Pokemon Shiney hunt 2

HI ya guys once again playtowerdefensegames is hosting a super easter egg hunt for a shiney pokemon. This time to clues will be a little harder to get and might take a little more time.

This time to clue will have 6 digits

Clue 1

www.playtowerdefensegames.com Homepage

How many games are shown on the front page in the highest rated section  Times 2 ( Highest rating x 2 = Clue 1)

Clue 2

www.playtowerdefensegames.com Home page

How many games featured on the homepage of  this website ( the big images that slide across)

Clue 3

The first number in the amount of plays for the game Create Your Own TD 3 on www.playtowerdefensegames.com The link will not help you it only takes you to the game look around the website to try and find how many plays it has.

Clue 4

This might seem to be a bit kinda like the other maths clue from last week easter egg hunt. you can find the clue here Pokemon Clue 4

Clue 5 and 6 will follow from the clues from clue 4 just check out the link under the game.

1,088 Responses

  1. MizuhoChan Says:

    This doesn’t make sense, clue 5 is there, but there is no clue 6.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Clue 5 doesnt come up anywhere on the site it links to

  3. stella williams Says:

    what is the code for shiny pokemon callum?

    why is it this hard?

    can it be easyer?

    have you made the next part?

  4. MizuhoChan Says:

    There we go, looks like it was linking to the wrong game, it’s been fixed and I have my shiny Jigglypuff =)

  5. stella williams Says:

    why is there a pokemon shiny hunt?

  6. Shiny pokemon Says:

    5321 us the code for a shiny gewodud, but I can’ seem to get the jigglypuff =l

  7. Shiny pokemon Says:


  8. LiveR Says:

    Whats the code?

  9. me Says:

    most of the clues make sense except 4. someone please tell me the code

  10. MizuhoChan Says:

    That’s because the third clue doesn’t result in a 6.

  11. me Says:

    so far iv got 673-10034???i dont get it

  12. me Says:

    Mizuki, TELL US THE CODE

  13. me Says:

    what is the answer to number 4

  14. edman Says:

    can some1 help me out…im stuck on the some clues first one says how many games are in highest rated, but then asks for the rated #..then the 3rd i cant for the life of me find

  15. Aaron Says:

    i have to agree with edman… no matter what the clues say, 676034 doesn’t work.

  16. edman Says:

    OK…finally found clue 3…not working for all the combos i have gotten..876034,866034,676034, and 666034 all are not working and those are the ones i have gotten from these. Help a playa out

  17. Tuka Says:

    [removed by admin] The News Code (:
    Get You Shiny JigglyPuff And Fun ~~ (:

  18. Anonymous Says:

    i cant find clue 3. does anyone know what page to go on to find the rating? And does anyone even understand clue 6 because i dont?

  19. tomas Says:

    please submit code quicley

  20. chris burguess Says:

    wtf i have all clue but get diffrent things then everyone else and it dosent work 126034

  21. Roland Says:

    the code is [removed by admin] no lie you get shiny jigglypuff

  22. Smart guy97 Says:

    If your site that you play on has’nt updated the game yet then the code won’t work. Code is [removed by admin] but you must wait till your site updates to newest version.

  23. code Says:


  24. Cmill Says:

    Does anyone know the shiny pikachu code?

  25. me Says:

    mines not working ?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?1/!?!?!?!?2?!2/1@#1?

  26. bubblefish4 Says:

    the code is a LIE!

  27. phoenixneo Says:

    I tried entering the code, but it didn’t work at all.

  28. Darkreye Says:

    I didn’t get the update in my data, and none of the codes for Mystery Gift are working. wat do

  29. arrow101 Says:

    lol, its 8.67303 guys… the rating X2 is clue 1:P

  30. wesman Says:

    doesnt work :(

    if you follow the cleus correctly and type it in it says: code not valid!!!

  31. Chaos Says:

    I don’t understand clue 1 and 6. I have the rest. But 1, I don’t understand I I have to look the number of games, or look his rating and double it. I was trying and no one works.
    In 6, I don’t understand what is the first number in ratings. I tried 0, 1, 4 and 5. But no works. :S

  32. dodobird111 Says:

    what is the code for shiney steelix/???

  33. AALIYAN Says:

    how to get shiny onix and shiny charmender

  34. Pichu635 Says:

    when i tryied the 2 codes [removed by admin] n 673-10031 they NEVERED worked. can someone just thell us the real codes bc i want these codes so i can keep playing this sweet game. so can someone just tell us the real code before i will kick your asses

  35. Pidgey Code Says:

    Does anyone know the code for shiny pidgey?

  36. mr. Says:

    what is it

  37. this is super cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    yah i got cheat i now got all the shiney pokemon there is

  38. give me all the codes Says:

    plz tell me all the codes and i need that code it dosen work plz give me all the codes plz respond today

  39. give me all the codes Says:

    anyone there plz help me:( crying

  40. trustytomato Says:

    5234 shiny pidgey

  41. give me all the codes Says:

    oh ty

  42. give me all the codes Says:

    is that all you got

  43. trustytomato Says:

    673034 shiny jiggly puff

  44. give me all the codes Says:

    can you get a shiny mewtwo

  45. give me all the codes Says:

    oh and ty for the codes

  46. give me all the codes Says:

    are :( i need codes

  47. trustytomato Says:

    52** shiny geodude

  48. trustytomato Says:

    about the shiny mewtwo i do not know

  49. the code is Says:

    shiny geodude -> five two [removed by admin]

    shiny pidgey -> five two [removed by admin]

    shiny jigly puff -> six [removed by admin] four

    catch your shiny pokemons, guys

  50. Bob Says:

    Are there any other coders other than:
    Geodude 52**
    Piddgedy 52**
    Jigglypuff 67***4
    Are there more codes?
    Is there one for
    Other Lengendaries?

  51. give me all the codes Says:

    anyone have other codes i can have

  52. hello Says:

    when is the game going to be changed and what are the best pokemon for MT-moon 2plez some 1 help me

  53. matt Says:

    [removed by admin] is jigglypuff

  54. hello Says:

    dont tell me the best pokemon because i got the best team for the job wartotal levle18/ geodud 18 nedoran 16 manky 18 pigy 17 (wirlwind is amasing on this game) and beedrill 17 9 (string shot to slow it down)

    but i wont to now when it is being updated

  55. ma$ter jordan Says:

    the code for shiny pigy is 5234 it worked for me so it must be right if it doesnt work for u i dont know what to tell u

  56. matheus Says:

    67***4 is the number ii always get and its wrong

  57. Kim Says:


    Shiney jiggly :)

  58. alex Says:

    what is the code for shiny mewtwo

  59. sup,dawg Says:

    anyone know when charmander eveolves to charzhard ? lvl plz , ty

  60. dummies Says:

    67***4 :-)

  61. anon. e. mouse Says:

    i am astounded by the amount of people having trouble with this. it really isn’t that hard guys. you are all really dumb.

  62. TD games are awesome Says:

    i can’t find 4 and 5 where are they

  63. Dbest Says:

    the code is 67***4 its true.u can also use the code as many times as u want

  64. Rob Says:

    Yey shiney Jiggleypuff

  65. f Says:

    67***4= Shiny Jigglypuff

  66. Bob Says:

    What is 1234?
    I tried it and said i used it.
    WTF is it?

  67. alex Says:

    what is code for shiny starters

  68. :O Says:

    I got a shiny pidgy and a shiny jigglipuff¡

  69. Shawn Says:

    i’ve found the code. the only mistake you guys have is clue number 3. you guys took the number of plays from the game Create Your Own TD 1. you have to do it for the 3rd version of the game.

  70. oh Says:

    my site isnt updated so thats why its not working

  71. Jolo Pascual Says:

    67***4 Code for jigglypuff

  72. Wayne Says:

    Shiny Jigglypuff, it doesn’t even look shiny other than the sparkle -.-”

    Where is a decent shiny pokemon *sniffle*

    Clues were kinda boring hehe (67***4)

  73. maxy_rock Says:

    the pass of the mystery gift is:52**

  74. VanSirius Says:

    67??34 THE REAL CODE!! Change ?? for [removed by admin]!

  75. IANF Says:

    code 67***4 does infact work, you just need to go to a place that has mt moon 2 lvl (aka it was updated)

  76. superswampert45 Says:

    Is newgrounds an updated wbsite for this game?

  77. ma$ter jordan Says:

    trustytomato i =s not lying 52** is how u get a shiny geodude but before u can enter it u must first beat boss Brock in challenge mode first

  78. ma$ter jordan Says:

    i mean is not lying, not i=s not lying

  79. Gariami Says:

    This is reeeeealy easy

  80. Trial and Error Says:

    i used Grrr…. number and changed around the third digit until i got the correct anwser.
    his number was 67***4. try it

  81. Nate Says:

    I beat brock challenge and enter code did no work

  82. chuck Says:

    The new code is 67***4, shiny ball

  83. POKEMON Says:

    wow lOL i have all 3 of them

  84. POKEMON Says:

    523* is for Challge mode and 523* is for Pigey and 67***4 is for JigglyPuff :D

  85. POKEMON Says:

    Can someone PLASE tell me What is the code for Pikachu D: D: D: i so want it PLASE HELP ME

  86. Dennis098 Says:

    67***4 shiny jigglypuff(kinda useless because it learns bad moves and is at level 1)

  87. POKEMON Says:

    i am gona Check this out 4 days later so Please Tell me the code PLESE I BEG YOU TELL ME THE CODE FOR PIKACHU

  88. st Says:

    how come i cant get any shiney pokemon on my alt account

  89. Kyamatsu Says:

    the code is 67***4

  90. give me all the codes Says:

    well idk

  91. i have all codes Says:

    i have ALL CODES

    also i have Shiny starters

    and i have a shiny Mew

    i WILL NOT be giving out the code

    i got this by E-mailing the game owner

  92. jon Says:

    it isn´tvalid the v2.3 I don´t open ther version

  93. Person who isnt stupid Says:

    anyone who cant figure this out is a retard this is seriously the easiest thing ever

  94. Marino Says:

    cool mit …

  95. hello Says:

    dose anyone now when the game will be updated

  96. know all the codes Says:

    sweet! i got a Shiny Geodude Shiny Pidgey and a Shiny JigglyPuff!

  97. asdwaa Says:

    all tell me pikachu’s code

  98. Mini-Mo Says:

    I GOT IT ITS 67***4

  99. ????? Says:


  100. ????? Says:

    shiny voltorb

  101. ????? Says:

    67***4 shiny jiggly puff

  102. ????? Says:

    52** shiny geodude

  103. kurt renzo Says:

    for jigglypuff, 67***4
    for shiny geodude,52**

  104. maco Says:

    the code is 67***4

  105. hello Says:

    can some 1 tell me some codes for shiney plez

  106. alex Says:

    i want all of the shiny pokemon.

  107. hello Says:

    i wont to find out who has the strongest pokemon on this game post your strongest name and there levle and plez say if it is a shiney
    who ever has the strongest i will tell the a code for any pokemon they wont i now them all

  108. robindeshels Says:

    what is the goddman code of shiny pidgey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. robindeshels Says:

    pllz give me the anwser!!

  110. hello Says:

    can some 1 tell me a site that has the new updated game plez

  111. i need help Says:

    what site has the updated game plez some 1 tell me

  112. i need help Says:

    can some 1 tell me some shine codes plez and plez can some 1 tell me A SITE WITH THE UPDATED GAME plez

  113. i need help Says:

    plez can some 1 tell me a site that has the update to this game because i am bored and i finished mt-moon 2

  114. BRBlaze Says:

    LOOK - “6″
    I cant say the “7″ numbers, but i try “[removed]” times, i cant give up “[removed]” for a moment, but “[removed]” thinks i say “4″ all: thys code is a shine jigg.

  115. Andrew :) Best Team :) Says:

    My Team is : lvl 25 shiney graveler, lvl 24 shiney pidgeotto, lvl 23 butterfree, lvl 22 charmeleon, lvl 21 arcanine, lvl 21 raichu :) very good team and i hope you like it :)

  116. Andrew :) Best Team :) Says:

    i also have a shiney jigglypuff buy i evolved it with a moon stone and now have a wigglypuff :)

  117. dialga Says:

    quali sono tutti i pokemon shiney con i codici

  118. Mystery Boy Says:

    Okay “hello”?Bye!!! ;)

  119. john Says:

    I now the to mewtwo and mew and groundon…………:)

  120. john Says:

    i now mewtwo codes is 9****4 and mew is 5****7 and groundon is 6****7!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!??!!!!

  121. person Says:

    WHAT IS CLUE 3?!

  122. Vinicius Says:

    Português : eu só consegui esses 5234 = Pidgey Shiny
    523* = Geodude Shiny
    67**4 = Jigglypuff Shiny
    Inglês : 523* = Pidgey Shiny
    523* = Geodude Shiny
    67***4 = Jigglypuff Shiny
    I hope that I helped yous’
    Espero que eu tenha ajudado vocês !
    Se eu conseguir mais códigos eu venho aqui posto os códigos !
    If I get more codes I’ve put the codes here!

