Apr 30

Hello guys! This is Pipe Job, a new flash game where you need to transport the water from one place to another, similar to the classical Pipe games. A lot of useless pipes are included to confuse the people, so watch out!.

Here is the video walkthrough, made by Kongquake.

Normal Levels Walkthrough

Bonus Levels Walkthrough

Thanks for watching! Be sure to check the blog oftenly for new games and walkthroughs/guides!

Apr 15

Hi guys Hetherdale is a new game made by the poeple who made moring star the guys at red herring labs.

please check out the walkthrough made by tasslefoot.

Hetherdale Walkthrough - Day 1

Hetherdale Walkthrough - Day 2

Hetherdale Walkthrough - Day 3

Thanks for watching

Apr 15

Hi Guys a new walkthrough made by the man tasslefoot for a new game called Trickochet

check out how tasselfoot beats the game

Part 1

Part 2

Apr 8

Hi guys AdminAnt here showing you walkthrough for the new game Monkey go happy. This small game feature lots of mini games is featured on clicks only