Alienocalypse walkthrough, guide and cheats

Alienocalypse is a new action/strategic game in which you’re playing as the invading aliens. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough and a guide of how to invade the planet Earth. Here are the full details for Alienocalypse.
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In Alienocalypse, you play as an alien invader. Your goal is simple: anihilate the major Earth cities. But be aware, the humans will resist!

Manage a savage horde of rabid alien to invade the earth in Alienocalypse, an action/strategic games. Trough multiple levels players must use various units combination and upgrades to achieve victory.

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  1. Trin Says:

    Anyone got the walkthru for levels 8 and beyond?

  2. Joseph Says:

    I’ve almost beaten the game using nothing but Death Bringers (flying section). None of the ground units can even touch them and they destroy flying units as well. Definitely overpowered.

  3. b dawg Says:

    Level 1 till you can perchance Death Bringers - un-upgraded grunts.

    As soon as you can perchance Death Bringers - 12 Upgraded Death Bringers.

    On level 12 I have upgraded every damn unit with many combinations with no luck =\

  4. bomb Says:

    just use bombs to clear out AA and bring Death Bringers

  5. Nikko Says:

    I agree with b dawg. I simply cannot finish level 12. I’ve nearly fully upgraded all my units, I only deploy units that are 100% upgraded and no combination seems to work.

  6. Nikko Says:

    Sorry about the double, but I’d also like to say that the Giant’s Nightmare is pretty useless. They just get gunned to pieces.

  7. Phoenix Says:

    Very easy way to finish this game. Up until about level 13 or 14, just use Death Bringers fully upgraded. They’ll mow down everything. When that doesn’t work anymore, buy 8 mines, 6 flying horrors and the rest in death bringers. Use the mines on all anti-aircraft tanks (hover over big non-moving guns and drop when an anti-aircraft tank drives over to get 2for1). Then spawn 6 flying horrors to clear the sky and your death bringers to clean up the ground and destroy the buildings.

  8. Apple Sauce Says:

    I have tried using full on death bringers, but i still cannot finish this level. Is there a specific place to place them?

  9. ThatGuy Says:

    How do you Unlock those two mising units the snail looking thing with the blue/red shell? i beat the game but….nothing

  10. Craig Says:

    to finish any level but particularly the last 3 levels is simple. Buy 3 grunts, 2 spiked crawlers, 1 giants nightmare and s[pend the rest on Mines (should buy you at least 15).

    Start off with the Mines. Take your time and plant them one by one at the missile launchers. Time it so other troops/vehicles are going past at the same time and you get more for your boom!

    once the launchers are gone then just look to take out the remaining vehicles an areas where there are a lot of troops so again you are taking as many casualties as you can.

    once you have used your mines up there should be very little ground troops and if you let the 3 grunts loose they should mope the majority up.

    next is the spiked crawlers who will take care of aircraft, protect the Giants Nightmare and also take out any remaing ground troops that the grunts failed to get. finally unleash the giants nightmare which will start to demolish buildings whilst the other units finish off the humans . . . bingo !

  11. kingdawwwwg Says:

    how do you get the other two mysterious creatures with the red/blue shell?????

  12. manslayer444 Says:

    to get the strange shell aliens(acttuly called kamacazies) you have to play the game at it is the only website that i know of with the kamacazies. the red one slithers over to the closest human(qite fast actully) and will then explode. the blue one worcs pretty much the same, exept it has less damege but will freeze all humans in the blast zone. they both cost 1600$ to unlock and arnt that bad.

  13. JUN PARK Says:

    Death bringers are so pro
    does anyone know how to do level 12?

  14. JUN PARK Says:

    bdwag is the one I agree with


    craig eres un mentirosso lo he heco todo ygual que lo escribiste y no funciono vete a la m…da jo.. mucho que haga que hacerte caso y luego sea MENTIRA

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