Pokemon Shiny Code Hunt


Sorry the Clue 3 and 5 is taking you back here guys click the link above to go the the shiny abra clues

Hi ya guys Pokemon Shiny Code Hunt has begun for your new shiny pokemon

Before we start the clues for anyone looking to trade pokemon you can trade pokemons here

Pokemon Chat and Trade

Ok guys lets crack on with the clue

Clue 1

The first letter of the Third (3nd) game shown on the Defense games page.

Clue 2

On the www.playtowerdefensegames.com search bar if you type in “Terrible TD Games” how many terrible TD games comes up on www.playtowerdefensegames.com

Clue 3

Click here to go to Clue 3

Clue 4

Follow Clue 3 to find Clue number 4

Clue 5

What rank for PLAYS is the game Super Mario Defence. you can find the this number by looking in the TOP GAMES.

Clue 6

In the epic game Miragine War .How many buyable charaters can you buy. When you have this number the clue is the second Number :)   ( ps does anyone else thing this music in this game is amazing).

Clue 7

How many time can you upgrade the HOT AIR spell in this game wizard run.

Clue 8

Click here to to go to clue 8, Read the game description for the clue

698 Responses

  1. help Says:

    help me tell me what code is

  2. Kurtis Says:


  3. MO-Nentendo Says:

    TELL ME WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!

  4. PokeFreak Says:


  5. sebastian Says:

    ¿cual es el código?

  6. PokeFreak Says:

    I got it first!!!!!

  7. Eric Says:

    the First letter is so EASY its P

  8. Sock! Says:

    ppl why u dont give the code, u think u are special if u already have the code and zubat??
    wow u god eh… the ppl who already have it are frickys

  9. micaela Says:

    cual es el codigo

  10. GuessWhoIAm Says:

    Ok, got the code. I had to guess the 7th number.

    7th and 8th numbers are “4″.

  11. thomas Says:

    then wat is it

  12. mike Says:

    pretty easy to solve. got my zubat in less then 10 minutes :D woo!

  13. ivan Says:

    i cant play the new version LOL

  14. Ben Says:

    It’s p :)

  15. Ben Says:

    It’s P

  16. ivan Says:

    how can i use the rod?

  17. Tomas Says:

    The first clue is P

  18. homeier5 Says:

    i beat it by myself without any hints on my 1st try!!!!

  19. anonamyous Says:

    plz tell me the code

  20. XCriticalHit Says:

    First to discover the code again.
    But this time a won`t say it

  21. ronald Says:

    the first clue is a p then the others meh said

  22. meh Says:

    first clue is kind of confusing, the rest is ok, but I don’t it.

  23. John Says:


  24. Jason Says:

    What is clue number 1 6 and 7

  25. John Says:

    Yay first person to get a shiney soon to be golbat

  26. Jason Says:

    please tell me the first number, the fifth number, the sixth number and the seventh number please

  27. John Says:

    follow the clues its so easy

  28. Jason Says:

    tell me plz
    its hard!!!

  29. Jason Says:

    this is the only numbers i copleted. -0k33–4

  30. Jason Says:

    i ment -0k33–4

  31. Jason Says:

    why cant i put 2 -
    i ment to put 2 lines in between the 3 and the 4 but it only put 1 line ( - )

  32. Jason Says:

    plz tell me the code

  33. John Says:

    figure it out, maybe for once u’ll feel a sense of achievement in ur life

  34. meh Says:

    it’s _0k35644 can’t understand the first clue

  35. Meruem Says:

    Don’t tell guys. The whole point is that it’s a challenge…

    Get off your lazy ass and get to work.

  36. Skissey Says:

    Sorry, I mean why is it so hard for you people to do this…

  37. ¬¬¡ Says:

    very simple

  38. Chimp891 Says:

    this is the code is secret language ( P0k35644 P 0 k 3 5 6 4 4)

  39. its a noob Says:

    whats the code? some guys said the code but it doesn’t work!

  40. Jorm Says:

    It clearly says Pokéball :-)

  41. A Says:


  42. lol Says:

    first letter is p

  43. lol Says:

    2nd is 0

  44. Just a random player Says:

    My game isn’t updated yet. Do I have to do something?

  45. austin Says:

    i hate looking for hints y cant they just give it to us it saves so much time

  46. lololol Says:

    is it possible to get a fishing rod?

  47. kenny Says:

    Pokemon is interesting
    Oh…they are so cute…i
    Kan’t stop playing pokemon

    GOT IT???

  48. KILLER Says:

    its not imposible to get the fishing rod but its hard

  49. Myk Says:

    Just letting people know that the code only works with 2.6
    So if you only play the APK file you’ll have to wait :)

  50. KILLER Says:

    you can trade and chat in these two sites



  51. bubble Says:


  52. POKEMON Says:

    um? o.o what the heck are you guys talking about JUST TELL US THE FREAKIN DAMN ASS THING YOU NOOBS

  53. marco Says:

    hey any one want to trade.

  54. Rhiannon Says:

    i seem to can’t get the gode i usualy get it and by the way the first one is p.

  55. i have much cooooodes Says:

    the code is P0k35644

  56. Joe Says:

    k its so stupid when people tell them the code like its not even hard to find just put in a fucking thought process and for everyone going PLEASE TELL ME instead of wasting your time begging go look for it.

  57. Joe Says:

    and i love when people say stuff like plz and you can’t understand it. IF YOU WANT TO ASK A QUESTION AT LEAST USE CLOSE TO PROPOR GRAMMAR.

  58. Mew Says:

    I have got some Mew who will get one ??????

  59. thegerman89 Says:

    ya he conseguido el zubat shiny, si a alguien le interesa tradearlo, que lo postee.

  60. bas Says:

    how do you get the code Zubat. or tell me what other codes. fast like

  61. bas Says:

    forgot to say it is not fast Genoe Fock tog So nice to play with your cunt. HAHAHA HAHA HAHAHA xD

  62. ginga Says:

    he ho havs mev iy trde ani pokemon for hem

  63. je oma's moedervlek Says:

    were noobs because your to lazy/dumb to figure it out? it was said before in this thread anyyway :/

  64. milla Says:

    someone knows how to get a rod?

  65. kendal Says:

    Wats the shiny rattata code

  66. Satoshi Says:

    anivon ho vil giv me a shiny mew ,i wil give him a lvl.28 poliwrath,raichu,crefaily,
    gyarados,weepinbel and 4 lvl.25
    nidoguenns and 1 lvl.28
    caterpie and geodude

  67. daniwleh Says:

    harry poo

  68. pok2 Says:

    Jaki jest kod do pokemon tower defense 2.6?

  69. robin Says:

    magikarp is fial it can only do splash i don’t know how 2 trian plz i need tips

  70. pleice Says:

    with a magikarp make sure some thing else kills the pokemon after the carp uses splash

    also has any one got a ekans to trade me or a abra send me a email if you do sweetcon@hotmail.co.uk with the codes

  71. pleice Says:

    lol trade is down lol

  72. !@#$^^&&*))(@ Says:

    does anyone know the code of shiny rattata?

  73. IronAron Says:

    where can you find poliwag and bellsprout

  74. lol Says:

    I need the shiny abra code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Zhan xiong Says:

    Cual es el codigo de zubat???

  76. ptd master Says:

    use magikarp with high level flame pokemon on ver forest 2 till he learns tackle then its easy to get garridos i got him ps does anyone have shiny pidgey il trad for high level stuff

  77. Steven Says:

    thnx, ___! (I censord ur name so otherz can still get the hint) Yoo postid da code correctly! I tip mah hatt tah yoo!
    P.S.- I am actually unfathomably civilized at certain moments.

  78. T-Rex Says:

    easy code p0k35644 simple,awsome,shiny

  79. melany Says:

    zubat: p0k35644

  80. Trade? Says:

    Hai! Want to trade a Shiny Zubat for a shiny Ratata :D Leave a replay here! :))

  81. RoSa Says:

    alguien tiene un jigglipuff brillante???

