Defend the Village 2 walkthrough and strategy guide

Defend the Village 2 is a new action strategy game in which you’re playing the hand of God to catch and throw the attackers away in order to save your village. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough and full strategy guide. Here are the full details about Defend the Village 2.
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The basic principle is to catch some of those stick figures with your mouse and throw them through the area, so they are not able to reach your village.
But after a while, this will no longer be manageable and you have to recruit some of those attackers to your combatants (Put them into the church, this should also be your first building).

To build a church you need resources, you can gain them by throwing the little stones from the field into your village (The stones will be dropped by the enemies when they touch the ground, in later times it’s not necessary any more to carry those little pixel stones).

Once they are recruited, you are in charge to do with them what you want. They will spawn near the church and now you are able to put them in nearer buildings.
For example in the windmill to get food and money, which will increase the productivity of every combatant in your village.
But at first you should take 2 of them into the stone pit outside of the village to gain resources in form of stone.
After a while you collected enough resources and money, you are able to put 3 of your combatants on your wall and 1 on the background tower to let them become archer’s defending your village.
These archers are of major importance, they have 3 upgrade levels and 2 different arrow types if you build the Barracks.
The archers are free to shift on the wall, place them where they’re most needed.
Every Building has it’s own upgrades to increase it’s productivity. (Look up in the Techtree)
If you build the architect house and you upgrade it to the first level, you will get an own trebuchet, which will fire automatic and manually when you click on it. Enemy trebuchets are only destroyable with your own one!
But be careful every shot will cost it’s amount of resources (arrows, flame arrows and cannonballs)
So watch out that you have enough supplies in resources (Build the sawmill and put some combatants there)
The archers will die after a while, you can increase they’re life by upgrading them or upgrading the windmill. Also you can heal them with health kits. So it’s not bad to have always a small supply of combatants. (Church upgrades will increase their productivity rate)

Sooner or Later your village will be destroyed and it’s the end of the game where the highscore will pop up.

Defend the Village 2 contains the following Features:
- 6 Buildings - 5 of them can be upgraded 2 times
- 3 types of enemies with more than 3 varieties of weapons and more than 1000 frames animation
- Multiple types of combatants (people who works for your village)
- Buildings can be occupied by your people (increasing productivity)
- Everything rendered in a beautiful 3D Area
- Great 3D effects
- Large map with 3 types of goods (points, money, resources)
- Catapults on both sides
- understandable and integrated Tutorial
- Great Sounds and Music
- Funny delicacy like stumbling upon stones
- Replayability because of discovering new things
- Funny and flowing gameplay

Not enough details? Then check out the original trailer for Defend the Village 2

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