Mar 18
Feed the Panda! walkthrough
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Feed the Panda! is a new physics game created in lovely panda graphics theme. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough. Here is the full description for Feed the Panda!
feed the panda! thumbnail
Very cute static physics game with a Panda theme Engaging graphics and sound effects.

Follow the path of Panda ninja, as he needs to fulfill his final challenge!

Feed the Panda! special Features:
- 30 levels to play,
- Increasing complexity and tools,
- Several ways to beat the level,
- Mandatory and optional goals,
- Cute Panda art style and animation.

Check out the official Feed the Panda! trailer:

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Enjoy your weekend guys and girls!

Mar 17

Nano War 2 is new RTS (real-time strategy) game which is the sequel of its previous popular game the Nano War which had more than 8M gameplays over the web. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a full walkthroug and a strategy guide. Below you can find more details about Nano War 2.
nano war 2 thumbnail
Nano War 2 is a real time strategy game and action game with new gameplay, new graphics, new AI, new levels, new cells, multiplayer, upgrades, 3 difficuly levels,… Available in many LANGUAGES.

Every humans own billons of nanoscopic cells… Some of these cells are doomed to protect our organism and fight foreign organisms!

Even confined to smaller and unlikely places the war is present…

Welcome on Nano War 2…


The goal of Nano War 2 is quite simple: annilihate your opponents. You are the blue cells and you have to capture the others cells to win. You can increase, capture and develop new cells to beat your enemies.
With the new gameplay and the new cells (rock, paper, scissors system) you have to find the best strategy on every situations.

Nano War 2 Features:
- Solo mode
- 25 levels, play against 1, 2 or 3 computers.
- Upgrade your cells
- 3 difficulty level
- Multiplayer mode play against 1, 2 or 3 players.
- The White blood cell: Increase your cells and capture opponent’s cells.
- The Fat cell: Protect your cells or infect opponent’s cells
- The Antibody cell: The most powerfull cell, increase your production or capture opponent’s cells and units instantly.
- Languages can be added and updated after the release with an online translator tool.

Check out the Nano War 2 trailer:

Mar 16

The Impossible Quiz 2 is a new puzzle game that will bring insanity to your head. Before you jump into watching the video walkthrough, read the full description for The Impossible Quiz 2 first.
the impossible quiz 2 thumbnail
The sequel to one of the most challenging quizzes ever. Featuring more crazy questions, more absurd minigames and best of all… more INSANITY! (13+)

And here is the video walkthrough for The Impossible Quiz 2:

Mar 15

A Knight’s Quest is a new RPG game made in old-school style. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough or guide. Here are the full details about A Knight’s Quest.
a knight's quest thumbnail
Go on a wild journey to find milk in this humorous oldschool RPG.
A long time ago in a unknown village, the mom wakes up his son in order to give him one small but yet not that simple task… In order to cook his son special meal, a turtle milk soup she have all the necessary ingredients except for the milk.

Explore a full, living town in which you can discover many things, speak and interact with many people and objects and give your best to complete dozens of fun and engaging quests for glory and fame.

A Knight’s Quest Features:
- Full, living interactive world.
- Great sense of humor.
- In game, interactive cut scenes.
- Easter eggs appear after beating the game for extended replay value.

Check the original trailer for A Knight’s Quest:

Mar 14

Clash of Mages is a new war stylized game in which you need to become the greatest mage in the universe. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, full game guide along with much useful hints and tips. Here are the full details about Clash of the Mages.
clash of the mages thumbnail
Defeat all the members of the Board of High Mages and become the greatest mage in the universe.

The Board of High Mages, known also as the Board of Elitist Jerks, is an organization of some selfish mages that want to monopolize wizardry and keep all the best magical ingredients to themselves.
As a young mage (the silver beard may be misleading) you crave to defeat them all and show who rules!

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