  123. john Says:

    i got all the code to every pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. john Says:

    i have the code to luiga

  125. FinalXagon Says:

    The first one is 6
    The second is 7
    Number three is [removed]
    of course the fourth is [removed]
    the fifth must be [removed]
    last but not least is 4

  126. edwin Says:

    hey to all are you tired o the hunt? here are three codes:
    shiny geodude:523*
    shiny pidgey:523*
    shiny jigglypuff:67**4
    thats ok!

  127. michael Says:

    i know a code for shiny mewtwo and noone else does! the code for shiny mewtwo is ******

  128. Asombra Says:

    So easy…

  129. borja Says:

    6 blabla7 blabla[removed] blabla[removed] blabla[removed] blabla4 = jigglipuf

  130. Ashlee Says:

    Can someone tell me all the codes please im new email me at

  131. Epicsmily Says:

    dude the code 4 the shiny jiggly puf is the sum of this math problem 2000+67***4= 67***4

  132. strong trainer Says:

    my strongest pokemon is ……………….. nidoqueen, charmeleon and raichou and m any others all lv 25, i already have the shiney codes of pidgey, shiuny jigglypuff, and geoudude please tell me the codes

  133. xfhcfgxbv Says:

    el codigo de pichoto es 52**

  134. xfhcfgxbv Says:

    Pichot code is 52**

  135. xfhcfgxbv Says:

    Copy it fast

  136. poketamer Says:

    I wish discover the mew or the mewtwo code!

  137. dragonstorm125 Says:

    i got the code!

  138. heres my codes Says:

    the only codes there is is jiglypuff pidgy and geodude witch you haft to beat the challenge mode and the codes are 67***4 jiglypuff 52** pidgy and brock will tell you the last code

  139. shiny geodude lvl22 Says:

    I FREAKIN LOVE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mew PLEASE

  140. pote Says:

    please give me a mew :P

  141. pote Says:

    ¿entienden ingles?

  142. Hacker Says:

    whats shiny pikichu?

  143. john Says:

    copy what fast i aready have all the codes for every pokemon

  144. Hacker Says:

    What is shiny pikishu its my faverite so i want to know

  145. xzibit Says:

    waz up fans

  146. xzibit Says:

    hope u come to my consert

  147. xzibit Says:

    btw wats the code for geodude its for my freinds son plzzzzzzzz fans

  148. strong trainer Says:

    any onne there?

  149. strong trainer Says:

    i want to get a shiny pikachu

  150. strong trainer Says:

    i want all of the shiny pokemon

  151. sean Says:

    what is mew’s code ill give you the code to the riddle

  152. Pikachu Says:

    673*** for shiny jigglypuff <:

  153. Bob Says:

    What the Goddam code is for the shiny starters, Mew, Voltorb, Steelix, AND/OR Mewtwo?
    P.S. What the hell is 1234?

  154. Bob Says:

    ALSO, WTF is 0987?

  155. Greenie Says:

    What are the shiny pokemon? is it only pidgey, geodude, ad jigglypuff?

  156. john Says:


  157. bop it Says:

    i dont know

  158. bop it Says:

    what is the code for shiny voltorb is???????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. bop it Says:


  160. bop it Says:

    this is easy

  161. Xx_devil_xX Says:


  162. Xx_devil_xX Says:

    when do the author publish to get the next of mt.moon?

  163. kathryn zhou Says:

    I got shiny 2 he is so cute!!!

  164. FinalXagon Says:

    Any idea for the SHINY PIKACHU CODE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  165. Pokeman Says:

    *=3 okay that is the code to the shiny jigglypuff.

  166. alaa Says:

    Iam Get The Code But It Tell Me Not Right The Code It 67***1

  167. raymon223 Says:

    the code for shiny jiggly is:67***4
    have lucky!!!

  168. Calvin Says:

    Someone can Email me ALL the codes?

  169. ????? Says:

    who code is for mewtow

  170. ????? Says:


  171. Mystery Boy Says:


  172. Mystery Boy Says:

    I write some things wrong.Sorry!:(

  173. it's me Says:

    lol, got every pokemon lvl 25 ,in fully evolved states and shiny if possible

  174. Mystery Boy Says:

    Give me some code!!!

  175. Mystery Boy Says:

    I only have the first and the last number of the code of…

  176. Jakob Says:

    Whar?! They say i already used the code to shiny geodude (Just to be sweet, the code to geodude is 52**=)), but i haven´t used it!! How the **** are sotero supposed that we are gonna get a shiny geodude!? Do we SHALL clear “Rock” before we can get a shiny geodude?7

  177. pokemon trainer xyxy Says:

    * - secret numbers ;)

    can you see them???

  178. t55yees Says:

    di el de pikachu

  179. Lemy Says:

    Hey, Sam Otero. “Pokemon Tower Defense” is a GREAT GAME! Just one suggestion man. My pokemon are all scattered. You should add a “SORT POKEMON” button. It would be a very welcomed feature. Thanks for your time bro.

  180. LOLboy Says:

    can someone tell me 1 pokemon code plzzz i bag you all

  181. shadow pikachhhu Says:

    please give shyni codes……please

  182. Andrew :) Best Team :) Says:

    LOL…. finally got all my starters lvl. 25 ….

  183. Ying Says:

    lol they keep censoring the codes

  184. ????? Says:

    please send mewtwo codes

  185. ????? Says:

    i’m need shiny starters code

  186. shadow pikachhhu Says:

    I need shyni codes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. pokemon... Says:

    send shiny mewtwo codes to my messenger: mega-aaa@hotmail.com

  188. gregory Says:

    this stinks ):(

  189. gregory Says:

    this sticks ):(

  190. Bob Says:

    WTF is the code for
    What the hell is

  191. Crackzor Says:

    Ok, Imma say the code, in a “secret” language. use it if you get it.

    AdminAnt, This should be ok, since I don’t use numbers? :3

  192. it me Says:

    piz rite your codes like tis 1 2 3 4 5 k

  193. firemaster Says:

    please give me codes for legendaries

  194. anonymus Says:

    what r the 2 middle codes for: mew2 mew and groudon
    PLZ HELP SO :(

  195. ChuckStriker Says:

    the code work!!!! it’s true it really works!!! i got it !!jiglipuff!!damn it’s all shiny xD

  196. anonymus Says:

    what r the 2 middle codes for mew2 mew and grouwdon plz help!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  197. Epicsmily Says:


  198. Epicsmily Says:


  199. I want to Know Says:

    What is pikachu’s shiny code???

  200. I want to Know Says:

    Also where to catch a growlithe

  201. ReneeXZakuro Says:

    plz can someone tell me a code loke this:
    it makes it so much easier.

  202. Smartass Says:

    guys look at the site of that sam? there is that shiny starters are only availible when donating 10 euro. And i’ve also did the clues and i had 67***4 doesnt work

  203. clay Says:

    i need more places

  204. johnme Says:

    heyy everyone do u know that u can enter in the code more then once on all of the shines and get multiple ones i have like 7 shinny piggys

  205. blalvadfjhdsf Says:

    wtf it sais i have already used it how

  206. give me all the codes Says:

    where do you email the guy

  207. give me all the codes Says:

    i want all lendrendaris

  208. mystery Says:

    for the pokemon hunt #2, you can get as many as you want, that simple.

  209. john Says:

    what now

  210. john Says:

    what up u guys

  211. anonymus Says:


  212. strong trainer Says:

    are u guys ignoring me and your spelling sucks and thats all im saying. period

  213. give me all the codes Says:

    what the heck is your promble

  214. Shadow Says:

    I got the code for jigglypuff, and when trying to get geodude after beating the challenge, I accidentally hit the wrong number and got a shiny pidgey! :D

  215. david matthew Says:

    from sup,dawg.charmander evolve into charmeleon at level 18 and charmeleon evolve into charizard at level 36.

  216. rayn28 Says:

    hey john can u give me the codes for mew,mewtwo plssss..


  217. ¿? Says:

    the pidgey code is correct

  218. Calvin Says:

    Someone can Email me ALL the codes?
    And the code 67***4 doesnt work why?

  219. raymon223 Says:

    please send me the code’s for the shiny pokemon’s

    my e-mail is raymon223@hotmail.com

    please help me!

  220. javi Says:

    someone tells me a code?

  221. George Says:

    Use letters instead of numbers for the codes: a = 1, b = 2, etc.

  222. ????? Says:

    all my pokemon is 25 lv

  223. FinalXagon Says:

    Hey, i’m the freaking best trainer here!
    Look here:
    - lvl 25 Charmeleon
    - lvl 25 Wigglytuff (SHINY)
    - lvl 25 Pidgeotto (SHINY)
    - lvl 25 Graveler (SHINY)
    - lvl 23 Pikachu
    - lvl 23 Nidoking


  224. cxz Says:

    Hahahaha i have :
    Charmeleon lvl 25
    Poliwrath lvl 25
    Raichu lvl 25
    Vileplume lvl 25
    Shiny Graveler lvl 25
    Arcacine lvl 25

    who is better? :)

  225. Anonimillo Says:

    I’m sorry, but you are not the best trainer: that’s my pokemon…
    - lvl 25 Charmeleon
    - lvl 25 Pidgeotto
    - lvl 25 Raticate
    - lvl 25 Beedril
    - lvl 25 Butterfree
    - lvl 25 Raichu
    - lvl 25 Mankey
    - lvl 25 Wigglituff
    - lvl 25 Nidoqueen
    - lvl 25 Nidoking
    - lvl 25 Fearow
    - lvl 25 Golbat
    - lvl 25 Graveler
    - lvl 25 Graveler shiny
    - lvl 25 Pidgeotto shiny
    - lvl 25 Parasect
    - lvl 25 Sandslash
    - lvl 25 Clefable
    - lvl 25 Ninetales
    - lvl 25 Victribel
    - lvl 25 Poliwrath

    And now I will start to train my shiny jigglipuff lvl 1

  226. asd Says:

    code: a=1,b=2 and so on….

    fgc0cd shiny jiggly

  227. adrian Says:

    charmeleon lv25
    nidoking lv 25
    nidoqueen lv 25
    arcanine lv 25
    butterfree lv 25
    pidgeotto shynin lv 25

  228. mathias Says:

    i cant find it!

  229. angel Says:

    ayudaaaa necesito a pokemon brillantes porfavor os dare toos los pokemones k querrais

  230. angel Says:

    necesito pokemones brillantes decir toos los codigos k sepais porfavorrr :)

  231. Norman Says:

    Hey guys I just start this game and I have the best theme ever
    -Graveler shiny lv.25
    -Pidgeotto shiny l.25
    -Nidoking lv.23
    -Ivysaur lv.25
    -Buterfree lv.25
    -Raichu lv.23

  232. Norman Says:

    Could someone tell me more codes I am desesperate for having more shiny pokemons or normal but weird pokemons

  233. Norman Says:

    Mystery boy could you tell us the codes for the legendaries.

  234. michael Says:

    che como ago para conseguir brillante

  235. michael Says:

    yo tengo geodude en amarillo

  236. xopeng garcia Says:

    I got the code with many of shiny starters.PLZ give me the coded of mew/mewto

  237. Kiki Says:

    Theres a link on the front page for clues 3 and 4 and the link for clue 5 is under the pic for clue 4 and clue 6 is linked under clue 5. Its in the wrting at above the ad and game link

  238. owmn Says:

    they need to publish the next stage of the game it is amassing how many people have completed this game

    come on i got every pokemon u can get at level 25 and 10 shiny at level 25 as well now i got nothing left to do

    plezzzzzzzzzzzz publish the next stage

  239. sarbaxz Says:

    hola ablan castellano

  240. shadow pikachu Says:

    please give codes i only have a shyni pigey and a shyni geodude please give me codes

  241. ben Says:

    wow do you get a sandshrew

  242. ben Says:


  243. ben Says:

    i am the best
    -charizard lvl 39
    -raichu lvl 30
    -nidoking lvl 29
    -primeape lvl 32
    -pidegot lvl 36
    and a bedrill lvl 38

  244. ben Says:

    will we be able to catch the trio
    zapdos,moltres,articuno or mewtwo
    it would be cool

  245. pokemon... Says:

    send to my messenger shiny pokemon´s codes :mega-aaa@hotmail.com

  246. pokemon... Says:

    I´ve got shiny pidgey code,shiny geogude code and shiny jigglipuff

  247. cxz Says:

    anyone know toher code addition to geodude, pidgey and jigglypuff?

  248. canto Says:

    seent the codes for my email canto_vivi@hotmail.com thanks

  249. Dangill5643 Says:

    Hey all! I’m here to give you the code for pidgey but they are shiny. it’s in a secret language so the guy dosnt take it off so here is pidgeys: EBCD. Didja figure it out? well then, A=1. :D enjoy!

  250. Dangill5643 Says:

    any hot girls out there?

  251. Blabla Says:

    If you have a mewtwo or mew code plz send it to me at 12mgev@walla.com plz people i really want one i know a few codes myself and a way to use them as much as you want :’(

  252. bop it Says:

    i do

  253. bop it Says:

    pokemon rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  254. bop it Says:

    im strongest


  255. Jacob Says:

    got shiny jigglypuff

  256. Norman Says:

    Could someone tell us legendary pokemons code please.

