeot(Hacked Version) - Lvl 90
    Whirlwind Hurricane
    Air Slash Wing Attack

    TradeID (14f5806d24db1d)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Golduck(Hacked Version) - Lvl 95
    Zen Headbutt Water Pulse
    Fury Swipes Hydro Pump

    TradeID (14f5806da7f121)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Kadabra(Hacked Version) - Lvl 71
    Recover Nightmare
    Confusion Psybeam

    TradeID (14f5806e02c274)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Farfetch’d(Hacked Version) - Lvl 95
    Iron Tail Brave Bird
    Aerial Ace Air Slash

    TradeID (14f556063445b3)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Muk(Hacked Version) - Lvl 90
    Hyper Beam Giga Drain
    Fire Blast Thunder

    TradeID (14f55600632c4d)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Cloyster(Hacked Version) - Lvl 90
    Blizzard Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam Hyper Beam

    TradeID (14f5806f5e8727)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Exeggutor(Hacked Version) - Lvl 95
    Wood Hammer Solarbeam
    Leaf Storm Giga Drain

    TradeID (14f55601067ad0)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Weezing(Hacked Version) - Lvl 90
    Gyro Ball Hyper Beam
    Fire Blast Thunder

    TradeID (14f5806fbbe961)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Tangela(Hacked Version) - Lvl 95
    Vine Whip Solarbeam

    TradeID (14f555ff50d699)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Seadra(Hacked Version) - Lvl 90
    Hyper Beam Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam Blizzard

    TradeID (14f555fedbaab8)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Starmie(Hacked Version) - Lvl 90
    Gyro Ball Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam Thunder

    TradeID (14f580701b22b6)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Jynx(Hacked Version) - Lvl 95
    Ice Beam Ice Punch
    Blizzard Avalanche

    TradeID (14f580728ab578)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Gyarados(Hacked Version) - Lvl 95
    Splash Flail

    TradeID (14f555fe944046)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Ditto(Hacked Version) - Lvl 90

  1683. axman Says:

    how much cost charizar :D

  1684. adrian Says:


  1685. D. Mandy Says:

    trade id: 14f612d57ac455

  1686. blazen210 Says:

    hey does anyone have shiny pokemon codes that i can have??

  1687. haseo Says:

    what is this code i forgot and i cant remember it please tell me

  1688. marwan Says:

    i have a shiny graveler lv 100 and a shadow onix lvl 14 an2 mew level 98 and a charizard level 100 i want a shiny mew

  1689. mewforthewin:0 Says:

    TradeID (14f79c73c02a85)





    Fire Blast

    offer high leveled , shiny or just any pokemon for a easy mew

  1690. mike Says:

    it does not let me get the shiny pokemon. it says no longer for the week

  1691. abramew Says:

    can someone plz tell me the shiny abra hunt code.

  1692. John robert Says:

    hey what is the code for shiny charmander

  1693. Lightinz Says:

    Please sent me a Shadow Missingno

    Trade ID: 14f93b26aae694

  1694. Joe Says:

    how can i evolve graveler & kadabra

  1695. Joe Says:

    can somone tell me how i can evolve graveler and kadabra?

  1696. ass Says:

    i have a SNORLAX LV 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1697. keko Says:


  1698. MaRcO Says:


  1699. Aquacheamarma Says:

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    I like this web site so much, bookmarked.

  1701. Tayla Mccaffrey Says:

    Very good blog. Want more.

  1702. easednaig Says:

    Properly, having that obligation to meet your training partner can genuinely maintain your consistency

  1703. julien perry Says:

    this game is cool but i can not beat groudon in the last game it is just to hard

  1704. qwertyuiop12345678910 Says:

    somebody share with me any code or trade thanks!!! ;)

  1705. xavier Says:

    i want my shiny ratata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1706. Leprechaun Says:

    what is the anwser for number 2

  1707. marvin Says:

    I cannot go so many letters into a code how made you?

  1708. marvin Says:

    Who has code please ?

  1709. Kevin Says:


    Shiny Rayquaza For PTD2

    if anyone is interested :)

  1710. mark Says:

    the answer is 7

  1711. mi4545 Says:

    this game is awesome please tell me
    how to deafeat mewthree

  1712. modfs Says:

    I speak Chinese but I will write in English here is my guess I it 4830df24hi3w46?

  1713. silver Says:

    I will do anything to get that shiny abra please I will give you my level 100 shiny graveler
    or my email or I can give you my level 33 beedril I will do anything for that shiny abra

  1714. silver Says:

    I wrote a code for a shiny rayquaza my friend told me it is 1518434cc4ef62

  1715. ash Says:

    eu adoro pokemon e por favor eu quero ter um archen

  1716. ash Says:

    eu amo archen e pokemonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  1717. luis fernando Says:

    gracias por ayudarme

  1718. jeremiah Says:

    i want a roggenrola

  1719. gold Says:

    i want three pokemons that are shiny like diolga,rachou,and poulkia,and a kurbie

  1720. gold Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd plllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssss
    thank you :)

  1721. I am awesome Says:

    What is the code for zangoose?

  1722. matthew Says:

    this is going to be awsome

  1723. danny Says:

    wie ken help mie wit a shiny tryko

  1724. jure Says:

    I will the pokemon giratina,latios and latias

  1725. fabian Says:

    no se me entran lo codigos :(

  1726. fabian Says:

    no se me entrannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :(

  1727. lim Says:

    help give me oak’s pokemon lvl 16

  1728. Aidan Says:

    I have a fraligater and a shiiny Blazikin up for trade

  1729. Aidan Says:

    someone please give a code :(

  1730. Kawairun Says:

    what is the code

  1731. carlyon Says:

    this game is fun

  1732. john_ly Says:

    If any one could awnser my question i would be happy. I have a pokemon code but i dont know where or how to submit it

  1733. khan 1 Says:

    The same clue as the other clues. What is the first number of the rating for pokemon tower defense. Pokemon Tower defense

    Posted in Site News and Updates

  1734. khan 1 Says:

    the code of shiny abra what the code

  1735. khan 1 Says:

    the code didnt work D=

  1736. shann Says:

    i got everything shiny celibe shiny aabra shiny scyther the trio suicune entei raiku shiny skarmory and many more who wanna trade for the trio and the legendary dogs

  1737. Marius Says:

    jeg er Marius jeg likker pokemon jeg har pokemon kort jeg er ven med en som heter Oskar Henrik Linus og Bodhi

  1738. damion Says:

    where is the kyrem code

  1739. Zekrom Says:

    I love the pokemon tower defence 2 it’s so epic I dunno how to find all the G.Y.M’s which is not very helpful but it still rock’s

  1740. jonny Says:

    how to start the egg hunt

  1741. DJ Says:


  1742. cj Says:

    i would like a mew

  1743. cj Says:

    i want the DRAGONITE

  1744. cj Says:

    Shann do u have the ledgendary dogs

  1745. bram Says:

    shiny arba easter egg hunt

  1746. henk Says:

    153565636c7dc4 for me shadow pidgey

  1747. henk Says:

    (153565594cc2e0)for me shiny belsprout

  1748. henk Says:

    i have a mistake: i have no shiny belsprout.

  1749. henk Says:

    (153565b88352a1) ledyba
    (153565db00c9d0) ledyba

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