Dummy Never Fails 2 walkthrough, tips and tricks

Dummy Never Fails 2 is the new sequel of its previous puzzle game in where you shoot dummies to reach the goal. Less pain the better! The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, some tips and tricks. Read more details for Dummy Never Fails 2.
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Your experience from the experiments you did on the previous part, will make you to succeed in all new tests and make sure that your Dummy Never Fails his task! The goal is very, very simple. All you have to do, is to impact the dummy against the goal object. Well the goal is simple, but getting there will be kinda tricky.
For entertaining purpose, you can visit the local dummy gallery and choose your favorite character that you want to use for your experiments. In the dummy gallery there are a lot of famous dummies, some among are Pinoccio, Cookie, Zombie Girl, Wolverine, Hulk and much more! But all of these awesome dummies are locked, so you’ll need to use your basic dummy and try to unlock them all.

Dummy Never Fails 2 Features:
- 60 New, Big levels
- Total gravity control
- 50 New Dummy Skins
- Improved level editor
- Dummy editor !
- Create and Share all your content!

Watch Dummy Never Fails 2 official trailer:

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