  257. ?????? Says:

    10 new shiney pokemons r coming out

  258. ?????? Says:

    these r the new pokmon Shiny Shiny Rattata
    Shiny Caterpie
    Shiny Metapod
    Shiny Butterfree
    Shiny Weedle
    Shiny Kakuna
    Shiny Beedrill
    Shiny Spearow
    Shiny Ekans
    Shiny Sandshrew

  259. hey anyone give me all shiney codes including legendaries Says:

    can anyone give me codes for legendaries? fredricksonalyssa@yahoo.com

  260. john elder Says:

    please send me an codes i really need it send it at this e-mmail… akosi_dillan@yahoo.com

  261. john Says:

    how did you do that. you only go to level 25.

  262. john elder Says:

    lease send me an codes i really need it send it at this e-mail… uchiha_john_14@yahoo.com

  263. john Says:

    i will pown you all

  264. john Says:

    mewtwo code is,am not going to tell you or mew.

  265. ronald Says:

    el codigo de clefor cual es

  266. I Lol at You Says:

    For all of you morons posting “Duh i ares the ten yearz olds and i herp derp everywheres cause i too stupidz to do the simple maths” I can’t help bu laugh. Also if you take the time to read all of the comments, different people post different chunks of the codes so you can easily get all of them just by a short bit of reading.

  267. Jolo Pascual Says:

    after you evolved nidoran nidorino use moonstone it will become nidoking and queen i have 20 LVL 25 Arcanine 5 (cause they’re not easy to cach)LVL 25 Arbok LvL 25 Shiney Mew and Mewtwo(cool attacks like Beam)Shiney Lugia,the TRIO all Lvl 25 15 fearows that are also lvl 25 50 shiney Gravelers,Pidgeotto,Wigglytuff, Golbat,Poliwrath,Vitribelle,Groudon,Ninetails,Sandslash,Primape,Scyther,Electrobuzz,Kangaskan,Persian,Golduck,Aeorodactyl,Kadabra,Dewgong,wheezing,Pink Rhydon,Ditto,Eevee,Vaporeon,Glaceon,Umbreon,Jolteon And Flareon,Dratini,Dragonair,Dragonite….. And my first Pokemon is now a Lvl 25 Charizard

  268. smallin Says:

    Why is everyone set on 1 upping everyone else. Congrats u have good pokemon but nobody cares. For everyone who has to lie on a video game forum read the second sentence again and get a life. True trainers create their party with 6 pokemon they like rather than just the 6 strongest they can find.

  269. PkmnFan Says:

    YAY works for me…..can’t tell u though :P SUCKERS! :D

    Can’t touch this DA NA NA NA

  270. PkmnFan Says:

    XD :P :D XP :) :( D: ;D ;) ;(

  271. POKEMON Says:


  272. POKEMON Says:


  273. get owned Says:

    the jigglypuff code is soo dam easy

  274. jamie Says:

    can some wone please tell me the code of mewtew!(

  275. samdangames Official Says:

    jolo pascuel is a liar i have not yet made the trio and or anyother pokemon available yet besides shiny mew that is jus ridiculous and quite funny but this week im taking the week off n will add more levels and higher cap

  276. samdangames Official Says:

    Attention: Do not believe anyone who says there above lvl 25 and have legendary pokemon i have not yet made codes or made them available i am getting alot of messages from everyone saying what are codes for legendary pokemon when there isnt any in the first place i will make a blog stating this. Thank you for all the support from all of you

  277. Spanish Says:

    does anyone know if the codes work at Spain ?

  278. ????? Says:

    send shiny dratini code

  279. ????? Says:

    please send lugia code

  280. Maybe Says:

    I know it. But you guys should really make more of an effort to work it out yourself. These clues are a little hard to follow though, so I’ll be kind - The last three digits are 034.

  281. gogeta Says:

    y is this so hard i mean cant it be esier and cant they speed up with the expansion pack it has more levels
    by the way my pokemon are level 200
    shiney golem
    voltorb shiney

  282. IETS Says:


    CODES !

  283. IETS Says:

    Geef me codes via IETS

  284. ben Says:

    how do you get your pokemon to level 100

  285. angel Says:

    xk mi charmeleon no sube del nivel 25?¿

  286. angel Says:

    esk si no no lo podo evolucionar :(:(:(:(

  287. angel Says:

    ayudaaa no podo evolucionar ami charmeleon ayudaaaaa :( :( :(

  288. :D Says:

    :D :) :D

  289. Rohebat Says:

    Here’s the code: *The rest of this message had been deleted by someone.* I don’t know why people are confused. mind you, i did read a comment saying the ammount of plays on Create Your Own TD 3 at the time i guess this blog was posted.

  290. Norman Says:

    guys give the codes please althe trainers are in the need for good pokemon nobody can t evolve a bullbasaur, sqirtle or charmander to venusaur blastoise or charizard.

  291. Norman Says:

    And I need a vulpix and legendaries pokemon for my game good pokemons are realy cool please guys put the codes for every pokemon you find please guys.

  292. ARSCON Says:

    someone tell us the code with all but one number

  293. Lemy Says:

    “SORT POKEMON”(add the feature)
    “SORT POKEMON”(add the feature)
    “SORT POKEMON”(add the feature)
    “SORT POKEMON”(add the feature)
    This way yor pokemon won’t be all scattered, but instead organized by…
    kind/evolution/class etc.


  294. ????? Says:

    please send all shiny pokemon codes

  295. _robin_ Says:

    need codes for ledends and shiny pokemon mial me the codes pplz at robindelee@hotmail.com

  296. isrex Says:

    angel el charmeleon evoluciona a charizard pero a qui no lo tienes que con seguir en mistery grif de mi es 25 charmeleon el no evoluciona le compre fire stone igual no puede ni tampoco los del doctor samuel ¿?¿??¿?

  297. anoniem Says:

    ok je krijgt zelfs mijn eigen shiney articuno van 24

  298. angel Says:

    lo mismo digo :) :)

  299. Steven Says:

    Put your backs into it, devs of PTD! Work for the good of your fans and, also, I think gift Pokemon (Out of MysteryGift, but given to you like the Starters) like Eevee and Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee would be cool!

  300. anoniem Says:

    wow heb net code gekregen van platinum

  301. Bob Says:

    The only codes available are
    If you want any others, you need to make a donation!!!

  302. romualdo Says:

    what´s the code of geodude??????????????????????

  303. romualdo Says:

    you asked???????????????????

  304. romualdo Says:

    pardon, you answer that????

  305. [removed by admin] Says:

    They can’t hide my name!

  306. samdangames Official Says:

    new level cap coming after break and for those saying your pokemon are above level 25 you are liening i havent increased lvl cap yet so plz dont believe them i am getting to many messages about those questions

  307. ronald Says:

    cual es de shinny

  308. Henrique Says:

    como é o código para raichu brilhante

  309. mishkin Says:

    I will give $1000 to anyone who gives me the codes. my e-mail is jnthnmishkin@gmail.com

  310. ronald Says:

    como evoluciono a poliwag

  311. john Says:

    i now all the codes poeple.:)

  312. samdangames Official Says:

    have a very special contest for a shiny code all you have to do is guess which pokemon am i going to introduce next there are three one red exclusive one blue exclusive

  313. moses Says:

    can someone send me most of the codes that are out to Moses.nakamura@gmail.com

  314. mishkin Says:

    john i will give you $1000 for all of the codes
    please e-mail them to me

  315. slapyjoe Says:

    send me codes at

  316. know all the codes Says:

    please give the code to me just send a message to eeddaasddvcascadscee@yahoo.com

  317. isrex Says:

    busco charizard level 25

  318. Brett Says:

    Abra and Oddish

  319. ben Says:

    n 277 coment sas that no legendairies yet and no ontop of lvl 25 clearly he does not no to hack and use cheat softwere please….

  320. ben Says:

    dude i hacked and like realy do have fire red version i used wifi
    to tranport pokemon on file of pokemon defense tower and i have soul silver so i put what they look like there following u mager cool arceus,regegigas,mew,mewtwo,lugia,ho-oh,giratina,palkia,dialgia.
    if u want my version ask me by email on alex.dragon2@neuf.fr
    and get codes for shaymin event darkrai event and deyoxys event.all other legendairies are possible to cath in the game.

  321. pascal Says:

    can you make a mystery gift code for a shiny mew that would be really cool.

  322. PokeJoe Says:

    Please make a button that will make game play move faster! If you do this or even read this comment, it will be much appreciated.

  323. ben Says:

    mew of course a can make a mew event like ive got him on soul silver and i alrady made a button to that and + there are 35 routes,caves and towns in all so you will not be borded and max lvl 100 exept if you have the code for +30 lvl. updates soon

  324. Waste Says:

    Yo guys you can catch shiny in the wild you know.

  325. gabriel Says:

    hello friends can give me the codes of the shiny pokemon I have only a shiny Graveler Pidgeotto Wigglytuff and my email is armandojusti@hotmail.com plizz help me with codes

  326. Waste Says:

    Because i got a shiny Butterfree.

  327. Waste Says:

    samndangames I know wich pokemon you are gonna introduce they’re names are kyorge,groudon and rayquaza.

  328. pokepark10 Says:

    hallo ken je pokemon toren verdedigen ik heb daar een vraag over zijn er nieuwe code voor shiny als je het weet zeg het a.u.b oke doei

  329. Drago Says:

    I need a shine pokemon i have jig,geodude,pidgei

  330. magnus Says:

    shiny charizard level 100

  331. magnus Says:

    shiny lugia i level 99

    atack aroblast hydro pump
    horn drill ice beam

  332. codefreak Says:

    Codes i do not know all but if you really want a shiney mew and steelix and shiney cindquil,then email me at jessicaruizmelo@yahoo.com and i give you codes only if you give me a code

  333. graycom Says:

    ya right i emai you you just take my code i no sucker

  334. will Says:

    I tried every other number for the third too but they didn’t work!!!!!!!????????

  335. Drago Says:

    i need Mew or mewtwo

  336. .......... Says:

    my list is something like that too.

  337. .......... Says:

    you are not the best, I am! :)

  338. Nadie Says:

    Como se captura?

  339. fhfdshewru Says:

    pichu is the most powerful pokemon in the world

  340. pokemon123456789 Says:

    give me a code

  341. Linkhero Says:

    can someone email the codes

  342. Linkhero Says:

    my email is matthew.sergeon@hotmail.com

  343. Linkhero Says:

    Song for pokemon johto league victors:
    pokemon pokemon pokemon lets do it i wanna be the very best like no one ever was ever was ever was to catch them is my real test to train them is my cause my whole life is ment to this time to test my skills and i know i just cant miss thatill show the world born to be a winner johto born to be a champion born to be a winner born to be the very best pokemon johto born to be a winner pokemon

  344. Danny Gilleece Says:

    Alright guys, all you who say you can get lvl 100 pokemon are ridiculous. They only go up to level 25! I know because i’m addicted to this game. and anyway, people who say “derr, were are teh codes for mew?” it dosnt exist! Well anyway samndangames, your gonna introduce kyogre, groudon and rayquaza. Bye now! and anyone who thinks people should shut their lies about lvl 100’s comment under this. thanks!

  345. Derpymcking Says:

    Hey, he’s right. Lvl 100 don’t exist! i play it too alot so there cant be. But his shiny pidgey code did help me out. so let’s make those idiots shut up and make it fun for the rest of us!

  346. Ashleyishot Says:

    danny’s right. Those people should stop. i wanna have fun with chatting with the people who know what they’re talkin’ about. Whoever made this great game must be pissed at you. and danny, do you have a facebook? mine is Ashley Niona.

  347. ??????????????? Says:

    I need the code for anything besides pidgey and jigglypuff.

  348. deathreaper Says:

    does any one know the last number on the shiny geodude code

  349. ronald Says:

    cuales son las claves nuevas

  350. Johnathan Says:

    I have no codes.I need help.My e-mail is mr.johnathan.vance@gmail.com.

  351. ronald Says:

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  352. Johnathan Says:

    PkmnFan is “stupid”. “Showoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  353. Johnathan Says:

    I just got Jigglypuff!

  354. SPIKE Says:

    i think i have all of them accept for three,i go nine for that one

  355. SPIKE Says:

    does anyone know when the next update is, after mt. moon 2

  356. Ash Says:


  357. Drago Says:


  358. ?! Says:

    my pokemons are :
    25–shiny Graveler
    25–shiny Pidgotto

  359. randy Says:

    i just got shiney ratata on a new profile i made and its white :P

  360. Drago Says:

    now i have gravler,wigglipuff and pidotto

  361. dude90 Says:

    okay today is my birthday and it would be nice if someone gave me some codes……hehe.he..

    to waste i dont think you can catch shiny pkmn in the wild

  362. Taymic Says:

    dis makes no sense

  363. Taymic Says:

    does anyone know the awnser?

  364. Taymic Says:

    if you do please tell me right in this comment thingy!

  365. Taymic Says:

    dont worry im a nice guy

  366. :) Says:

    hi code=ebcd A=1 B=2 ….

  367. =) Says:

    Thx so much dude uhhh I like SMILEYS I am really hyper so SOMEONE TALK 2 ME!!!!!!!!!

