GooBalls walkthrough

GooBalls is a new highly polished casual physics matching game. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough. Here are more details for GooBalls.
gooballs thumbnail

This game is not as simple as it seems! Early levels are easy to spam-win but the game gets progressively more difficult with a really smooth learning curve. Lots of depth and replayability!

GooBalls gameplay Features:
- Physics matching puzzler gameplay
- 70 total Adventure and Puzzle levels
- An Endless mode for Casual and Hardcore play
- 35 Rare Gems to earn and unlock the secret 8th goo
- 18 Achievements
- 3 Trophies

GooBalls is easy to pick up and play for everyone from a 6 year old kid to his 60 year old grandmother! Watch the official trailer for GooBalls right here:

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