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HI ya guys welcome back to playtowerdefensegames.com for another shiny hunt to find a special shiny pokemon.

This week the clues are now in letters as well as numbers. The code is 8 digits long this week.

Clue 1

when you type hehe haha in the play tower defense games search bar how many games come up. You can find the search bar on the home page ( www.playtowerdefensegames.com)

Clue 2

What postion is Pokemon tower defense in the higest rated section in the top games section.

Top Games Section You will have to change the order to ratings.

Clue 3

Solve the clue following this page Click to find Clue 3

Clue 4

Follow the Link from Clue 3

Clue 5

How many game difficulty settings are there for this game in the campaign mode Click here

Clue 6

The navigation bar on playtowerdefensegames.com has this letter in all the options expect 1. What is that letter. ( english spelling only)

Clue 7

The First Letter of the last game shown on the 6th page of the Tower Defense Games pages

The page can be found here

Clue 8

Read the game desc for the final Clue Click here

Best of luck hunting for the New shiny Pokemon

1,373 Responses

  1. mARCUS Says:

    Wow hard

  2. dghdggdh Says:

    what the code

  3. name Says:


  4. gabriel Says:

    I don’t understand clue 6. o.o

  5. CommanderZhao Says:

    Awesome, I got it!

  6. marathonishalo6 Says:

    i cant figure this out……

  7. Chris Says:

    Omg, it took a while to think about it, but I got it haha. I was actually over thinking it with Clue 4. It’s actually not trying to trick you in which I thought it was haha. I think the hardest one was Clue 6, I had a toss up between o and e, but I finally got it :D

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I dont get it…

  9. K Jam Says:

    Got it.

  10. ag Says:


  11. anonamyous Says:

    wats the code?

  12. lmao Says:

    clue 2 = 1 clue 8 = 4 clue 7 = b?

  13. Snowolf Says:

    Figured it out and all, but some error in clue no6:

    First, spelling error, you mean “except” not “expect”;
    Second, actually error: two names in the navigation bars don’t have this letter, not one. I can go into further detail but won’t spoil it in case this comment gets published.

  14. Snowolf Says:

    Apparently as somebody pointed out to me on sam&dan’s blog, I’m braindead, I swear I read it like 5 times to be sure *dies laughing*


  15. itch Says:

    first to get shiny ratata

  16. Anonymous Says:

    anyone figure it out yet? I’m too lazy to do it right now.

  17. ... Says:

    so far i got 0 _ _ 4 3 _ N/n 4

  18. KHader Says:

    WOW THAT WAS TOO EASY!!! im just kidding… still working on it…

  19. KHader Says:

    IT WAS EAZY!!!!

    01**3**4 = shiny ratatta

  20. ben Says:

    I tryed enter ing the codes but all of them were wrong when I answered them right

  21. bob Says:


  22. lol Says:

    need help on the 6th clue any sugesstions

  23. lol Says:

    need help on 6th clue please

  24. bodin Says:

    whatb code mystery gift

  25. Pyroth Says:

    I found another possible answer for clue 6 and couldn’t get the code right until I cheated and looked it up. : /

    Please make it so this does not happen. I dislike cheating.

  26. subzeros14 Says:

    oh nvm doesnt work and ive tried many other options and they dont work either

  27. 01543on4 Says:

    i found the code :D

  28. phuoc Says:

    can t figher out clue 5[-_-]

  29. mike Says:

    i need help with the shiny ratata

  30. MrUnknown Says:

    someone got the code for ratatta?
    please post it ^^

  31. Thomas Says:

    first hehe

  32. Gaspar Says:

    OMG i got my shinny ratata

  33. Gaspar Says:

    OMG misty has a kyogre!!

  34. Gaspar Says:

    I will change my shiny pdgy for one growthlite

  35. shiny dude Says:

    could people who’ve got it tell us

  36. Codeman Says:

    The letter clues make no sense.
    And clue 6 has a misspelling as well as the “letter” clues making no sense. First letter of the last game and it’s a number code? And I even tried to do the what number the letters are and it still doesn’t make sense. Fix this please.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    on clue 6, does it mean all the options EXCEPT 1?

  38. POKEMON Says:

    o.o does any1 know the rattatea codce ?

  39. 1528 Says:

    hey i got all the clues exept to the clue #6 can you help me?

  40. 1528 Says:

    hey mister pokemon you try to find the clue, if you don’t your saying that you are only depending on the other players T.T you have to try it

  41. Kiru Says:

    Lol i found one <3 Shiny Rattata = Adorable <3 Thanks Sam!

    ps: I will not give out the code sorry!

  42. K Jam Says:

    Just get it yourself, it took me like 2 minutes.

  43. trimi Says:

    can someone give me pls the code for shiny ratata

  44. ryan Says:

    i dont get 6 and 8
    i got 01543 (clue6?) n (clue8)

  45. Nistarok Says:

    I don’t have the Clue 6. Is anybody have it ?

  46. Inferno Says:

    I’ve got it, but you need to find it yourself ;D

  47. Crackzor Says:

    Yes, but I won’t tell you ^_^

  48. John Says:

    Figure it out urself u loser, its easy

  49. trimi Says:


  50. Levo Says:

    Please rattata code

  51. crackhenk Says:

    please tell me

  52. crackhenk Says:

    tell me clue 6 and 8 i dont know them

  53. SmartGirl Says:

    It is the letter O and the letter N
    The first is a zero

  54. fabian Says:

    i dont under stand clue number6

  55. ag Says:

    Please, help!

  56. Msciwy Says:

    hey man its really simple to find the code xd
    only try think

  57. danielle Says:

    wow i got a starmie

  58. i have much cooooodes Says:

    i dont know two numbers my code is:
    the smiles are the numbers i dont know( to do the smiles press alt and press one of the right number keyboard and quickly release the alt button)
    all the smiles:
    not only smiles xD

  59. Jorm Says:

    Nvm, needed to upgrade the version.

  60. sam Says:

    Well, vally. I shall tell you, i Got 2 RATICATE´s. Maybe 1 of them could be interresting for a trade? Shiny RATTATA for a LVL. 25 RATICATE? Send a mail to jakob.linus@gmail.com. If it´s not interresting to Trade a Shiny RATTATA for a LVL. 25 RATICATE, then say to me what you want! I got ALL the POKÈMON´s WITH their evelutions! (Only some few of them i don´t have…) So… If it´s interresting to trade with 1 of my POKÈMON´s Then… i´m DOOMED. Well, Hope i hear for you! Bye!

  61. the trader Says:

    is there any place to share codes and intarchange pokemon?
    Me gustaria intercambiar alguno…

  62. starontheice Says:

    yeah ! I’ve got it !
    it’s not dificult at all, just read carefully and you’ll find it !

  63. pleice Says:

    i found the 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th


  64. pleice Says:

    i had it for geodude but i cant remeber you need to do the challenge to find out

  65. Timmy Says:

    What is da ratatah code

  66. ericcantona Says:

    seriously guys, it’s really not that hard o0 I give you a major hint…clue 6 is an “o”
    …figure out the rest yourself

  67. angel Says:

    ala dila y te doy un charizar un blastoise un arcanine un venasaur un pidgeotto brillantes toos pero necesito ese rattata

  68. crackhenk Says:

    speak english plzz

  69. Killer Says:

    if u know please tell!! :)

  70. crackhenk Says:

    need clue 6 and 8

  71. ericcantona Says:

    How the hell are you supposed to “Trade with an NPC”?
    And Btw. I give you a shiny ratatta for either casey or abra

  72. ericcantona Says:

    How the hell are you supposed to “Trade with an NPC”?
    And Btw. I give you a shiny ratatta for either casey or abra

  73. samuelmolla Says:

    cambio golbat nivel 25 por golbat nivel 25 para evolucionar a crobat

    Golbat change level 25 for level 25 Golbat to evolve into Crobat

  74. Vally Says:

    yey, i got it :x… even if i don’t want a shiny rattata, who wants a trade(pkmnpkmn, or pkmncode) contact me at yow_vally_methal@yahoo.com

  75. crackhenk Says:

    who knows codes of other shiny pokemon? ive just started playing

  76. hey Says:

    i have noticed that there are 2 faults at N.6

    First i think that you wanted to write except not expect.

    Second, everyone thinks that when you say navigation bar, you mean the thing that says home, random games ….. e.t.c.
    well, if you mean this navigation bar PEOPLE AT THE N6 IT IS THE 4rth ONE AND NOT THE FIRST ONE.

  77. crackhenk Says:

    plzz tell me other codes of shiny pokemon

  78. crackhenk Says:

    can someone tell me other shiny pokemon codes? i need them because i just started playing

  79. devon sheffield Says:

    i kno 3 cods , pijee jeeodud and jiglepuf

  80. devon sheffield Says:

    i jus wunt ratata cod , i fown hm wunse butt kiled hm

  81. devon sheffield Says:

    i jus wunt ratata cod , i fown wunse butt kiled hm

  82. xxxxxx93 Says:

    Whohoo i got it xD

  83. Calvin Says:

    How is the rate to find casey?
    Have saw 1, and killed -.-’

  84. Cardking32 shinygame Says:

    guys has this ever happened? i was playing a level, route 2 and all of a sudden a wild, shiny rattata appeared and i used mystery gift this week !!!!!

  85. Calvin Says:

    When someone gonna trade with me casey, I can give a shiny jigglypuff or pdigy!

  86. crackhenk Says:

    can u give me code for shiny jiggly or pidgey

  87. Calvin Says:

    You cant get, when I give you the code o0
    I can give you the Pokemon, and you trade me a casey!

  88. crackhenk Says:

    can someone give me shiny pokemon codes or give me shiny pokemons

  89. crackhenk Says:


  90. Calvin Says:

    You have a casey?

  91. Calvin Says:

    Sorry for bad english, Im german ><

  92. crackhenk Says:

    yes why u want im

  93. crackhenk Says:

    im german too

  94. Calvin Says:

    Cant catch it !
    Too strong , mine pokes!

  95. Calvin Says:

    Gimme your email mine is:

  96. Calvin Says:

    Hastes auch wegen Bisafans gesehn?=
    Habs eigentlich nur gesagt, weil ich Verdacht geschöpft hab xDD

  97. crackhenk Says:

    can you first show me a shiny pidgy or jiggly

  98. Calvin Says:

    Weil nach dem Update kann man die Codes vom letzten Update nicht mehr benutzen! Hab deshalb noch irgendwie 16-17 von den noch o0

  99. crackhenk Says:

    wtf why

  100. Calvin Says:


  101. Calvin Says:

    Dann den von abra bitte ;D

  102. crackhenk Says:

    i know a glitch how to evolve your pokemon by trading

  103. crackhenk Says:

    can you speak english plzz im dutch:P

  104. Calvin Says:

    Ich auch ;D
    Mach mal bitte !
    Ich will Abra haben -.-’
    Nur zeigen erst

  105. crackhenk Says:

    do you have abra?

  106. Calvin Says:

    Außerdem ist es kein Glitch sondern ist richtig so !

  107. crackhenk Says:


  108. Calvin Says:

    No -.-’
    Ich want a Abra, And i can give you a shiny pidgy

  109. Calvin Says:

    Doesnt work o0

  110. crackhenk Says:

    then its wrong

  111. Calvin Says:

    I mean your code -.-’

  112. crackhenk Says:

    of witch pokemon?

  113. crackhenk Says:

    do you want charrizxard

  114. crackhenk Says:

    or blastoise

  115. Calvin Says:

    Casey !!!
    Or when its ok these too =)

  116. crackhenk Says:

    who can give me a free shiny pokemon????

  117. crackhenk Says:

    w8 ff

  118. Kinton Says:

    someone can send me an ekans? thnx
    Who send me an ekans I tell him the rattata’s code!


  119. Calvin Says:

    Ah, just need casey, when no, =b

  120. Lopes Says:

    That was easy…
    I can trade a shiny rattata lvl.1 if you want…
    Or a Beedril lvl.20

  121. crackhenk Says:

    this is golem

  122. crackhenk Says:


  123. Calvin Says:

    Can give you pidgy and jigglypuff -.-’
    Not Golem

  124. Lopes Says:

    Angel, what you want?
    Beedril, buterfree or shiny rattata?

  125. Calvin Says:

    is pidgey

  126. crackhenk Says:

    give me plz

  127. Calvin Says:

    Give me casey

  128. Davey_UNIco Says:

    Cambio: Shiny Graveler nv 25
    Codigo: 14dd094896e42

    Solo acepto buenas ofertas.
    Only accept good oferts.

  129. crackhenk Says:

    i dont have casey, casey is a girl

  130. Calvin Says:

    I mean abra -.-’

  131. angel Says:

    doy un golem brillante no es broma pero acambio pido un arcanine lv 25 ( el golem esta al 25)

  132. Calvin Says:

    Sorry casy is japanese -.-’

  133. crackhenk Says:

    i dont have abra srry

  134. Calvin Says:

    Sorry other I dont need

  135. crackhenk Says:

    how can i get abra?

  136. crackhenk Says:

    blue or red?

  137. Calvin Says:

    Have blue and red, have 3 players o0

  138. Calvin Says:

    but in red im at route 1 -.-’

  139. alex Says:

    how do you get siny pokemon

  140. alex Says:

    I have a siny igglypuff

  141. Calvin Says:

    When you catch abra I wanna give you jigglypuff and pidgey in shiny =)

  142. alex Says:


  143. angel Says:

    squirtle lv 5 = 14dd15e993ad7f
    charmander lv5 = 14dd15ed7533d
    bulbasur lv5 = 14dd15f1d0ffe3

  144. angel Says:

    si kereis los codigos de seguridad dadme algo a cambio

  145. Calvin Says:

    Then you can gimme yours ><

  146. alex Says:

    how do you get siny pokemons

  147. dominic99@hotmail.com Says:

    I’ll trade a shiny rattata or a lvl 25 Golem for an abra/kadabra/alakazam

  148. angel Says:

    perdon me equivoke
    squirtle lv 5= 14dd15e993ad7f
    charmander lv 5 = 14dd164c8404ed
    bulbasur lv 5= 14dd15f1d0ffe3
    si kereis los otros para tenerlos dadme otros acambio

  149. rave1118 Says:

    i have a level 25 pidgeotto for trade

  150. HELLOO Says:

    angel say the second code,please

  151. I found the code look at this comment very important!!! Says:

    i want alakazam!
    wat do you want diogo??

    same name as mine lol

  152. I found the code look at this comment very important!!! Says:

    if i do it will u gime alakazam?

  153. crackhenk Says:

    who can give me abra

  154. crackhenk Says:

    angel can you give me the codes to get the pokemons?

  155. I found the code look at this comment very important!!! Says:

    If i tell u the code , will u give me alakazam?

  156. Yusuf Says:

    this is golem

  157. I found the code look at this comment very important!!! Says:

    will u give me alakazam?????if i tell u the code

  158. HELLOO Says:

    please angel

  159. angel Says:

    ok peo tu k me das acambio tres pokemones al lv k keras

  160. crackhenk Says:

    thanks man, can u give em

  161. crackhenk Says:

    do you have shiny pokemons? for me not ratata or geodude?

  162. angel Says:

    si tengo el geudude pero el rattata no
    te lo cambio por uno de los tres

  163. Tara Says:

    Yay, I got it ^_^

  164. . Says:

    trade shiny ratta for abra

  165. bram Says:

    hello, i want trade mij nidoqueen from level 25
    code is 14dd12ffebeb1b

  166. Rafael Says:

    very easy to figure, i dont know how many people cant understand this.

  167. angel Says:

    estasss tienes un rattata brillante si lo tiene te lo cambio x un skurtel un bulbasur o un charmander uno de las 3

  168. JONAS1M Says:

    someone now how to get bullbasaur?

  169. Roland Says:

    hey diogo reis Pernambuco i want ur pokemon but it says i need security code can u give it to me for a charmander lv25? or Nidoking or Queen? Or Beedrill? Butterfree?Sandslash? All level 25

  170. angel Says:

    dame tu msn y negociamos el mio es angelin-30@hotmail.com

  171. Diogo Reis Pernambuco Says:

    Abra Only has Teleport, it sucks to Level Up

  172. Smart guy97 Says:

    all codes on here are fake and btw germany is the worst country. they got pwned in WW1 and WW2 haha

  173. redeye9669 Says:

    anybody want to trade a growlithe for a shiny pidgeotto??

