Heaven or Hell 2 walkthrough and guide

Heaven or Hell 2 is the latest sequel of its previous and popular part the war between Heaven and Hell. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkhtough and a full guide of completing the whole game. Here are the full details about Heaven or Hell 2.
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Endless war between good and evil in amusing game now with more addicting and fun!

The game represents logic strategy.
But generally it action, where all strategic tasks should be decided in real time.
heaven or hell 2 screen 1
Choose your side, and go to success using all of your skill in strategy. Use magic and call the ancient guards on your part! Be individual! Use your own tactics on the way to victory!

Heaven or Hell 2 will be played by your mouse only, but there can be used a lot of hot keys for more advantage.
heaven or hell 2 screen 2

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