  82. this man Says:

    the code for jigglepuff is 673034

  83. Camitas Says:

    I have achieved de fishing rod!! (after many tries) but there are two possibilities to get it:
    1- ***
    2- ***
    Did you wanted me to explain how??? WORK! not as the codes… which were given away…
    maybe charmander gives you the light…

  84. Raedon Says:

    THAT MUSIC’S FROM AGE OF WAR! (or Epic War, one of the two.)

  85. P0k35644 Says:

    i got the code yeah

  86. pokr999 Says:

    i can’t find the 2nd clue

  87. pokr999 Says:

    i also jut want a shiny pikachu

  88. devon sheffield Says:

    same mistaks , code :

    p 0(zero) k 3 5 6 4 4

  89. pokr999 Says:

    no i want a pikachu

  90. T-Rex Says:

    If you go to http://www.towerdefencegames.com and scroll down to the bottem THEY TELL YOU THE CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!P0**5**4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. pokr999 Says:

    the codes are not working

  92. ivaxz Says:

    quiero pokemones tengo muy buenos para cambiar ofrescanme que yo les digo ;)





  94. jezuz Says:

    cual es el codigo rattata shiny

  95. jezuz144 Says:

    whats code shiny rattata

  96. marco Says:

    um anybody trade

  97. marco Says:

    hey any one want to trade shiny zubat

  98. ??? Says:

    hey i have hella good pokemon i have like 68 shiny mew i have like a level 100 shiny richu um i got jynx i have like 5 golem’s and yea bet that guys

  99. Pokehmonz Maztah Says:

    if you cant figure out how to get the shiny zubat then your retarded it was said multiple times in the other comments

  100. blanka Says:

    anyone got the shiny pikachu code?

  101. pokr999 Says:

    does anyone know a code for a shiny pikachu or atleast pikachu

  102. pokr999 Says:

    why does none of the codes work on onemorelevel[]com

  103. Get your shiny Zubat here Says:

    if u wanna know the shiny zubat message me to makulitnalalake@rocketmail.com !! :) tnx!

  104. joc Says:

    Alguien q me pude cambiar un abra

  105. code Says:

    search on youtube

  106. Anonymous Says:

    The music for Miragine War is called Glorious Morning.

  107. cest Says:

    para los q hablan español el codigo es asi como va: p0k35644

  108. DestroyerB Says:

    these are all of my codes

    673034 JigglyPuf
    5234 pidgey
    5231 gewodud
    p0k35644 zubat

  109. Daryl Says:

    I Know How To Use The Rod You Need To Go Back To Cerulean Gym And You Will Find A Magikarp

  110. nico Says:


  111. nico Says:

    wer tauchst zubat shiny lv 1 für abra lv1

  112. bubble Says:

    wie bekommt man überhaupt codes

  113. edson paul Says:

    i got the clue the clue is 5231

  114. HeroErix Says:

    Well i totally guessed the 4th number cause i thought they were spelling Pokemon so thats my hint the fist character look like you spell Pokemon

  115. adrian Says:

    me salio un zubat sinin salvaje en el mote moon 2

  116. Anonimillo Says:

    if someone have a shiy pikachu. shiny squirtle, shiny charmander or shiny bulbasaur I will trade it for an awesome pokemon. Just tell me

  117. kenny Says:

    I HAVE TWO magikarp

    esay to be caught

  118. kenny Says:

    i have magikarp..it is so esay to catch..

  119. Mmm Says:

    Yeah I got my two Gyrados! But I don’t know how to use the rod. Unless I only got the Magikarp because I’ve the rod?

    Anyway, I only used Jigglypuff, Geodude and Pidgey to get the rod. Magnitude doesn’t work on Pidgey, and Geodude’s Mud Sport helps Pidgey with Pikachu.

  120. trade Says:

    i need a magikarp!!!
    i would change it for a shiny metapod

  121. Anonimillo Says:

    14ddbad7fa50f6 jinx
    si alguien lo quiere, diganme por que lo cambian

  122. Anonimillo Says:

    ya tengo un gyarados, no tienes nada mas? alguno brillante?

  123. lolol Says:

    what awsome pokemon i have a shiny pikachu and i want the awsome pokemon Anonimillo

  124. jose fernandez ramal Says:


  125. Anonimillo Says:

    lolol, what about this? if you really have a shiny pikachu, I will trade this for it


  126. antonio Says:

    ¿cuantos pokemon shinin teneis?
    yo solo tengo 3 si algien tiene mas m lo puede cambiar

  127. antonio Says:

    14ddbbbefbf3f4 ab00zubat shinin al nivel 7 capturado !!

  128. Notch Says:

    THE FREAKIN CODE IS (I Spent 24 hours to find that code)Po**56*4(o=0)

  129. antonio Says:

    lo regalo 14ddbbbefbf3f4 ab00

  130. antonio Says:

    regalo magikarp 14ddbbd56cc421 a64f

  131. Anonimillo Says:

    antonio, cuales so esos 3 pokemon shiny q tienes?

  132. antonio Says:

    i have a shinin butterfly

  133. Anonimillo Says:

    insisto: cambio este pokemon por un pikachu shiny


  134. antonio Says:

    anonimillo ahora tengo 4 grabeler,raticate,buterfly y globat.

  135. Anonimillo Says:

    acabo de capturar un metapod brillante, ya lo tengo, si alguien lo kiere q lo pida

  136. antonio Says:

    kieres k t de un metapod shinin dime tu msn y t digo el code por ahi

  137. lolol Says:

    ok anonimillo i’m ready to trade

  138. jonny Says:

    if anyone want to trade a magikarp or jynx for a shiny metapod just say me

  139. lolol Says:

    ok anonimillo im ready to trade

  140. jonny Says:

    cambio un metapod brillante por un magikarp o jynx

  141. lolol Says:

    anonimillo here is it 14ddbc6a0c548f

  142. jonny Says:

    aqui codigo de metapod brillante

  143. Anonimillo Says:

    send me a mail to alfredomimbrero@hotmail.com and I will trade you, ok?

  144. KS27 Says:

    Te lo cambio por un magikarp

  145. KS27 Says:

    miralo 14ddbafa041de6

  146. hello guys Says:


  147. hello guys Says:


  148. hello guys Says:

    i well give you a code

  149. hello guys Says:

    shiny code

  150. Hugo Says:

    se alguem souber por favor escreva todos os codigos de pokemon que souberem

  151. xAznKilla Says:


    Shiny Golbat

    Any shiny Pokemon except Geodude, Zubat, and Rattata.

    Message me back on the blog!

  152. kim Says:

    someone want a shiny ratatta.

  153. nikita Says:

    what the codes on mew

  154. kim Says:

    what is the recive code to magikarp ks27

    from miralo

  155. Nick Says:

    Lol, I just found the Zubat code, I also got a shiny pidgey, is that rare? Idk :P

  156. Pepe Says:

    I have an alakazam

  157. Pepe Says:

    I have a shiny zubat!

  158. N Says:

    se puede capturar a kyogre, misty lo tiene.P0k35644 es para el zubat variocolor

  159. mierda Says:

    If anybody has pokemon white and wants a porigon-Z level 100 shiny for a thundurus please tell me.

  160. mierda Says:

    si algien tiene el pokemon blanco y quiere on porigon-Z al nivel 100, shiny por un thundurus porfavor dimelo.

  161. mierda Says:

    PS: if you have a caterpie shiny we can trade

  162. mierda Says:

    PS: si alguien tiene un caterpie shiny te puedo dar lo que querais

  163. mierda Says:

    …in the computer game

  164. mierda Says:

    …en el juego del ordenador

  165. mierda Says:

    os dare un zubat shiny

  166. mierda Says:

    i will give you a zubat shiny

  167. killerofyou Says:

    where i can found shyning caterpie?