  174. KS27 Says:

    Please, tell mi the kadrabra’s recive code

  175. angel Says:

    io kiero a alazazam
    te lo cambio por un charmander un bulbasur o un squirtle

  176. redeye9669 Says:


    this is shiney pidgeotto

  177. Rauko Says:

    Pretty easy.. Took me about 5 min xD

  178. Arnau el PRO Says:

    Clefable: lv.13
    preview code-14dd1601c5a161
    security code-a838

  179. jon Says:

    ¿what is the code of rattata?

  180. João Says:

    Diogo, what is the security code for alakazam?

  181. Arnau el PRO Says:

    Raticate: lv20
    preview code-14dd162c8f2a80
    security code-8ce0

  182. Me523 Says:

    got it. it is
    0 * * * * * * 4

  183. Arnau el PRO Says:

    PLZ give me preview and security codes.

  184. bobster bob Says:

    if some 1 gives me the code ill give them 4 rattata’s

  185. Arnau el PRO Says:

    Graveler:lv 25

    preview code-14dd16aef145f3
    security code-fc1c

  186. kikasopunk Says:

    who can trading me a shiny rattata and i give a shiny picachu

  187. Arnau el PRO Says:

    The glaveler is shiny.Its not a joke!

  188. Arnau el PRO Says:

    All of you have code of ratatta?

  189. pokeguy Says:

    i wanna trade the alakazam Lv.25 althought it is in fact a kadabra…what do you want for it????

  190. pokeguy Says:

    tengo un shiny rattata 14dd19b89eb378 lo cambio…q me ofrecen a cambio????

  191. Diogo Reis Pernambuco Says:

    Shinny Pidgeotto : 14dd17579eff70

  192. Diogo Reis Pernambuco Says:

    |_Version RED_|

    Alakazan Lvl. 25 : 14dd17707d2cc3
    Shinny Pidgeotto Lvl. 25: 14dd17579eff70

  193. sean Says:

    Just go on Youtube and get it

  194. Diogo Reis Pernambuco Says:

    Please, Tell Me about Clue 6 And 7 i’m stuck

  195. blaze Says:

    i got bulbasuare for trade

  196. Brandond Says:

    what do i do about this code for my shiny Snorlax, i wanna trade it to my friend but i cant figure it out. it says 34hd47787d2ca3
    and some security code, 8hy2. please help me out

  197. idontknowyoupeople Says:

    14dd1a7269579d for shiny ratata
    securtiy code- 47a4

  198. Mike Says:

    What do you mean by option 1 and expect 1? do you mean except 1?

  199. Brandon Says:

    ill trade my shiny graveler for another shiny graveler (so we both get shiny golems)

  200. Alex Says:

    Brandon thats so freaking cool!

  201. 01543on4 Says:

    who wrote this comment?

  202. i have all codes Says:

    i have a Arbe and a Shiny Arba with Metronome and Confusion

  203. Fang Says:

    To make 6 easier it means the “letter” in in every single word except for one so read the words slowly.

  204. Mate Says:

    Need clue 6 & 7!

  205. Hudson Says:

    Got it took about 2 minutes

  206. DavidGV Says:

    I have a shiny rattata lv.1 and and want a abra or a kadabra. the code is 14dd1b8190195b

  207. i have all codes Says:

    Shiny Rattata code is 01543on4

  208. morgan Says:

    i’m tradeing an ekans

  209. Alex Says:

    hey, all starter pokemon are free, just make a new game on one of the three slots and trade it to the other account, i have one of each on my main profiel =)

  210. Mystery Boy Says:

    clue 6 is ‘o’ and clue 8 is’4′!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. Mystery Boy Says:

    clue 6 is o and clue 8 is 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. Mystery Boy Says:

    not is zero.

  213. i have all codes Says:

    IMPORT my PTD Profile

    E-mail: jhourigan45@pacific.net.au

    Password: 1212

    i have Pokemon you cannot get

    thoose i have Onix,Blastiose,Shiny Jyxn, Shiny Abra

    i wont be telling how i got them

  214. Pokemaniac Says:

    What is the security code for the Bulbasaur- 14dd15f1d0ffe3

    I really want a bulbasaur.

  215. Anonimillo Says:

    someone interested in a shiny golem or a shiny raticate? what could you trade it for?

  216. ETHAN Says:


  217. ETHAN Says:


  218. Mauro Says:

    I have shiny jigglypuff, shiny wigglytuff, shiny rattata and shiny raticate. I’ll trade any of them for normal bulbasaur or normal squirtle. Is there anyone interested?

  219. Mauro Says:

    If someone wants

    normal graveler lvl 25 (that will evolve to golem as soon as the trade is succesfully completed)

    normal clefable lvl 13

    shiny jigglypuff lvl 1

    shiny wigglytuff lvl 1

    shiny rattata lvl 1


    shiny raticate lvl 20

    then send me an e-mail, I’ll trade any of them for:


    any lvl and can be normal or shiny

    I’ll trade ‘em too for:

    shiny pikachu

    If you are interested then send me an e-mail:

    sansalone_9@hotmail.com or sansalone_9@yahoo.es

  220. Xavier Says:

    um can someone tell me the codesfor a charmander and bulbasoaur pleaseand an onix.

  221. Xavier Says:

    /my mom wont let me add anything she thinks its going to bad for the computer

  222. Xavier Says:

    how do you trade

  223. tommy bourque Says:

    hello if you want trade some pokemon add my msn i speak french and english t-lover-the-official@hotmail.fr
    thank all tommy

  224. tommy bourque Says:

    i have a lot of pokemon if somone want add my t-lover-the-official@hotmail.fr
    tommy is my name and i have many pokemon just ask i speak french end english tank

  225. micaela Says:

    please gid me the code of security of bulbasor please

  226. omg Says:

    what the hell is the navigation bar?

  227. 01543on4 Says:

    it’s easy

  228. Demyx Says:

    i figured out the code to help the 6th digit is o not a zero but and o and the 8th digit is a 4


    THE CLUE # 2 is wrong the new chat td is number one now the actual number for “clue 2″ is 1 that is why some people are getting this wrong clue 2 = 1

  230. yair Says:

    i can’t understand this about code for mistery gift that’s why i’m mexican and i wish somebody can tell me one code


  231. big j Says:

    comment 27!!!!!!!!!
    C O D E

  232. Amanda Says:

    Forget what everyone else says. The code is really simple… takes 2 minutes, tops. All the clues are correct. It’s a little harder than the others but pretty simple.

  233. Ash Says:

    i am like ash mi team is
    i am ash ketsu i gona be a pokeman master

  234. fakhrool Says:

    who has a pokemon i want please trade with me

  235. dude Says:

    what is the code?

  236. dude Says:

    pleas say it

  237. i have all codes Says:


    he has way more Pokemon than that

  238. ivan Says:

    i give shiny rattata, jigly,pidgey or geodude for bulba, squirtle or abra, send a a e-mail

  239. Unknown Says:

    it’s too long to responds maybe the code is wrong or my internet connection is to slow..

  240. [removed by admin] Says:

    Check my name

  241. lolol Says:

    14d**4f8bb**b is shiny pidgey
    i gonna give the security code to someone who gives me a shiny pidgey my mail is frudame@live.com

  242. lolol Says:

    i ment a abra not a shiny pidgy

  243. Know All The Code Says:

    Hi ! If u wanna know the shinys just send a message on makulitnalalake@ymail.com so i can give u the codes :)

  244. CODES 5231 5234 Says:

    i want a abra and ratata

    tell me what you want to trade

    and what pokemon if i have

  245. jason Says:

    i just started and got it but i wont tell anything but clue 6 is o….. that is not a zero.

  246. crackhenk Says:

    i have shiny rattata for golem or graveler

  247. hasa Says:

    cual es el codigo
    de ratata brillante

  248. crackhenk Says:

    i give nine tailes for abra

  249. Calvin Says:

    Hey, ican give you all start-Pokemon, and all other Pokemon on lv.25, except Abra!
    I can train for you your Pokemons!
    I just wanna have an Abra!

  250. muriel5 Says:

    alguem sabe o codiigo para charmader brilhante?

  251. goku Says:

    wats up ¿no body cant get abra?

  252. muriel5 Says:

    todos os meus pokemons estão no nivel MAX (25)

    esse è swol

  253. HeeroYui Says:

    Am i the only one with a shiny beedrill? hehehe ^.^
    So happy, and lucky has nothing to do with this ^.^


  254. harold Says:

    send me the codes

  255. NickieRammie Says:

    I can trade Victreebell, Fearow, Parasect, Nidoqueen(king) all 25lvl!! and SHINY Beedrill, 15lvl
    Offer here=)
    Also sell shiny Geodude(18), Jiggly(15), Pidgey(17), offer too)

  256. RoSa Says:

    quien tiene un abra??? lo cambio por los pokemon que me pidan

  257. GP Says:

    Send me the codes!

  258. WOW Says:

    That was unbelievably easy

  259. momi33 Says:

    I Veur code for mew pliz

  260. momi33 Says:

    What is the code for mew

  261. RoSa Says:

    cambio mi abra… diganme ofertas

  262. vitor Says:

    ola pessoal troco um ivasour e um pegeoto shiny por um nedoking ou assim pikachu tbm …..

    hi guys a trade my ivysour and peggeot shiny for one nedoking our pikachu

  263. joepvandijk Says:

    i have the code for you 015****4 so are you now happy? bye i speak not so good english i am netherlands and i have the code for you no cheats whahaha! but in 6 is 1 foult would you are friends whit my my e-mail: joepvandijk99@hotmail.com and the code is 015****4

  264. Amy Says:

    Why does it say my code is invalid? I’m sure I got it right.

  265. killerofyou Says:

    i found shiny weedle at misty gim :D

  266. RoSa Says:

    tengo a bellsproth y a vulpiz… quien los quiere???

  267. alex Says:

    how do you get sinys pokemons

  268. alex Says:


  269. RoSa Says:

    the shinys pokemon are for mistery gift

  270. alex Says:


  271. IknowThecode Says:


  272. RoSa Says:

    cambio bellsprout por otro pokemon

  273. guicsdfs Says:

    i gave an abra level 13 for a golem

  274. gfjhgfy Says:


  275. Adrian Says:

    how can i get a Golem?

  276. AH%MED Says:


  277. AH%MED Says:


  278. Nosfeh Says:

    Vulpix lvl 12

    Preview code: 14d**c5**d1**d

    security code: 3**6

  279. o.O Says:

    WTF misty have a kiogre

  280. zero Says:

    i change a shiny rattata lv.35 for charizard lv. 35

  281. Johan Says:

    hey add me on yahoo and we could chat about trading i have red version. j.cristobal22@yahoo.com

  282. daburns13 Says:

    Good game but still needs more shiny codes…

  283. edmon Says:

    how do you get an abra in cerulian

  284. Jdog Says:

    i am looking for a shiny pidgey and pikachu i will give you any pokemon that i have ninetail i have a large number of pokemon so message me and i’ll trade.

  285. Jdog Says:


  286. soa44 Says:

    i need 3 abras and please the code of shiny rattata

  287. tato Says:

    i saw a shiny rattata on the first level in the game!!!!

  288. poke fan :D Says:

    cambio Shinny Rattata por shiny pidgeotto o pidgeot

  289. poke fan :D Says:

    sorry, segurity code its: a62b

  290. lol Says:

    ima use it in a code for if u get it then u got the code its some wat easy )!%$#On$ tht is the code

  291. sebastian Says:

    por favor envíenme el código del Rattata shiny the.sebabsm@gmail.com

  292. SaSoRii Says:

    xD consegui a shiny ratata :)

  293. alexmonster Says:

    anyone want to trade a level 14 beedrill for a grass type?

  294. sebastian Says:

    el que quiera el código del Rattata Shiny mandenme un correo pidiéndomelo :D 100000% seguro the.sebabsm@gmail.com solo pídanlo

  295. Matt Says:

    does anyone have an Abra that they are willing to trade. i have 5 extra beedrill’s that are all level 10 and over, 5 extra pigeotto’s that are all level 21 and over, and 2 extra sandshrews that are level 13 and 14. if you want you can have them all!!!

  296. Alarmaes Says:

    Pues no sé, pero yo encontré un Rattata Shiny la segunda vez que jugué el 1er escenario

  297. ????????????? Says:

    what is the security cod 4 bulbasaur

  298. ????????????? Says:

    security code for bulbasaur and i will give u a mankey plz :)

  299. JP Says:

    Trading Shiny ratata or shiny Golem or normal Charmander or normal Squirtle or normal Bulbasaur For Abra send me an email if interested master_jp16@hotmail.com

  300. ????????????? Says:

    If u want a bulasaur create another file starting with bulbasaur and trade that 2 your good file

  301. tylerjay22 Says:

    how do you say the anser to the clues

  302. derek Says:

    i’ll give you code for shiny ratata i’f you give me code for shiny mew

  303. julian Says:

    i dont get 7 r 8

  304. rayan Says:

    wat is cod rattata

  305. rayan Says:


  306. Abra Says:

    need an abra.

    willing to give
    bulbasaur, charmeleon, squirtle, shiney rattata, shiney pidgey, shiney geowaz, or just ask.

    Reply on:

  307. PEKACHU Says:


  308. PEKACHU Says:


  309. BOBBY Says:

    WHAT is it i’ve been trying for 2 days plz help

  310. Wulfxbone the giver ;) Says:

    im giving away a free shiny ratata by using trade so first 1 too read this and type it in trade gets it ;)
    Preview = 14d**c1a9**2*8
    security = c**7


  311. 123 Says:

    i hawe 0 legendarys i need codes to legendarys so send codes

  312. hasa Says:

    el codigo de ratata es 01543on4

  313. Wulfxbone Says:

    eh… 123 guy you do know there arnt any legends coded in people just lie they have them the only 1 who does exist is mew and he got removed by the owner for some reasen

  314. HELLOO Says:

    i have kyogre

  315. Lucho Says:

    tengo kyogre y mew

  316. Frozen Despair Says:

    Well that challenge was pretty easy, i dont see why ppl are having such a hard time with it though???

  317. Lucho Says:

    JP i ll change you a squirtle

  318. RoSa Says:

    quien me cambia un abra por un mewtho??? y de regalo el que quieran, tengo arcanine y sandrew y bellsprouh y el que quieran

  319. RoSa Says:

    tambien tengo a jynx

  320. Arnau el PRO Says:

    Quien quiera intercambiar qualquier pokemon de la edicion blue,los cambio todos toditos por:

  321. Arnau el PRO Says:

    mandad mensaje para qualquier cambio :D

  322. lunni Says:

    ola soy lucho y mi h
    ermana es lulila y si kieres venir a mi casa estoy en el pais de los lunnis xd

  323. lunni Says:

    fumo mucho si me la chupas te doy$

  324. Zhan xiong Says:

    Como se cambia

  325. Zhan xiong Says:

    agreguenme mi messenger es zhanfutbol@hotmail.com

  326. himynameisbob Says:


  327. himynameisbob Says:

    hey kid my name is un important what i want you to know is that you know me and i want to say hi so hi.

  328. gio Says:

    perke aa me si fermano al livello 25……………….potete darmi un pokemon td aggiornato

  329. angel Says:

    jajaja mi nuyevo ekipo es toos al 25 ivisaur wartotle charmeleon alakazam golem brillante y rydon jajaja no ay kien me gane puedo dar poliwag pikachu ekans … dw

  330. poketrololol 223 Says:

    look above for answer to No6
    hope it helps!!

  331. aaa Says:

    I have an abra! who want it?

  332. ewertwert Says:

    What is clue #8 ?

  333. Seth holder Says:

    I have a shiny graveler,ratatta,kakuna,pidgeotto, and a wigglytuff and they are all shiny

  334. ????? Says:

    01543on4 shiny ratata code

  335. Zhan xiong Says:

    Digan todos lo codigos porfaovr

  336. dannymaster Says:

    pleaze could you give me the code of the bulblasaur

  337. Seth holder Says:

    i caught the shiny kakuna in the virdian forest2

  338. I from Poland Says:

    please code a mew

  339. Isaac Says:

    q es “on”,quien me da el codigo para ratata brillante porfa!!!