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  369. give me all the codes Says:

    i need good shiny pokemon

  370. =) Says:

    So I like this game. I can’t fin the code. Look 62***7 okay bye!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOX BYE!!!
    :) :D :3 :P :P :p

  371. =) Says:

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  373. jakub k Says:

    mam pytanie morze mi ktoś podać dwa kody jeden na charmandera i jeden na squirtla plis

  374. gye Says:

    wow did any of you read what sam and dan posted THERE ARE NO LEGANDERIES and YOU CANNOT GET PAST LEVLE 25 so stop trying to brag about your pokemon and get on with your lifes!

    god grow up

  375. bailey Says:

    please i want the code

  376. julian Says:

    plz heb je een code voor me mail me dan op jpmeer@hotmail.com

  377. danielle Says:

    i have a sinny sand slash/and zarark

  378. danielle Says:

    what is the sinny shincs becuse i have lucsray!

  379. danielle Says:

    plz tell me what is the sandstrew code plesese

  380. ryan Says:

    i don’t like it sister

  381. danielle Says:

    hay bother!

  382. danielle Says:

    sorry! i have all the codes

  383. danielle Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhh! i can trade anyone a shinny picuchu to 1 of you! and you have to have a noter SHINNY pokemon!

  384. danielle Says:

    oh and i hope you are ready!

  385. danielle Says:

    i don’t like a pigey!

  386. Johnathan Says:

    Growlithe is at Mt. Moon 2.

  387. daan Says:

    wath s the code van pigoto

  388. Johnathan Says:


  389. deathreaper Says:

    what is the last number of shiny geodude code

  390. demian Says:

    el juego me gusta

  391. shut up Says:

    Jesus people stop asking to send codes and showing off saying you got legendaries. No you dont you just want people to think youre good. if you want codes work them out yourself, there are only three so far, geodude shiny, pidgey shiny and jigglypuff shiny

  392. Flashfoot Says:

    where are the riddles!!!!!!!!!!!!

  393. Gyara Says:

    If you guys want the codes, you have to work for them! I got shiny Geodude on both my slots, and I found out the shiny Jigglypuff code. So please, just work for them.


  394. Gyara Says:

    Oh, could you please add a sort Pokemon feature, like others have said? I would be so happy. ^^

  395. Ángel Says:

    soy español y para los que creen que hay pokemon del nv100 hay que ser idiota

  396. wdf!!!!!! Says:

    any 1 shiny mew im tired of searching im going to suicide

  397. ronald Says:

    cual es la clave de shinny

  398. goku Says:

    sombody have mew2 code
    mew code i need codes

  399. Kai Says:

    I want a pokemon

  400. goku Says:

    please codes codes codes
    i need more mew mew2
    the trio groudan shiny pikashu

  401. i'mjustgonnaplay Says:

    sorry but some of you people are way too desperate the creator SamandDanGames will do what they want when they want it to their game leave them alone about all the DaAhMnN shiny/legendary pokemon the creator(s) have lives i’m just saying no offense.

  402. bop it Says:


  403. JULIAN Says:


  404. Reaper_36 Says:

    April 30th, 2011 at 8:49 pm

  405. norfolksfinnest Says:

    email me all codes plz! mostly for mew thanks http://www.vain1@yahoo.com

  406. JONAS1M Says:


  407. sam Says:

    hope you like the game plus there is no shiney mewtwo or mew good luck.

  408. danielle Says:

    hay! dude i will trade a shinny wigglepuff for a sand strew

  409. danielle Says:

    dose any one know the shinny starters?

  410. danielle Says:

    and it a levl 1000,00000

  411. POKEMON Says:

    YOOOOO Kevin do ya play This game? and i love your seaweed

  412. JULIAN Says:

    i mean pigy and jiglypuff

  413. hasa Says:

    decid todos los codigos o envialos ha darbueesc@gmail.com

  414. lala Says:


  415. pwnd Says:

    please give me codes for mew and mewtwo here is my email pwnd@gmail.com

  416. pwnd Says:

    please give me shinyss mew and mewtwo my email is pwnd78@gmail.com

  417. pwnd Says:

    please john or anyone else help a brother out

  418. joshconnolly2000@hotmail.com Says:

    email the code for mewto and shadow pikachu in shiny is yours

  419. abmatthew Says:

    please send the codes to abulail_matthew@yahoo.com please give me groundon

  420. PokeFreak Says:

    hallo alle zusammen wollte fragen wie ich ab Level 25 weiter leveln kann und wan die nexten stages frei kommen ahja paar Codes währen auch nicht schlecht^^

  421. Checker Says:

    Say codes to me,please

  422. mr knows it all Says:

    if you give you please send me the legendries ill give you anything

  423. emanuel Says:

    `perdon pero el de geodude no me anda y me podrian andar algun otro codigo(tengo el de jiglipuf y pidgey)
    sorry but the geodude´s code is not valid, and can you send to my mail come other codes(I got jiglipuf and pidgey)

  424. ReneeXZakuro Says:

    I am seriously confused Bcuz people are saying stuff like get moonstone then evolve pokemon,but inventory is closed so how the heck do i get it , morons?

  425. pkmnfan Says:

    yo use moon stone+clefairy=clefable

  426. pkmnfan Says:

    this game=addicting!!!

  427. South Park Gamer Says:

    Codes!!!send me codes,please RaphiD@oberchef.de

  428. Jacob Says:


  429. derek Says:

    they get it in the pokemart lol

  430. emanuel Says:

    look when you go to pokemart you buy the moon stone and you use it

  431. emanuel Says:

    en español q m es mas facil: abris la tiendita fea esa y le pones comprar moonstone y vas al pokemon diorecto(yo hago asi)dos preguntas:mankey evoluciona en este juego?no verdad?
    y graveler?

  432. phuoc Says:

    how i get mewtwo?
    how i get mewmew?
    how i get charizard?

  433. emanuel Says:

    HI how can I win the chagenge?

  434. emanuel Says:

    HI how can i win the chagenge mode?

  435. emanuel Says:

    jeje ya le gane :D

  436. nate man Says:

    if A=1 than the code for Jigglepuff is fgczcd


  437. emanuel Says:

    che loco evoluciona graveler a golem?
    y mankey a el otro?

  438. ronald Says:

    pero que inbecial el renne no

  439. ronald Says:

    no sbe evolucionar con piedras

  440. ninguno Says:

    vieleplume lvl 25 para atacar PIEDRAS con mega drain
    Parasect para dormir a los que no se frenan
    Arcanine te hace mas rapido alos compañeros y es muy fuerte
    Beerdil para frenarlos con string shot
    Clefable para darle cachetadas….
    es un equpipo muy bueno !
    todos los demás.. creo que tengo todas los tipos en todas sus evoluciones…

  441. den Says:

    why carnt i get my pokemon past level 25

  442. den Says:

    send me the shiny code

  443. leonardo Says:

    esse jogo é muito bom o melhor dos melhores até agora

  444. jake Says:

    my codes suck because the pokemon is only at lv.1 its really really really dumb!

  445. jake Says:

    who ever made this game they rock because i love pokemon i have black white soul silver heart gold and diamond! and my dsi says pokemon black on it its not a cover you can get it at game stop for 179$ it comes with the dsi the game and a really cool case. its called the pokemon black bunndle.

  446. jake Says:

    by the way i rock to!

  447. jake Says:

    is there any legendary codes for this game if there is plese! tell me.

  448. jake Says:


  449. natasha Says:

    ademas, quien sepa otro code q no sea el de : jig,(ya lo consegui) pidgey o geodude me lo da porfa pq quiero mas pokemons shiny

  450. umbreon Says:

    wow all the shiney pokemon are in level one? LAAAAAAME

  451. christy Says:

    what’s the code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????

  452. POKEMON Says:

    Blah i hate this i want the Shiey PIKA chu code!! HURRA CMN TELL MEdont tell me then you die o_O XD I JUST TELL ME IDIOTS BASTERDS TELL MEEEEE HURRA

  453. Giver Says:


    I found out a code to Shiny Kyogre!!

    It’s either [removed by admin]
    or [removed by admin]

    im so happy!! :)

    (i randomly typed..and woohoo!!

    I took 8 for myself!!

    :) :)


  454. Giver Says:

    Sorry guys.
    The code is actually [removed by admin]



  455. Do'h Says:

    it is removed by admin..:(


    Awesome..a shiney kyogre..


  456. Do'h Says:


  457. Thode Says:

    I dont know who but i rode some codes there dident work and now can i not die xD my freind have try the same but it dident work. its kind of boring so can someon plzz help me to be normal again?

  458. leonardo Says:


  459. leonardo Says:

    goite uruooooooooo

  460. ... CODE Says:

    My Team is Epic Charmelion 25 Beedrill 23 Pideotto 23 Geodude Shiny 24 Raichu 21 Raticate 22

  461. 12mgev@walla.com Says:

    hi if you do know the code for kyogre can you send it to me in 12mgev@walla.com and if admin removed the then im really insalted :(

  462. Pika Says:

    Plz tell me the code for mew!
    PLZ PLZ!!

  463. Pika Says:

    Me and my sister both love mew so much!

  464. =D Says:

    i want my shiny geodude =(

  465. lhi!qsf Says:

    Codes!!!send me codes,please mencadeau@gmail.com

  466. ggg Says:

    Send All Pokemon Codes that you know to:


    Thanks!!!!!!! :D

  467. marwin444 Says:

    i hava 61 pokemon :D

  468. marwin444 Says:

    pls writhe you see what i seys or no.

  469. blah blah blah Says:

    try going on youtube guys

  470. marwin444 Says:

    hehe i hava 61 pokemons :D

  471. PLEASE Says:

    please send me some shiny codes like the shiny kyogre code

    mail: oety1@live.nl

  472. david Says:

    the answer to number 4 is negative 100

  473. bronster Says:

    those don’t work ben at least not for me

  474. josh Says:

    hahaha I have the shiny pikachu code =)

  475. josh Says:

    wow ben those codes dont work, i neeeeed some codes that really work… any one wanna tell me one??

  476. Curtis Says:

    Can you tell me a bunch of shiny codes please. I really only want groudon. I really good at this game and i have the three shinys i think most people have. So will you please give me the code for groudon and others?

    P.S, I LOVE YOUR GAME!!!!!!!!!

  477. natasha Says:

    che ben, esos no andan (te code not works)

  478. ohz Says:

    i lost my profile. when i clicked on ‘choose profile’ today, there are ‘new game’ only. what should i do?

  479. liana Says:

    Will everyone SHUT UP about Kyroge, Groudon and Rayquaza? It says VERY CLEARLY in the description that it’s just the original 151, not johto, hoenn, etc, pokemon, JUST KANTO POKEMON.

  480. liana Says:

    My guess for the next shiny would be sandshrew and ekans for the red/blue exclusives and pikachu for yellow.

  481. liana Says:

    The codes rule, people who abuse the codes drool!

  482. pokemon trainer12345 Says:

    i have all of the codes

  483. Picka Picka Pickachuuuu Says:

    Defeated Brok but the code for the Golden geodude is 5231 but doesn’t work….. Says need internet connection…. COME ON am playing online game here………

  484. Picka Picka Pickachuuuu Says:

    Any assistance……..Also, when are the other lenels gona be released.

  485. Roland Says:

    Haha you guys fail pretty hard, read the questions and awnser them, made it in like 5 min and got the shiny jigglypuff

  486. 123 Says:

    i vill hawe mew and celebi code

  487. 123 Says:

    ( celebi) plese send mee this code

  488. 123 Says:

    i hawe burthday

  489. magnus Says:

    lugia level 50

  490. m.g.200 Says:

    what is the code for mewto

  491. Rayquaza Says:


  492. samuel Says:

    decir los códigos ya tell me all the codes plzzzzz

  493. Chuck Says:

    ok so clue does for number 3 is not any good the ones the slide across ok so you slide it across and there are 10 games so it can be 10 because its a 6 digit code with 6 clues ontop of that i think i found the amount of plays for the one game but how do i know the first digit hasnt changed since the hunt began

  494. ¿? Says:

    your puta madre t lo va a decir

  495. Diogo Reis Pernambuco Says:

    Send me some codes Please !!!

    diogo.s.reis@hotmail.com <- Send to my E-mail Pls

  496. Epicsmily Says:

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D >:D> :D :D ;D

  497. Epicsmily Says:

    :D game owner plz tell meh da code 4 da shiny starters plz :D

  498. ?!? Says:

    I dunno, if its just me. But I can’t input Codes or Online Saving Thingy (Funny-Games[]biz)

  499. me Says:

    please send all codes except pidgeyotto to jamiesuzannehoward@yahoo.com

  500. me Says:

    if a=1 b=2 c=3 etc, then shiny jigglypuff is FGC0(ZERO)CD.

  501. Plusle Lord Says:

    Hey, I just want to say thanks to San and Dan for making an epic Pokemon game. It rocks! Oh yeah, everyone should stop saying they have LVL 100s. There is a level cap guys. And I am not sure about the kyogre, groundon, deoxys, etc. thing. Shiny Graveler is wicked! For all of the new people the code for shiny geodude, jigglypuff, and pidgy are…
    Key: *=0 *=1 *=2 *=3 etc.
    Geodude= ecba
    Pidgy= ebcd
    I don’t think there are legendaries so stop posting you got one you liers! If you did get one congrats!