  168. Filipe Says:

    I have 10 zubats shiny

  169. mierda Says:

    I dont know that is why i want it

  170. Filipe Says:

    If wanted trade with me

  171. mierda Says:

    no HAVE a caterpie shiny

  172. Filipe Says:

    you want a zubat shiny

  173. Filipe Says:

    fir code is 14ddc049435032

    secon code is 6b27

  174. gogeta Says:


  175. r my mail is Says:

    i need arcanine,abra and magika

  176. antonio Says:


    rattata level 26

  177. antonio Says:


    golbat level 26

  178. antonio Says:


    butterfree level 27

  179. antonio Says:


    metapod shinin

  180. antonio Says:


    graveler level 26

  181. angel Says:

    ola soy angel y si kereis un mew dorado os lo cambio por un pikachu dorado angelin-30@hotmail.com

  182. mierda Says:

    prefieres un graveler shiny al nivel 28?

  183. mierda Says:

    digo un graveler dorado al nivel 28


    It’s quite simple, i wont give anything away but the Clue 7 and 8 are both 4. the first 4 letters are POKE the first 4 of POKeMON but 2 are numbers :P

  185. Frozen Despair Says:

    Shiny Zubat is sweet, thx for this one

  186. ian Says:

    cual es el codigo de rattata brillante diganlo por favor

  187. mankey Says:



    mankey lv 25

  188. Berg Says:

    How do I catch pokemon`s?

  189. Anonimillo Says:

    lolol, tell me your mail or send me a mail with the code to alfredomimbrero@hotmail.com, then I will send you my mew

  190. Berg Says:

    who do you anser?

  191. The 1# fan of pokemon Says:

    Can someone give me a shiny code? P.S REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO Cowcowmorris@live.ca

  192. The 1# fan of pokemon Says:

    PLZ GIVE ME A CODE BTWz I’m a girl for all the peepo tht don’t believe me!!!!!! D:< REPLY TO Cowcowmorris@live.ca

  193. The 1# fan of pokemon and club penguin Says:

    ROCK ON POKEMON FANS!!!!!! PEACE!!!!!! If u hav any shinies u would like to trade me ( if u hav pokemon black or white or both ) plz reply to Cowcowmorris@live.ca :D thnk u!!!!!!!!

  194. The 1# fan of pokemon and club penguin Says:

    :D :) ;) ;D

  195. The 1# fan of pokemon and club penguin Says:

    :( jk!!!! :D ;)

  196. The 1# fan of pokemon and club penguin Says:

    D: :D

  197. someone Says:

    whats the code for shiney mew

  198. someone Says:

    tell please

  199. JUANITO Says:


  200. Anonimillo Says:


  201. cest Says:

    si quieren un pokemon que no me sirve este es el codigo: 14ddc2b617f073 y el de seguridad es 748e

  202. Arnau el PRO Says:

    Decidme alguna manera de pasarme el chalenenge mode 2.

  203. fabez Says:


  204. JusHua Says:


  205. annii Says:

    hah, i have a shiny beedrill. i found it among the viridian forrest level pokemon =D

  206. jonavalde Says:

    Intercambio golem nvl 28 por abra, kadabra o alakazam.
    También tengo geodude y zubat shiny al que le interese

  207. soccerbal Says:

    The code for shiny zubat is p……. haha But….. I have three will trade two for a shiny charmander, shiny bulbasor, shiny squirtle, or some other pokemon reply for the trade.

  208. Noah Schwartz Says:

    will please some one trade with me i am offering the shiny zubat

  209. scotty Says:

    i will trad my zubat shiny for a metapod shinin

  210. blanka Says:

    Maybe Youtube has the codes

  211. Burningfox6 Says:

    For all you lazy people
    P*k3*6*4 Find the rest.

  212. ontoni Says:

    che tengo un Gyarados q es la evolucion de Magikarp el nuevo pokemon pero lo tengo en tres colores amariyo briyante rojo y azul si alguien lo quiere afrescan

  213. ontoni Says:

    aclaracion el rojo es la hembreel azul es el macho y el doradoo es como un mistico

  214. tylor Says:

    what is the shiny pikachu,and starters

  215. marco Says:

    i am stuk on clue 7 does any body know the answer.

  216. blanka Says:

    I am telling ya the answers are on youtube!!!!!!!!!

  217. Ares Says:

    duezez, who has a shiny starter???if u do let me no wat u will trade for it

  218. TJ Says:

    trade shiny zubat lv 10 for somethin good, tell me what ya got…the.brick.wall82@gmailcom

  219. Joc Says:

    Alguien q me pueda cambiar un abra x otro pokemon…

  220. jay Says:

    I don’t care i am far in the game.

  221. jay Says:

    really I don’t.

  222. Naggs Says:

    i have a shiny raichu, ekans, abra and i have many other pokemon that are hard to get but they aren’t shiny. so just email me if you are interested.


  223. Ares Says:

    i want a shiny charmander :(

  224. Ares Says:

    who has one??? plz let me trade for it!!!!!!!!!!1

  225. moe Says:

    yo puedo

  226. moe Says:

    cambio rattata por pokemon de agua cualqiera

  227. moe Says:

    rattata shiny
    por cualqier pokemon de agua

  228. emiliano Says:


  229. nikita Says:

    what the codes on onix

  230. Caleb Says:

    I hve shny zubat

  231. antonio Says:

    utiliza a geodu y despues kuando vallan a atakarle a pikaxu

  232. ayush Says:

    Anyone want shiny zubat then give me some other pokemon contact me at ayushamarpandey8000@gmail.com

  233. P0**5**4 David Says:

    to get fishing rod you have to send out a geodude
    Then make him use defence curl and then send ouy cleffary and make that use defence curl then make geodude use med sport when there close then cleffary uses minimize to make it get through and do that 2 times then you get it

  234. JusHua Says:

    someone pls , i really want other shiny pokemon (since they can’t be get after the only chance….) pls i will trade good pokemon thats lvl 30 , u can choose any u wan pls T^T (add me facebook if u have some code and message me^^ —-Jushua Juhao Tan)

  235. Anonimillo Says:

    thegerman89, me interesan aalgunos. Pikachu y gyarados en concreto. Ofrezco shiny mew, shiny wigglituff, shiny golbat, shiny raticate o jinx normal a cambio de ellos

  236. thegerman89 Says:

    Tengo un gyarados,butterfree,beedrill,pikachu y golem (todos shiny) al lvl 28, si a alguien le interesa tradearlos,decidme propuestas.

  237. Anonimillo Says:

    si te interesa, mandame un mail a alfredomimbrero@hotmail.com

  238. BlackDragon Says:

    i need some pokemon too !!!
    please help me… !

  239. juanjoo.10 Says:

    I find a magika and a bright open exchange for piggeoto please

  240. francisco Says:

    please give me a shiny pokemons please

  241. jeremy van tuil Says:

    vet stom bij mij werkt chatten niet op speeleiland

  242. jonavalde Says:

    143, te doy a jinx por mew brillante ok?

  243. jonavalde Says:

    244 te cambio a jinx por el mew brillate, te parece bien?

  244. muriel5 Says:

    gente de repente eu estava jogando no nivel:floresta de viridiana 2 e apareceu uma kakuna brilhante era verde… pena que meus pokes acabaram com ela :(

    isso sò aparece uma vez por mês

    mes passado apareceu um pidgey brilhante na rota 3

    me arrependi de o excluir
    è que ue tinha 8 pidgey brilhantes

  245. jonavalde Says:


  246. muriel5 Says:

    alguem sabe se o abra e o magkarp ganham otro power

    è que o meu abra so se teletrasportae o meu magkarp so ataca splash e não faz dano nenhum
    :( eu sei que o abra evolui no nivel 15 por ai

  247. jonavalde Says:


  248. muriel5 Says:

    eu to tentando conseguir um….

    sandisuru mas ele nàoaparece

    na otra conta que deu virus eu tinha 8 sedchuru
    :( agora nào tenho nenhum

    como connsigo um ?