  340. Wulfxbone Says:

    i have a shiny alakaam anyone willing too trade?

  341. Wulfxbone Says:


  342. Narusala Says:

    ?0?1?5?*?*?*?*?4 is the code to get your shiny ratata. Remove the ? to get the code xD

  343. Nicholas Says:

    some1 put the code in there name

  344. Nicolas Says:

    I’m trading a shiny rattata for a abra.Code:14dd44ded9baf3

  345. pkmnfan Says:

    mesa lookin fer dat venasoor.HEELLP!

  346. Dialga Says:

    hey who wants trade?

  347. Dialga Says:

    any body?

  348. Dialga Says:

    who wants to trade?

  349. Arron Says:

    trading shiny rattata lvl 8 for any good grass or water type like bulbasaur squilte or somet else i have 6 shinys and i’m not caring if you trade a shiny or not

  350. krackman Says:

    hey i have a shiney pidgey lvl 16 that i want to trade and for the shiny ratata code i have 01543__4 i dont know wat clues six and seven r though plz help

  351. charman Says:

    trading away 2 oddish

  352. krackman Says:

    got a abra lvl 10

  353. joc Says:

    I need a abra code…

  354. codes Says:

    help plz tell the rattatata code

  355. wartomato Says:

    Anyone wants to trade the Shiny Ratatta with me? Tell me. I will trade it for a good Pokemon. It should be at least level 10

  356. Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem Says:

    Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem


  357. Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem Says:

    Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem

    lvl 25

    Good offers plz


  358. bob Says:

    I will trade zubat 14dd46294d8ici

  359. Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem Says:

    Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem, butterfree, Nidoking, Beedrill,

    lvl 25
    also lvl 1 shiny jigglypuff and pidgey

    Soon lvl 25: Poliwhirl, parasect, mankey, fearow, gloom, raticate

    Good offers plz

    Willing to trade all for abra or kadabra

    Also willing to buy thunderstone, firestone, and moon stone for riachu, Arcanine, and wigglytuff


  360. code master Says:

    ok i got the shiny geodude and i want the ratata its 14562o90 that wat i think

  361. code master Says:

    if you want it den say so

  362. give me all the codes Says:

    i want more shinis

  363. poke fan Says:

    trade charmander and balbasur for any shiny

  364. danielbroady Says:

    those only codes i no

  365. sakaar @ poke Says:

    ok i will give you shiny rattata or shiny jiglypuff or polywag

  366. ivan Says:

    my bulbasaur for u abra

  367. ????? Says:


  368. ????? Says:


  369. ????? Says:

    shiny pigeotto

  370. zekromrule Says:

    or any shiny but geodude

  371. pepe Says:

    hey cual es el codigo de pidjey y el de jigglypuff

  372. Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem Says:

    Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem, butterfree, Nidoking, Beedrill,

    lvl 25
    also lvl 1 shiny jigglypuff and pidgey

    Soon lvl 25: Poliwhirl, parasect, mankey, fearow, gloom, raticate

    Good offers plz

    Willing to trade all for abra or kadabra

    Also willing to buy thunderstone, firestone, and moon stone for riachu, Arcanine, and wigglytuff


  373. joc Says:

    RoSa.. pero como que pokemon oro queres??

  374. RoSa Says:

    alguien me cambia algun pokemon oro??? ofrezco el que quieran al nivel que quieran

  375. jeremy Says:

    someone can give me an abra

  376. Davess Says:

    Please look at 373.

  377. Davess Says:

    LOOOK AT 373 Please!!!!!!!!!!

  378. RoSa Says:


  379. jon Says:

    tengo a todos los pokemon dorados

  380. RoSa Says:

    Joc me interesan los shinys pokemon… los cambio por los que quieran… me da = regalar alakam, ninetales,evesur,squiertle y charmeleon

  381. Wulfxbone Says:

    U guys only whant an abra but i have a fricking shiny alakazam rofl

  382. RoSa Says:

    quiero a los que me ofrezcan que no sean ni raticate ni a golem

  383. RoSa Says:

    jon te ineteresa alguno??? tengo a todos al nivel 25… tengo a evesur, charmeleon, squirtle, alakazam, raichu, pidgueotto, shiny raticate,arbok, golbat, nidoking, nidoqueen, mankey, baterfree, wigglytuff, fearow, gloom, jynz, bedrill, arcanine, ninetales, shiny golem, clefable, parasect, poliwhirl, victreebel, sandslash y alakazam

  384. Mr. xXx Says:

    Who wants a Charmeleon on lvl 25?

    –> nilsdittmann95@yahoo.de

  385. mARCUS Says:

    trade for abra

  386. mARCUS Says:


    I have shiny’s add me on msn for trade.

  387. rick Says:

    what’s the code from shiney mew?

  388. Wulfxbone Says:

    i have a kyogre*does the ash spin* Believe it!*naruto style*xD

  389. rick Says:

    say plz

  390. pleice Says:

    preveiw code 14dd545ad9acac sucraty code d28c =raticate lvl 25 in trade from me

  391. crackhenk Says:

    14dd563c1f0b89 this is shiny kakuna i want to trade him for a shiny abra or shiny alakazam, or normal alakazam or normal abra

  392. Armando0 Says:

    hi guys need help with the code I have this brilliant solo Ratata 01543-4 I need the 6 and 7 someone can tell me the 2 codes km missing: (Please help me: D

  393. pleice Says:

    ive found a giltch

    if you make a new acount you can clame the shiney pokemon again then trade it to your main acout then you can make a new acount over and over again then you can have loads of shiney of the same type

  394. RoSa Says:

    ya te he agregado… aceptame en el mns

  395. edwiin Says:

    i have an abra i change it for an a siney kakuna croackhenk

  396. Armando0 Says:

    rosa tienes msn??

    si es asi agregame okis :D, gabriel_armando0@hotmail.com

  397. Cewkie Says:

    May 16th, 2011 at 4:35 am

  398. kien kiere rata shini Says:

    esta en level 1 ;)

  399. ,jnr Says:


  400. DJ PIDJEY Says:

    cuál es el código para un pidjey y un jiglipuff shiny

  401. JamesDanirls Says:

    How do you return yur pokemon to their pokeballs?

  402. nerd Says:

    someone help i cant get my pokemons over lvl 25 why?:(

  403. wilson Says:

    quero:mew e kyogre,bulbassaur,squirtle,charmander shiny,dou qualquer outro poekmon(sem ser shiny)

  404. ThaKing Says:

    quien quiere un pokemon nivel 999??

  405. zzzz Says:

    any one want to trade?

  406. jtm914 Says:

    i will trade a 5vl charmander for any shiny starer

  407. jtm914 Says:

    i will trade for the kuna will a abra post the sercity code

  408. daburns13 Says:

    This new shiny ratatta code waz toooooooo easy and best of all you can get it as many of times you want.

  409. jacky Says:

    its the funest game ever!

  410. I_need_codes Says:

    can someone give me a code for shiny pokemon pllzzzzzzz

  411. Lesson Smith Says:

    After much capturing, training trading I have 29 pokeom at level 25 (unless otherwise indicated);
    Nidoran♀ - 16
    Paras - 20
    Rattata (shiny) - 21
    Jigglypuff (shiny) - 21
    Nidoram♂ - 23
    Beedril - 23
    Celfairy - 24
    (and thats just on my red version)

  412. andrew Says:

    if both codes for the alakazan I will post both shiney codes

  413. Malek Says:

    i want a squirtle and bulbasaur i havy shiny pokemon im willing to trade so email me mbouzahar66@gmail.com and i will tell you what i have and see if its what you are looking for.

  414. y3yewe Says:

    ocupo el codigo de kakuna

  415. arceus Says:

    o de mew

  416. arceus Says:

    tiene que encontrar la manera de ponerlos por que ami me costo mucho

  417. arceus Says:

    el de onix
    el de eevee
    el de mew
    el de oddish
    y otro

  418. Malek Says:

    if anyone wants a shiny geodude or rattata im will ing to trade just email me

  419. edwiin Says:

    i want to trade my abra for a shiny kakuna

    quiero cambiar mi abra por un kakuna shiny

    este es el abra:14***d4d2**afe

  420. cest Says:

    yo tengo un pikachu lv 18 quien me lo cambia por algo bueno

  421. cest Says:

    o mejor dicho un raichu recien lo transforme

  422. scott Says:

    i will trad a lvl 11 shiny geodude for a lvl 1 shiny ratatta

  423. scott Says:

    or lvl 1 for a lvl 1

  424. jhourigan Says:

    tell me what is the alakazam,mew and abra codes and i will give you the SHINY RATTATAcode is!!!!!!!!!!!! thatnks :)

  425. pokemin Says:

    ı trade shiny rattata

  426. Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem Says:

    They call me Bacon…

    Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem, butterfree, Nidoking, Beedrill,

    lvl 25
    also lvl 1 shiny jigglypuff and pidgey

    Soon lvl 25: Poliwhirl, parasect, mankey, fearow, gloom, raticate

    Good offers plz

    ***Willing to trade for abra or kadabra*** Or good offers***

    Also willing to buy thunderstone, firestone, and moon stone for riachu, Arcanine, and wigglytuff


  427. blade of fire Says:

    i am trading a lvl 25 Arcanine for a Cherlmeleon, Bulbasaur or a Ivysaur

  428. jon Says:

    Rosa, me interesa tu alakazam.

  429. jon Says:

    Rosa, perdona, mejor tu golem shini

  430. PEKACHU Says:


  431. Skaii Says:

    That was quite easy ;) I got my own Shiny Ratata :d

  432. Anonimillo Says:

    crackhenk, I’m interested in your shiny kakuna. I could trade for an abra

  433. LUCARIO Says:

    how can i get a golem???????????

  434. crackhenk Says:

    i want to trade it

  435. who wants to trade???? Says:

    who want to trade

  436. who wants to trade???? Says:

    hey wants trade or not

  437. who wants to trade???? Says:

    no way i have an alakazam

  438. who wants to trade???? Says:

    ba bye

  439. RoSa Says:

    si a alguien le interesa algun shiny mew o algun otro que me lo diga, solo acepto pokemon shinys…

  440. RoSa Says:

    vale jon pero quiero un kakuna brillante o un clefable brillante.. a cambio te doy dos

  441. crackhenk Says:

    14dd563c1f0b89 this is shiny kakuna i want to trade him for a shiny abra or shiny alakazam, or normal alakazam or normal abra!!

  442. Sim Says:

    BTW on which Lv can you catch a abra?

  443. RoSa Says:

    yo quiero el kakuna brillante y a cambio paso el mew brillante u otro similar, tengo todos menos kakuna brillante y clefable brillante

  444. Alex Says:

    cambio abra o shiny ratata por algun shiny
    change abra or shiny ratata for some shiny

  445. RoSa Says:

    tengo a metapod brillante

  446. Anonimillo Says:

    14dd64d8ccead0 is an abra. I trae it for a shiny kakuna or similar. Crackhenk, would you like to trade it?

  447. crackhenk Says:

    14dd563c1f0b89 this is shiny kakuna i want to trade him for a shiny abra or shiny alakazam, or normal alakazam or normal abra!!!

  448. MAX Says:


  449. MAX Says:


  450. adrian Says:

    the code is 01543on4

  451. adrian Says:

    adrian.jero@hotmail.com es mi correo

  452. RoSa Says:


  453. MAX Says:


  454. RoSa Says:

    yo tg un jynz al nivel 25… pero quiero un pokemon blillante

  455. RoSa Says:

    JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN no habia vistu tu comentario… pues si quieres mi golem brillante solo tienes que pedrimelo por el msn… agregame rosa_capricornio_91@hotmail.com

  456. RoSa Says:

    anonimillo a k pokemon te refieres??

  457. crackhenk Says:

    i want to trade you my cacuna for abra

  458. RoSa Says:

    pues en el gym de agua me lo cambió un hombre que salio al pasarme la fase

  459. crackhenk Says:

    first you

  460. RoSa Says:

    por cierto aninimillo abre el msn que te he agregado y asi hablamos mejor

  461. crackhenk Says:


  462. crackhenk Says:

    have you send it? then i can send mines

  463. MAX Says:


  464. crackhenk Says:

    could you tell me the preview code too?

  465. crackhenk Says:

    did you already send it? then i can send kakuna code

  466. crackhenk Says:

    anonimillo my mail is rickdeken@hotmail.com

  467. Jakob Says:


  468. lolol Says:

    14dd69099dd8a6 is shiny mew

    b6f6 is the security code

    have fun :-)

  469. lolol Says:

    14dd69099dd8a6 is shiny mew

    security code b6f6 have fun

  470. maial Says:

    i got kadabra lvl 25

  471. maial Says:

    i want to trade a shiny golem lvl 25 for a shiny ??

  472. lolol Says:

    here is a new mew 14dd69514cf541

    security code e3be

  473. Anonimillo Says:

    ok, I trade you my abra for your kakuna. Contact with me in alfredomimbrero@hotmail.com

  474. mARCUS Says:

    crank give me shiny kakuna i give you a shiny pidgotto

  475. Denis Says:

    i can give you my pidgeotto

  476. Anonimillo Says:

    rosa, como has consegido ese pkmn?

  477. Anonimillo Says:

    a jynz

  478. Anonimillo Says:

    ok, crackhenk, then send me a mail to alfredomimbrero@hotmail.com with the security code of kakuna and i will send you the same with abra

  479. Anonimillo Says:

    ok, tell me your mail

  480. Awesome Says:

    Curealean Gym sucks. Make it easier. I cannot beat the horseas, starus, and starmies.

    MAKE IT EASEIER SAM & DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  481. Awesome Says:

    can anyone trade me an abra for anything?

  482. Anonimillo Says:

    you have it

  483. Anonimillo Says:

    thanks, crackhenk

  484. crackhenk Says:

    how can i train abra?

  485. Awesome Says:

    please give me an abra

  486. Awesome Says:


  487. Awesome Says:

    I NEED AN ABRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  488. Anonimillo Says:

    does anyone have a shiny clefable?

  489. who wants to trade???? Says:

    i dont have a shiny clefaible

  490. crackhenk Says:

    need shiny pidgey

  491. crackhenk Says:

    can some1 trade me a shiny pidgey or pidgeotto

  492. crackhenk Says:

    i know the shiny clefaible code but its not working

  493. who wants to trade???? Says:

    hey i want the all code for shiny mew

  494. who wants to trade???? Says:

    i have shiny pidgey

  495. who wants to trade???? Says:

    no way give me shiny squirtle or shiny charmander

  496. who wants to trade???? Says:


  497. who wants to trade???? Says:


  498. who wants to trade???? Says:


  499. RoSa Says:

    cambio a todos mis pokemon brillantes por charmander y squirtle brillantes

  500. ash kepchup Says:

    cambio abra o shiny ratata por algun shiny
    change abra or shiny ratata for some shiny

  501. who wants to trade???? Says:

    kk ill give you free

  502. who wants to trade???? Says:


  503. ash kepchup Says:


  504. RoSa Says:

    siii.. todos gratis a cambio de charmander, squirt o bulbasur brillantes

  505. crackhenk Says:

    i need shiny pidgey for my collection( can someone give free or want to trade his pidgey or pidgeotto

  506. who wants to trade???? Says:

    give me shiny too

  507. who wants to trade???? Says:

    its ok to trade shiny for shiny pidgey

  508. who wants to trade???? Says:


  509. who wants to trade???? Says:

    its ok or not

  510. who wants to trade???? Says:

    who wants to free shiny pidgey

  511. ash kepchup Says:

    i want it

  512. crackhenk Says:

    i want free shiny pidgey

  513. who wants to trade???? Says:

    no want free pidgey

  514. who wants to trade???? Says:

    not you no way because you not give me shiny too

  515. ash kepchup Says:

    i can give you a kadabra

  516. who wants to trade???? Says:

    who wants pidgey

  517. who wants to trade???? Says:

    no want or want

  518. who wants to trade???? Says:

    hey all peoples

  519. ash kepchup Says:

    i want it
    y can give yoy a kadabra or a shiny rattata

  520. who wants to trade???? Says:


  521. who wants to trade???? Says:


  522. jjjs Says:

    who can give me abra

  523. bubble Says:

    könnt ihr mir den code für mew mewtou kyorrege groudon

  524. bubble Says:


  525. ash kepchup Says:

    cual kieres x el shiny pidgeotto¿

  526. scotty Says:

    i got all 21 pokemon in the game now i need to find shinys

  527. marko2253 Says:

    necesito a vulpix evolucionado
    y a onix lo cambio por raichu , ivasur,charmeleon y wartortle

  528. scotty Says:

    were can i get them at ????

