Runes & Magic walkthrough and strategy guide


Runes and Magic is a new tower defense game with non-linear gameplay. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough and a strategy guide. Here is the full description for Runes & Magic.
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In dangerous world of blazing demons, which are under influence of dark and evil power, the only thing that is left to do, is to use runes and magic and protect your village!

Runes and Magic is a tower defense game with non-linear gameplay. Connect mages with towers to increase their abilities. Winning does not depend only on the quantity but also on the positioning. Runes, traps, etc. make the game even more variable and fun.

Five kingdoms, loose upgrade system allows for personal preference and uniqueness. Free Play mode allows the player to choose the mages for a battle.

The main objective is not to allow demons into the village.

Runes & Magic Features:
- 17 maps
- 5 unique branches x 3 levels, and required stategies
- More than 40 types of monsters
- 7 types of magic, including Lightning and Poison
- 6 types of runes
- Up to 6 mages per map
- Great graphics and environments
- Professional sound and music
- Ancient atmosphere, scrolls, demons, magic, etc…
- Dynamic, rapid and aggressive gameplay

We are proud to present you, Runes & Magic official trailer:


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