  249. angel Says:

    io kiero al gyarados brillante io te lo podo cambiar por mew brillante o arcanine (no brillante)
    alakazam(no brillante ) y toos al nivel 28
    mandame una invitacion a : angelin-30@hotmail.com

  250. Awesome Says:

    did you know about the glitch in Mt. Moon 2? If you put all of your pokemon on the bottom it will glitch and even if there is no fossils left, you will not lose.

  251. Awesome Says:

    I am interested in trading a level 19 charmeleon for an oddish or abra.

  252. Awesome Says:

    Hello? will anybody trade anything for an oddish?

  253. Anonimillo Says:

    aki tienen lo prometido: mew brillante. Lo cambio por un pokemon brillante que aun no tenga


  254. jonavalde Says:


  255. Levo Says:

    shiny onix code is:52256336

  256. florade Says:

    hi i have a shiny golem
    wana trade for your shiny mew?

    send the security code to this mail:

    preview code for golem: 14ddd0163ec8b0

  257. lunni Says:

    H DE P U T A

  258. antonio Says:

    to tengo 5 shinin
    y vosotros?

  259. ginga Says:

    ay give the code of shini zubat for code of mew

  260. antonio Says:

    tengo un metepod shinin algien lo kiere

  261. shane Says:

    wat is it

  262. antonio Says:

    doy metapod shinin por pidgioto shinin

  263. Arnau el PRO Says:

    Te cambio a tu mew por quakquiera de estos shiny:
    o qualquier pokemon de la edicion azul(NO SHINYS).

  264. shane Says:

    whats clue 7?

  265. trainer mew Says:

    enywon want a shiny mew???

  266. trainer mew Says:

    for shiny starters

  267. trainer mew Says:

    have a look at it

    14ddd29db4461d shiny mew

    for shiny starters

  268. trainer mew Says:

    tradin chiny mew for abra

  269. trainer mew Says:

    14ddd29db4461d have a look at mew

    for abra

  270. antonio Says:

    el k kiera un metapod dorado o un spearow dorado k m agrege al msn antonio_adra_xiko@hotmail.com

  271. killerofyou Says:

    i change shiny metapod for shini or rare pokemon (NO shiny buttefly, spearow, beedrill, zubat)


  272. blanka Says:

    I am trading a shiny jigglpuff,get it now while you still can.preview code:14ddd2972b1216.Zip code:8891.hope u like it.

  273. adrian Says:

    camcio butterfre por un abra

  274. adrian Says:

    cambio mi butterfre por un abra

  275. adrian Says:

    antonio te camio mi pigeoto sinin por tu metapod sinin

  276. Anonime Says:

    Tradind Abra for Mew

  277. crackhenk Says:

    i trade my magikarp

  278. Anonime Says:

    Trade Magikarp or Raichu or Wartortle for Mew

  279. crackhenk Says:

    trading my jinx or magikarp for a onix or other pokemons

  280. Anonime Says:

    Trading my Magikar or Abra or Wartortle or Raichu for Mew

  281. Anonime Says:

    Trading wartortle view code:14ddd3a52b7cf3

    For Mew

  282. roi Says:

    cambio ninetales lv25 por cualquier shiny que no sea zubat
    geodude ratatta pidgey o wiglituf

  283. God Says:

    Any requests? I have all shinies. For whoever sees this first, you may have these lvl 27s.

    Shiny Mew
    14ddd6b582aa88 6a7a

    Shiny Jnkx
    14ddd6b277cba4 8119

    Shiny Wartortle (has fire moves though)
    14ddd69f8555ff 4da8

  284. roi Says:

    si alguen tiene un shiny salvo los antes mencionados que me lo intercambie por favor

  285. Siren Says:

    ho will give me a shiny mew i wil giv him an arbok,abra,graveler and a
    shiny golbat.

  286. roi Says:

    asi que si tienen uno me lo pasan por favor que el unico shiny que e encontrado salvaje fue asesinado por mi raticate

  287. Victor Luiz Says:

    como é o segundo trade do new?

  288. dtk Says:

    Who will trade a shiny mew for shiny jynx hears my code 14ddbb65cf20b2

  289. Marcus Says:



  290. dtk Says:

    how du u catch shiny mew

  291. aaron Says:

    no one has 3 shiny pokemon. ive got 3. if u hav a password tell it

  292. dtk Says:

    how du u catch shiny mew and all those other shinys

  293. devin Says:

    preveiw code:14ddd7361695d6

  294. Mimms Says:

    anyone want to trade me an abra for a shiny magikarp

  295. Marcus Says:


  296. cest Says:

    oigan vean este codigo 14ddbb65cf20b2 yo cambio un shiny graveler lv 27 un shiny golbat un raichu lv 28 y un fearow (evolucion de spearow) lv 20 por el dueño de este u otro pokemon exacta y completamente = no importa si tiene otro codigo (P.D: el pokemon es un shiny mew), mi facebook es cesarserratomata@live.com.mx

  297. ontoni Says:

    amigo donde conseguiste ese alacasam

  298. ontoni Says:

    lo tenes a shiny bellsprout

  299. julian Says:

    its p 0 k 3 5 6 4 4

  300. P Says:

    Got 2 shiny Zubats

  301. emiliano Says:

    14ddd8ca3dbdb9 securiti code a035

  302. emiliano Says:

    miralo 14ddd8d137e172

  303. emiliano Says:

    bendril lv19 14ddd8d8a1d5cb lo canbio por mew chini

  304. emiliano Says:

    canbio pingeoto 14ddd8e0b1b77b por mew chini lv 25

  305. marco Says:

    does any one know clue #7

  306. cest Says:

    por favor quiero un shiny mew y tambien doy una nidoqueen y un nidoking ademas d lo ya mencionado
    (evolucion final de nidoran)y este se consigue teniendo un nidorin@ + una roca lunar

  307. danielle Says:

    i got a lot of pokemon i will tarade a majicarp!

  308. danielle Says:

    hi ares!

  309. danielle Says:

    i want to trade!

  310. danielle Says:

    what are you doing?

  311. danielle Says:

    are you a boy or a girl?

  312. danielle Says:

    i don’t know?

  313. Pailiyn Says:

    it’s so easy oh and my party is charmeleon poliwrath raichu victreebel graveler and pigeotto :)

  314. Pailiyn Says:

    or should i get spearow instead of pegeotto

  315. Pailiyn Says:

    clue 7 is 6

  316. jezuz 19 Says:

    para ke es la old rod

  317. Ares Says:

    i keep finding random f—ing shiny zubats.

  318. Ares Says:

    and how to get a shiny mew???

  319. Ares Says:

    WOW!!! That’s it? Cap level is 28!!! Man…

  320. Ares Says:

    What do you think the next shiny pokemon will be? I hope it will be a dratini…

  321. naxocerna Says:

    I offer that interests you a shiny mew and pokemon you want,
    but the only requirement q accept is exchanged for one of you.

  322. joshuaa Says:

    im trading shiny zubat code 15dddf5af20c0a security code 04d4

  323. joshuaa Says:

    someone trade me a guy lvl 27/30 for my shiny zubat plz my code is 14dddf5af20c0a ill tell security code once someone tells me their code

  324. Get your shiny Zubat here Says:

    if u send a message on makulitnalalake@rocketmail.com

  325. basd de bom Says:

    plz send my mail legendary and shiny pokemon typess codes
    my mail is bassmienk2@hotmail.com

  326. basd de bom Says:

    how do you guys get al those shiny and legendary pokemons?
    send me an mail on bassmienk2@hotmail.com

  327. trimi Says:

    yes i liked

  328. Borja Says:

    de donde sacais todos esos pokemon? a mi no me salen…

  329. Green Golbat Says:

    Can someone tell me the code for shiny charmander?