  529. bubboo Says:

    the code for rattata :0154***4

    if you want a shiny rattata from me enter: 14dd6a2eba3152 seciurity code: dee1

  530. bubboo Says:


  531. scotty Says:


  532. Jdog Says:

    selling abra

  533. himynameisbob Says:

    i know code for shiny kyogre if you want it say hi

  534. himynameisbob Says:

    i know code for shiny kyogre if you want it say hi ok

  535. himynameisbob Says:

    i dont get clue number 8

  536. emanuel Says:

    doy un poliwrath lvl 25 unshiny pidgeotto lvl 25 y ungraveler 25 ofrezcan a superzumos@hotmail.com (puede ser un solo poke)

  537. Jdog Says:

    selling abra code to see

  538. Jdog Says:

    selling abra code to see is


  539. Aleksander Says:

    ho will give me an ekans im gonna give him 4 volpixs,5 nidoguens and 20 ratatas and even 1 raticate

  540. Aleksander Says:

    hey everyvon i vir trade a kadabra for an ekans.no wait i wil trade 2 kadabras for an ekans so ho wants a kadabra tell me

  541. emanuel Says:

    busco abra(u evoluciones) o un vulpix tengo poliwrath(es el ultimo depoliwag) un pidgeotto shiny golem nidoking raticatte (todos 25)(superzumos@hotmail.com)

  542. LittleBill Says:

    Fabio is a very sexy name!

  543. cest Says:

    ok yo tengo 1

  544. cest Says:

    un abra lv 12

  545. Fabio Says:

    I speak spanish, but why chat using it? Tiene un gato en tus pantalones.

  546. cest Says:

    14dd6d6b0bd67b es el codigo y el de seguridad es 526e

  547. melany Says:

    change golem lv 25 for open

  548. melany Says:

    change golem lv 25 for abra lv 1

  549. blade of fire Says:

    anyone want to trade for a Arcanine

  550. blade of fire Says:

    Hay cest u speak english?

  551. timmy izzle Says:

    01543_ _4

  552. edgar Says:

    tengo a
    charmeleon 25
    fearrow 25
    parasect 25
    nidoking 25
    nidoqueen 25
    raticate shiny 25
    mankey 25
    putterfree 25
    pigeotto 25
    wigglituff 25
    beedrill 25
    graveler 25
    arcanine 25
    ;) por fin

  553. edgar Says:

    el pidgotto es shiny !-.-

  554. Fabio Says:

    Sabe que la promlema de, “Who Wants To Trade???,”es, porque necesite cambia muy, muy malo. No te preocupes, “Who Wants To Trade???,” todo es tranquilo.

  555. Fabio Says:

    By the way, I’m not acually playing pokemon at 1:20 am, It’s like 4:20 pm.

  556. tell me a code Says:

    tell me a code for shiny mew please

    write the code like this

    1 2 3 4

  557. tell me a code Says:

    0 1 5 4 3 5 is for shiny ratatata

  558. cest Says:

    tengo un ratata lv 16 ( casi un raticate) y quiero un abra de lv 7 a cambio, mi facebook es cesarserratomata@live.com.mx

  559. Fabio Says:

    Everyone loves me.

  560. Fabio Says:

    Don’t you cest?

  561. Fabio Says:


  562. dallas Says:

    what’s the code

  563. cest Says:

    y tambien necesito un squirtle , I need a squrtle

  564. blade of fire Says:

    hay malek ill trade with u

  565. ARCEUS Says:

    canvio un GOLEN por un MEW dorado

  566. ARCEUS Says:

    EL GOLEN es lvl 25

  567. ARCEUS Says:

    el codigo es:


  568. pokemon master Says:

    I’ll trade with you bacon for an ivysaur a butterflee lv.25

  569. pokemon master Says:

    anybody wants a trade I’ll trade a clifairy for a squirtel

  570. ontoni Says:

    tengo un racata dorado casi ebolucionado busco ofertas de camvios slo oferten yo lesdigo si megusta

  571. ontoni Says:

    si lo quieren hay tienen mi msn nacho.blg(aroba)live.com.ar

  572. ontoni Says:

    tamvien descubri un truco para tener los tres pokemones q solo puedes elejir uno al prinsepio x ese truco no pido nada a camvio les dejo mi msn de nuebo jejeje xD nacho.blg(arroba)live.com.ar

  573. Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem Says:

    They call me Bacon…

    Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem, butterfree, Nidoking, Beedrill,

    lvl 25
    also lvl 1 shiny jigglypuff and pidgey

    Soon lvl 25: Poliwhirl, parasect, mankey, fearow, gloom, raticate

    Good offers plz

    ***Willing to trade for abra or kadabra*** Or good offers***

    Also willing to buy thunderstone, firestone, and moon stone for riachu, Arcanine, and wigglytuff


  574. izaha Says:

    shiny abra code pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss:(

  575. Steven Says:

    Is anybody willing to trade a…
    Or Clefairy?
    …To me. I’ve got every other Pokemon, fully evolved to it’s highest evo for the game (Ivysaur, Nidoking, Fearow, Raichu, ect.) though I may by random chance get one for free.

  576. Aleksander Says:

    steven i wir trade

  577. Brandon Says:


  578. adrian Says:

    kiero un graveler normal¡¡¡¡¡¡
    ofresco buenos pokemon

  579. crackhenk Says:

    can someone trade me shiny pidgey

  580. ash kepchup Says:

    bacon i want your shiny jigglypuff and pidgey i can give you abra or/and shiny abra

  581. juanjoo.10 Says:

    Charmander Pokemon Rattata for change, squartle bulbasur or as evolved or are

  582. bubble Says:

    i speak germany

  583. bubble Says:

    code for shiny mew ?

  584. bubble Says:

    wer hat den code für shiny mew

  585. giovanni garramone Says:

    rattata trade … anybody its Shiny …. TAKE IT

  586. bubboo Says:


    security code:4249= shiny ratatta lvl 8

  587. Filipe Says:

    when its the new pokemon shiny

  588. bubboo Says:


  589. bubboo Says:

    i want a shiny kyogre

  590. i want a code Says:

    super sonic

  591. i want a code Says:


  592. i want a code Says:

    any body there

  593. i want a code Says:

    i well give you a code
    if you ansewer

  594. i want a code Says:


  595. i want a code Says:

    plz say 1 word

  596. say 1 word Says:

    i change my name into say 1 word i was i
    want a code

  597. say 1 word Says:

    bye bye i well go in youtube to see for ho-oh the bells toll

  598. say 1 word Says:

    no i finish see that

  599. ME Says:

    someone can give me mew code MYmail yibird@yahoo.com.tw

  600. ME Says:


  601. DestroyerB Says:

    i got 3 pikachus level 14 each ha!!

  602. bubble Says:

    wer hat codes für alle shinys

  603. Jdog Says:

    selling Abra for shiny Pikachu

  604. Jdog Says:

    the code is


  605. Fung Says:

    trade pokemon

  606. Jdog Says:

    selling Growlithe for shiny pidgey

  607. Jdog Says:

    the code is


  608. ME Says:

    who can trade mew with me
    tonight trade i still give back

  609. stw Says:

    someone have a shiny starter? would you trade me for a shiny butterfree?

  610. stw Says:

    crackhent, I have a shiny pidgeotto. Do you ahave a shiny pokemon to trade for?

  611. stw Says:

    shiny buterfree or shiny jinx for shiny pikachu or starter

  612. Sebastian Says:

    someone please tell me the code i cant handle it i get migraines because of this

  613. stw Says:

    14dd7b451afbf7 shiny butterfree

    I will trade it for a shiny pikachu or a shiny starter

  614. ash kepchup Says:

    jon t cambio el mew dorado x un abra o jynx brillantes

  615. jon Says:

    yo tengo ha mew dorado

  616. jon Says:

    yo tengo un mew dorado

  617. jon Says:

    Rosa, tengo un kakuna shini. 14dd563c1f0b89 es su código por si lo quieres ver. Es verde. Cuando tu me des el código normal y el código de seguridad de golem, yo te dare el código de seguridad del kakuna shini verde.

  618. galio Says:

    14dd7c19ead967 22LVL

  619. angel Says:

    alguien me da un mew dorado por el k kera un alakazam
    un arcanine un poliwrat un arbok… por un mew
    (todos mis pokemons estan al lv 25)

  620. Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem Says:

    Steven, do you have an abra or kadabra? or Alakazam lol

    They call me Bacon…

    Trding Charmeleon, Wartorle, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Shiny pidgeotto, shiny golem, butterfree, Nidoking, Beedrill,

    lvl 25
    also lvl 1 shiny jigglypuff and pidgey

    Soon lvl 25: Poliwhirl, parasect, mankey, fearow, gloom, raticate

    Good offers plz

    ***Willing to trade for abra or kadabra*** Or good offers***

    Also willing to buy thunderstone, firestone, and moon stone for riachu, Arcanine, and wigglytuff


  621. uigujjhkh Says:

    Have somvon som legendary pokemons to trade

  622. crackhenk Says:

    i need a shiny pidgey or pidgeotto

  623. cale b Says:

    what code for shiny rattatta

  624. Fabio Says:

    Does anybody care about ME?

  625. ontoni Says:

    amigo angel yo tengo un new dorado

  626. cest Says:

    tambien tengo un raichu lv 23 y quiero solo un squirtle de lv 12 o mas

  627. Isaac Says:

    tengo un rattata brillante lvl 1,lo cambio solo por buenas ofertas!!!

  628. MAX Says:

    i want abra please i give 1 charmilion 1 jynx and nother pokemon that you choose please make contact

  629. jor Says:

    clue 6 is o

  630. joseph Says:

    como pueddo hacer para que mi ivusaur evolucione

  631. zaza Says:

    si alguien sabe donde saco un vulpix y un bellsprout mi avisa a mi mail
    porfavor :D

  632. cest Says:

    and I speak english

  633. overdonn Says:

    i give a
    abra 14dd827f5b1dd7
    and a
    vulpix 14dd8280fd7445
    what do you have to change??

  634. overdonn Says:

    want a nidoking or nidoqueen

  635. micaela Says:

    adrian te voy a dar un golem brillante

  636. marco Says:

    please the shiny ratatta code

  637. gogeta Says:

    preveiw code 14dd82e533oca3
    secuity cde 7ad1
    for abra

  638. stw Says:

    nadie quiere mi shiny butterfree?

  639. gogeta Says:

    pt up trading code for mew

  640. marco Says:

    shiny ratatta code

  641. marco Says:

    i already got the shiny geodude, pidgy, and jigglypuff codes

  642. max wang Says:

    can someone give me a free Kyogre because someone has stolen from me
    msn maxwang1999@hotmail.com and probably already thanks
    ps I’m chinese

  643. mr ratta Says:

    i have a shiny ratta

    lvl 16 and will trade for somthing good who has somthing?
    oh and also have
    abra lvl 10

  644. PTD player #1 Says:

    i have alot of pokemon almost everyone in the game
    1 is shiny who wants what for what

  645. Emma Says:

    What is answer to clue 8? please tell me!!! its so hard

  646. Awesome Says:

    Can anyone tell me what pokemon and techniquies to use to catch an abra in celadon gym OR trade me an abra

  647. PTD player #1 Says:

    so far i have:

    Riachu lvl 22
    butterfree lvl 21
    beedrill lvl 21
    ivysaur lvl 16
    charmillion lvl 18
    warturtle lvl 17
    sandshrew lvl 21
    abra lvl 10
    nidorini lvl 17
    bellsprout lvl 16
    zubat lvl 16
    and shiny ratta lvl 16
    spearow lvl 19
    geodude lvl 17
    mankey lvl 16
    ninetails lvl 15
    clefairy lvl 19
    nidoran lvl 12
    pigdey lvl 13
    jigglypuff lvl 11
    paras lvl 16
    and finally poliwag lvl 12

  648. PTD player #1 Says:

    levichasse427@gmail.com if you wanna talk bout trading heres my email

  649. dude90 Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! i forgot jiggly’s code and what is rattata’s. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  650. dude90 Says:

    some one plz tell me rattata’s and jiggly puff’s code im despirite

  651. daburns13 Says:

    I defeated misty and you won’t believe it,misty has a kyogre
    I bet you that you’ll have to defeat it when the other version
    comes out.

  652. albert Says:

    shiny rattata

  653. Juninho Says:

    I Want Abra, I tranding shiny pidgey,charmander,bulbassar or squirtle

  654. Juninho Says:

    I Spiking emglish soul soul and speking portuguese perfect

  655. wilson Says:

    alguem interessado por buterfree shiny,troco por qualquer um desses shinys:
    jynx(não precisa ser shiny)
    kyogre(não precisa ser shiny)
    mew(não precisa ser shiny)
    tambem ofereço squirtle,bulbassaur,charmander por um desses

  656. SHINY RATTATA 4 TRADE!!! Says:

    trade 4 a good pokemon plz (lvl4 shiny rattata)

  657. SHINY RATTATA 4 TRADE!!! Says:

    can i have a shiny pikachu?

  658. fakhrool Says:

    who want shiny ratata 14dd8a5423334e

  659. Fung Says:

    i want a abra
    i will use a 25LV poliwrath to trade

  660. Isaac Says:

    q salga la nueva version!!!!!!!

  661. Pepe Says:

    I have an alakazam!!!:)

  662. tylerjay22 Says:

    rattata code:01543on4
    jigely puff code:673034
    pidjy code:5234
    geodudue code:5231

  663. tylerjay22 Says:

    a beedril in trading for a mew
    beedril lvl is 123 code is 14dd8d1f01cdc2 security code is 0207

  664. tylerjay22 Says:

    oh its 73cb and 14dd8d2758f696

  665. tylerjay22 Says:

    oh its shiny by the way

  666. Ash Says:

    I will trade A shiny Wartortle or a Shiny Charmeleon Or a Shiny Ivysaur For an Abra

  667. Ash Says:

    I will trade any of these pokemon in shiny for abra


    They are also all level 25

  668. Blastoise #10 Says:

    Hey Ash Ketchup I got a shiny fearow.

  669. Blastoise #10 Says:

    Ash Ketchup what you got to trade for a shiny fearow?

  670. T-Rex Says:

    Whats the code!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  671. T-Rex Says:

    I will trade a pikachu,buttrfree,and bedrill for a shiny jigglypuff,pidgey,rattata,or geodude

  672. T-Rex Says:

    Beedril lvl 14 14dd9136ca679b 4247

    Butterfree lvl 14 14dd913b39aadd 6fc4

    Pikachu lvl 4 14dd913ed71ea le04

  673. bubble Says:

    welcher code ist for mew

  674. T-Rex Says:

    If intrstead ansure at my youtube chanell Megabeldum and type ok also type security code and the other code.

  675. joshconnolly2000@hotmail.com Says:



  676. PTD player #1 Says:

    ash i will give you a shiny ratta lvl 16 for golem

  677. ash kepchup Says:

    alguien tiene un fearow shiny?
    somebody got shiny fearow?

  678. EYEBALL3000 Says:

    GET ME A ABRA AND U WILL GET A AMAZING IVYSUAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  679. kenny Says:

    can any one give me pokemon..

  680. _Zeox_ Says:

    hey anyone want a ninetails

  681. _Zeox_ Says:

    will some one trade me a growlithe i will give you a nine tails in exchange

  682. tylerjay22 Says:

    i have got a shiny fearow

  683. tylerjay22 Says:

    for mew

  684. AnthonyXD99 Says:

    yeah, i got it

  685. stw Says:

    ash, I will give you an alacazam for your shiny starters

  686. stw Says:

    tylerjay22 , would you like a shiny buterfree and shiny beedrill for your fearow?

