TowerMoon walkthrough and strategy guide

TowerMoon is a new anti tower-defence game with unique puzzle gameplay filled up with 3D characters. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough and a complete strategy guide of how to beat the whole game. Here are more details for TowerMoon.
towermoon thumbnail

At last, after all adventures Prince was happy to connect his life with the beautiful princess… When suddenly the big evil dragon appeared from nowhere and stole the… Prince?!
Now its up to the beautiful princess to save her Prince and make him to be her husband!

TowerMoon Features:
- Anti tower-defence game,
- 17 levels,
- Cool 3D graphics with animations,
- Funny looking characters,
- Addictive gameplay.

Check out these TowerMoon screenshots to find out more about the twisted defence gameplay filled up with awesome graphics.
towermoon screen1

towermoon screen 2

towermoon screen 3

Help the princess to save the love of her live, the Prince!

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