  330. Green Golbat Says:

    Somebody I like charmanders and even better shiny charmanders cause I got squirtle

  331. Green Golbat Says:

    It kinda stinks that the cap is 28 cause I have shiny golem lv 28 and shiny raticate lv 28 AND shiny golbat lv 27 and wartortle lv 27

  332. trainer mew Says:

    trading shiny mew for eny pokemon of your choise

  333. Anonimillo Says:

    alguien tiene un shiny bulbasaur o shiny squirtle?

  334. trainer mew Says:


  335. trainer mew Says:


  336. trainer mew Says:


  337. hasa Says:


  338. florade Says:

    whats the fishing rood for?

  339. f*cking fun Says:

    i had a shine gravler on one of my accts i trade id with my other acc now it is a golem a shiney golem! try it i now have a golem and gravler in shiney!

  340. Anonimillo Says:

    what are you talking about?

  341. harry10 Says:

    traiding shiny mew for a pokemon of your chois

  342. harry10 Says:

    shiny mew

  343. harry10 Says:

    look at my shiny mew

  344. harry10 Says:

    shiny charmander for shiny mew

  345. sharon Says:

    trainer mew wat is th esecurty code

  346. antonio Says:

    regalo metapod ,buterfree,oddis,spearow gratis todos shinin
    contactar kon migo antonio_adra_xiko@hotmail.com

  347. antonio Says:

    i have a alakazam

  348. antonio Says:

    tengo un alakazam

  349. Trade ! Says:

    I am trading 1 shiny butterfree code :14dde761f43942 tell me now !

  350. Trade ! Says:

    any1 want my shiny butterfree lvl 14 trade !code :14dde761f43942

  351. melodylover1 Says:

    I typed in the code, but it didnt work! plz help me!

  352. melodylover1 Says:

    plz help me! this is hard because i found everything but when i tried to type in the code… it didnt work!

  353. celik Says:

    why evolutiom zubat

  354. celik Says:

    why evolution zubat

  355. bas de bom Says:

    how u got that shiny mew?

  356. bas de bom Says:

    d how can i train my abra i dont know hoqw to train him?

  357. bas de bom Says:

    how you get shiny mew?
    and how can i train my abra?

  358. John Raad Says:

    r there any other codes i havent played for awhile.

  359. muriel5 Says:

    ai galera a vara è inutil eu fiquei um dia tentando a conseguir eu consegui

    e não sei usa:(

    alguem sabe???

    isso è uma droga

    meu magkarp e meu abra so tem um poder inutil

    vc que ainda não os capiturou:
    não os capiture eu tenho 6 magkarp e 2 abras

  360. muriel5 Says:

    e to arrependido

  361. muriel5 Says:

    ai eu tenho um comunicado a fazer:
    evolui um magkarp


  362. EASY Says:

    oh my god this is ultra easy and when get out another shiny pokemon

  363. juanjoo.10 Says:

    a change pokemon mew

  364. gas Says:

    xAznKilla i want the vileplume a soon as posible

  365. gas Says:

    graveler or abra neeeded

  366. blaster Says:

    can i have a shiny onix or picichue

  367. lol i know all codes Says:

    if you want to know all codes go to youtube and type pokemon tower defence codes then you will find all mystery codes lol

  368. tj Says:

    whats the code #s and letters???? i cant get it.:(

  369. blanka Says:

    I caught a shiny butterfree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  370. Ángel Says:

    get shiny magikarp

  371. bart Says:

    I want a mew!

  372. Ángel Says:

    I caught a shiny butterfree, a shiny oddish and shiny magikarp

  373. mattman Says:

    i got a lvl 28 ivysaur,butterfree,beedrill,raichu,wigglytuff!

  374. lepokemon Says:

    tower defend is so good but what his zubat code do you no plase tell me if you do?

  375. Anonimillo Says:

    angel, would you like to trade your shiny oddish? I will give what you want

  376. LUKE Says:


  377. Louis Says:

    how do you get a kyogre?

  378. Ángel Says:

    I caught 2 shinys kakunas

  379. Ángel Says:

    crackhenk concerns my ?

  380. osman Says:

    i cought ten of them

  381. osman Says:

    i need codes other the zubat

  382. Kallum Says:

    I have a shiny fearow level 28, anyone wanna trade me a mew for it?

  383. Joc Says:

    Cambio un Vulpix por un abra


  384. michael Says:

    trade my abra for new

  385. Joc Says:

    Cambio un Vulpix por un abra


  386. Joc Says:

    cambio un vulpix x un abra


  387. NAXOCERNA Says:

    cambio un MEW por un ABRA que es el unico pokemon q no lo puedo atrapar el codigo es 14ddeb73b9e9d0
    el codigo de seguridad lo dare al mejor postor

  388. NAXOCERNA Says:

    a change MEW by ABRA pokemon is the only q I can not catch the code is 14ddeb73b9e9d0
    security code will give the highest bidder

  389. naxocerna Says:

    cambio un MEW por un ABRA que es el unico pokemon q no lo puedo atrapar el codigo es 14ddeb73b9e9d0
    el codigo de seguridad f064

  390. jorge Says:

    REGALO GYRADAOS 14dded1eeb6d63 aeed

  391. naxocerna Says:

    te cambio tu Vulpix por un geodude shiny 14ddec3e30f1e3

  392. crackhenk Says:

    i have alakazam

  393. crackhenk Says:

    and a shiny mew, a jynx, shiny beedrill and a magikarp to trade

  394. crackhenk Says:

    who wants?

  395. naxocerna Says:

    en el 20 evoluciona

  396. gas Says:

    i want alakazam

  397. angel Says:

    14ddeafcab6d8f f3ed
    es una m por eso lo doy xd

  398. pote Says:

    my email is poitemora@hotmail.com

  399. jacob Says:

    level 20 is when magikarp evolves into gyrados i have lv.24

  400. Ace Says:

    noobs stop asking for a code and if you want to trade go to trade chat

  401. jonavalde Says:

    14ddee87c5e20c fb0d

  402. jonavalde Says:


    14ddee95ec5522 0713

  403. natasha Says:

    busco poliwag y doy bellsprowt lvl 14!!

    ofrezcan,que yo vengo cada tanto

  404. natasha Says:

    perdon, lvl 13 el bellsprowt :l

  405. appleshotgun Says:

    i can get any pokemon shinny for you just ask me

  406. jonavalde Says:


    14ddeeb770af5c a484


  407. :O Says:

    Oigan,¡a qué nivel evoluciona Magikarp?
    Hey guys, at what level does Magikarp evolves?

  408. Nicholas Says:

    IT IS P-ZERO-k-3-5-6-4-4 P0k35644 THE RIGHT WAY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  409. daburns13 Says:

    I CAUGHT a shiny zubat and i didn’t use any code

  410. wilson Says:

    alguem quer um desses por um mew shiny,ou pikachu,ou beddrill ou charmeleon shiny
    buterfree shiny(1)
    fearow shiny(1)
    golem shiny(2)
    golbat shiny(1)
    raticate shiny(1)

  411. daburns13 Says:

    sweet game isn’t it guys.

  412. daburns13 Says:

    I can’t find abra on blue

  413. andrew Says:

    I dont have a shiny caterpie but i do have a shiny kaoona

  414. andrew Says:

    And i am willing to trade (it is at level 10)(Ifound it while facing misty)just to tell you people who have never seen a shiny it is in the red the whole time

  415. andrew Says:

    crackhenk I will trade you that kaoona or something else for that mew shiny or not

  416. andrew Says:

    what i meant was i would trade for a mew that is shiny or a mew that isnt shiny

  417. ARCEUS Says:

    si alguien save como tener un new o mejor aun su codigo digame

  418. ontoni Says:

    men joc says yo tengo un abra y un new t lo camvio x el magikarp shiny t dejo mi msn ablame nacho.blg@live.com.ar

  419. ontoni Says:

    el q quiera un new le regalosolo ablenme a mi msn nacho.blg@live.com.ar ME CONECTO TODO EL DIA

  420. ontoni Says:

    x si caso no me entendieron yo los regalo a los new solo ablenme a mi msn nacho.blg@live.com.ar tamvien regalo pokemons solo digan cual quieren

  421. ontoni Says:

    x si caso no me entendieron yo los regalo a los new solo ablenme a mi msn nacho.blg@live.com.ar

  422. Joc Says:

    Cambio un Vulpix x un abra


    O Cambio un magikarp Shiny x un Abra


  423. bagni Says:

    I want a Vulpix, i give my Gyarados or Magikarp lv 28 or change it for any shiny pokemon, any changes you want to offer let me know

  424. Charizard Says:

    Are you dreaming

  425. Charizard Says:

    i want charizard and mew

  426. Strong Says:

    I am the strongest one here i got all my pokemon to level 1000 I used Cheat engine ! whahaha got 9999999 money too ! whahahaha ! and by using Cheat engine you can do unlimited waves ! whahaha !