  502. Plusle Lord Says:

    If I got the codes wrong sorry!

  503. maddy Says:

    I mean shinny

  504. MysteryMan Says:

    Give me all codes you have found at taretare8168@gmail.com

  505. kendal Says:

    how do i evole my warturtle

  506. rafaelfilipemirandaventurasousa Says:

    quero jogar multiplayer

  507. et120@naver.com Says:

    I want mystery gift code

  508. sam Says:

    There is NO celebi,kyogre,groudon,rayquaza,lugia,ho-oh, or whatever legendary you say (unless mew and mewtwo). GET IT! UNDERSTAND IT!!! It´s not THAT hard.

  509. sam Says:

    There is NO celebi,kyogre,groudon,rayquaza,lugia,ho-oh, or whatever legendary code you say (unless mew and mewtwo). GET IT! UNDERSTAND IT!!! It´s not THAT hard.

  510. Codemaker Says:

    I have the best team!!!Rayquaza,
    Mew,deoxys all forms!!!

  511. Spanish Says:

    can you tell me the code for shiny geogude

  512. John Raad Says:

    if u say u have a mew or mewtwo or even groudon or kyoger then u r lying grodon came out in the ruby and saphir and emerald not red and blue so stop lying if u did have them then give the codes but to laugh at every one and say u have them well that just shows u dont know anything about pokemon i do

  513. DURJAY Says:

    How do I evole my ivisor

  514. oh oh Says:

    sorry guys you will not be able to get shiny pidgy and jigglypuff after this weekend :’( :(

  515. cxz Says:

    please send me codes

  516. Ángel Says:

    the code of rayquaza shiny is [removed by admin]

  517. pokepark10 Says:

    hou doe je smeley ofzo

  518. Tyler Says:

    I do not have a clue what the code is

  519. _Zeox_ Says:

    i wish the max lvl was more than 25

  520. himynameisbob Says:

    purple pants equals eleventeen

  521. XD Says:

    yeaaaaaaa i have a puterfly

  522. el vengador Says:

    todos son una cuerda de idiotas como es posible q queden tan viciados con un estupido juego…. el juego es entretenido pero despues de q lo terminas se termina ya cortenla…

  523. Rayquaza Says:

    Ange3 d6 rarequaza’s code like this: A=1 B=2 C=3 PLS rarquaza is my fav pokemon D8

  524. Rayquaza Says:

    Angel do*

  525. JULIAN Says:

    why did the [admin] get rid of the code angel gave for rayquaza

  526. jamie Says:

    can some won tell me mewtews code ill tell you three codes please some won =( =(

  527. ujfjdfj Says:

    wat is code # 3 plz tell me

  528. Some random guy Says:

    new ones omanyte,kabuto and aerodactyl

  529. Scorpion Says:

    Why does it take a long time for the codes to work?

  530. ujfjdfj Says:

    wat are the shiny stater codes ps angel put spaces beetween #s for rayquaza so its not removed

  531. Yo' Mama Says:

    Can Some1 Tell Me The Codes For the Shiny Pokemon i already got pidgey and jigglypuff.

  532. ivan Says:

    quiero a:pikach siny a reyqueza y a groudon

  533. Adriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    There are new stages??? Or the last one still being Mt Moon 2???

  534. sam Says:

    okay, i am sick and tired of your s**t,now!The most of you guys do, is telling us freaking lies about legendary shiny code´s!! Well, i´m tired… OF YOU GUYS THAT SAY SOMETHING ABOUT RAYQUAZA,GROUDON,KYOGRE,DEOXYS,CELEBY,HO-OH, OR LUGIA!! TOSE CODES DOES´NT ECXIST!! UNLESS THE MEW AND MEWTWO CODES, THE CODES TO RAYQUAZA,GROUDON,KYOGRE,DEOXYS,CELEBY,HO-OH, AND LUGIA DOES´NT ECXIST!! Just… Freaking GET IT.

  535. luke Says:

    come on i need codes for as many ledgenderys as i can get so put the codes on plz and lugia does exsist

  536. That guy Says:

    the clue for mine is A=1 and so on
    the code for pidgey is EBCD and geodude is EBCA

  537. That guy Says:

    I have aton of good ones like Charmeleon and Shiny Graveler

  538. nicolas Says:

    yo ya tengo todos los shiny exepto mewtwo y mew

  539. TheBestOfBest Says:

    porfavor actualizen el juego ya tengo a todos mis pokemons en lvl.25 y quiero seguir entrenandolos porfavor actualizenlo :D

  540. erik.pereira Says:

    Mew thanks

  541. angel Says:

    es verdas toos ustedes estais mintiendo xk solo se puede pikachu y mew con la compra del ninja-ja ese asi k no mientais

  542. ????? Says:

    also wats the code for shiny starters?

  543. ujfjdfj Says:

    i dont speek flipin spanish

  544. ujfjdfj Says:

    5 2 * * is rattattatat just remove spaces beat brock first recieve code in challenge mode

  545. ujfjdfj Says:

    no wait the code i posted a sec ago was for geodude

  546. gogeta Says:

    was the cdefor shiny mew i will tell all others for both
    if u dont tell me the code then u will go crazy 3 days from now and dont look at african budist people this is what they do

  547. Plusle Lord Says:

    agreed sam!

  548. ygjtjt Says:

    tell me the code for a shiny mew and mewtwo

  549. jake Says:

    is there a mew or mewtwo code or any legendariys codes

  550. jamie Says:

    sam wy ar you mad.i nkow three codes jigllypufs code is 67***4 and 52*4 and 52*1

  551. jamie Says:

    eather ways if some won dose not tell me the mew or mewtews REAL code then im REALLLLLLY going to go CCRRAASSEEYY (crasey)sirieslly

  552. junior said Says:

    what is the all codes in pokemon power defence

  553. Codemaker Says:

    HI,I need codes I think I NEED CODES SEND ME CODES PLEASE ON RaphiD@oberchef.de!!!

  554. You are stupid Says:

    This is so easy, why do you complain?
    BTW the shiny pokemons seems to have no special abillities so it’s unneccesary…

  555. addymannna Says:

    5234 is a pidgey
    :D this is a best pokemon ever yeeee8))

  556. goncalo Says:

    please send me ol teh shiney codes yu guys now to guncalo@sapo.pt pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  557. daan Says:

    waht is te code vor chiny mew

  558. daan Says:


  559. 123 Says:

    wath is the code to mewtwo?

  560. ujfjdfj Says:

    5231 is geodude

  561. That guy Says:


  562. New Codes Please Says:

    that’s coming soon?
    and news code plx
    pidgey shiny = 523*
    geodude shiny = 523*
    jiglypuff shiny = 67303*

  563. I love this game Says:

    I love this game just wish level cap was bigger so my ivysaur could evolve and that you would come out with more levels more often

  564. john Says:

    the shiny pidgey is 5234

  565. john Says:


  566. Sir William Cunningham Says:

    Learn how to spell, kids. It makes you look bad wen u tyyp lyk dis n say stuf lyk sum won

    I’m going to capitalize every letter in this next section in hopes that you neanderthals will stop spamming the same question over and over.


  567. lokochon Says:

    tell me the codes to jaime_soto_7@hotmail.com please

  568. this man Says:

    it works :DDD

  569. i have all codes Says:

    i am the BEST i have lvl 100 Pokemon :D

    a code is [removed by admin] use it to get a [removed by admin]no lie this works

  570. yogi Says:

    grow a sack and tell ever one the codes for all the shiny pokemon

  571. uhhh Says:

    I got four codes or three

  572. rayan Says:

    wat hise code pikacu plaese

  573. jamie Says:

    6730*34 is jiglly pufs code… and CAN SOME WONE TELL ME THE MEW OR MEWTEWS CODE!!!!!!!!!

  574. jamie Says:

    THATS IT! i,m sirieslly wy is ther a pokemon shiny hunt wen mostly NO wun tells the code! gosh!

  575. jamie Says:

    THATS IT! sirieslly wy is ther a pokemon shiny hunt wen mostly NO wun tells the code! gosh!

  576. Calvin Says:

    Can send me all codes please?

  577. 123 Says:

    can you send me codes????

  578. 123 Says:

    i need codes

  579. goku Says:

    RAICHU 25

  580. wjhdhjdhj Says:

    I NEEEEEEED CODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  581. PICHU Says:


  582. when is next update??? Says:


  583. perry Says:

    ok i have level 100 gravler is stoped evolve

  584. river Says:

    i have the best team of all
    shiny mew lv28
    shiny mewtwo lv29
    shiny gravler lv29
    shiny Riachu lv29
    shiny piddeoto lv29
    blastoise lv29

  585. Dark angle Says:

    the mew code might work it might not it worked for me???

  586. Dark angle Says:

    how do you get over lv 25???

  587. DIEGO Says:


  588. remaric Says:

    what the code of bulbasaur?

  589. PikachuCollecter Says:

    Give Me the pikachu code

  590. muriel5 Says:

    eu tenho 1 ivysaur/lvl:18///1 beedril/lvl:18///2 pidgey/lvl:17///1 rattata/lvl:18///1 geodude shinif/lvl:19///3 zubat/lvl:10///2 oddish/lvl:12///1 monkei/lvl:7///1 metapod/lvl:4///1 cofable/lvl:8///2 nidoram(macho)/lvl:7///2 geodude/lvl:9///1 kakuna/lvl:6///1 sperow/lvl:8///2 paras/lvl:8///1 pikachu/lvl:10///1 ekans/lvl:11///1 poliwag/lvl:12

    ai eu pergunto…minha equipe è boa???

    pena que não da pra captura um onix se nao eu tava na fita :}

  591. muriel5 Says:

    ooo alguem me diz se a minha equipe è boa

  592. muriel5 Says:

    ae alguem tem o squartle… no umtimo nivel da lua…
    qual è o poke que apareçe???




  593. muriel5 Says:

    rilex alguem

  594. Jose Says:

    Could some1 plz send me the codes at jrjosee14@gmail.com besides geodude, pidgey, and jigglypuff…cause i already have them :D…thx

  595. goku Says:

    you shut of 2 give me
    the code of mew and
    mew2 and i will shut of
    morons americans

  596. goku Says:

    sombodi hav mew code or mew2
    i need em naw please

  597. JULIAN Says:

    im have an hard time getting codes because i can never find my question and when r they going to have more missons or i have the rong vershen so someone text me the codes or how to get more missons text 6192887653

  598. GeeBickie Says:

    You guys suck at riddles :P
    i got the code in 5 minutes for a shiny j********

  599. tmb Says:

    codes please tb5043@gmail.com

  600. goku Says:

    sam is real the code for mew and mew2 i need em please give me the code please

  601. bo Says:

    HOW DO YOU GET CHRIZARD,BLASTOIS AND VENISAUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????

  602. shiny geodude Says:

    to get shiny geodude beat brock in callenge mode and u get the code

  603. ljkj Says:

    i love PTD v2.4

  604. arceas30 Says:


  605. jamie Says:

    my GOSH some wone tell code!

  606. Adriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    I’m not American, i’m Spanish, and i don’t think that anybody of us wants to know your team, ok?? :D

  607. sam Says:

    Okay, when version 2.5 is arrived, Groudon and Kyogre will be avaible to get in a stage. The first you can capture is Kyogre. Can you guess WHAT stage Kyogre is found? Tip: Remember, Groudon is Ground type, and Kyogre is Water type.

  608. sam Says:

    And Jamie, i HAVE told the MEWTWO and MEW codes. Search for, where i said it, and then…POOF! You got a shiny MEWTWO or MEW!

  609. nathan Says:

    I dont know about you guys but I’m ready to face Misty! lvl.25 Raticate lvl.25 Pidgeotto lvl.25 Carmeleon lvl.25 Raichu lvl.24 Butterfree lvl.25 Jigglypuff

  610. mysteryes boy Says:

    please al of you say te codes you now and let them be true.

  611. mysteryes boy Says:

    some of us realy need al codes please tell us now ok!!!!!!!!

  612. mysteryes boy Says:

    (i need it 2)

  613. mysteryes boy Says:

    (tell all sort of codes you now)

  614. JULIAN Says:

    how do i get version 2.5 i have 2.4

  615. Flash Granade Says:

    5231= geodude shiny(beat the challange then type the code)
    5234= pidgey shiny(get 2 at once)
    673034= jiglypuff shiny(only one)

  616. New Codes Please Says:

    not because my pokes are lvl 20?
    new codes plis!!!
    673034: jiglypuff shiny
    5231: geodude shiny
    5234: pidgey shiny

  617. New Codes Please Says:

    not because my pokes are lvl 25?is 25
    new codes plis!!!
    673034: jiglypuff shiny
    5231: geodude shiny
    5234: pidgey shiny

  618. MARKUS Says:


  619. MARKUS Says:

    HI :):):)

  620. MARKUS Says:

    COOL :-) :-(

  621. VS 4-Ever Says:

    Someone know how to get charizard shiny????????????????????????????????????????

