Pokemon Tower Defense Walkthrough


Hi ya guys I thought i would post this since some people have been having trouble with some the levels on the game so i thought i would post this full walkthrough up.

Part 5 is for the lastest update on how to beat the Mt Moon 1

Good luck on catching all the pokemon.

Im thinking of uploading a cheat version of the game where it makes the game a whole lot easyer for player who do not have enough time

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Pate 6 ( more ways to beat the new level on version 2.1)


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  1. ????? Says:


  2. Matrasveer Says:

    Ehm, how must ik do the challenges?
    I don’t know how to beat challenge number 2 :S:S

  3. Raphael Says:

    It takes a miracle to get the super rod. I tried over 20 times, maybe over 30.

  4. John62534 Says:

    i finnished all challenges but the last 1 is the hardest

  5. John Says:

    I finished this already it is sooooooooooo easy, I even have the three dogs. Just hurry up and show the guide when it is me vs lt. surge and raikou

  6. John Says:

    I finished all the guides posted that was sooooo easy but raikou is really hard

  7. someguy Says:

    nah,raikou was a walkover. every challenge was pips, except for the grass gym(forgot name…)

  8. lewis Says:

    how do i do challenge mode old rod ?? help ?

  9. Ash Says:

    for dratini: 14eceef83487ba

  10. venom Says:

    To beat the second challenge, send geo dude out, when he is halfway to the enemies, send pidgey, then get geodude to use mud sport, he’ll die, and pidgey will get the rod half way back, repeat and you’ll have the rod.

  11. venomkyd Says:

    the third one is tricky too, but for some shinies you NEED that pokedex, as you know, enemies in the red can be captured, so capture geodudes and instantly put them in the spots, when the two golems come, capture them as well, finnally capture the charmanders, eolve them and get them to use fire fang.

  12. venomkyd117 Says:

    For second, send out geodude, and get him to use mud sport, when he is half way to the enemies, use pidgey, pidgey will bring it half way back, do it again and your done. the third one is hard too, but for some shinies you NEED that pokedex, so, capture the geo dudes, and keep putting them in place, when the golems come, capture them and put them in place as well, finnaly, when the charmanders come, capture them, KEEP EVOLVING THEM, when they learn fire fang, get them all to use it, its the only way to stop those final enemies. When your done, you get the pokedex, look inside and you notice acheivements, and for doing them, shiny pokemon. good luck, and good hunting

  13. Joe Says:

    Check out pokemontowerdefense.blogspot.com

    There is a new walkthrough to a level added every day. The walkthroughs are very thorough and in depth IMO

  14. jefry Says:

    hey i have a beedrill level 20 a raichu level 23 a ivysaur level 21 a pidgeotto level 19 a mankey level 20 and a rattata level 16 and i cant defeat kyogre in cerulean gym 2

  15. jefry Says:

    does any one know how to defeat it please i have been trying for days now and i cant defeat it with these pokemon

  16. Anthony Poynter Says:

    i love this game i want a even better verishon.is there going to be a pokemon tower defence 2

  17. Kaaden Vellos Says:

    14f6e98029326e misingno (shiny) lvl 22 for trade want porygon any lvl.

  18. Tsar Says:

    jefry u have 2 use electric and leaf moves to beat kyogre.everyone go on hacked at hacked arcade and after one hit u can catch a pokemon.thanku,im 8 so goodluck i need help beating the poison gym.

  19. Marionic12 Says:

    A RICHU?!
    lol im stuck on chapter 3 I cant go in the rock tunnel

  20. NovaAM Says:

    Any1 want a shiny hitmonchan i will trade 4 shiny hitmonlee

  21. NovaAM Says:

    will some1 trade magnimite 4 my lv43 Missing No. 14ffb6f4b3ad0c14ffb6f4b3ad0c

  22. NovaAM Says:

    will some1 trade seel 4 my lv49 Missing No. 14ffb70cde75e8

  23. Jacksherman2000 Says:

    To beat cerulean gym 2 get two Pokemon who know hyper beam and about lv50 use them

  24. REbb Says:

    magoo maoo magooo maogoo

  25. The Mystery Guy Says:

    @Jacksherman2000 I used a level 47 Raichu(Thunder) and a level 50 Charizard(Flamethrower, sue me!)

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