  427. pascal Says:

    joc i want that shiny magicarp but i don t have an abra what do you want else
    i have a poliwirhl

  428. shiny dude Says:

    shiny mew lv 28

  429. Anonimillo Says:

    i’m looking for a shiny clefable, shiny vileplume, shiny viktribell, shiny arbok, shiny poliwrath, shiny ninetales, shiny primeape, shiny nidoking, shiny nidoqueen and shiny parasect to complete my collection. Does anyone have any of them?

  430. Kallum Says:

    How can i get my Shiny Fearow back after i’ve put him up for trade, i forgot his security code? someone help please?

  431. Anonimillo Says:

    si alguien kiere poliwirl, shiny pikachu, shiny metapod , shiny buterffe o shiny magikarp q me diga. Los regalo


  432. arceus Says:

    me canviais un mew shiny?

  433. arceus Says:

    qualquier shiny menos zubat i geodude

  434. KS27 Says:

    yo quiero shini pikachu o magikarp

  435. danielle Says:

    i don’t get it! i cotht a sinny g0lebat

  436. tuto Says:


  437. tonnam Says:


  438. tonnam Says:

    where is mew

  439. tonnam Says:

    where I found mew

  440. antonio Says:

    el k kiera metapod buterfree zubat geodu o epaerow shinin k m lo diga k se lo tregalo

  441. antonio Says:

    yo kiero poliwir dilemo por pribado

  442. antonio Says:

    anonimille porfavor shiny pikachu y shiny magikarp

  443. antonio Says:


  444. antonio Says:

    anonimillo aceptame para hablar opr msn

  445. Joc Says:

    look, I’m looking for an abra .. or mew .. by either the proffers will change no matter how brilliant or not …

  446. arceus Says:

    canvio golem multicolor por mew shiny

  447. arceus Says:

    sabeis como conseguir kyogre?

  448. arceus Says:

    decidme codigos para shinys

  449. Haikal Says:

    JUST TELL ME THE CODE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M TIRED FINDING THE CODE!!!

  450. Sam Says:

    Ok… i have ALLREADY said the code for MEWTWO AND MEW… And i won´t say it again. All you guys that got a shiny MEW2 or Mew is a good remember! Hold up tight guys! The Alpha v.2.7.1 is coming up!! Good luck beating KYOGRE!!! And Sam is off…

  451. arceus Says:

    regalo zubat shiny.

  452. austin Says:

    its P0k35644

  453. Naggs Says:

    I have a shiny raichu, ekans, and abra (all of them are shiny) but i also have many other pokemon that are hard to get but they aren’t shiny. so just email me if you are interested: nagger51@yahoo.com

  454. Nagggs Says:

    I have a shiny raichu, ekans, and abra (all of them are shiny) but i also have many other pokemon that are hard to get but they aren’t shiny. so just email me if you are interested: nagger51@yahoo.com

  455. bagni Says:

    anonimillo, m regalas el metapod shiny? por fa

  456. bagni Says:

    sam wich is the code for the mew or mewtwo?

  457. pascal Says:

    hi i have an abra and i want to trade for an shiny mew or shiny magikarp or shiny fearow if you want the abra e-mail me on pascalr.de.groot@gmail.com
    but i want mew plssssss

  458. Siren Says:

    howewer gives me a shiny mew, i wil giv him 10 charmeleons
    10 ivysaurs,10wartortres
    and 10 shiny gravelers.

  459. leo Says:

    xfa :)

  460. Victor Luiz Says:

    what is the security of trade Alakazam?

  461. Anonimillo Says:

    lo siento,k ya he regalado los pokemon

  462. dammy Says:


  463. Ángel Says:

    I am spanish

    yo soy español

  464. iosu Says:

    hi cambio zubat shiny por otro shiny

  465. ratatuille Says:

    algen me da un pokemon shiny

  466. osman Says:

    i want a taco

  467. Shane Says:

    guys the code is p0k35644. your welcome! ;)

  468. justin Says:

    wooooot got zubat

  469. ARCEUS Says:

    canbio un ABRA por un NEW

  470. ARCEUS Says:


  471. dude90 Says:

    hey guys, do any of you know the code for shiny ZUBAT? if any of you know plz tell me

  472. ciaris Says:

    hey want any free shiney for free well folks i have every single code to every shiney pokemon seriuosly!

  473. Lolkid32 Says:

    The code is P0k35644

  474. marcus Says:

    trading anyone shiny geaguo

  475. bagni Says:

    todavia tienes mew?

  476. marcus Says:

    i trading my shiny zubat 14de0333103d42

  477. marcus Says:


  478. shhhhhhhhhhhh Says:

    i am makin envolb a charmander this is the code for the tradin 14de036bbbf42f if you want the code give me the code of shiny mew

  479. jason Says:

    i just want to play pokemon games cause their awsome

  480. Some Guy Says:

    Gyarados for trade.Code:14deO1bafbf3cc

  481. Some Guy Says:

    Will trade Gyarados for Golem,Shiny Pikachu,Abra,Shiny Mew,Shiny Magikarp,Shiny Nidoking,Shiny Nidoqueen,or Shiny Vulpix.

  482. Some Guy Says:

    Anyone have the Security Code for a Mew?

  483. Some Guy Says:

    Code for Shiny Zubat is P0k35644

  484. Mati Says:

    Everybody, the code is p0k35644

    Para todos el codigo es p0k35644

  485. jdog Says:

    when does it update

  486. anamonus Says:

    zubat code p0(zero)k35644

  487. ImAboob Says:

    The code is P0k35644. UR WELCOME!

  488. ImAboob Says:

    Dont put a period

  489. ImAboob Says:

    Who wonts a shiny mew?

  490. jim Says:

    the code is p0k35644

  491. michael Says:

    the code is


  492. shadow92 Says:

    what is the security code for mew.

  493. Ace Says:


  494. cest Says:

    regalo mankey lv 12
    agradezcan x favor

  495. cest Says:

    t doy un pikachu

  496. cest Says:

    f757 alli esta el codigo del pikachu

  497. joseph Says:

    what is the securithy code for mew

  498. joseph Says:

    reply in 10 minutes

  499. joseph Says:

    sorry im new

  500. AgentXIII in Newgrounds Says:

    I need pikachus!

  501. joseph Says:

    joseph is willing 2 trade shinz zubat 4 security code for mew

  502. joseph Says:

    the code for zubat is p0k35644

  503. ?rod? Says:

    what can you do with the rod from the challenge?

  504. ?rod? Says:

    also when the fuck does magicarp get to attack shit?

  505. madman Says:

    is tmy trade code

  506. janjan Says:

    HEY i want A charmeleon or a charizard or charmander

  507. hasa Says:


  508. Sam Says:

    EPIC FAIL!!! If you guys are pokémon NERDS, You know when Magikarp learns Tackle!! Just to say it to the noobs, its Lvl. 15, and he evolves in level 20!! And i even don´t got a magikarp!! But… i got a Gyarados in Lvl. 28!!

  509. Jessi Says:

    How am I supposed to level up my pokemon faster… it takes forever… is there some sort of trick?