  622. totodile luvr Says:

    wht cnt they jst bludy let us c the cods cos i have shiny graveler, pigeotto and wigglypuff all lvl 25 on all 3 games but i jst wnt a shiny totodile. if anyone has this email me at acb98@btinternet.com and i am then willing to giv codes 2 u butal i ask 4 is a normal totodile bcs i dnt even care if its shiny butalso i wnt boter any of u lot again jst pls help me out here

  623. MysteryMAN Says:

    hey mans the code of this site is:


    it’s a shiny jigglypuff


  624. Adriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    Listen, Goku, there isn’t any codes of mewtwo or mew, just wait until sam finishes the game, and maybe we will have those codes

    PD: Fucking 2.5, when the fuck I will can play it????

  625. morgan Says:

    what is the code for lugia,ho-oh,rayquza,groudon,kyoger,mewtwo,mew,or all of the starters

  626. morgan Says:

    you go to playtowerdefencegames.com

  627. shino_albo@live.cl Says:

    i have the all code add me:

    mew’s shiney
    pikachu shiney
    mewto shiney
    voltorb shiney

  628. shino Says:

    i have all codes you add me and tell you the codes shino_albo@live.cl

    voltors, mew, pikachu, starters, etc light pokemons :D

  629. goku Says:

    sorri adriiiiiii i just want
    the mew and mew2 codes ¿you have the codes?

  630. goku Says:

    hey river can you tell me mew and mew2 please I GOTTA CATCH EM AAALLLLL POKEMON

  631. goku Says:

    sam i want version 2.5

  632. poke fan :D Says:

    tengo un shiny wiggytuff!!
    3 pidgeys apunto de ser pidgeottos y 1 shiny geodude!

  633. [removed by admin] Says:

    ….or should I say, is my name. Not the link it goes to.

  634. Xavier Says:

    can someone tell me all the codes please

  635. Philippe Says:

    please tell the mystery code for shiny lugia! i really want one!

  636. goku Says:

    i am tired of waiting and waiting i am tired!!?you ¿!not tired!?

  637. DIEGO Says:


  638. danish Says:

    plz send me all the codes you know at danish2132@hotmail.com

  639. ????? Says:

    hello all my pokemon is 25 level

  640. LoBro7976 Says:

    Wats the god dam code for : Geodude,Lugia,Mew,mewtwo and all the others

  641. jamie Says:

    sam! do you think i can find it! thears mor then 600 peaple talking! damit!

  642. Chimp891 Says:

    plz giveme the codes at http://www.serebiiforums.com/ plz sign up and talk to chimp891
    or email me isaiahd@live.com.au on my email

  643. remaric Says:

    whatis the of bulbasauuuuuuur???

  644. Codemaker Says:

    Send me many codes please
    Why,because I need the codes
    sorry,but I’m not English,I’m german :-)

  645. Calvin Says:

    I need an Abra

  646. GP Says:

    Eu sou do Brasil e adoro esse jogo!
    Alguém poderia me mandar os códigos por e-mail?

  647. GP Says:

    Eu sou do Brasil e adoro esse jogo!
    Alguém poderia me mandar os códigos por e-mail?

    Meu e-mail: gpdumal@r7.com

    Quando vai ter Gastly?

  648. julius Says:

    someone tell me the code and i will give a legendary pokemon in pokemondeluge

  649. hopelos kid Says:

    pleas send me shiney codes,i already had the code of jigglypuf,ratata,geudude,and pidgey
    frendley greeting from king my

  650. micaela Says:

    como es el codigo de mewtwo shiny

  651. seth Says:

    Hi i am very excited and i am happy

  652. seth Says:

    I like to play Pokemon games

  653. HAHA Says:

    I have a kyogre and rayquaza

  654. HAHA Says:

    My team is: Kyogre,

  655. seth Leamy Says:

    Hi my name is seth Leamy and my i am very happy my freind owen told me about the cool game

  656. seth Leamy Says:

    Hi my name is seth Leamy and my i am very happy my freind owen told me about the cool game and i relly want a SHINEY ARCUSS

  657. seth Leamy Says:


  658. pokemon lover Says:

    can somebody trade me mew for shiny pidgeotto

  659. micaela Says:

    alguien deme el codigo de shiny ratatta

  660. ronald Says:

    porsia caso ay codigo de picachu de miutu y de charmeleon

  661. Adriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    We don’t care, HAHA, so fuck you ok? Thanks!!!! :D

  662. Crimson Says:

    all i want is shiney eevee if any1 knows the code plz say it

  663. zaza Says:

    en español : esto es para todos los que dicen ” yo tengo pokemons lvl 100 o 200” eso es imposible el nivel maximo es 25 no sean estupidos

    In english : this is for al the guys that say that they have pokemons lvl 100 or 200 that impossible because the lvl max is 25 don’t be stupids

  664. you suck i rock Says:

    ha ha ha ha i got jigglypuff suckers

  665. bubble Says:

    könnt ihr auch deutsch reden ja oder nein

  666. carlos Says:

    please give me the code

  667. carlos Says:

    please give me the gift because i love this game and bacause i love the website

  668. mew Says:

    I have the code for shiny Deoxys

  669. mew Says:

    By the way Im the strongest
    102 pikachu
    100 deoxys
    99 Charizard
    100 Richu
    150 Groundon (shiny)
    100 Mew
    so suck that

  670. jojo Says:


  671. mac Says:

    tenho codigos para mew-onix-venotat-voltorb,e eevvee ,mas nao pega nenhum

  672. mac Says:

    queria uma ekans e um arcananine e um oddish

  673. ?????? Says:

    I need any code I suck at this game Help if you can


  674. DLORD12 Says:

    if anyone have any other codes please e-mail me at dragonlord12@live.ca

  675. DLORD12 Says:

    i think that mew is awsome so if anyone can get me a shiny mew that would be awsome!

  676. Krummi Says:

    Guys, if you want codes you can easily sift through the talk or…

    Jigglypuff- fgc(zero)cd
    Piggy- ebcd
    Geodude- ebca
    *note for geodude you need to complete challenge mode*


  677. Krummi Says:

    The code to that is:

    a-1 b-2 etc.

  678. DON'T CHEAT Says:

    Ja wir können Deutsch reden kannst due mir so viele Codes wie möglich sagen?Bitte sonst sterbe ich vielleicht!!!

  679. DON'T CHEAT Says:

    Ja wir können.Kannst du mir so viele Codes wie möglich sagen?
    bITTE sonst sterbe ich vielleicht
    :-P :-(

  680. dlord12 Says:

    yeah there is shiny mew you can get it from buying his thingy i forget where to get though and also youtube video of someone with kyogre and mew (shiny mew)
    so i wanted but i guess you can`t get maybe he hacked.
    btw i know how to duplicate any pokemon so if you need to duplicate shiny geodude. just ask me and ill will write how.

  681. dlord12 Says:

    i know how to trade to yourself if you want shiny golem which i have or alakazam

  682. dlord12 Says:

    i have six shiny golems level 25 if anybody wants them. just say the word

  683. dlord12 Says:

    i actually have enough for everybody i can make alot so dont worrry if you dont have one

  684. dlord12 Says:

    im trying to find abra at the moment ill be able to give you alakazams soon may take a while though and level 25 will take even longer but i will get them for everyone who wants them

  685. dlord12 Says:

    ok now i can also give level 25 pidgeottos shiny and shiny wigglytuffs

  686. dlord12 Says:

    i finnaly caught abra i shoudl soon be able to give those out to hope you like my free level 25 give aways,

  687. dlord12 Says:

    does anyone have a free shiny mew that they could give to me i would happily duplicate it and give you it back :)

  688. digimon master Says:

    wat is ur go to team post up n i will give out the code

  689. digimon master Says:

    mine are


  690. dlord12 Says:

    u mean the team i have right now

  691. dlord12 Says:

    i have shiny golem x 6 all level 25 cuz i duplicated them

  692. dlord12 Says:

    when u give me the code plz send it to dragonlord12@live.ca

  693. dlord12 Says:

    we are talking about mew right

  694. dlord12 Says:

    do u want me to duplicate six mews for u when i give him back

  695. dlord12 Says:

    this is not cool i traded my kadabra and it wont let me have it back now i put in the code and the security code htis sucks

  696. dlord12 Says:

    says could not connect to the database

  697. dlord12 Says:

    dude don`t send me your mew code trading doesn`t work anymore he is fixing the duplication so don`t give it to me or u will lose it for good

  698. dlord12 Says:

    actually nvm if its a mystery gift code u can still give it to me if its possible to get more than one

  699. dlord12 Says:

    oh trading is down so we cant trade but oh well i have mew shiny now and i have six on top of that

  700. dlord12 Says:

    the mews are indeed level 100 and i now also have 6 level 50 alakazams shiny and one shiny raichu level 50 i am willing to trade them for free when the trading is back on. p.s i dont know how it happened i must have been hacked and someone might have given me these pokemon by mistake well if u want them i dont care there not mine so have them hope u like just send me a message at dragonlord12@live.ca if u want it.

  701. dlord12 Says:

    k i turned the game on again and now i have a stupid kyogre level 100
    what gives seriously it just totally ruins the game cmon this is kinda annoying now but still if u want it u can have it, god its really annoying now >:(

  702. marco Says:

    trade anybody

  703. marco Says:

    dlord12 can i have the kyogre

  704. marco Says:

    or the mew would be awsome

  705. jamie Says:

    dlord12 can you please tell me the paswerd of golems

  706. dragonrageboy Says:

    i need codes my laptop is broken oooh god hate me!!

  707. basd de bom Says:


    what is the code for shiny jigglypuf pikachu and pichey and the 3 shiny starters an you guys plz help me i readed this whole page but all the odes dont workk or there where **** like 78***925 you understand? thanks

  708. basd de bom Says:

    how an i get rare pokemons and wih pokemons are shiny an you say it?

  709. lawtongf Says:

    How do you catch pokemon

  710. lawtongf Says:


  711. jamie Says:

    how to catch pokemons. wen the bar on top ov the pokemon that you want to cach is red you tuch the BIG pokemon boll and drag it over the pokemon then release the mous! then you will have that pokemon! OK?

  712. chivas Says:

    wat r the codes for all of the shiny pokes

  713. Strong Says:

    I am the strongest one here i got all my pokemon to level 1000 I used Cheat engine ! whahaha got 9999999 money too ! whahahaha ! and by using Cheat engine you can do unlimited waves ! whahaha !

  714. idc Says:

    its 5231!

  715. greyskull15 Says:

    why can’t my pokemon levle up past 25

  716. nickc999999999 Says:

    you theirs a problem with this web site like i cant play any games because to many kids are trying to play they should make a bigger server ? o ya why don’t we share some cods in stead o ripping each other off :) k guy or girls :)

  717. joel Says:

    i have a shiney sparow to trade. any1 interested?

  718. nickc999999999 Says:

    im trading a shiny beedrill and a shiny nidoran or a shiny pikachu for some codes or a mewtwo code i also ahve more choices so just ask me what you want and i can get you it o try to nnn

  719. chivas Says:

    wat is the cheat engine

  720. lims Says:

    “SORT POKEMON”(add the feature)
    “SORT POKEMON”(add the feature)
    “SORT POKEMON”(add the feature)

  721. frost Says:

    yo peoples calm down about the fricken codes if u give the people with them a minute then u will get them so shut up ty

  722. nickc999999999 Says:

    who likes pie

  723. mario Says:

    if any one has a shin pokemon im willing to trade it 4 a shiny pidgey

  724. mario Says:

    hey nickc99999999999 ill trade u my shiny pidgey for ur shiny pikachu

  725. Darkklaw Says:

    Clue 4 has a link to clue 5, but it goes to the blog about shiny abra?

  726. poo Says:

    icant defet cerulane gym number 2

  727. poo Says:

    i traded a bulbasaur and sqwertle

  728. nickc999999999 Says:

    i all ready got a shiny pidgey got anything els?

  729. 5555555555555555 Says:

    will some one give me thie shiny codes

  730. partyrobot Says:

    yo i hv a shiney medapod

  731. angel Says:

    si alguien me puede decir lo códigos de estos pokemons este es mi MSN:angel-loco88@hotmail.com
    Shiny Spearow
    Shiny Ekans
    Shiny Sandshrew

  732. garrent Says:

    i tried it it does work

  733. nikkeeyyyy Says:

    need a shiny blastiose willing to trade for any pokemon u want if i have it. use @nikkeeyyyy so i know your talking to me thanks.

  734. fire duo Says:

    i’ll trade a shiny mewtwo for all the shiny pokemon except mewtwo

  735. fire duo Says:

    i’ll also tell you the password its ********
    if somebody gives me shiny Mew, Voltorb,+ Steelix then i’ll tell the password to the world!!!!!!!!!

  736. whatz up Says:

    hello is someone gives me mew or mewtwo code i will give u a shiney steelix

  737. pssssssht! Says:

    i need shiny mew

  738. DR.POKEMON Says:


  739. jamie Says:


  740. jamie Says:


  741. matias Says:

    clue 1 is a 2 digit

  742. matias Says:

    clue 1 is 26

  743. moe Says:


  744. andrew Says:

    hu would like to trade a riachu for gyarados

  745. andrew Says:

    are primate level 48 for a charizard

  746. Bob Says:

    i got 6134rm1 but it was wrong can someone correct me

  747. chazz Says:

    Anyone want a shiny lvl 36 graveler?

