Sep 29

Hi ya guys

BigTree Top Gun Hacked Version for you guys to play the game is a defense static shooter where you have to protect your flower at all costs. With extra towers to add to your flower to make it very big and strong with the hacked version it become stronger.

The Hack:

Unlimited money for upgrades
Cannot die

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Sep 25

Age of war is a new defense game that has been hack with lots of extra goodies for you to play with incase you can not play the game on its normal mode. Inspired from age of war going threw time, last stand with days played and using the great music from age of war.

The hack

More points
Increase health
Extra Ammo
Upgrade New era each round.

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Sep 25

HI ya guys

Battle formations is a cool turn based game where you need to build up your units to defeat the other kingdom to gain victory. This hacked version will make things much easier with unlimited gold at your disposal so you can upgrade your units to the max

The hack

Unlimited Gold and EXP


Thanks to the guys at arcadprehacks
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Sep 19

HI ya guys wow new game coming soon and its very cool side shooter defense game.


  • Top-notch enemy animation and design
  • Perk (skill) system with 16 different perks, 3 levels per perk. Enables very varied strategies for passing the game
  • 12 weapons with 4 customizable properties per weapon
  • Base upgrades + turrets
  • 25 waves offering around 30-35 minute of gameplay per game played. Can provide hours of entertaiment for users wanting to try out different strategies.
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Achievement system that increases replay value
  • Top quality music provided by Symphony of Spectres



Pics to come please wait


Sep 14
Apokalyx RPG Game
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 10+ hours turn-based Arena RPG Flashgame. Full custom character, 60 battle-levels, 90 special combat powers! 3D hi-quality graphics and 170 voicerovers/spoken dialogues! The first single-player chapter of the oncoming multiplayer online RPG saga.

Welcome to the ultimate turn-based Arena RPG Flashgame!
Apokalyx is the result of 1 full year of hard work of the professional multi-awarded

Xplored development team:

  • 15 years know-how in videogame industry
  • 25 successful flashgames produced
  • 7 awards on in the last year
  • 100+ million players entertained …till today
  • Play our former games on





A new set of deeply tested stats&combat rules. Customize your character, purchase armors and weapons. Get info on the enemies and hire gladiator allies. Learn and develop your supernatural abilities: 3 different Paths, 18 Spheres, 90 special Powers!
7 voiceovers/spoken videos and 170 voicerovers/spoken dialogues!
3 arenas, 60 battles, against more than 100 different gladiator opponents!

Conceived and developed as a wide cross-media project (the Company is dealing editorial rights on the related novel-book and board RPG), “Apokalyx” is now available as the first game experience of the oncoming multiplayer free online RPG saga

wow This game looks good keep your eyes peeled for the great RPG game to come

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