Avalon - Last Stand walkthrough and strategy guide

Avalon - Last Stand is a new unique game mashup of strategy and RPG playing features. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough and a strategy guide. Read the full description for Avalon - Last Stand.
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You are in a role of great magician who, from his tower, is trying to defend the last standing human city.

By killing monsters you gather mana to research new spells. When you level up, you chose a new spell to learn and later use it to more effectivly combat the monsters.
There is a lot of variety in skills, there are 20 of them in three categories: attack (meteor), tactic (trap) and passive (spell bonus) skills.
The goal is to survive (keep the monsters for the reaching main tower) as long as possible and by doing so have the best score.

Game features nice graphics, and has full sound and music.

Here is the official Avalon - Last Stand trailer:

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