  748. chazz Says:

    I’ll trade it for the jigglypuff code

  749. andrew Says:


  750. andrew Says:

    any body would like to trade a blastiose for a charizard

  751. beast Says:

    does any body ahve mew code email me at jordanbaines@gmail.com if you do

  752. S2player Says:

    I have a charmelon

  753. daniel Says:

    code 2 is double digit but the code is 6 digits only how??

  754. daniel Says:

    that is exactly what i get so it might be an error

  755. chazz Says:

    I give away shiny charizard to anyone with shiny mew code

  756. S2player Says:

    I think it’s 26131r.

  757. S2player Says:

    Hey, It worked.

  758. Klinklang Says:

    Is the gift a pokemon at lv. 25

  759. JonatanZ Says:

    Regalo Geodude inservivle lvl 8 capturado en elo Mt.Moon 2 la contraseña es 14defb0cde0f28 y la otra es c9cuatro0

  760. JonatanZ Says:

    Regalo Shiny Geodude inservivle lvl 8 capturado en elo Mt.Moon 2 la contraseña es 14defb0cde0f28 y la otra es c940

  761. JonatanZ Says:


  762. JonatanZ Says:

    trade me u onix

  763. andrew Says:

    i would trade a mew two for a onix

  764. The trader Says:

    i m willing to change mew code for charzard just put it in a fter my comment then illl tell u ok chazz.

  765. Nate Says:

    I’m trading a shiny charizard and shiney golem (both 36) for a shiney Mew! Message me if you’re interested!

  766. Nate Says:

    I’m trading a shiny charizard and shiney golem (both 36) for a shiney Mew! Message me if you’re interested at nate567@embarqmail.com

  767. sarah Says:

    i know im a girl who likes pokemon abit a had boring looked on sites then i saw clicked and wow it was fun im noob but if any 1 wants to give me some good codes my/friends email: johannaa12@hotmail.com so please :)

  768. german Says:

    i want a onixxxx i can gift a shiny alakazam level 36

  769. dude Says:

    hey any one have a mew give you a shiny charizad 14df151aae3574

  770. dude Says:

    sorry meant chramader

  771. Eric Says:

    someone plz give me the code for mew PLZ????!!!!

  772. buddy62899 Says:

    i kno thats wat i did and im enjoying my shiny jigglypuff

  773. buddy62899 Says:

    ur welcome until the admin block it lol :)

  774. buddy62899 Says:

    hahahaha strong needs a cheat code to get past it lol thats sad

  775. buddy62899 Says:

    hay mario the shiney pidgey code is 5234 and get 2 it before the admin do and it still works even if it says it is non-valid because i used it today and i have 2 shiney pidgeys

  776. Eric Says:

    never mind i already have a mew

  777. Eric Says:

    my team is

  778. buddy62899 Says:

    that code again is 673034 ur welcome

  779. XxPKMNzZxX Says:

    :O i have shiny charmender’s :D

  780. german Says:

    or a shiny golem or shining golbat al level 36

  781. Lukinhas Says:

    alguem ai tem mewtwo?
    me da ele por 5 mew nivel 36!!

  782. Lukinhas Says:

    troka um mewtwo por qualquer pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  783. eray123 Says:


  784. daniel Says:

    were can i find an updated version??

  785. daniel Says:

    i would like a shiny golem please

  786. The trader Says:

    i neeed anycode

  787. dlord12 Says:

    this is shiny golem level 25 hope u enjoy whoever takes him oh and heres another golem

  788. dlord12 Says:

    i can still duplicate it wasn`t patched i am going to duplicate my golems for more people

  789. daniel Says:

    i really need an updated site i only have up to mt. moon 2

  790. brenny Says:

    What is the code?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  791. sarah Says:

    if any 1 want help me with this game to get code’s pls do it post them to me johannaa12@hotmail.com
    ty :)

  792. cool guy Says:

    where is the new website for pokemon power defense!?? help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  793. andrew Says:

    il trade my alkazam for growlite

  794. sebastian Says:


  795. andrew Says:


  796. beast Says:

    ok every one guess what all 405 of pokemon are level 36 haha i beat misty i have all shinys i beat route 5 and kyorgre was somehow weaker then a gravler and bloiste haha i also beat it so far i wait lots before a all the vrs are upgraded i have mewtwo see i like pokemon and know most theres unavas i dont know.

  797. Eric Says:

    hi anyone want a Jynx lvl 36 the code is:14df744edb2ae2 a8a5 but you have to gime a Kyogre have fun with the Jynx

  798. anonomus Says:

    just luk 4 cheats for dis gam ther supr awsum i got 3 shiny charizards!

  799. johanna :) Says:

    im noob on this but well it was fun if u want help me with codes it would be great here is my e-mail ” johannaa12@hotmail.com

  800. airbender Says:

    wat is the code?
    it’s so hard

  801. andrew Says:

    i need a shiny mew il trade any body my 5 ninetails

  802. Eric Says:

    anyone want to trade a mewtwo ill trade a shiny mew

  803. austin Says:

    i thank people should play pokemon power defense its so awsome just try it for your self.

  804. Eric Says:

    it doesnt work. what site did you play it on?

  805. ... Says:

    What is code for shiny spearow? Game is red..

  806. Eric Says:

    … ill give you a shiny spearow here is the code:14dfa5f9fda175 sucruty code 0e79

  807. ... Says:

    is this Mt.Moon realy the final level?

  808. ... Says:

    Why my trade and multiplayer and inventory don´t work?

  809. Eric Says:

    the updated site is Sam & Dan games: play PTD

  810. manoj Says:

    i will trade my shiny zubat level 30 for shiny pokemons

  811. ?? Says:

    enter 5231:)

  812. Nate Says:

    I hate this :(

  813. idoits Says:

    were on the road to virdain city
    shut up were on boat to vermloin city
    SORRY! Were on a boat to vermloin city!!!!!!

  814. andrew Says:

    can you say the code in number only

  815. andrew Says:

    no ***

  816. XLRONIXL Says:

    hey can someone give me shiny squirtle and charmander codes

  817. XLRONIXL Says:


  818. Tanner Says:

    i beat the game and like there is no more levels and im geting board with the same pokemon. what do i do

  819. andrew Says:

    i have a two shiny mew up for trade
    for two onixes

  820. Tanner Says:

    it wont let me trade

  821. Tanner Says:

    i cant find any new pokemon its all the same ones

  822. andrew Says:

    i have a two shiny mew up for trade
    for two onixes

  823. Bob Says:

    can some one plz e-mail me the codes to legy plz at georgebaccus@ymail.com

  824. andrew Says:


  825. loren Says:

    can u send me he codes 4 today please im new

  826. elise Says:


  827. elise Says:

    can i have all the shinys

  828. amy Says:

    hi elise i will give you some shinys

  829. elise Says:

    thanks amy ;]

  830. elise Says:

    what you gonna give me

  831. elise Says:


  832. amy Says:


  833. amy Says:

    ill give you tommorow

  834. winsongoh Says:

    pls give code in carecter

  835. tyler Says:


  836. Xay Says:

    how do i get eevee plz tell me :(

  837. jamie Says:


  838. jamie Says:


  839. AHMED Says:


  840. logan Says:

    good im fo

  841. logan Says:

    this does not make senes?

  842. logan Says:

    does not make sence

  843. bob Says:

    lvl 25 is the highest u can get for any pokemon i have almost all my pokemon that lvl, its not that hard

  844. jelmer Says:

    hello, i have a shiny geodude, i wanna trade it for a shiny pidgey or ratata, mail me at jelmerwolters@hotmail.com

  845. bas Says:

    wat is de code van shiny onix kan je het me asjeblieft vertellen? want mijne werkt niet

  846. bulbasaur Says:

    give me the code for Shiney Pikachu

  847. anonimo Says:

    porras-loucas falá porra do codigo

  848. shutup Says:

    just go to google and search pokemon tower defense code genarator it works
    on the trading receive

  849. jamie Says:


  850. Ash Says:

    5231 is shiny geodude’s code!It worked for me!

  851. austin ceja Says:

    i like your idea thank you

  852. someone Says:

    the mystery gift is messed up it says im wrong and then gave me two shiny pidgeys

    and you can get shinies in the wild

  853. j Says:

    pls can you send me the shiny codes at jp_farrugia@live.co.uk

  854. shadow6970 Says:

    i cant put the codes because they dont work

  855. andrew123 Says:

    what r codes for shiny ivysaur, chharmeleon, and wartortle it shows pics of them at mg what do u do to get them

  856. fraser Says:

    tell me what all the shinys are plz

  857. phatr Says:

    what is the code for shiny mewtow

  858. mom Says:

    wat is he coode!?!

  859. mom Says:

    i am siting next to a moron

  860. roberto Says:


  861. chefcole Says:

    does any one know how to get the pokemon’s codes cus i cant find it

  862. chefcole Says:

    my email is colejacober@yahoo.com send me the answer to my question eric or anyone else “ERIC”

  863. Isacc Says:

    Ill give you 3 shiny jigglypuffs 4 2 shiny mewtos

  864. chefcole Says:

    how do i find out what my pokemon’s codes r

  865. jalen Says:

    i got 613 for 1 and 2 i dont know the rest

  866. I know this code only Says:

    My Shopping list is:
    6 boxes of strawberries
    7 applees
    3 shirts
    0 onions
    3 oranges
    4 scissors

    Hope U can find the code!!!

  867. mick Says:

    I Have everything!! Shiney pokemons too! everything!

  868. aaron Says:

    il give evey one here 10 shiny codes for 1 shiny onix

  869. minh trung Says:

    cho em 1 ma code

  870. luka kuzman Says:

    waths the code???plzzzz say to me plzzzzzz

  871. james Says:

    charazard( level 1000. shiney)

  872. joe Says:


  873. jamil Says:

    i want a charazard level 38

  874. a1 Says:

    guys this game is awesome but u cant get the codes so easily. i tried 100 times but it didnt work . no shinys .a

  875. ggggggggggg86 Says:


  876. oliver Says:

    What the heck!?

  877. Tiger Says:

    Hey Guys If ur Lookin At This Comment oh its ur lucky day
    cuz im gonna give u a shiny pokemon just get the answer rite

    4 Answers for shinys r

  878. jonty Says:

    it is very good i like it

  879. jonty Says:

    it is very good i like it.

  880. Tiger Says:

    Shiny Geodude Is Coming Too Save You!Get The Answer Rites

    1Geodudes SHiny

  881. bas Says:

    geef me nou gvd die klote codes

  882. bas Says:


  883. rayyan Says:

    pikachu is the best pokemon

  884. derpeydero Says:

    do code even work anymorez?

  885. derpeydero Says:

    and… how do i get a pickachui want one =[[[

  886. german boy Says:

    i would like whole codes and no codes with *!

  887. german boy Says:

    how to get more than 9 levels? for me it is written ‘coming soon’

  888. THE MASTER!!! Says:

    @Hello actually if you ask me I have a better team(But you have a better team by elements Like, water beats fire) I have lvl 20 Charmeleon, Lvl 18 Rattata, Lvl 17 pidgey NOT SHINEY, lvl 17 Butterfree,lvl 15 Beedrill, and a lvl 13 geodude. And only 1 shiney( im only starting on shiney hunt and it has been giving me the not valid thing)

  889. THE MASTER!!! Says:

    @ Mew TELL ME THE CODE TO SHINEY MEW!!!!!!!!! PLS!!!!

  890. THE MASTER!!! Says:

    Wow thats fast I got 3 shineys now Lvl 14 geodude(The challenge is easy but you HAVE to have stringshot it makes it easier) lvl 1 pidgey and lvl 1 Jigglypuff(DO NOT MAKE FUN OF ME!!!! ALL shineys start at lvl 1, sorry to be a dissapointment but its the truth.).

  891. THE MASTER!!! Says:

    Does anyone know what PTD is because of it the pokemon power defense geneorator is GONE!!!

  892. wtfami Says:

    dam i can’t seem to get the code

  893. td games Says:

    tell me

  894. Adriana Says:

    08 24th, 2011

  895. tobias Says:

    a code for a shiny mew,please

  896. Aaron Says:


  897. Bobby Says:

    The code for a shiny charmeleon please

  898. regan Says:

    the code for a shiny mew please

  899. daim Says:

    i want ninetails

  900. daim Says:

    no i
    want shiny charmander

  901. Dhilan Says:

    Put52together with34 to get a shiny pidgey.

  902. Dhilan Says:

    Can someone tell me some codes?If you know just tell me at dhilansunanda@gmail.com,okay?I can tell you a secret.[About a website that has a lot of games]

  903. All pokemon captured!!! Says:


  904. hamza Says:

    5 2 3 4 is pigy

  905. Both Says:

    I need all codes can u guys help me?

  906. cyrille Says:

    need code in pokemon tower

  907. satoshi Says:

    please help me find the secret code

  908. souL Says:

    need help for codes!!

  909. francisco Says:

    I like this game

  910. hamza Says:

    could sombodey send me the codes i am new

  911. gian Says:

    how can i see the code

  912. Joshua Says:

    my version is 4.4 and my team is 3 starters 1 shiny tentacool 1 shiny vileplume 1 butterfree!!!!!!!!!! :D
    i have lots of shiny!!!!

