Colonize Me! walkthrough, guide and cheats

Colonize Me! is a new complete PC Game made in Flash with polished GFX and Sound. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough. Here are the full details for Colonize Me!
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Give a test to your conquering logic skill while playing this puzzling board game. Travel in 5 different worlds: Inca, Techno, CyberCity, Magma, Lunar and give your best to conquer them all.
Move your cells deep into the enemies territory, hoping that you’ll touch as much as possible of your foes, in order to convert them into yours. The game ends whenever one side fully dominates the other.

Colonize Me! have this features:
- 3 Game Modes with 80 levels
History Mode: 40 Levels - You VS Cpu
Co-Op Mode: 20 Levels - You and a Friend VS 1 or 2 CPUs
Party Mode: 20 Levels - Up to Four Players including Teams and IA Players with Intelligence level configuration with a great replay value.

Check out the original trailer for Colonize Me!

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