Sep 13

Hi ya guys

BigTree TopGun

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Bigtree Top Gun

is the new defense shooter soon to be relased to the flash game world as bidding come to a close in FGL. the game will feature lots of waves and 12 levels with a selection of 12 tower that are all upgradeable and 7 power up that are upgradeable aswell. Help you in tough time thoughout the game from health regeneration to acid rain to kill most monsters on the screen. your main area barral can be upgraded aswell to include AI controlled guns. The main base can be pgrade to give you extra life points o if them nasty bugs do get to close you can survive for a long time.

Playing this game i scored it a 8/10 as the game really made me want to end the game and get the best upgrades as possible with a great difficulty curve.

Please check out the screenshot below to a screenshot fo the game

Bigtree Top Gun

Sep 11

Hi ya guys.

Time are slow for people making TD games and i have most of them on my site aswell. So i will be adding more different types of games on the website. I will start adding more Defence games ( last stand etc) I will be adding more RPG based games like sonny. The game will have a element of fighting and defence and upgrades as we all love upgrades. I will make sure that each game does have stragegy and is ralated to the site as much as possible. With my option being open i will try to add news games daily to the website at worst ever 2-3 days but i will add more often and i will always add the lastest game ( none the old stuff we have all played before. As a treat i will start to add some hacked arcades games that people can test there ideas out for some the bigger games.

Thanks AdminAnt

Sep 10


Alice is Dead Episode 3 Walkthrough

Hi Ya guys the 3rd game in the alice escape games walkthrough. This is the final episode so please pause the video when using the walkthrough on areas you might get suck on. The video will ofcourse have spoilers and might take a different route you might take to completing the game. I will update the video soon showing how to get all the newgrounds medels aswell.

Sep 8

Hi ya guys

Frontline Planet: Top Defense


is a new Defense game with a shooting abilty coming out soon its very nice game play and very balanced.

8 unique weapons

7 missions (one in survival mode)

Deep upgrade system

21 unit types

Special units, special buildings

A lot of achievements

Up to 2 hours duration of gameplay (+ endless survival)



In game you control the space battle station, which defends military bases on the planet from being seized by enemy forces.

I’ve covered all key features in this movie (don’t forget to watch in full 480p):


check out this video of the game play of the game.







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