Paper Defense walkthrough, guide and hints

Paper Defense is a new fresh take on strategy/tower-defense games where you build walls and guns onto your base to try and survive 50 enemy waves. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough. Here are the full details for Paper Defense.
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A fresh, fun take on the tower defense genre. Protect your trophy from 50 waves of enemies by building and upgrading walls, guns and units. Countless play strategies, 3 difficulty levels and 20 additional challenges make this game fun and replayable for hours and hours.

The carefully tuned and playtested gameplay is easy to pick up on, but will take multiple play sessions to master!

3 wall types add depth to the gameplay–money walls give the player a monetary bonus for each gun built on it, damage walls increase the damage done by each gun on that wall and range walls boost the maximum range of guns built on it.
6 different guns that can be built in many combinations. There are standard guns, a gun that slows units, two different types of spread-damage guns, and a repair gun that heals the player’s units.
2 types of units–ground and air–that will automatically engage the enemy. The player can direct them towards a repair gun if they need to be healed.
7 enemy types that have different stats and behaviors and require careful planning to defeat.

Watch the official Paper Defense trailer:

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