Last Moment walkthrough and guide


Last Moment is a new tower defense game made in military style on which besides towers, you’ll find other army vehicles like tanks and aircraft and much more. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a full walkthrough. Here are the full details about the strategy game Last Moment.
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Last Moment seems like a TD game , but not only build towers , there are still tanks , aircraft , special powers for you to unlock and use , you can even buy enemy units and control them.
Protect your MCV and try to stand for more waves as much as you can!

Use mouse to control your units like a normal RTS game and use the SHOP to upgrade/unlock units and powers.
Tip:MCV is movable , just move it behind the hill so that enemy tank can not attack you in all directions

Last Moment Features (units/powers) that you can unlock and upgrade:

- Improve MCV armor, speed ,and add a Tesla turret for it
- Make your MCV can crush enemy tanks , and add life from the crushing
- Buy enemy units,make them listen your command
- Improve MCV deploy range
- Unlock Mine
- Unlock Tank
- Unlock Laser tower
- Unlock copper
- Unlock missile tower
- Unlock Tesla tower
- Unlock time bome
- Unlock repair tower

Have fun!


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