Flagstaff: Chapter Two walkthrough and strategy guide

Flagstaff: Chapter Two is the second part of the new turn-based strategy game. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough and a strategy guide. Here are more details for Flagstaff: Chapter Two.
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A fantasy turn-based tactical game with procedurally-generated dungeons and a slew of character upgrades to choose from. Hunt down and do battle with the King’s arch-nemesis: Attila the Pun!

Flagstaff is a fantasy turn-based tactical game. Flagstaff: Chapter One was released in February and received over 350,000 plays on Kongregate, and over 300,000 on Armor Games.

The second chapter of Flagstaff includes these Features:
- the next chapter in the ongoing story, in which the party meets the King’s arch-nemesis: Attila the Pun!
- new enemies, including a boss character (Attila)
- a new player character: The King
- new abilities and upgrades, unique to each player character
- many upgrades and abilites now have multiple levels, making a total of 89 available upgrades.

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