  687. tylerjay22 Says:

    yes plz

  688. tylerjay22 Says:

    i give you code wen i get the shinys

  689. tylerjay22 Says:

    its lvl 23

  690. tylerjay22 Says:


  691. stw Says:

    14dd7b451afbf7 shiny butterfree
    14dd908624b820 shiny beedrill
    14dd907633cb9a alakazam
    14dd907b1ab43b jinx
    this is the pokemo i can offer you for you pokemon.
    tylerjay22, I’m interested in your fearow, ash, i would like your starters

  692. tylerjay22 Says:

    all tarters shiny for mewtwo shiny

  693. tylerjay22 Says:

    security codes

  694. stw Says:

    tell me your mail

  695. tylerjay22 Says:


  696. tylerjay22 Says:

    not lmive

  697. tylerjay22 Says:


  698. tylerjay22 Says:

    security codes?

  699. chris Says:

    1 shiney gravvler for trading

  700. stw Says:

    now you have it

  701. stw Says:

    can you send it me now, please?

  702. tylerjay22 Says:


  703. chris Says:

    does anyone know the codes for the shineys?
    if you do please post them on the wall.

  704. tylerjay22 Says:

    were are they

  705. stw Says:

    but this starters are not shiny

  706. stw Says:

    i sended it to your mail. Can you send me your fearow when you have them?

  707. stw Says:

    im mean shiny fearow

  708. Ash Says:

    i willl trade u a shiny pidgeot for that abra

  709. tylerjay22 Says:

    were is my mail?

  710. stw Says:


  711. tylerjay22 Says:

    im here

  712. tylerjay22 Says:

    were is my mail????????????,

  713. stw Says:

    you have them?

  714. stw Says:

    i sended it to boboundy@live.co.uk

  715. tylerjay22 Says:

    just tip them in here

  716. tylerjay22 Says:


  717. stw Says:

    buterfree 3341

  718. tylerjay22 Says:


  719. stw Says:

    beedrill be63

  720. stw Says:

    now tell me the code for fearow, please

  721. tylerjay22 Says:


  722. stw Says:

    you want all of them? ok, but firdt send me it and I will continue

  723. Ash Says:

    Stw if u give me mew 2 i will give you all three starter pokemon shiny

  724. lololol Says:

    01543on4 shiny rattatta now stop asking

  725. tylerjay22 Says:

    no i want the other two thirst

  726. tylerjay22 Says:

    i promisse i will give you it

  727. Ash Says:

    Stw if u trade me mew i will give u all three shiny starters

  728. stw Says:

    i will send you, but, please send me almost the code of fearow. Not the security code, i only want to see it

  729. tylerjay22 Says:


  730. tylerjay22 Says:

    plz just give me it :(

  731. stw Says:

    i only want to see him to kknow you have it

  732. tylerjay22 Says:

    i have it i just want the codes i promisse after i will give you it

  733. lololol Says:

    shiny rattatta trade code guys :) 14dd93a1d6ad30

  734. stw Says:

    ok, i will give you alakazam and you show me beefore giving jinx, ok?

  735. tylerjay22 Says:


  736. stw Says:

    alakazam 0551

  737. tylerjay22 Says:

    14dd90fcedb6fa:shiny fearow

  738. stw Says:

    are you kidding? it’s not shiny, and it’s not a fearow

  739. tylerjay22 Says:

    all starters in stead?

  740. Ash Says:

    I will trade any of these pokemon in shiny for abra


    They are also all level 25

  741. tylerjay22 Says:

    jinx code?

  742. stw Says:

    i have all the pokemon we can have, and most of them shiny. I only wanted more shiny pokemon. You told me you have a shiny fearow, and I wanted it. You lied me.

  743. tylerjay22 Says:


  744. gabriel Says:

    i am trding 14dd92d51d3e36 tis pokemon

  745. stw Says:

    now I lost two shiny pokemon and an alakazam for you

  746. tylerjay22 Says:

    ill give you a manky for jinx? plz

  747. stw Says:

    you’ll not have anymore from me. You lied me

  748. tylerjay22 Says:


  749. tylerjay22 Says:


  750. gabriel Says:

    i am trding this pokemon=14dd92d51d3e36 =secuiriti code=5435

  751. tylerjay22 Says:


  752. T-Rex Says:

    Polliwag does someone a poliwag

  753. crackhenk Says:

    i have shiny beedril

  754. pokemon trainer mew Says:

    hay stop fithging

  755. stw Says:

    do you want anything else? like shiny mew? because I could give it to you if you doesnt lie my

  756. fum Says:

    jynx wtf? never seen one before

  757. tylerjay22 Says:

    ok what pokemon do you want???

  758. tylerjay22 Says:

    im sry verry sry

  759. crackhenk Says:

    i want to trade shiny beedril and shiny golem for mew

  760. stw Says:

    do you know what sarcasm means?

  761. crackhenk Says:


  762. tylerjay22 Says:

    ive not got glem but beedril yes

  763. stw Says:

    i won’t sell my mew

  764. crackhenk Says:

    you want yo trade me your mew for shiny golem?

  765. tylerjay22 Says:

    how about a shinny:

  766. crackhenk Says:

    wich you want to trade

  767. stw Says:

    no, i was talking to tylerjay22

  768. crackhenk Says:


  769. stw Says:

    only shiny starters could be traded for it

  770. crackhenk Says:

    show me shiny butterfree maybe i want to trade an also show me mew

  771. crackhenk Says:

    can you send me the preview codes stw?

  772. crackhenk Says:

    do you have kadabra?

  773. T-Rex Says:

    I got ekans so if ya want ekans tell me shiny rattata code and i’tell ya ekans codes

  774. crackhenk Says:

    i do

  775. stw Says:


  776. crackhenk Says:

    i have a victreebell too

  777. crackhenk Says:

    wich one do you want to trade with me?

  778. T-Rex Says:

    iwant any shiny

  779. crackhenk Says:

    all my pokemons are lvl 25

  780. stw Says:

    mmmmm I can’t change mew. says that it have an error to charge

  781. tylerjay22 Says:


  782. T-Rex Says:

    tell me the codes ok

  783. tylerjay22 Says:


  784. crackhenk Says:

    which pokemon do you want to trade with mr :stw:?

  785. stw Says:

    shiny starters, but, really, I can’t. This pokemon can’t be traded, I don’t know why

  786. crackhenk Says:

    with me

  787. crackhenk Says:

    and other pokemons i dont have?
    like a jynx

  788. crackhenk Says:

    how can i get a jynx and wich level

  789. crackhenk Says:

    stw your there?

  790. T-Rex Says:

    Ekans lvl 9 code1: 14dd940bcf3904


  791. stw Says:

    yes, i’m here. I can trade a jinx with you, but what you would like to trade for?

  792. crackhenk Says:


  793. crackhenk Says:

    what do you want?

  794. T-Rex Says:

    any shiny type the codes/or tell me the rattatta code

  795. stw Says:

    shiny pokemon, do you have anyone (not raticate, geodude, beedrill, buterfree orjigglipuff)

  796. crackhenk Says:


  797. crackhenk Says:

    i have rattata :P

  798. crackhenk Says:

    i have kadabra but not shiny

  799. crackhenk Says:

    you have shiny pikachu

  800. stw Says:

    i’m sorry, but then I’m not interested

  801. crackhenk Says:

    youre there?

  802. crackhenk Says:

    a golem? you dont have golem you said

  803. crackhenk Says:

    do you have shiny pidgey or pidgeotto for me

  804. crackhenk Says:


  805. HELP ! Says:

    When is the new code up for a new shiny? Is it every monday ?

  806. T-Rex Says:

    i want poliwag or shiny geodude

  807. crackhenk Says:

    i have shiny abra just caught

  808. soccerbal Says:

    calvin what is the security code for the shiney pidgey??????????

  809. overdonn Says:

    @ boboundy
    what do you not have ?? nidoqueen ninetails, sandslash, one of the starters victreebel, vilepulme????

  810. overdonn Says:

    @ boboundy
    what do you not have ?? nidoqueen ninetails, sandslash, one of the starters victreebel, vilepulme?

  811. overdonn Says:

    @ boboundy
    what do you not have? nidoqueen ninetails, sandslash, one of the starters victreebel, vilepulme?

  812. nico Says:

    14dd94880e2ee6 shiny beedrill for abra trade

  813. nico Says:

    shiny beedrill lvl 21
    for abra lvl 1

  814. nico Says:

    14dd947737457e beesril lvl 21
    for abra

  815. nico Says:

    pls 14dd940bbad659 shiny beedril lvl 21
    for abra

  816. overdonn Says:


  817. Anonimillo Says:

    hey crackhent, i have written you a mail right now. Can you respond it?

  818. asdfghjkl Says:

    does anyone have a code that is not a shiny ratata,jigglypuf,geodude

  819. samuel Says:

    i have:
    charmeleon 25
    raticate 25
    pitgeotto 25
    shiny raticate 25
    nidoking 25
    nidoquen 25
    pikachu 25
    parasite 25
    shiny jiglippuf 25
    graveler 25
    shiny graveler 25
    golbat 25
    buterfree 25
    fearow 25
    arboc 25
    beedril 25
    monkey 25
    shiny pitgeotto 25
    clefairy 23
    growlite 23
    shiny buterfly 25
    shiny alakazam 25
    shiny golem 25
    shiny arboc 25
    shiny charmrlon 25
    shiny wartortle 25
    shiny ivysaur 25
    shiny sandlash 25
    poliwag 23
    and a shiny pikachu 25

  820. samuel Says:

    i’m the best
    jeje soy el mejor

  821. hammer Says:

    anyone have a shiny code that is not a shiny rattata,geodude,and jigglypuf

  822. AgentXIII in Newgrounds Says:

    I have a shiny rattata!



    I’m generous :)

  823. hammer Says:

    how do you get a shiny carmillon

  824. 123 Says:

    what is the rattata code??

  825. hammer Says:

    HOW DO YOU GET THEESE POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  826. marco Says:

    please tell me shiny ratatta code

  827. AnthonyXD99 Says:

    yeah, i got rattata :D

  828. Anonimillo Says:

    shiny rattata code does not exist nowif you want, you have to trade it

  829. hammer Says:

    what will any of u trade for a shiney pidgey?

  830. marco Says:

    crackhenk can i have the shiny abra for charmileon

  831. bloodlordjm Says:

    im wondering where do u find abra at and also im trading a growlithe away for a vulpix

  832. marco Says:

    or for shiny worturtle

  833. NemoXIV Says:

    Lol, i got the code right, but i already had a Shiny Rattata >___<
    It was like the 3rd pokemon in the first stage :D
    So now i have a shiny Raticate lvl. 25, and i can get as many shiny rattatas as i want :D

  834. bloodlordjm Says:

    trading shiny ratta lvl 1 for abra dont care for lvl code is 00ca

  835. boboundy Says:

    tradin shiny rattata for a abra

  836. 123 Says:

    pleas giwe the rattata code to anitaskundberg@hotmail.no(-:

  837. boboundy Says:

    yes no

  838. boboundy Says:

    ok then

  839. crackhenk Says:

    who want to trade my shiny abra or my alakazam for a poekmon i dont have

  840. 123 Says:

    please giw me the shiney rattata code to anitaskundberg@hotmail.no

  841. crackhenk Says:

    marco i want your shiny wartortle

  842. boboundy Says:

    then any want a shiny geodude

  843. crackhenk Says:

    anonimillo i sended a email back

  844. boboundy Says:

    sorry i have not got a worturtle

  845. boboundy Says:

    i have a worturtle

  846. boboundy Says:

    i not have a siny worturtle

  847. Anonimillo Says:

    marco, you raelly have a shiny wartortle?

  848. crackhenk Says:

    srry mate

  849. crackhenk Says:

    need free pokemons

  850. crackhenk Says:

    need free pokemons!!!!

  851. b man 2 Says:

    shiny rattata is 01543on4 ok people

  852. thor Says:

    beedrill codes is security code is f5b5 preview code is 14dd957f5b5d97d703

  853. crackhenk Says:

    can someone give me some good pokemons for free?

  854. i got it Says:

    its 01543on4 your welcome

  855. thor Says:

    14dd96748eaf00 pc 26ca sc

  856. joop Says:


  857. overdonn Says:


  858. david Says:

    I FOUND THE CODE, whoever wants a shiny ratata, msg me, i entered the code like 10 times LOL, ill trade any pokemon for them, msg me if u want one

  859. deidjasj Says:

    what is the code of ratata shiny

  860. crackhenk Says:

    anonimillo? ure there? if u read my messages

  861. crackhenk Says:

    read my messages ok

  862. its a noob Says:

    hmm someone i need a shiney pidgey or another shiney and i don’t need a noob rattata or geodude i trade fior shiney rattata? this is my email and this is code jaapie19981@live.nl

  863. jppppizzzle Says:

    Want to get shiny mew, willing to trade for any of these:

    shiny:Shiny rattata, shiny pidgeotto,shiny jigglypuff

    Regular:Clefairy,nidoking, bulasaur, charmeleon, squirtle,
    pichachu, paras,

  864. bobster bob Says:

    if eny 1 wants a shiny kakuna or 3 pikachus add me on msn maweb1@talktalk.net

  865. Mystery Pailiyn Says:

    zero one five four three ON four that is the code in words p.s on is on the others are numbers

  866. Blastoise #10 Says:

    Anyone want to trade a Pokemon for a level 11 Pikachu or a level 15 butter free. If the levels are to low tell me what level you want and I`ll train the pokemon you want.

  867. Blastoise #10 Says:

    hey crackhenk code for level 19 sandshrew is 14dd947737457e preveiw 9026 to get it after you put in the preview.

  868. Blastoise #10 Says:

    I will trade a Nidoran Male for any form of poliwag.

  869. black and yellow biatch Says:

    hey blastoise wich pokemon do you have?

  870. crackhenk Says:


  871. ruben901 Says:

    found the code

  872. ruben901 Says:

    i think cerulean gym is very hard

  873. PTD player #1 Says:

    i have found the ultimate cheat to level up pokemon as fast as you want to lvl 25 and i am willing to tell others for shiny pokemon besides geodude and ratta who is interested email me levichasse427@gmail.com

  874. nicolas Says:

    i have the code!!!! is not to difficult if u want i change it i have it on lvl 17 and 5 more on lvl 1

  875. mierda Says:

    who can find me the codes for:
    butterfree (the first form)
    beedril (the first form)

    Thanks if you do so

  876. pedro Says:

    caraca nuca i a evolução do meu ratata

  877. mierda Says:

    When does geodude evolve?

  878. antonio Says:


  879. antonio Says:

    this is the code!!!!!!!!!!!!

  880. jppppizzzle Says:

    Want to get shiny mew, willing to trade for any of these:

    shiny:Shiny rattata, shiny pidgeotto,shiny jigglypuff

    Regular:Clefairy,nidoking, bulasaur, charmeleon, squirtle,
    pichachu, para, wartortle

    email me @

  881. Mystery Pailiyn Says:

    Anyone want a free rattata? The code is 14dd969c41c815 and the other code is b958 first one to see it gets it

  882. antonio Says:

    i have one

  883. Mystery Pailiyn Says:

    free pokemon level 25 any thing pm me give a tough one people

  884. Mystery Pailiyn Says:

    my real website is some thing else press my name

  885. digimon master Says:


  886. PlasticHead Says:

    you should change clue 7 as it’s not accurate anymore, if you follow the clue you get the wrong letter

  887. leostar Says:

    the code is 01543on4
    have fun

  888. ivaxz Says:

    quiero pokemones buenos

  889. Anonimillo Says:

    alguien tiene un squirtle/charmander/bulbasur/pikachu brillante? tengo MUY buenas ofertas

  890. crazyjos22h Says:

    LISTEN UP THE CODE IS 01543on4

  891. joc Says:

    alguien q me pueda cambiar un abra

  892. Luke70819 Says:

    code for squirtle

  893. Luke70819 Says:

    is there a code for squirtle?

  894. pokemiaut Says:

    debriamos oner todos los codigos de pokemon shiny que sepamos

  895. Does anyone know a code to a shiny pokemon besides rattata or geodude??!! Says:

    please tell me if you know one!!

