Mar 25

Don’t Panic is a new strategy game in which you need to defend the alien base from the unrelenting waves of evil robots. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, strategy guide and cheats. Here is the full description for Don’t Panic.
don't panic thumbnail

It was just any regular day in the peaceful alien base when suddenly it was raining down bombs and hoards of evil robots!

Your goal is to keep the base in one piece while fighting off wave after wave of evil robot minions. At your disposal are 6 unique weapons, 1 devastating turret, and 4 different types of reinforcements!

Don’t Panic special Features:
- Fourteen levels of intense gameplay
- Two major boss fights
- Storyline with animated opening cutscene as well as a rewarding final cutscene.
- Two different game modes - “Regular” and “Survival”
- Three different difficulty types for every player.
- Competitive scoreboards for each game mode and difficulty type.
- Functional store to replenish ammunition, buy weapon upgrades, and recruit reinforcements.
- Ability to swap and combine different weapon mods to make each weapon as powerful as it can possibly be.
- Save/load functionality.
- Polished and detailed graphics, sound, and music.
- Oh, and fun and addicting gameplay of course.

To find out more about Don’t Panic, check out this awesome trailer:

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Mar 24


Tank Guardians is a new modified tower defense game that the player can join the squad. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a full walkthrough and the best strategy guide. Here are the full details for Tank Guardians.
tank guardians thumbnail
You can control your unit and together with your squad destroy all enemies. 5 upgrade levels for each 21 kinds of units, 25 battle fields, 30 achievements, and submit score are available.

A game of Tank Defense and Strategy. The player can join the squad to destroy all enemies.

Tank Guardians basic Features:
- 21 kinds of units
- 25 battle fields
- 30 achievements to unlock
- All units can be upgraded until 5th level.
- Submit Score
- Control Unit and Set Automatic (you can choose which unit you wanna control, or let it automatic being your squad)
- Repair, Sell, Move, Change Direction unit in battle field
- Place-able path animation
- Notification when a unit is available to unlock
- Extra money after defeating each wave
- Tutorial
- Mute Sound & Music
- Marvelous Graphics!
- Addicting Gameplay!


Mar 23

Owl’s Nest is the latest Point and Click Adventure created by PastelGames. Below you can find the game description, along with the video walkthrough.
owl's nest thumbnail
Search the underground laboratories where the Nazis produced their secret weapon.

Watch the Owl’s Nest video walkthrough right away:

Mar 22

Epic Charlie is a new action/adventure game which will make you feel your adrenaline rushing through your veins, cause of that excitement while playing. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, useful hints and tips for completing. Here are the full details for Epic Charlie.
epic charlie thumbnail
Epic Charlie is a thrilling experience, full of adrenaline that will run through your veins, begging for more. Players must be prepared for a unique life-on-the-line adventure!

Climb between narrow spaces while dealing with unexpected challenges.
Run for your life, dodge, and watch out for the steaming cannons that never cease their fire.
Make your way through this deadly, trap-laden world filled with fantasy and mystery, and face your fears while defeating your worst enemies.

Epic Charlie have these awesome Features:
- Ingame dialogs, Charlie´s thoughts can be read on the screen. The dialogs are part of the storyline
- A mean boss at the end of each zone!
- A whole package of new ingame music, thrilling and all improved!
- 10/16 visible levels!
- Force fields included
-An Achievement System: find the special ruby, collect all diamonds in the level & finish the level unharmed.
-A gold, silver or bronze medal may be earned if the level is completed in the corresponding time.
-Level Zones (zones where a required number of achievements must be earned in order to unlock additional levels).

… and IN GAME Features:
- A rocket vehicle
- Tons of enemies
- Awesome sounds (cannons, background sound effects, music)
- interactive messages and warning signs
… and much more!

To find out more, check out the Epic Charlie awesome trailer:

Mar 21


Runes and Magic is a new tower defense game with non-linear gameplay. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough and a strategy guide. Here is the full description for Runes & Magic.
runes and magic thumbnail
In dangerous world of blazing demons, which are under influence of dark and evil power, the only thing that is left to do, is to use runes and magic and protect your village!

Runes and Magic is a tower defense game with non-linear gameplay. Connect mages with towers to increase their abilities. Winning does not depend only on the quantity but also on the positioning. Runes, traps, etc. make the game even more variable and fun.

Five kingdoms, loose upgrade system allows for personal preference and uniqueness. Free Play mode allows the player to choose the mages for a battle.

The main objective is not to allow demons into the village.

Runes & Magic Features:
- 17 maps
- 5 unique branches x 3 levels, and required stategies
- More than 40 types of monsters
- 7 types of magic, including Lightning and Poison
- 6 types of runes
- Up to 6 mages per map
- Great graphics and environments
- Professional sound and music
- Ancient atmosphere, scrolls, demons, magic, etc…
- Dynamic, rapid and aggressive gameplay

We are proud to present you, Runes & Magic official trailer:


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