Riding Shotgun walkthrough and strategy guide

Riding Shotgun is a new strategy game set in Wild West period whic requries a lot of thinking. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkhtrough, strategy guide and some tips and tricks for fastest completing. Read the full description for Riding Shotgun.
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The game is set in Wild West. It tells the story about old times of Frontier. Famous sharpshooter are hired to guard the stagecoach and for defense against robbers on road from Golden Rock mine to Raven fort.

We need a strong fellow to guard the gold sent to Indians as a pay for plow-land. Last time our armed escort was attacked and the road is still blocked. I`ll go. It`s ok to earn a few good dollars with your colt and to serve a good cause. It would be nice to have a free road from Golden Rock mine to Raven fort.

You must not move wagon on empty square.
To attack your enemy or pick up the bonus, move your wagon to any square located horizontally. Enemy wagon moves to any square located vertically.

If you or your opponent have no squares to move your wagon to (all squares located abreast the wagon are empty), the game ends. The player with the biggest life score wins. Game ends in early victory when one of opponents has no life score.

Also you can play poker in the casino. In a city there is a shop. You can buy bonuses from trader. These bonuses are permanent and their effect doesn`t wear off at the end of each level.

Check out the Riding Shotgun official trailer:

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