  896. boboundy Says:

    i giving away a shiny mewtwo for a shiny mew

  897. Burningfox6 Says:

    I found it. Nice puzzle

    Others looking for it?
    01**3**4 Good luck :)

  898. boboundy Says:


  899. boboundy Says:

    i giving away a shiny mewtwo for a shiny mew!

  900. trainer mew Says:

    i giving away shiny mewtwo for shiny mew

  901. gio Says:

    ho un gheridos catturato alla palestra acqua

  902. trainer mew Says:

    im tradin a shiny mewtwo for a shiny mew

  903. PLAYER Says:

    anyone can trade code for pokemon lvl 30?(i already have shiny- rattata , -zubat , -geodude)

  904. harry10 Says:

    im giving away a shiny rattata

  905. harry10 Says:

    need free pokemon

  906. harry10 Says:

    any free pokemon?

  907. antonio Says:

    ¿cuantos shiny teneis?

  908. Kilroy Says:

    anyone willing to trade a charasaur, or bulbasaur? any level

  909. Ash Says:

    macro the shiny ratatta code is 01543on4

  910. pokr999 Says:

    does anyone know a code for shiny pikachu


  911. Pokemon Player Says:

    Looking for Shiny Rattata Code. The one I have isn’t working: 0**43**4

    And, Also looking for- Vulpix, Wartortal, Ivysaur.
    Can Offer-
    Growlithe, Abra, Beedrill, Mankey.

  912. bop it Says:


  913. harry10 Says:

    i giving away a mewtwo shiny for mew shiny

  914. harry10 Says:

    has enywon got a shiny spearow

  915. RoSa Says:

    rosa_capricornio_91@hotmail.com cambio cualquier pokemon

  916. RoSa Says:

    el ratatta brillante ya no lo puedes conseguir mediante el codigo, solo cambiandolo, yo he dejado aqui mi msn para negociar cambios de pokemon… rosa_capricornio_91@hotmail.com

  917. christopher Says:

    alguem sabe quando vai entrar as novas fases???
    me falem pelo msn..

  918. christopher Says:

    porque el pokemon están alcanzando el nivel 25?

  919. DON'T CHEAT Says:

    say me many codes or send me many please RaphiD@oberchef.de

  920. ian Says:

    pasenme la pista 7 por favor tengo todas menos esa

  921. ??????????????? Says:

    I will give someone the wortortle code for a charmeleon or ivysaur code at eandghaney@msn.com.

  922. DJD Says:

    @ Pokemon Player (post 912) I have a vulpix, would you trade it for abra? email the codes to vikingscommand626@ymail.com

  923. RoSa Says:


  924. present Says:

    Hola, soy buena persona y al primero que vea esto que corra!
    soy muy listo y os dejo este code que hackee



  925. Siren Says:

    who will give me a shiny mew
    i will give him an abra,lvl.
    28. arbok and graveler

  926. tommy bourque Says:

    add me t-lover-the-official@hotmail.fr if you want trade some pokemon

  927. poketd Says:

    only one prsen has shiny mew. no one else can get it. i can give you code for shinys i know. i can give u regular starter for free, i got a bunch.preview codes and security codes will be posted later.

  928. RoSa Says:

    comentario 914…HARRY10 TE CAMBIO EL MEW BRILLANTE POR EL MEWTWO BRILLANTE… rosa_capricornio_91@hotmail.com

  929. RoSa Says:

    tengo a todos los pokemon brillantes
    no es broma
    agregadme para mas informacion

  930. charizard23 Says:

    trade me codes 14dde8c5764d25 and 14ddc90061dobf

  931. ujfjdfj Says:

    any one wana trade

  932. ujfjdfj Says:

    preview: 14ddebf0462429
    security: a5f4

    this is SHINEY MEW

  933. ujfjdfj Says:


    this is shiney mew2

  934. ujfjdfj Says:

    5231 is geodude

  935. Ash Says:

    i have a code 4 a shiny abra who ever wants it take it wen u can use it

    preveiw code:14ddea62246ce3
    security code:7dd4

  936. Ash Says:

    i have a code 4 a shiny abra who ever wants it take it wen u can use it


  937. Kairos! Says:

    My Pidgeotto won’t evolve… :( it’s level 35 too, with full Exp!

  938. ujfjdfj Says:

    charzard23 wat is zubats security code

  939. ujfjdfj Says:

    how do you get shiney mew2

  940. raphael Says:

    plsss tell me the code for shiny rattata

  941. pokeman Says:


  942. Bob Says:

    I will trade a shiny pigey for a good pokemon

  943. Bob Says:

    I will trade a shiny pigey or shiny Jiggily puff or wiggily puff for a shiny pikichu or shiny starter pokemon

  944. nickpick Says:

    i got the answer. hehe! her is a hint:
    ????3on4 find the first four on your own ;)

  945. RoSa Says:

    14de0ebde6343a alguien lo quiere¿?

  946. hasa Says:

    yo lo quiero

  947. hasa Says:

    di la clave

  948. hasa Says:

    llevo esperando 12h

  949. hasa Says:

    un dia esperando

  950. shutup Says:

    i want any charmander

  951. shutup Says:

    or code for it

  952. The dog Says:

    what is code for shinny rattata?

  953. yoyo Says:

    can I have a cool pokemon for free anybody.

  954. yoyo Says:


  955. yoyo Says:

    pokemon tower defence rocks

  956. jesus Says:

    yo te agrego

  957. jesus Says:


  958. jesus Says:

    como agarro la clabe para un shiny pokemon

  959. RoSa Says:

    14de0ebde6343a pues si alguien lo quiere que me agrege rosa_capricornio_91@hotmail.com

  960. hasa Says:

    yo te agrego

  961. poo Says:

    i just got a shiny golem level 30

  962. Spaiky Says:

    Cambio 3 spearow dorados… comunicarse a mi mail tentaxion@gmail.com

  963. leo wang Says:

    I knoww wwhat the code is.Since I am nice.Here is the code for shiny abra it is s16928o4(true code).PS give the credit to my little sis.She posted the REAL CODE for all of YOU!

  964. leo wang Says:

    post back please

  965. leo wang Says:

    little sis want to trade SECUIRTY(58A0 PREVIEW(14DE5AFODCB0C1) SHINY ABRA FOR MEW:> :> :> :> :> :> :> OR SHINY STARTER POKEMON:> :> :> :> :> :> :> :> :> :> ALSO 1 FREE SHINY ABRA PREVEIW(14DE5BAFB6CA3D)SIS’S POST.:> :> :> :>

  966. leo wang Says:

    POST BACK PLEASE:> :> :> :>

  967. leo wang Says:


  968. chusdeny Says:

    ola rosa, kiero tu jynx shiny, tengo beedrill shiny, buterfree shiny, pidgeotto shiny, zubat shiny y kadrabas shiny
    k m dices?

  969. hallo Says:

    i trade one charmeleon lv 19 for one sandshrew or one sandslash

  970. poo Says:

    i have a shiny zubat 2 goelems ratacate abra and nindoqween

  971. RoSa Says:

    chusdeny agregame al msn y negociamos…

  972. RoSa Says:

    14de79045adcb2 KADABRA
    14de790788a018 ARBOK
    14de790df2e204 BLASTOISE
    14de791061c2ce CHARIZARD
    14de79135a7990 VENUSAUR
    14de7918e94632 NINETALES
    14de791bb893be SANDSLASH
    14de791e116fe4 CLEFABLE
    14de7920be2b0e GYARADOS
    14de792333a517 PARASECT
    14de79251a695a PRIMEAPE
    14de792772ff3d POLIWRAHT
    14de7929c85b1b FEAROW
    14de792bc4e729 GOLBAT
    14de792e8b03eb GOLEM
    14de7932e9a824 VILEPLUME
    14de7934d574ed WIGGLYTUF
    14de79381a896f BUTERFREE
    14de7939f23b46 BEEBRILL
    14de793c0d6e6f MEW
    14de793e6a466c PIDGEOT
    14de79410ec48f ARCANINE
    14de7944e1af6e JYNZ
    14de794817724e RATICATE
    14de794db731a1 RAICHU
    14de7964e68018 VICTREEBEL
    14de796c0e8c3c NIDOKING
    14de797006b941 NIDOQUEEN


  973. arturo Says:

    hola busco mew shyni dime el codigo de seguridad yo te doy un poliwrath shyni es de color verde

  974. arturo Says:

    hola kiero un mew shyni tengo muchos pokemon buenos

  975. s2ss Says:

    where do I get different pokemon?

  976. s2ss Says:

    where do I get different pokemon? plis

  977. Pokemon Says:

    4dd13d28b1d39 This is the rattata code

  978. arturo Says:

    alguien quiere un abras shyni o un poliwrath shyni ofrecedme

    someone wants an open shyni or offer me shyni Poliwrath

  979. arturo Says:

    ujfjdfj I want a shiny mew say codes

  980. clound Says:

    necesito saber komo konsigo mas pokemones komo MEW KIOGRE y ese tipo de pokemones si alguien puede ayudarme

  981. arturo Says:

    rosa contestame

  982. SalamixD Says:

    hola rosa te e enviado un email leelo vale? gracoias ^^

  983. sewaddle Says:

    i love sewaddle and mew

  984. sewaddle Says:


  985. sewaddle Says:

    intercambio 1 charizard nivel 36 por 1 mewde cualquier nivel

  986. moui Says:


  987. sewaddle Says:

    a todos

  988. swami Says:

    i am ready to trade a shiny pikachu

  989. chazz Says:

    I’ll give you a 14de9371acf63

  990. dominic Says:


  991. poop Says:

    @swami Ill Give You A lv36 shiny Charmander For That And A Lvl.36 Golbat AND! A lvl.36 shiny Pidgeot I Want That Pikachu!

  992. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Says:

    I got it! It’s 01543ON4

  993. shaban Says:

    I m giving ashiny mew for mewtwo and kyorgre

  994. shaban Says:

    who has a kyorgre and mew two ill give you almost any pokemon

  995. arturo Says:

    i have a mew shiny i like kyogre

  996. gianni Says:

    um like its a shiny mew

  997. awsomeandeasy Says:

    14df56390b33cc c692


  998. awsomeandeasy Says:

    all the codes i post are for mew thank yous would be nice!

  999. awsomeandeasy Says:

    14df563fc754ef 8119

  1000. awsomeandeasy Says:

    14df5641f76008 98e5

  1001. awsomeandeasy Says:



  1002. awsomeandeasy Says:


  1003. awsomeandeasy Says:

    i also have shiney pickachu…

  1004. awsomeandeasy Says:

    14df5660395aba d75f

  1005. awsomeandeasy Says:

    that code is for pikachu

  1006. tocool Says:

    i got it anyone want to trade a shiny rattata for something?

  1007. arturo Says:

    i have 2 mew shiny

  1008. Dave Says:

    The code is 01543on4

  1009. Zack Says:

    any 1 know the security code for squirtle

  1010. Zack Says:

    any 1 have a sqriurlte or bulbisaur

  1011. umbreon Says:

    i want a shiny umbreon!!!!!!!!!!

  1012. umbreon Says:

    shiny umbreon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1013. JJJ Says:

    does anyone want to trade shinys?

  1014. ??????????????????????????????????????????? Says:

    Cambio a Jinx por un Shiny pidgey o un Shiny ratta

  1015. ??????????????????????????????????????????? Says:

    Envienme el codigo a daniel_com.mx@hotmail.com

  1016. hhh Says:

    any one shiny caterpe for free??!

  1017. hhh Says:

    shiny ratta for shiny caterpie? 14dfbbce567b76 23db

  1018. hhh Says:

    nevermind *sigh sob*

  1019. hhh Says:

    any one do you have a shiny caterpe please respond imeddatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OR ELSE!!!

  1020. gianchy Says:

    I search some pokemon help me

  1021. Adrien1994 Says:

    Can somebone give me a shiny rattata… I’m bloked…Please

  1022. Adrien1994 Says:

    Someone, sorry

  1023. Adrien1994 Says:

    I have all the pokemons evolved at level 36 ( sorry for my english, I’m french ) and I can trade you one of my pokemons if you give me a shiny rattata :)

  1024. cookie cookie Says:

    i have shiny butterfree and beedrill

  1025. cookie cookie Says:

    my bro has shiny mankey and wigglytuff both shiny plus he evolved shiny mankey to shiny primeape

  1026. leo wang Says:

    my little sis would trade her kadabra for any kind GOLEM realy bad.

  1027. leo wang Says:

    little sis says she truely has a shiny beedrill and kakuna and fearow

  1028. leo wang Says:

    and will trade them for kyoger,mew,shiny ratata,shiny zubat,shiny golem,golem,shiny mew,starter pokemons,shiny ONIX,ONIX,and charmander!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1029. leo wang Says:

    sis give you code for 1 shiny golem

  1030. leo wang Says:

    post preavew then secirity

  1031. leo wang Says:

    or golem

  1032. PL Says:

    hey..who wanna my shiny geodude i can trade wit u…

  1033. abek Says:

    whats the code for shiny rattata?

  1034. abek Says:

    need shiny geodude

  1035. abek Says:

    need shiny geodude!

  1036. malpl says: Says:

    i dont know ):

  1037. pokefan282 Says:

    hello i got a shiny code for all pokemon i even have a code for a shiny kyogre anybody want it???
    mail me at connerlow@hotmail.com

  1038. pokefan282 Says:

    hello people anyone want a shiny kyogre, mew,mewtwo or the legendary trio(zapdos,articuno,moltres)

    email me connerlow@hotmail.com

  1039. pokefan282 Says:

    P.S the trading code for a shiny butterfree is 14e0789354f217

  1040. the beast Says:

    trading shiny rattata lvl 12

    view code: 14e0916ce28542

    other code: 59f6

  1041. pokefan282 Says:

    srry the code has changed it is now
    for a shiny butterfree

  1042. Pichu635 Says:

    pokefan282 what is the code to receive butterfree because i would really wpuld like a siny butterfreee that is on level 40 so can u please tell us the code so all of us can try to receive the shiny butterfree that is on level 40 so just tell us

  1043. pokefan282 Says:

    ok i will give u 5 codes but u have to trade me something

  1044. pokefan282 Says:

    the moves on it will be


  1045. pokefan282 Says:



  1046. pokefan282 Says:



  1047. pokefan282 Says:



  1048. pokefan282 Says:



  1049. pokefan282 Says:



  1050. pokefan282 Says:

    your welcome

    that is how nice i am

    i will always be there !!!!!


  1051. pokefan282 Says:

    if i missed anyone email me

    dont fool me i will know

    as master hacker i will know

    i am sotoshi the creator of pokemon tower defence

    conner is my brother

  1052. pokefan282 Says:

    hey awesomeandeasy i will give u not just the code but also a shiny onix

    if u like this deal than email me
    at this email:connerlow@hotmail.com

    o.k now email me the kyogre codes

    if u dont have hotmail,gmail or livemail just tell me and i will give u the codes

    im here to help

    p.s give the codes just to me and only me so i can get one


  1053. pokefan282 Says:

    hey wait a minute who wants a pikachu ill give them a shiny raichu FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! interested yet???

