BigTree TopGun

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BigTree TopGun

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Bigtree Top Gun

is the new defense shooter soon to be relased to the flash game world as bidding come to a close in FGL. the game will feature lots of waves and 12 levels with a selection of 12 tower that are all upgradeable and 7 power up that are upgradeable aswell. Help you in tough time thoughout the game from health regeneration to acid rain to kill most monsters on the screen. your main area barral can be upgraded aswell to include AI controlled guns. The main base can be pgrade to give you extra life points o if them nasty bugs do get to close you can survive for a long time.

Playing this game i scored it a 8/10 as the game really made me want to end the game and get the best upgrades as possible with a great difficulty curve.

Please check out the screenshot below to a screenshot fo the game

Bigtree Top Gun

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  1. Moby Says:

    when I was young it’s unable to me to play such games now at 26 it becomes my motto

    why the writers here doesn’y sign their names !!!


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