Feb 14

Siegius is new strategy-war game in which you control your ancient styled army, and is awaiting for a walkthrough. Here are the full details for Siegius.
siegius thumbnail

Battle through multiple Campaigns while upgrading and using dozens of unique units and spells. Choose your army out of three mighty types of warriors: the Roman Legion, the Gallic Tribes or the Boarathians. Each of these warrior groups have their own unique skills, which combined with your commanding skills will lead you to victory!

Watch the Sieguis original trailer right here

Feb 11

Wizard Hult is new adventure platform game with pixel-style graphics that will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough. Here are the full details about Wizard Hult.
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This is an adventure platform game with pixel-style graphics.You must help a great wizard named Hult survive through the dangers in the castle by using his unique magical ability - “Stone Creation”, and help him reach his beloved witch, Shiloh.

Check out the official Wizard Hult trailer

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Feb 10

The first part of Wasted Youth series will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough. An epic school-based RPG with hours of gameplay, from the creators of Bunny Invasion. Here are the full details for Wasted Youth, Part 1.
wasted youth part 1 thumbnail
Wasted Youth, Part 1, takes place behind the walls of St. Frosts Academy - a school for slackers, troublemakers and idiots.

At first everything seems normal, but soon, children start to go missing…

* 16 main story missions.
* 13 side missions.
* 20 lessons to attend.
* 60 rooms to explore.
* 50 collectable trading cards to find.
* 60 achievements to complete.
* Over 30 extras (Costumes, game mods, concept art, game biography, camera filters, and more)
* Over 50 students and 14 adults to talk and interact with, containing over 350 conversations.
* Countless other activities – Breaking and entering at night, picking locks, cracking safes, reading books, going to the toilet, eating, drinking, vomiting, going to sleep, watering plants, watching the school hamster, and much much more…

The main story takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete, and for 100% completion it takes between 4 and 8 hours.

Check the gameplay trailer for Wasted Youth, Part 1

Feb 9

Mike Shadow: I paid for it! is a new action game in which you need to destroy the vending machine. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough. Here are the full details for Mike Shadow: I paid for it!

Mike Shadow: I paid for it! thumbnail

***WARNING*** Very addictive!! You will spend a million hours playing!
The most epic combat ever. Fight for what is yours and unleash your wrath!

When THAT vending machine fooled Mike Shadow it was the beginning of the Apocalypse! Hit the vending machine to be the strongest machine destroyer in the world! Collect money, upgrade your skills, use weapons, magic, cheerleaders and much more.

- Over 120 upgrades!
- Upgrade your base stats “Patience”, “Stress”, “Critical Chance” and “Money Chance” with 10 levels for each.
- Normal attacks include weapons, magic, natural disasters and much more!
- Bonuses to increase your strength and other stats!
- Special attacks with **too much** devastating power!
- Premium features only for main sponsor offer the most incredible and powerful skills.
- Complete scores & stats system
- 15 achievements
- High-scores

Still not interested? Then check out the awesome trailer for Mike Shadow: I paid for it!

Feb 7

Infinite Tower RPG is a new game that will be released soon and its awaiting for a walkthrough. Here are the full details about Infinite Tower RPG.

Manage your character and defeat skeletons, orcs and dark knights on your way to the highest floor of the tower.

The challenge of this game is about managing your character stats and equipments the best you can. The player can choose between three classes (Axeman, Rogue and Knight), distribute points between four stats (Health, Attack, Speed and Defense) and upgrade the equipments.

The tower has infinite floors and a high-score leader board, so the player can compete with other players who reaches the highest floor.

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