  1054. Pichu635 Says:

    thank you for giving me the shiny butterfree pokefan282 and just wondering are you really the creater of this fun game so tell me the truth, are u REALLY the creater of the game

  1055. Pichu635 Says:

    cool and i do like the butterfree

  1056. Pichu635 Says:

    i do like the butterfree and its cool that u r the creater of the pokemon game and just to let u know im a girl so just dont call me bud ok well i really do like the butterfree and u r really nice for giving people codes to give them cool pokemon

  1057. Pichu635 Says:

    ok i was not the 1 that would post 15 kyogre codes just to let u know ok

  1058. Pichu635 Says:

    im would like the level 40 shiny blastoise pokefan282 and can u post 5 more codes

  1059. pokefan282 Says:

    yes bud i am so…

    do u like the butterfree???

    p.s were u the one who said u would post 15 kyogre codes if i gave u a pikachu or butterfree or something like that

  1060. pokefan282 Says:

    i know a code for squirtle but i will give u guys a good deal i will give u all lvl 40 shiny blastoise

    i will post 5 codes if ur interested so tell me if u r


  1061. Wolf Says:

    pokefan282 i’m interested… but i don’t have powerfull pokemons :(

  1062. ???? Says:


  1063. Wolf Says:

    dude try this one 14e108d1fa552b 4bf3

  1064. Pichu635 Says:

    i would like a blastiose pokefan282 so im interested of having a shiny blastoise at lv40 and wolf i have way better pokemon then u because they r all at lv25-40 so i guess that im stronger than u wolf

  1065. Pichu635 Says:

    so pokefan282 can i PLEASE have the shiny blastoise at lv40 because im so nice to u so can i have the shiny blastoise

  1066. pokefan282 Says:

    ok fine i will post 5 blastoise codes and u dont have to give me anything :)

  1067. pokefan282 Says:

    ok the moves will be

    1:hydro pump



    4:petal dance

  1068. pokefan282 Says:



  1069. pokefan282 Says:



  1070. pokefan282 Says:



  1071. pokefan282 Says:



  1072. pokefan282 Says:



  1073. pokefan282 Says:


  1074. Pichu635 Says:

    thanks pokefan282 for butting all the codes for a lv40 shiny blastoise because i have them all so thank you and u r really nice

  1075. pokefan282 Says:

    i thought u would share why didnt u

    that is kind of acting like a theif

    see i want u to share or i will delete them of your account

    please share in the future

  1076. Pichu635 Says:

    srry i only did one coe and then my sister putted the other codes on my user of the game so i will have 1 for myself and let evryone else have them and my sister put that message not me ok i will have 1 and i will tell u the codes for the other blastiose

  1077. Pichu635 Says:

    pokefan282 theres a problem there is a update and i cant seem to put the blastoise so can u do the update so i can send back the other 4 blastoise please

  1078. wog1 Says:

    Any one wanna trade pokemon?
    i have:
    shiny abra
    shiny raticate
    Need some new good pokemon anyhelp?

  1079. pokedan Says:

    please can i have too my net crashed ive been whitout internet about 3 weeks//// please only if you can……

  1080. quintin202 Says:

    i have a shiny pegeot l.v 40

  1081. JM_jeths Says:

    hi i need a code!!!hehe

  1082. redtemptationz Says:

    someone please send me a lightning pokemon… i am so desparate.

  1083. jonnymiller Says:

    its not giving my pokemon

  1084. Jack Says:

    ive conquered all 8 clues, now what? (this is fun)

  1085. Ojao Says:


  1086. Ojao Says:

    someone give me the tentacool code.Please

  1087. pokefan282 Says:

    hey guys, you know how it says that trading is not allowed untill further notice well ill tell you why.

  1088. pokefan282 Says:

    the update is soon its just because someone has hacked into the game and tried to take all the pokemon that have been traded to people so i disabled the trading untill the virus on his computer has kicked in.
    i put the virus on :)
    that virus is the newist virus and i think its called trojan and it disables your internet and you have to pay about $250,000 to remove it permanately and it will never come back again or… pay $9000 just to get a protection called firewall to help it stay away its got a
    40% chance of keeping it away. it should be on soon :)

  1089. pokefan282 Says:

    srry i disabled the trading because u took them all and for the reason i just posted

  1090. chrystal Says:

    guys can someone tell me how to get a hiny or a code thing im new

  1091. Pichu635 Says:

    u have to do one of the chalanges to get a shiny pokemon (aka geodude)

  1092. Brett pok Says:

    please post more codes

  1093. POKEMON CODES Says:


  1094. POKEMON CODES Says:

    tell me codes

  1095. POKEMON CODES Says:

    I cant trade Pokemon it wont let me it says that the trading center will soon be open

    ps.someone please tell me what to do

  1096. Pichu635 Says:

    i dont know what to do about that and i have benn trying to put codes in but i said that the trading center will open soon so i have the same problem

  1097. A Says:

    the coming soon is to easy.and i know the code is 19475* if you want to know the * you must trade me.

  1098. dsdsf Says:

    I like Pie

  1099. i want shiny arbok Says:

    how do catch shiny rattata

  1100. bobster Says:

    ok a im doing it

  1101. pimp Says:

    the answer is 0153oN4 and make sure the N is capital u can use it as many times as u want so u could have a whole army of shiny rattata its awesome

  1102. tower Says:

    i cant put in any other codes and i dont know y

  1103. POKEMON CODES Says:


  1104. POKEMON CODES Says:


  1105. POKEMON CODES Says:

    can someone please trade me pokemon make sure you put the secruity code

  1106. POKEMON CODES Says:

    ill trade a shiny staru (lvl 1)for another shiny Pokemon any lvl

  1107. POKEMON CODES Says:

    pokemon codes please :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  1108. POKEMON CODES Says:

    who has the character named ice gun in pokemon tower defense i want to trade them a shiny staru for his shiny rattata :)

  1109. POKEMON CODES Says:



    bunny robot

  1110. POKEMON CODES Says:

    who likes my bunny robot

  1111. POKEMON CODES Says:


  1112. POKEMON CODES Says:

    any one here


  1113. POKEMON CODES Says:



  1114. POKEMON CODES Says:


  1115. POKEMON CODES Says:

    _____ ???????????????????


  1116. POKEMON CODES Says:


    ( )

  1117. joshuayee Says:

    how do we get mew or what is the code

  1118. Tasos Says:

    i have an entei i give it with a shiny pokemon which one ive me you wanna give except shiny geodude my e mail is tasos11@live.com

  1119. Tasos Says:

    i have 5 shiny ratatta ,i give the code if you give me the code for a shiny staryu

  1120. Tasos Says:

    my e mail is tasos11@live.com

  1121. christian Says:

    tell me a code plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1122. christian Says:

    tell me a code plzzzzz

  1123. david Says:


  1124. david Says:

    eny won there

  1125. 01543on4 Says:

    I found the code!

  1126. Jannier Says:

    im stuck in the first clue

  1127. Jannier Says:

    i have a shinnyyyy geodude man

  1128. Anthony Says:

    i will tell the ratata code if someone tell me the shiny bulbasaur code

  1129. Anthony Says:


  1130. Anthony Says:


  1131. musicmaker Says:

    does anyone know the mew mystery gift code?

    ¿alguien sabe el misterio de Mew código de regalo?

  1132. andrwq Says:

    i need a shiny pokemon will trade a pokemon

  1133. youtube master Says:

    tell me shiny beedrill code and i will give you a code for shiny mew

  1134. andrwq Says:

    hey does any1 have any codes besides rattata or geodude

  1135. andrwq Says:

    my email is andrewfrank19@hotmail.com

  1136. youtube master Says:

    geodude code is 5231

  1137. will4 Says:

    i figured out the code
    clue 6= lower case o
    clue 7= lower case n

  1138. andrwq Says:

    does any1 have a bulbasaur or something cause i am stuck on the gym

  1139. andrwq Says:

    a grass type

  1140. andrwq Says:


  1141. POKEMON CODES Says:

    i got a voltorb does anyone have a shiny voltorb ill trade a shiny onix for it.My email is designerZC@gmail.com

  1142. hamza Says:

    Hi i want to get mew kyoger and magnamite but i am confused how to get them
    please tell me

    thanks from hamza

  1143. PSN_woodley423 Says:

    what is the code!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  1144. ji Says:

    i will the code for a other pokemon as shiny rattata

  1145. ji Says:


  1146. POKEMON CODES Says:

    ill trade these pokemon
    Pidgey - Lvl (16) Shiny - TradeID (14e3c6dc90002e) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Abra - Lvl (21) Regular - TradeID (14e54082ed40dc) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    bob - Lvl (1) Regular - TradeID (14e2d88087913b) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    bob - Lvl (13) Shiny - TradeID (14e31f636723b2) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    - Lvl (10) Regular - TradeID (14e3398842fdf9) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

    Staryu - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e31f3c34a2c6) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

  1147. POKEMON CODES Says:

    I cant beat rock tunnel they keep fainting my pokemon :(

  1148. POKEMON CODES Says:

    :( :) :( :)

  1149. POKEMON CODES Says:

    Sam & Dan Games

    Sam and Dan make games! Read our blog to find out what we are up to and keep in touch with us!

    Play PTD!
    Get Ninja-ja!
    Game Download Links
    PTD Fan Links
    Mystery Gift

    I will be updating this page every once in a while so make sure to check back. Thanks to Simon for sending me some of these :)

    1) When is the next update coming?
    I usually update during the weekends. Friday-Sunday.

    2) When is the game coming to the ipod/iphone/ipad?
    Never, Apple doesn’t allow games with Nintendo’s characters in them, unless Nintendo makes the game themselves.

    3) Where is the Mystery Gift code?
    We have a weekly code that you can find by going here.

    4) I typed in a Mystery Gift code that I found on the forums or just tried a random number and it told me the code was used? I haven’t used that code! What is the problem?
    That code that you got was from somebody that paid for a code and already used it. Some codes are unique and they only work one time. All previous codes from past weeks are no longer valid.

    5) I hear there is a shiny starter, and a shiny mew code, can I have them please?
    The ONLY way to get shiny mew or a shiny starter is to buy the Hero edition of Ninja-ja. Click on the “Get Ninja-ja!” tab for more info.

    6) Why can’t my pokemon level over 44?
    On version alpha 3.6 the level cap is set to 44 so you can’t level up past that, on future updates of the game the level cap will be increased.

    7) My evolution stone doesn’t work/disappeared!
    Only certain pokemon evolve with stones! If you pokemon is not listed here the stone will not show up when you try to use the item on him. You still have the stone you have not lost it.
    Thunder Stone -Pikachu
    Moon Stone -Nidorino, Nidorina, Clefairy, Jigglypuff
    Water Stone - Poliwhirl, Staryu
    Leaf Stone - Gloom, Weepinbell
    Fire Stone - Growlithe, Vulpix

    8) Will __________ be in this game? (Ex: Eevee, Crobat, etc)
    Only first generation pokemon will be in this game. So anybody 1-151 will be in the game and you can expect them to show up at some point.

    9) Where are the shiny pokemon?
    Shiny pokemon can be found on any level. They have a 0.0125% chance on showing up, if they do show up they will have a different color than their regular version, they will have a shine effect on them, and their health bar will be full but red. Meaning that you can capture them without damaging them.

    10) Can you give me a list of all the pokemon I can catch in this game, and in what level?
    Sure thing.
    1. Rattata - Oak’s lab, Route 1, Route 2, Mt Moon 1
    2. Pidgey - Route 1, Route 2, Route 3, Cerulean Gym, Route 5
    3. Caterpie - Route 2, Viridian Forest, Cerulean Gym
    4. Metapod - Viridian Forest, Viridian Forest 2, Cerulean Gym
    5. Butterfree - Viridian Forest 2
    6. Weedle - Route 2, Viridian Forest, Cerulean Gym
    7. Kakuna - Viridian Forest, Viridian Forest 2, Cerulean Gym
    8. Beedrill - Viridian Forest 2
    9.Pikachu - Viridian Forest, Viridian Forest 2
    10. Spearow - Route 3, Mt Moon 1
    11. Nidoran Female - Route 3
    12. Nidoran Male - Route 3
    13. Jigglypuff - Route 3, Route 5
    14. Mankey - Route 3, Mt. Moon 1
    15. Paras - Viridian Forest 2, Mt. Moon 2
    16. Sandshrew - Mt Moon 1
    17. Ekans - Mt. Moon 1
    18. Zubat - Mt. Moon 1, Mt. Moon 2, Rock Tunnel
    19. Geodude - Mt. Moon 1, Mt. Moon 2, Rock Tunnel
    20. Clefairy - Mt. Moon 1, Mt. Moon 2
    21. Poliwag - Mt. Moon 2, Route 5
    22. Vulpix - Mt. Moon 2, Route 5
    23. Bellsprout - Mt. Moon 2, Cerulean Gym, Route 5
    24. Growlithe - Mt. Moon 2, Route 5
    25. Oddish - Mt. Moon 2, Cerulean Gym, Route 5
    26. Abra - Cerulean Gym, Route 5
    27. Magikarp - Cerulean Gym (with Old Rod)
    28. Jynx - Cerulean Gym (NPC trade for Poliwhirl)
    29. Meowth - Route 5
    30. Farfetch’d - Vermillion City (NPC trade for Spearow)
    31. Shiny Onix - Achievement 1
    32. Shiny Staryu - Achievement 2
    33. Shiny Tentacool - Achievement 3
    34. Diglett - Diglett’s Cave
    35. Drowzee - Diglett’s Cave
    36.Mr Mime - It’s a secret (NPC trade for Abra) Similar to how you get him in the original games.
    37. Onix - Rock Tunnel
    38. Machop - Rock Tunnel
    39. Voltorb - Rock Tunnel

    11) What is STAB and is it calculated in this game?
    STAB is a bonus that an attack gets when the attack and the pokemon using the attack share the same type. Yes, STAB is calculated in this game using the same amount as the real game. Attacks will be multiplied by x1.5.

    12) How do I get Flash HM?
    Use Cut on Route 2 (place your pokemon with cut near the bush and you will see the bush being cut) and then don’t skip the ending of the level.
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  1150. POKEMON CODES Says:

    im tired |-O

  1151. POKEMON CODES Says:

    :-) smile with nose
    :-& tongue tied
    :) Standard smile
    :^) Being Nossy
    ‘:-) eyebrow raised
    :-x kiss on lips
    (((H))) Hugs
    :-p Sticking tongue out
    :–) evil grin
    :-E buck tooth
    :’-) happy cry
    :-# wearing braces
    {:-) wearing Toupee
    ;) winking
    ;-) winking
    |-O yawning
    (\–/)_____ (o.o)-____ (____)0 running bunny

    :-# braces
    :’-) happy cry
    {:-) toupee
    ;-) Winking
    :-D laughing
    ==^.^== cat
    @>–;– rose
    C=;-) chef
    :-! foot in mouth
    :-@ screaming
    :-0 yelling
    %-( confused
    :—–) long nose
    :-($) put money wear mouth is
    {:-) wearing Toupee
    ;) winking
    ;-) winking
    |-O yawning

  1152. Pichu635 Says:

    hey pokefan282 my account is not working on the hacked and regular version did u delete my account on both of them

  1153. justin Says:

    nice games aa hahahaha

  1154. jamie Says:

    hello can someone please tell me how to get a shiny charmeoleon and venuesour and squirtle

  1155. jamie Says:

    i need them

  1156. jamie Says:

    come tipe in the codes please for a mew or the other ones i type a while ago for alpha v.2.5.1

  1157. sergio Says:

    porfavor denme elcodigo de vulpix o nainteils.
    oentei,raikou y el otro y mew

  1158. sergio Says:

    porfavor denme elcodigo de vulpix o nainteils.
    oentei,raikou y el otro y mew

  1159. david Says:

    no one knows the code even i know it and i have 37 shiny rattata for trade the code is 01543on4

  1160. Mew Mew Mew Mew Says:

    Mew - Lvl (1) Shiny - TradeID (14e84baea470ef)

    Mew - Lvl (34) Shiny - TradeID (14e84bb8a6431c)

    Mew - Lvl (36) Regular - TradeID (14e84bb965430a)

    Mew - Lvl (3) Regular - TradeID (14e84bb0ccd152)

  1161. PeterWackel Says:


  1162. charlie Says:

    ok guys i have an account with tons of pokemon email is : freepokemon1@mailinator.com
    password is
    12345 go get them

  1163. dogs shine mews Says:

    can some body put lods of codes on hear so we can swap on v2.5.1 and lodes of pepol can qwicli get the cods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1164. john Says:

    just give me the universal codes for facebook version 2.5.1 cuz im tired of seachen around

  1165. ricky Says:

    for the love of pete sake did any 1 hear me

  1166. ricky Says:

    tell me codes now!

  1167. ricky Says:

    I am the king of franse I mean pairs and am geting mad that knowone is telling me the codes oh wait I do mean franse and I am so mad I will not put a. ops. dang. aw man.no yes. aw a forget it. dang.

  1168. pikachu Says:

    does anyone know the shiny spearow code

  1169. pikachu Says:

    who wants to know the shiny geodude code

  1170. poptropi Says:

    whats the code to get shiny rattta?

