Sift Heads World: Act 6 hacked, Cheats and Hacks

Sift Head world act 6

Hi ya guys new game hacked today from the guys from arcadeprehacks. Check there site for more great hacked games.
carryon from the sifthead world seris. After having their head quarters destroyed, Vinnie and his gang try to find the culprit and stop them for good. But the guys will find out that more than one clan is behind this attack!

The Hack
Unlimited Cash
Unlimited Ammo
Press 657 to bring cheat menu u

Revive - Invincibility modded cheat

Sift Head World Act 6

Read More to play

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<a href="" target=_blank>Game Advertising Online</a> banner requires iframes

37 Responses

  1. Funny monsyer Says:

    Nice Game.
    Good Graphics.

  2. angry guy Says:

    if i try to play the game it dosent start!!!!! what can i do?

  3. haider killer Says:

    i want to be stronger than ever

  4. hitman Says:

    i am the best hitman ever

  5. hitman Says:

    lol lol lol you lol hi lol i am lol

  6. ChUckIE toy Says:

    i kill you hitman

  7. Mostafa Says:

    i love the game but when i came to the last mission i dont know where to go there is no buliding i havent went for at least 5 times (((((at least))))no buliding i havent checked plz answer me :(

  8. Mostafa Says:

    NVM!!!!!!oh yeah :D

  9. shawn Says:

    tht doesn’t work

  10. jeevesjc Says:

    the cheat disapper when i press 657

  11. emi -apple Says:

    it is a load of crap it doesnt even work!!!!!!!
    god iv been on the web 4 2 hours and its killing me


    :) (:

  12. fernando Says:

    hahaha susah main nye bukan apa mau cari tempat bingung hahaha makannya saya liat cheads nye hahahhaha.

  13. sift heads ROCKS!!!! Says:

    i llllooooovvvvvveeeee this game its weird how in tokyo i destroyed the building and i was invisible wtf :p

  14. Vinnie Says:


  15. Vinnie Says:


  16. Shaun The Sheep Says:

    He”s Shaun The Sheep He”s Shaun The Sheep No One Where”s Know has a lose a beat

  17. Shaun The Sheep Says:


  18. Kiro Says:

    nice games

  19. christian Says:

    how do u beat level 1

  20. SexyBaby Says:


  21. hgdhg Says:

    (^^^) <3

  22. brisket22 Says:

    i am only twelve and i have completed every sift heads world series and side games BEST GAMES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. felix Says:

    eh the invicibilty is not work

  24. christian Says:


  25. christian Says:

    saan po ung kalaban sa cargo

  26. krido Says:

    ok so i won all of is!!!!!!!:) :/

  27. krido Says:

    is ther cheat codes

  28. kiro Says:


  29. GNRPaker hate you asshole!!!! Says:

    Not bad not bad thi is not good this is fantastik!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Fat Boy Says:

    im 10yrs old i complete this game

  31. Henchmen Says:

    this is so good

  32. owais aijaz khan Says:

    what is the money cheat plz tell me

  33. raka Says:

    gimana caranya ich…
    kemana dulu gak ada tulisan cheat menu u

  34. Celestine4 Says:

    well worth the read. I found very informative as I have been researching a lot lately on practical matters such as you talk about… Best regards

  35. yongki darmanata Says:

    lobingnya kok lemot ya

  36. yongki darmanata Says:

    di mana ada tulisan cheat menu u

  37. boyssss Says:

    Nicee The Gameee

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