May 31

Medieval is a new tower defense game with RTS (real time strategy) style of gameplay. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a full walkthrouhg, the best strategy guide and some cheats. Read more details for Medieval.
medieval thumbnail

Medieval is an ultimate hardcore tower defense game. Back to the roots, plain simple Isometric look filled up with RTS playing style.

Medieval Features:
- Isometric tower defence in classic style.
- Several types of TD missions: classic, non-stop and linked. Several more types will be added in future (three corridors, DOTA, survival).
- Missions are quite hard.
- Achievements.
- Good graphic and sound.
- Pixelated design.

Check out the Medieval official trailer:
BTW this is important - only work with sponsors via wire, no PayPal or money bookers for now. Or through FGL payment service

May 30

Rodriguez Revenge is a new old style fighting game in which you need to beat up your enemies and take on your Rodriguez Revenge. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, guide and cheats. Read more details for Rodriguez Revenge.
rodriguez revenge thumbnail

A Great Beat em up Game… Drive vehicles, use lots of weapons and fight bosses! That will draw the players to frenzy action from the first second of play until the last!

Rodriguez Revenge features:
-A fun Combo system, with lots of special moves and different attack animations!
-Power ups and rewards, like extra lives, Guns and extra health.
-In each fight a new element introduced, in each part of the game the player will be finding new elements to interact with (or use as weapons) such as iron rods, woods, spike balls, hooks, allied alien dogs, etc!
-Vehicles! Each level has a special vehicle to drive, with unique abilities and special moves, the player will use giant robots, alien alpha dogs, and super water sky for instance!
-Lots of enemies, The player will be fighting tons of enemies, and they have all unique and specific behaviors, and of course all bleed!
-BOSSES: unique voiced bosses, to fight at the end of the level. Powerful bosses with specials skills! The player will have to change his normal fighting tactic against them to win these hard battles!
- Great 2d graphics! the game has amazing graphics, and if you are interested.. it can be played at full screen and the quality is the same or even better !
-Amazing Music and FX! The music of this game is high quality music, and gives the game the perfect atmosphere of battle!
-Fun animations at the end of each level.
-Settable controls, so the player can set them as he think is better for him.

Check out Rodriguez Revenge official trailer:

May 28

Hi pokemon tower defense fan this week we have another exciting shiny hunt for you to find. we have a nice shiny Abra for you to get your hands on.

this week the shiny hunt 8 digit/letters long. let get cracking on code then


This Clue is on the homepage of but is the very last letter shown on the homepage.


What postion is for gameplay is the game Bloons Tower Defense 4 To help you on your quest for this clue checking out the TOP GAMES section will help you


See the clue 3 here PTD Clue 3


Follow Clue Number 3 to advance to clue number 4 Clue 4 Check it out here


In the game Tentacle Wars The Purple Menace How many levels are there in the main game. The number you are after is the FIRST number.


On this Badge Games How many badge does the game Wizard Defense have


On THIS GAMES the letter you are looking for appears 4 times.


The same clue as the other clues. What is the first number of the rating for pokemon tower defense. Pokemon Tower defense

May 27

Fortress Magnus is a new shooting game on which you need to protect your castle from the flying mechs. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, guide and cheats. Read more details for Fortress Magnus.
fortress magnus thumbnail

Control your magical flying castle to beat tons of enemies and save beautiful princesses. Float around and give your best to shoot all of your opponents. Once you collect enough gold, use it to upgrade your fortress and your weapon.
Do what you are best in, and try not to disappoint your whole kingdom!

Fortress Magnus Features:
- 20 levels
- 3 bosses
- 30 achievements
- 2 game modes (single and survival)
- 25 enemies
- Highscore game in survival mode

Check out these Fortress Magnus screenshots:

Fortress Magnus image 1:
fortress magnus image 1

Fortress Magnus image 2:
fortress magnus image 2

Fortress Magnus image 3:
fortress magnus image 3

Fortress Magnus image 3:
fortress magnus image 4

Enjoy your weekend guys and girls and stay tuned on to play Strategy games and visit the Blog to read latest news and walkthroughs.

May 26

Moto Jumping is a new crazy motorcycle stunts in a easy to learn but hard to master funny game! The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, some hints and tricks for fastest completing. Read more details for Moto Jumping.
moto jumping thumbnail

Bobby is in love. But in order to get the girl of his dreams he has to show her something amazing! So he decides to jump an entire city with a motorcycle. Not even Evel Knievel has dared to do such a feat!

In this simple to learn game, players have to jump over cars and trucks in order to get the enough momentum to get to the other side of the city, using bike slams and upgrading your bike. Power ups and obstacles will be available across the scenario, to make things even more interesting. Players also will be able to do flips in the air to earn additional fuel.

Watch Moto Jumping official trailer:

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