  1171. camo Says:

    i need electric types can some one help me plzzzzzz

  1172. random guy Says:

    it had some confusing clue but i found it

  1173. blakee123 Says:

    who wants a geodude (shiny)for trade or shiny ratatta

  1174. Owen Says:

    Can I Have a shiny charzard I will trade you a beedrill level 25.

  1175. Darryl Says:

    clue 3: 230 and can someone trade me a shiny or regular charizard. Can I get the 3 legendnary dogs? (Raikou Suicune Entei)

  1176. slick Says:

    can’t anyone me the shiny coads!

  1177. slick Says:

    please I need a shiny Poliwhirl or a shiny Mew

  1178. slick Says:

    go pokeball!
    this is mine:joshuachen1@gmail.com

  1179. kaka_manalili Says:

    pleas give me a shiny magickarp

  1180. jc Says:

    this is to comlicated some one just post it

  1181. what is the shiny rattata code plz Says:

    what is the shiny rattata code plz

  1182. Carlos E. Cruz Sonera Says:

    quien quiere cambiar pokemones?

  1183. Carlos E. Cruz Sonera Says:


  1184. Carlos E. Cruz Sonera Says:


  1185. pokemonplayer Says:

    does anyone wanna trade a shiny rattat in involshin? i would trade it for shiny sharzard! i love charzard

  1186. pokemonplayer Says:

    i mean charzard sry!

  1187. pokemonplayer Says:

    oh and how do i do multi player on the game i can’t it will not let me do it?

  1188. rogelio Says:

    how to get shiny ratata

  1189. tasos Says:

    μου αρεσουν ολα τα ποκεμον απο ολες τις γενιες αλα πιο πολυ το Arceus

  1190. tasos Says:

    μου αρεσουν ολα τα ποκεμον απο ολες τις γενιες αλα πιο πολυ το Arceus i like , i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  1191. hikary Says:

    how do yo get a legendary pokeon i got a shiny beedrill

  1192. boobles Says:

    i like pokemon

  1193. Gabriel Says:

    clue 1 the answer is 0

  1194. ggfdd Says:

    o is clue 6

  1195. ggfdd Says:

    im a pokemon master ive got all the codes

  1196. isaac Says:

    does anybody want a shiney macop level 20

  1197. isaac Says:

    does anybody want a shiney entei
    level 20 please trade charzard level doesent matter

  1198. tamer Says:


  1199. fat Says:

    iv got shiny kyoge

  1200. Benjamin Says:

    Hey,anybody know the code of other shiny pokemon?(p.s. if anyone does i will tell the code of shiny ratata!)

  1201. liam Says:

    what is the shiny rattata code

  1202. legend15 Says:

    who know code no1

  1203. tasos Says:

    μου αρεσουν ολα τα ποκεμον .i like pokemon

  1204. tasos Says:

    i play pokemon tower defense and my
    name is Tasos

  1205. dyana Says:

    guys can you help me I do not know how to do it. :)

  1206. destiny Says:

    can anyone send me shiny pokemon

  1207. tyler Says:

    I will give the shiny rattata code to anyone who will give me a shiney mew any level

  1208. tyler Says:


  1209. tyler Says:

    I’m getting bored here ;(

  1210. tyler Says:

    I’m getting bored here

  1211. tyler Says:

    please don’t be a party pooper

  1212. arvie Says:


  1213. Sam=AWSOME Says:

    ok i know the code for shiny geodude and shiny rattata
    ill do it just need to know how you beat misty???? :)

  1214. Sam=AWSOME Says:

    rattata code is ********

  1215. Sam=AWSOME Says:

    i got a lvl 23 RIACHU

  1216. Sam=AWSOME Says:


  1217. Sam=AWSOME Says:

    i beat misty

  1218. Sam=AWSOME Says:

    i have 3 shiny rattata available for trade (need charizard)

  1219. alyssia cai Says:

    comment avoir des shiny svp urgent

  1220. PokeLady Says:

    PokeLady and Poke-Lady Check out my accounts :D

  1221. PokeLady Says:

    PokeLady and Poke-Lady Check out my accounts :D!!!

  1222. tyler Says:

    I have a shiny charzard level 100

  1223. coolguy Says:

    what is clue 7?

  1224. TYCOCHON45 Says:


  1225. tate Says:

    Im sexy

  1226. satochi Says:

    como sako mi pokemon k iban a darme por matar 4 ixix con pokes noob

  1227. satochi Says:

    4 onix y no me an dado nada bueno ni una pinche piedra

  1228. Lemon Says:

    pls tell me what rattata code pls

  1229. popcornmuncher Says:

    please tell me what shiny mew code is at harrisonishere@hotmail.com

  1230. alexande Says:

    please let me play the full vertion of pokemon tower defence

  1231. alexande Says:

    comment moderation is enabled and may delay tour comment. there is no need to resubmit your comment

  1232. logan Says:

    i got my shiny ratata! if you want the code offer me a trade pokemon lvl 12 or higher. preferrably shiny/legendary

  1233. samii Says:

    I need a shiny picacho

  1234. mash Says:

    can i have a blastoise gold

  1235. bryan Says:

    i wanted a dialga

  1236. fabio Says:

    i need a charizard

  1237. fabio Says:

    i need a shiny dratini

  1238. bryan Says:

    how to get a shiny rattata

  1239. fabio Says:

    i need a shiny abra

  1240. satoshi Says:

    i need a dragonite and a charizard

  1241. Gavin Says:

    i need the code please

  1242. rosie Says:

    that was eazy i have sooooooo many shiny rattats there shiny and sparkley :)

  1243. benjamin Says:

    I want to beat it

  1244. Satoshi Says:

    i have shiny raichu for any kind of legendary dog or any shiny bird

  1245. Satoshi Says:

    i have shiny raichu for any kind of legendary dog or any shiny bird !!!!

  1246. Aaron Says:

    hello im new

  1247. Aaron Says:

    how do you get that

  1248. giorgi Says:

    i need the code please

  1249. dylan Says:

    David:what is the rattata code?

  1250. dylan Says:

    It took me 1 min.

  1251. bani the kitty Says:

    how do u get flash i need it for the rock tunnel

  1252. Pokemon Says:

    I found the codeeee

  1253. Pokemon Says:


  1254. jennifer Says:

    My children want the shiny ratta because they are rare and shiny.

  1255. o Says:

    shiny pokemon are better than awsome!

  1256. o Says:

    I want a shiny pokemon right now!

  1257. ..................................... Says:

    The code is 01543on4

  1258. ..................................... Says:

    :) :) :)

  1259. ..................................... Says:

    blakee123 I want

  1260. ..................................... Says:

    Can someone tell me where I put passwords for other shiny pokemons?

  1261. ..................................... Says:

    (\–/)_____ (o.o)-____ (____)0

  1262. ah Says:

    please can we have a shiny pokemon

  1263. know it all Says:

    OMG OMG OMG I got shiny rattata

  1264. dennis Says:

    i want a 3 dogs and 3 birds code plzzz

  1265. ema08 Says:

    quisiera saber como puedo cambiar unos ratata brillantes que tengo nvl 10 por otros pokemon

  1266. nishi Says:

    hy guys ,,,,can any1 toldme that what i hav 2 do aftr defiting challenge mode,,,,,i got mah pw but waht else v hav 2 do….plsss helppp

  1267. jacob Says:

    the gym leader gave me a code for a shiny geodo,itryed it and it didn’t do inthing

  1268. bobu Says:


  1269. Antonio Joaquín Ruíz Alfonso Says:

    1:el correo elect. es de mi madre

    2:¡¿Como paso de “COMING SOON”?!

    3:Si quereis codigos, lo siento, porque solo se el de Rattata:01543on4

  1270. Antonio Joaquín Ruíz Alfonso Says:

    1: The email is from my mother

    2: Like pace for “COMING SOON”

    3: alone itself the code of Rattata : 01543on4

  1271. Antonio Joaquín Ruíz Alfonso Says:

    Comentario 1270(en español)= comentario 1271(en ingles)

    Comment 1270 (in spanish)= comment 1271 (in english)

  1272. Antonio Joaquín Ruíz Alfonso Says:

    Me estoy impacientando mucho ..

    ¿Me respondeis ya o que?…

  1273. matthew Says:

    can i get a shiny ratata

  1274. Antonio Joaquín Ruíz Alfonso Says:

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  1275. o2tha1 Says:

    how do i use the code from brock?? it’s only 4 digits long

  1276. jason Says:

    I know the code it is 01543on4

  1277. Antonio Joaquín Ruíz Alfonso Says:

    Y encima borrais mi comentario…

    Por favoooooor, respondeedmeeeee…

  1278. Antonio Joaquín Ruíz Alfonso Says:

    Veeengaaa… respondeeed,por favooor

  1279. Antonio Joaquín Ruíz Alfonso Says:

    Por cierto, en el comentario 1279 las interrogaciones estan porque a mi no me funcionan los codigos que las tienen (y eso que el que me da el 5231 es Brock)

    Por cierto, la pregunta aún esta pendiente:¿Como paso de “COMING SOON”? ¿COOOOOOOMOOO?

  1280. Antonio Joaquín Ruíz Alfonso Says:

    Me enfade mucho cuando vi que me borrasteis los comentarios 1274, 1276 y 1277 y encima no respondeis a mi pregunta:¿Como paso de “Coming Soon”? (”Muy pronto en ingles)

  1281. Kaden Morrow Says:

    what dose clue 2 mean PLZ tell me

  1282. Antonio Joaquín Ruíz Alfonso Says:

    Geodude code 5231
    Pidgey code 5234
    Rattata code 01543on4
    Like pace for “COMING SOON”?

    Ahora lo traduzco

    Codigo Geodude 5231
    Codigo Pidgey 5234
    Codigo Rattata 01543on4

  1283. Antonio Joaquín Ruíz Alfonso Says:

    ¿Como paso de “Coming Soon”?

  1284. kier satur Says:

    shiny rattata

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    wanted mew any mewtwo anyt rade shiny abra please hurry up this trade offer only lasts one day.

  1288. zack Says:

    /i have 2 gruil thing i will trade it

  1289. zack Says:

    ah i have a radicate

  1290. Antonio Joaquín Ruíz Alfonso Says:

    ¿Se puede poner un correo electronico y una contraseña falsos?

  1291. raichu> Says:

    you all play what version
    me play versiob 2.5.1alpha
    i only ca

    n take shiny ratata
    another me cant take

  1292. pokepowerz Says:

    whaT is the code for shiny mew

  1293. nahuel Says:

    gracias por todo

  1294. cheemeng Says:

    what is the codes for shineys?

  1295. jalyn bennett Says:


  1296. Dakota A Waggoner Says:

    Does AnyOne Know How To Get A Shiny PikaChue?

  1297. mihai Says:


  1298. Sheena Says:

    Thiѕ is a topіc that iѕ close to my hеart.
    .. Best ωishes! Exactlу wherе are yοur contact details though?

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  1300. OneRush Says:

    i am new to the game give me a code
    and i will tell my family to play the game to and thanks

  1301. Metin Says:

    ik wil het code weten

  1302. pokemon for the win Says:

    what is the 5 codes?

  1303. pokemon for the win Says:

    solve the riddle and get your shiny rattata code have no idea what the ridle is. does any1 kno the ridle

  1304. pokemon for the win Says:

    beedrill bee (oh no i got caught)

  1305. pokemon for the win Says:

    :) ;) 3:)

  1306. pokemon for the win Says:


  1307. broannonymous Says:

    its 01543on4 to get the shiny rattatta

  1308. xenical kopen Says:

    Nevrr mind, people always have there own opinion

  1309. GHADA Says:

    i realy like pokemon a lot beacus thay have cool pokemon and new ons

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    buenas acabo de enterarme de tu web y la verdad es que me parece excelente no sabia de mas personas interesadas en estos temas, aqui tienes un nuevo lector que seguira visitandote a diario.

  1311. mystery guy Says:

    i need codes so plz plz plz give me
    codes i need pokemon

  1312. victor Says:

    This game is no to shaby

  1313. kayla Says:

    ill trade a shadow ghastly and a shadow tentacool for a shiny bulbasaur and squirtle

  1314. Ash Says:

    Its sooo easy i got the code for abra venasaur shiny ratatata and

  1315. Ash Says:

    and gengar (shiny)

  1316. adam Says:

    Which is the code

  1317. lily mores Says:

    i like it the quiz so much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much

  1318. owen Says:

    this is a awesome game

  1319. ember Says:

    hey dose anyone want to trade me somthing good for a richeu or shiny rat. if you do just tell me on facebook at foxfire_1982@yahoo.com. thank you!

  1320. rachel Says:

    i am stuck on the second thing plece some one help me

  1321. cody Says:

    please some one tell me the code i’ll give them stelix please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1322. cody Says:

    I got it!!! who ever wants it send me an E-mail it is codyrulz123@yahoo.com.au bye and in your face!!!

  1323. cody Says:

    the shiny rattata levels up so quick I played the first level with it by ir self now it’s level 7!

  1324. cody Says:

    i did’t notice that it was only using takle

  1325. cody Says:

    got nine shiny rattata’s

  1326. Nate Says:

    I am stuck on the last level…………………………….. I need a Ivysaur……………If anyone has one please give me one.

  1327. Nate Says:

    (misty is hard to beat)

  1328. Nate Says:

    maybe a grovyle too….

  1329. Nate Says:


  1330. satoshi Says:

    got nine shiny rattata’s

  1331. thang Says:

    what rattata code

  1332. paolo Says:

    è bello
    vorrei wartotle shiny

  1333. ian Says:

    i love ptd

  1334. Matthias Says:

    Is the navigation bar the search bar?

  1335. jade mei Says:

    what’s the code??????

  1336. keaton Says:

    hey nate i have one

  1337. keaton Says:

    Nate i have one but wats in it for me

  1338. santiago Says:

    esta bueno tener mas pokmon de oro

  1339. cool Says:

    thats hard

  1340. PokémonFan Says:

    How I can become the shiny rattata?????????? PLS HELP

  1341. anthony Says:

    this is awesome

  1342. evee1515 Says:

    this is awsome

  1343. harrison Says:

    needed i did it all but it did not give me it

  1344. omar Says:

    I have a shiny rat tat and I am trying to get CODE BUT I CANT GET IT!!!!!!!

  1345. Joe Says:

    someone put their name as the code and that is how I found it ;)

  1346. Daniel Says:

    How do you spell their names!!

  1347. dorian Says:

    suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer tower defence

  1348. ethan Says:

    misty is easy. Just catch a mankey. Teach it fury swipes and it wipes out like half of her pokemon.

  1349. harley Says:

    go on the website

  1350. Eevee123ie Says:

    Wats the shiny eevee code

  1351. Eevee123ie Says:

    What Level is rattata Sopost to evole

  1352. Eevee123ie Says:

    What Are The Codes For the mistery Gifts

  1353. Eevee123ie Says:

    Can You Give me The All The Codes Not Rattata And for Kids That Dont Have Shiny Rattata I have 5 Of them. Trade With You Whean Yoy Have All the Codes and The EEVEE And All It’s Evalvs

  1354. Eevee123ie Says:


  1355. Eevee123ie Says:

    I have all the Shiny Pokemon So love pokemon

  1356. Jake Says:

    I want a shiny pokemon

  1357. Juraj Says:

    pokemon like

  1358. Mohawk Says:

    hey anyone know the shiny abra code? please tell me and put in the code.

  1359. brian maunder Says:

    I love pokemon tower defense

  1360. nachorau Says:


  1361. σιμοσ Says:

    μαρέσει το pokemon tower defense

  1362. ragulan chandrasegaran Says:

    this is so hard

  1363. christian Says:

    please tell me water code

  1364. Satoshi Says:

    hi satoshi

  1365. ronald Says:

    give code

  1366. ronald Says:

    I need a bolbusar

  1367. ronald Says:


  1368. huy ho Says:

    hi eevee123ie,i will tell you the code for shiny charizard if you give me 1 shiny rattata

  1369. mincong Says:

    tell me the code and i will give
    you 1 shiny ratta

  1370. mincong Says:

    where do you get a shiny goudude

  1371. Monkmons Says:

    help plz i cant figer out the 1st plz tell me

  1372. Monkmons Says:

    tell the code to me plz

  1373. agustin Says:

    no entiendo el clue 6 me ayudan?

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