  510. pokemon master Says:

    if u want a pikacho lvl 28 trade me any thing the receve code is 14de0e4ea60354 securatycode is 5880

  511. pokemon master Says:

    shiney zubat code is p0k35644

  512. ... CODE Says:

    I recently caught a Shiny Butterfree 14de0e756732b4



  513. pokefreak Says:


  514. winol Says:

    p0k35644- shiny zubat

  515. Arnau el PRO Says:

    Doy golbat,graveler,ratticate,pidgeoto,wiglituff shiny al 26 por una mew en qualquir nivel. Interesados,contactad conmigo en arnauroca1998@hotmail.com

  516. Borja Says:

    e capturado un kakuna shiny salvaje… alguien sabe donde hay mas pokemon shiny salvajes?

  517. shiny ratata Says:

    what’s the code for a shiny ratata????

  518. hbtyyhj Says:

    ausome pokemon tower defence rule all day & night

  519. trainer mew Says:

    shiny mew giveway!
    for a shiny squrtle

  520. T-Rex Says:

    Whats the geodude code bcause I cant bet chalenj mod

  521. T-Rex Says:

    I have shiny zubats and a ton either I trade who gives me jeodud or who gives me jeodud i tell him zubat code

  522. agrout Says:

    the code is p0[zero]k356644

  523. ivaxz Says:

    quiero pokemones que no sean estos:ivisuar,wigglytuf,abra,arcanie,arbok,wartotrle,beedril,buterfree,charmaleon,clefable,golbat,fearow,gravalet,magikarp,nidoking,nidoqueen,ninetales,pidgeotto,raichu,parasect,poliwrath,mankey,raticate,sandslash,vileplume,victreebel. puedo dar los que me pidan ,pueden ser evolucionados

  524. AstoGuy Says:


  525. shhhhhhhhhhhh Says:

    who wants a pokemon lv28 all my pokemons are that level just ask

  526. Cheater Says:

    p0k35644 is the code

  527. antonio Says:

    borja agregame al msn y t doy pokemon salvajes k m sobran 9 diferantes
    antonio_adra_xiko@hotmail.com agregame

  528. shhhhhhhhhhhh Says:

    how i pass old and focking rod

  529. shhhhhhhhhhhh Says:

    that wasn’t me that was my sister

  530. shhhhhhhhhhhh Says:

    pls give any of the two mode codes of shiny mew code

  531. shhhhhhhhhhhh Says:

    shiny dude pleas giveme the segurity code and i make you find a video of a girl teen ayer takn of her bresst and other things

  532. Pokemaster Says:

    If you want a shiny Zubat trade a seaking ( not shiny ) for this code : 14de1255b5640b

  533. shileno Says:

    cambio un abra

  534. ifuhgierwluhg Says:

    i have 20 shiny mews

  535. kris law Says:

    p0k35644 THAT IS THE CODE!

  536. ginga Says:

    iy trade jynx,magikalp,galidovs,nidoking,nidogueen,odish,proom,wireproom,abla,shini zubat,shini golbat,golbat,bedlil,buterfri,ninetairs, ,palaects,arkinajn,gravthi
    vulpiks,paras,klifeli,klifejbel,jiglipuf,jiglituf,radicate,10 shini geodude,10 shini gravegel,primeape and mankey for 2 kiolgle,2 mewto,2 mew and 2 ewe.

  537. DON'T CHEAT Says:

    please tell us many codes!
    Eine Frage kann mann hier auch deutsch reden?wenn ja dann sagt uns die codes,bitte

    You can send me the codes RaphiD@oberchef.de

  538. Lt Wood Says:

    I am looking for a abra, and 3 shiny pikachus or raichus. I have lots of shinies.

  539. chiniac00 Says:

    Hey, I want to trade, if someone wants to.

  540. pokemon master Says:

    to:mierdo i have pokemon white and a thunderus i will trade u for a genisect

  541. chiniac00 Says:


  542. chiniac00 Says:

    Hey, can anyone get me a mew, I don’t care if it is shiny or not.

  543. chiniac00 Says:

    Hey, what is the security code?

  544. chiniac00 Says:

    anyone want to trade?

  545. chiniac00 Says:

    HI, if you have a mew shiny or not, and you want to trade, email me at chiniac00@yahoo.com

  546. daking4000 Says:

    if u want to no the pass thn look it up no google or on youtube.com

  547. chiniac00 Says:

    hasa, what is the security code?

  548. chiniac00 Says:

    Yeah, the zubat code is p0k35644

  549. arceus Says:

    donde consigo kiogre?

  550. hasa Says:

    el numero 121 lo cambio por mew

  551. hasa Says:

    seguridad codigo 14ddbb65cf20b2

  552. hasa Says:

    es en verdad 14ddd29db4461d

  553. angelo Says:

    i wish a shinny Mew!

  554. dude90 Says:

    can any of you guys give me shiny ZUBATS code. all i got was 52k3

  555. dude90 Says:

    oh by the way if any one helps… :) ;) ;() :D -_- ;] ;}

  556. T-Rex Says:


  557. dude90 Says:


  558. T-Rex Says:

    pokemon level cap is 36 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  559. ppokemonmaster Says:

    i have a shiny buterfree on pokemon defence towers without a code

  560. Pokemaster Says:



    rattata lv.14 or 15

  561. irvin Says:

    o; i need shiny zubat code plz

  562. nikkeeyyyy Says:

    got a shiny geodude and a shiny ferow anyone got any codes?? or wanna trade???

  563. tradewithme Says:

    trade with me?

  564. tradewithme Says:

    someone trade with me!!

  565. Anton Says:




  566. kirk Says:

    what do you do with the old rod

  567. name Says:

    I have 7 shiny zubat 1 shiny geodude and 1 shiny rattata

  568. name Says:

    want shiny pidgey.

  569. daniwleh Says:

    the code is p0k35644 hope you like your new shiny pokemon enjoy :}

  570. christopher Says:

    i have shiny pidgey..
    has a new phase that drug …

  571. BRADLEY Says:

    I NEED A SHINY MEW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  572. BRADLEY Says:


  573. xyno Says:

    level 28
    is free

  574. aaron Says:

    i dont have 1 shiny code

  575. zubat Says:

    its p0k35644

  576. zubat Says:

    what is the code for trading

  577. chrnko Says:

    is clue 6, 6 please answer i just want to know am i right

  578. chrnko Says:

    is the code p0695648 if it is im gonna be pissed off cuz thats what ive been writin in forever

  579. pokemon123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930 Says:

    pokemon rock

  580. Brad Says:

    Sup did you know misty is so bad as beat misty for me

  581. shiny ratata Says:

    does anybody now whats the code is of a shiny ratata so jes give me the code

  582. nova Says:

    ik wil heel graag de code

  583. arceus Says:

    i have shinys:pidjeoto,golem,golbat,paras,oddish, spearow, butterfree and beedrill. =)

  584. Ave Says:

    Can some one tell me wat a security code is and wat do you do with it

  585. arceus Says:

    i want shiny mew, mewtwo or kiogre

  586. shhhhhhhhhhhh Says:

    534 give me one pleas and i give you an abra

  587. shhhhhhhhhhhh Says:


  588. sander Says:

    ik wil een shany mew

  589. sander Says:

    ik wil een ruilen

  590. shhhhhhhhhhhh Says:


  591. Azorin Says:


  592. ashley Says:

    i want a shiny mew any one know the code?

  593. ashley Says:

    shiny mew or mew2 i want either what r the codes?

  594. roi Says:

    i have shiny crobat

  595. craz Says:

    maghikarps shiny 14de27228c3c4a

  596. craz Says:

    magikarp shiny code is 14de27228c3c4a

  597. Warren Says:

    trading a shiny lv 10 geodude
    any offers?

  598. Warren Says:

    geodudes new code

  599. tlackore Says:

    i’ve got a golden zubat lvl 8 preveiw code: 14de27c9413c7e

  600. ppokemonmaster Says:

    do you have a code for shiny abra?