  913. Joshua Says:

    want ninetales, meowth, voltorb, sandshrew, ect. I have lots in my trade go to joshua 04 if trade is added in your version. :) 8) :D
    thats all. :)

  914. yong Says:

    l like to have a mewtwo for my best pokemon.

  915. ethan Says:

    I tried the number for geodude but it’s not working y won’t it work? :(

  916. ethan Says:

    im 20 years old by the way nah im just kidding

  917. ethan Says:

    hey joshua can you plz tell me what the code for tentacool plz im a starter

  918. ethan Says:

    I beg you plzplzplzplz? if you do ill give you the code for a shiny charmander plz? O:) <(”) (^^^)

  919. ethan Says:


  920. Daniel Says:

    What is the code to get a shine pokemon

  921. thanapat Says:

    เล่นโปเกมอนครบด่านเเล้ว เเล้วเล่นยังไงอีกจึงจะชนะ

  922. umar Says:

    i love this game

  923. gengar244 Says:

    wats the code of mew and mewtwo

  924. gengar244 Says:

    i got shiny pigey

  925. gengar244 Says:

    :) :D

  926. Roffy Says:

    today ifound a lvl. 6 shiny spearow on route 3 while using shiny pigey and shiny geodude and a normal geodude the spearow life bar was already red i was happy it didnt die

  927. Roffy Says:

    :) :)

  928. Carla Says:

    i want a code for a shiny 5 pokemons. May i have?

  929. ethan Says:

    hey roffy how did you get a shiny geodude i know the code for it but i try the code it won’t work for me

  930. ethan Says:


  931. raizen Says:

    Hi guys i have a geodude shiny but how can i get another shiny?

  932. master 1258 Says:

    who want to trade shiny arceus
    for a shiny dragonite

  933. lol Says:

    give me all codes

  934. sufies Says:

    how to get shiny charmander

  935. yuly Says:

    plizz gev my a code plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  936. james griggs Says:


  937. jesse Says:

    this website is about how you can email people from some were

  938. keno Says:

    please give me the code for ekans please sir

  939. Shaco Says:

    It’s all fake

  940. foo raymond Says:

    Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. There is no need to resubmit your comment.

  941. fernx Says:

    tengo un zapdos y un articuno

  942. heeell Says:


  943. christian Says:

    how to evolve charmeleon to charizard

  944. Shadow Says:

    I don’t understand any anser im just 7 and im in 2nd grade in brookline elementry

  945. Roffy Says:

    to Ethan its hard to say u cant have a geodude shiny if u did’nt beat the challenge mode so to all users don’t ask again if u want to have a shiny geodude follow this first power charmander to ember string shot to kakun and metapod while pidgey use tackle and ratata’s quick attack just try and try until u suceed

  946. Roffy Says:

    hey want shiny bellsprout u can find it on mount moon 2

  947. Syahiran07 Says:

    to raizen:
    you only can have one you cant get another.. but if it says ‘you can use this code as many as you want!’ then that means you can get another..

  948. Rashid Says:

    How can I get shiny pokemon?

  949. rylee Says:

    thans for the awesoe game

  950. shotie Says:

    it was a cool story

  951. alan Says:

    porfavor alguin deme un codigo

  952. alan Says:

    quien porfavor me da un charizar

  953. alan Says:

    porfavor un vrillante charizar

  954. TaylorGang Says:

    How do I get a shiny?? Any help?

  955. alan Says:

    nesesitas un codigo

  956. Sayrex OR Called gAmer0ar Says:

    how to get that codes???? all codes are not working

  957. yasser Says:

    I know the three codes for geodude,jigglypuff and pidgey. now I’m asking for what code is a shiny venusaur

  958. WikiShinycharizard Says:

    For those of you who cannot enter the code, it isnt available till the next update of pokemon tower defense!!!

  959. darkstray Says:

    what code mystery gift mew , mewtwo…

  960. amin Says:

    kijk bij amin 522

  961. D34TH Says:

    #4 is 2

  962. Gustavo de Azevedo Gunha Says:

    people, what are the six numbers for geodude and others and how my carmilion evolution?

  963. Maria Says:

    Hey, where are all the riddles for the codes. i figured out pidgey from posts. and jigglypuff is the one i was directed to and figured it out. but how do i figure out any others. i don’t know where the riddles are…can anyone help out?

  964. lucas Says:

    eu so zica

  965. jack Says:

    can sombody give me a charized and i will give u two pokemon.

  966. jack Says:

    p.s if u give me two i will give u 4

  967. person Says:

    need middle numbers for shiny pikachu,brothers crying and wont shut up… PLEASE!!!!!!!

  968. j Says:

    need codes!!!!please help.no pokemon.

  969. gdshshhhhhj Says:

    mewtow code

  970. phillip Says:

    any one want a victini?

  971. Pokemon master Says:

    OMG….u can only have pokemon to lvl 25…..thats bad…u cant evolve pokemon 2 there 3 evlove

  972. cool guy Says:

    um hi does any 1 no the code 4 a shiny blastoise

  973. medina Says:

    noting is vorking

  974. cool guy Says:

    and there is something i have 2 tell all of u in the game itself there is at lest 1 shinny pokemon runing around in both vanderian forests

  975. cool guy Says:

    and u just have 2 catch it the life bar will b red

  976. ANONIMUS Says:

    I HAVE LUCK!itry only few codes,and i have shiny pidgey and shiny jigglypuff!but i forgot the codes,sorry……….

  977. medina Says:

    i got kyogre !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  978. Hanh Says:

    How do I get to Cerulean City?

  979. poke real expert Says:

    i finished mt.moon2 and on the next one it says coming and nothing happens if someone tells me how to get the next level i will give you a shiny pokemon code

  980. avery Says:

    i need a onix

  981. avery Says:

    go to a diften web site

  982. 15641166kes Says:

    how do we get all the maps

  983. 15641166kes Says:

    what web site

  984. lll Says:

    what do u have to use to envole jiggle puff and can u tell me what all the codes are plz and type them like this 1 2 3 4 but spaces so i can see the numbers plz and ty if u do

  985. m14 Says:

    donne nous les code

  986. Emma Says:

    philip i want victi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  987. Emma Says:

    Philip i want Victi please!! i am awesome PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  988. Emma Says:

    97445 did not work at all!!

  989. Emma Says:


  990. Emma Says:

    how did u get kyoger??

  991. Emma Says:

    i NEED help to defeat verden forest 1!! can some1 help me

  992. Emma Says:

    Yasser what r the codes that you said about pidgy and so fiorth

  993. santi Says:

    mewtwo MEWTWO ! is hear !

  994. santi Says:


  995. iman112233 Says:

    I wont all the codes please give me like 10 please

  996. flynn Says:

    please i wont some codes for the game i have none now

  997. avery Says:

    me a will help

  998. avery Says:

    me a will

  999. jeroen Says:

    hoe kom je aan de code van pokemon torenverdedigen

  1000. jacob Says:

    so cool!

  1001. félix Says:

    un code s.v.p cotre le pokémon de votre choix

  1002. matthew Says:

    do u no any codes.

  1003. matthew Says:

    i’m new here

  1004. matthew Says:

    pleas help me find a code.
    plus what do you do here.

  1005. tell me codes Says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeese tell me the coodes for mew and mewtwo or email them to me.

  1006. kylemy Says:


  1007. kylemy Says:

    Awssem! FYI I’m 8 so I can’t spell that well.

  1008. walker Says:

    who can say they beat the game with only 4 pokemon i can with a lvl 16 charmeleon lvl 15 ratata lvl 16 butterfree and a lvl 15 beedrill

  1009. Carter Says:

    Yo as you now my name is Carter
    o ya ges what I have a lv 25 charmaloen andIhave aquestion my charmalote isn”t going up another level so what do I do?

  1010. super decoder Says:

    i have the strongest team

  1011. super decoder Says:

    all level 100

  1012. WILLIAM Says:


  1013. Junior5534 Says:

    I don’t know how can i trade with somebody… please tell me something about it

  1014. Dylan Says:

    when is pokemon tower defense 2 adventures in johto coming out please tellllllllll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  1015. kaung zayar moe Says:

    i want to get a code for snorlax.Does anyone know it?

  1016. platanito Says:

    solo sirven 2 codigos que gavhos

  1017. kaung zayar moe Says:

    i want to get it very much.please tell me.

  1018. marklark Says:

    how you trade pokemon i cant trade

  1019. ffdfdssdfg Says:

    the best team is 4 pollywag and 1 venossaur game over ps: 4 pollywag lvl 15 for double slap

  1020. hmm Says:

    how do you get a mewtwo i mean code forit

  1021. pop Says:

    i like you

  1022. dakota Says:

    hey look your life must really suck
    there are only 3 shiny’s an you cant get past level 25 stop saying you have honestly noone cares.
    although we really need new levels

  1023. dakota Says:

    an raise the cap where we can at least get to the third stage of evolution

  1024. Aaron Says:

    if you want level 100/s give to me ive got 14 level 100/s good luck

  1025. dakota Says:


  1026. 1-hassan Says:

    Cinnabar gym ar to strong i have 5 blastios from lvl 100 and 1 snorlax from lvl 100

  1027. smellyfarts.com Says:

    best team ever lvl 25 parasect lvl 25 golbat, lvl 25 nidoqueen lvl 25 ,charmeleon, lvl 25 shiny pigeoto, lvl 25 raichu. beat that suckers

  1028. jesse Says:

    heey people i realey need to know what the codes are for shiny pokemons
    can any body tell me sonme codes ore gift me some pokemons of lvl 100

  1029. lalalalalalalala Says:

    i just found a secret code for a shiny zekrom it took a while though if u want the code u got to give me a code and no jigglypuff -_- lame pokemon

  1030. shaun Says:

    This game sucked that it was like an elephant’s butt

  1031. yordis Says:

    I want a shiny pikachu

  1032. trent Says:

    can you give me the code now.

  1033. dante Says:

    I need the code for shiney raquaza

  1034. dante Says:

    can somebody answer

  1035. dante Says:

    or shiney liugi

  1036. dante Says:


  1037. dante Says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze thank u

  1038. hunter10 Says:

    i need codes now

  1039. gustavo Says:

    cual es el codigo?

  1040. ryan Says:

    it says your code is no longer valid

  1041. cris Says:

    none of the codes work some1 help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1042. cris Says:

    help some 1 the codes dont work

  1043. mat Says:

    the codes do not work

  1044. george Says:

    if you give me the code for shiny pikichu ill give you the code for mewtwo you go first

  1045. george Says:

    I mean shiny mewtwo

  1046. george Says:

    the code is 67***4

  1047. george Says:

    the code is ******

  1048. Daniel Says:

    the codes dont work why??? help me with codes

  1049. Sneaky Phantom Says:

    What are the codes.

  1050. ??????? Says:

    sum 1 help me need pekachu’s codes

  1051. jadeng Says:

    need help shiny liugi

  1052. jadeng Says:

    need shiny pekuchu codes

  1053. Julio Says:

    Ok, but I only only speak in spanish

  1054. poll Says:

    hallo und hertzlich wilkommen zu mein neuen projekt pokemon tower defense wir machen den mystery telfon nummer:0133755532231

  1055. Pamijglb Says:


  1056. Knvnkccz Says:


  1057. Onix Says:

    wats the code for mew onix abra and all starters.

  1058. cris fer Says:

    o codigo nao func

  1059. lies all lies Says:

    i beat the challenge got the code and it didnt work lies its all lies

  1060. kaleb Says:

    i like the pokemon game a lot lol ah ahahh

  1061. Marcelo Says:

    quero codegos de pókemons shyni por favor eu quero 5

  1062. paulo Says:

    qual e o código do shiny Pikachu

  1063. zeke Says:

    WHAT THE CODE FOR MEWTEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1064. zeke Says:

    I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PUT THE GAME ON MY SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1065. zeke Says:

    look… whoever tells me the code for mewtew gets a arbok.

  1066. zeke Says:

    a real arbok. now tell me the code or no arbok for anyone. not jokeing.

  1067. simon Says:

    dose any body play pokemon!

  1068. casper Says:

    this game is pretty at mazzing

  1069. ANDREY Says:


  1070. hayden Says:

    I need a shiny Eevee

  1071. khan 1 Says:


  1072. khan 1 Says:


  1073. khan 1 Says:


  1074. khan 1 Says:


  1075. khan 1 Says:


  1076. khan 1 Says:


  1077. khan 1 Says:


  1078. khan 1 Says:


  1079. khan 1 Says:


  1080. khan 1 Says:


  1081. khan 1 Says:


  1082. khan 1 Says:

    does anyone have a free shiny mew that they could give to me i would happily duplicate it and give you it back

  1083. khan 1 Says:

    want ninetales, meowth, voltorb, sandshrew, ect. I have lots in my trade go to joshua 04 if trade is added in your version. :) 8) :D
    thats all. :)

  1084. rafael barreto da silva Says:

    qual e a senha

  1085. IanTay Says:

    I need a shiny pigy please I can’t beat the 1st gym.

  1086. IanTay Says:

    what the crap does ** mean I can’t even get a pokemon.

  1087. Ivan Says:

    I need A shiny bulbusaur

  1088. ash Says:

    i’m beging someone to give me a code.

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