Mini Tower Defense Walkthrough

Hi guys Mini Tower defense is really a great looking game with many ingame upgrade features. here a small walkthrough of the last level The walkthrough is 7 minutes long and should really have been 30mins but the person playing the game is pretty really very clever.

He send all waves at once then uses a main tower and small bomb to total win the game. check this out

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  1. hurlm Says:

    Very good strategy, the person must be really clever! Of course, I may be biased because I’ve made the video ;-)
    thanks for linking it, hurlm

  2. Gary Loss Says:

    Thank you for the heads up.

  3. admin Says:

    Np Gary, this is the least we can do for our players.

  4. Ramiro Minard Says:

    Cheers for the great read.

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