Chili’em All! walkthrough, guide and cheats

Chili’em All! is a new top down shooter game spiced up with defense features that will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough. Here are the full details about Chili’em All!

In a cartoon world of plants and insects, you’re a jalapeno gunslinger. Defend your blossoming pepper nymph in this mexican themed top-down shooter.
Cartoon style top down shooter, with defense features.

* 20 minutes survival gameplay
* 12 insect enemies
* 5 big-insect boss
* 9 weapons and 4 devices
* 12 power-up per weapon
* Mexican style voiceover monologues
* Original Latin Rock soundtrack
* Addicting, fast, challenging gameplay experience

You want more details? Then check out the Chili’em All! game trailer

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