DuckLife 3: Evolution walkthrough and guide

DuckLife 3: Evolution is the third part of the most famous game with ducks that ever exist! The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrouhg and strategy guide. Here are more details for DuckLife 3: Evolution.
ducklife 3 evolution thumbnail

Back by popular demand, Ducklife 3 is the newest addition to the critically acclaimed DuckLife series of games, which itself has seen over 45 million plays worldwide.
The third instalment of the highly popular DuckLife series. Train up your duck and enter it in races!

Train your duckling to become the champion of racing ducks and save your farm. Run, swim, and fly your way to be the leader of the flock as you train and race your duck.

This time, Ducklife meets Pokemon as the ducks can evolve to become naturally better at certain skills.

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