  601. brian Says:

    help me get the pokemon and is there a shiny zobat???????????

  602. Kyle Says:

    free mew 14de2a5ea431c0,7e21

  603. KSI Juggernaut1 Says:

    Trading Shiny Zubats for Other Shinys get back to me plz

  604. TB Says:

    dose anyone know if the fiching rod dose anything besides make magikarp more common in curelian gym

  605. POKEMON Says:

    BLAH can some1 please give me a fuckin damn asshole thing

  606. dude 5a Says:

    CAN someone tell the code which can be unlocked for shiny the first Pokémon?

  607. awesome dude Says:

    im giving a shiny zubat in trade code 14de36b120b467

  608. T-Rex Says:

    14de39acc6b18 23c6:trade zubat
    p0k35644:event zubat

  609. anish Says:

    i had shiny manky i will trade for shiny mew any lvl

  610. anish Says:

    can any one say code for shiny mew

  611. anish Says:

    i had arbok for trade lvl 22
    trade for shiny mew

  612. master 1.1 Says:

    why stopp,s my pokemon on lvl 28?;)

  613. master 1.1 Says:

    why stopp,s my pokemon on lvl 28?;)

    can some tell me

  614. master 1.1 Says:

    why stopp,s my pokemon on lvl 28 ?;D

    can some tell me

  615. Pokemaster Says:

    shiny zubat lv.1 1:14de3b52026157


  616. T-Rex Says:

    whats the new pokemon this week!?

  617. shileno Says:

    cambio a 2 abra y
    2 magikarp

  618. allesgozer Says:

    trading my lvl 36 shiny kadabra for a shiny magikarp or a shiny pikachu


  619. anoumous Says:

    Anyone want a shiny zubat, beedril, abra,or kakuna?

  620. muriel5 Says:

    blz eu tenho o zubat brilhante

    a kakuna brilhante

    graveler brilhante

    ratatta brilhante

    pidgey brilhante

    geodude brilhante

    wiglibuff brilhante

    e uma nidoranF
    isso è swou a e tenho um gyrados e um primeape(não brilhantes)

  621. muriel5 Says:

    a nidoranF è brilhante a e alguen sabe se ainda da pra capiturar um vupix ou sandsshurw????????????????? alguem ne esplica como se umsa a vara????

  622. nick Says:

    will trade shiny level 100 charzard for mew


  623. kim Says:



  624. kim Says:



  625. kim Says:



  626. Pokemon Lover Says:

    wats the security code for kadabra

  627. Pokemon Lover Says:

    i hav shinny magikarp

  628. Joossie2 Says:

    i have a shiny abra, ratatta and a mankey
    i want a other shiny back
    say somthing when you want to trade

  629. poo Says:

    ih a have 2 shiny golem lv 30 and 31

  630. pote Says:

    oh man you have to see my shiny collection

    tienen que ver mi colección brillante

    speatow pidgey mankey golem zubat abra rattata pigeotto jigglypuff wigglytuff all shiny todos brillantes :D

  631. pote Says:

    i miss buterfree falta buterfree

  632. miniman Says:

    i found a cheat sorta for how to power level a pokemon from lv1 to 36in 5min, i got a gold gravler lv 36 now, 2 gold kadabra’s lv 36, a gold lv 36 fearow, and both lv 36, nidoking and nidoqueen

  633. poop Says:

    is there a time limit

  634. Pokemon Lover Says:

    wats the sorta cheat for power leveling

  635. Pokemon Lover Says:

    i want 2 shhhhhhhhh plz

  636. german Says:

    yo doy golem nivel 36 por un zubat nivel 10

  637. german Says:

    mi mail es germancalder@hotmail.com

  638. basd de bom Says:

    what is the code for charmader ? idk it and the code is not avaible at this moment?

  639. andrew Says:

    il trade my three shiny butterfree for the shiny starters

  640. andrew Says:

    what the security code

  641. andrew Says:

    what s the security code juninho

  642. andrew Says:

    butterfree s code is 14debe431b083e the security code is 09be juninho

  643. Juninho Says:


  644. andrew Says:

    whats the security code juninho come on

  645. kyle Says:

    got butterfree shiny
    got gravler shiny

  646. andrew Says:

    il trade any body 6 shiny charmanders for a shiny mankey and magikarp

  647. andrew Says:

    im hosting a shiny charmander giveaway dor any shiny pokemon how ever is the 10 person to trade you ll get a shiny chamelon

  648. andrew Says:

    any shiny

  649. andrew Says:

    how has a charizard up for trade

  650. Luigi Says:

    If you have the Old Rod, Magikarps are coming in Cureadian Gym 1.

  651. Luigi Says:

    What is the code for shiny Bulbasaur and Squirtle??

  652. Bob Says:

    a bedrills trading code level 36: 14ded84af615c5

    security code: 7cb7

  653. Arceus03 Says:

    381rm1n4 shiny charmander

  654. rock Says:

    abra 14def948fb5f99 e 4a0c.

  655. elise Says:

    uyugdrtduyjhd xztrgzzn ghx

  656. Jonathan Says:

    Change charmander for mew


  657. JJJ Says:

    i’ll trade mew for charmander give me the receive code.

  658. JJJ Says:

    14dfa5db20347b eb27 free shiny golem

  659. vince Says:

    14dfacad0f2e2a b046

  660. momi33 Says:

    Change blastoise for mew
    me hotmail

  661. JJJ Says:

    14dfb5d6a1f5c1 c238 free shiny metapod

  662. momi33 Says:


  663. Alex Says:

    does any1 have a shiney zubat up for trade?

  664. felimon Says:

    14e0d52f0a6aab 8101
    [Automatically translated by Microsoft® Translator]

  665. felimon Says:

    14e0d52f0a6aab 8101
    [Automatically translated by Microsoft® Translator]14e0d52f0a6aab 8101
    [Automatically translated by Microsoft® 14e0d52f0a6aab 8101
    [Automatically translated by Microsoft® Translator]Translator]

  666. Fernando Says:

    me de um pokemon
    add meu msn e passa

  667. pedro Says:

    cambio charizar blastoise guiarados o benusur por mew o kiogre

  668. durga Says:


    can i have

    mew and mewtow code

  669. sam Says:

    Where do you type these codes in?

  670. nathan Says:

    how do you trade?

  671. Denilson Says:

    tem codigo de mew na v4.1?

    se tiver me fala por favor

  672. Dire Says:

    hey dose anyone know why the code isnt working though their seems to be different places to actually play this game so an someone show me the webpage where the code is working?

  673. mattheus Says:


  674. Meow Says:

    This is all wrong liar heads.

  675. jieu Says:


  676. Sakin Says:

    The code for Shiny zubat is P0k35644 is great :}

  677. Bradley Says:

    how do u get shiny mew code

  678. luiz gustavo o tomb raider Says:


  679. destroyer Says:

    im looking for the shiny charmeleon code so if anybody has it give me it peace out suckers

  680. maxilfico Says:

    questa cosa e fica

  681. peiqin Says:


  682. peiqin Says:

    I made this weird name!

  683. ali Says:

    super man super fort

  684. ali Says:


  685. ali Says:

    salut je mapelle ali

  686. ali Says:

    salut je non non

  687. hi Says:

    help me with the codes

  688. leonardo Says:

    eu quero
    o zubat

  689. god5 Says:

    please , help me with the zubat . SOMEBODY

  690. brenner Says:

    me quero saber meu cod

  691. zeca Says:

    oi pessoal do site

  692. max Says:

    it is a good game

  693. felipe Says:

    eu ja evolui todos os pokmons

  694. Zoweuvxz Says:

    Go to my reviewed site!!!

  695. subxqzsb Says:






  696. gry friv Says:

    can any of you guys give me shiny ZUBATS code. all i got was 52k3

  697. nowegry Says:

    questa cosa e fica

  698. GABRIEL Says:


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