Civilizations Wars Walkthrough - guide - Cheats

Hi guys new game very good and its very great

Civilizations Wars is a simular auto build and defend game simular to nano war and some the other like elite Games one and some others.

Here is a deatils walkthrough of the whole game

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 The Giant Turtle

Part 4

Giant Scorpion battle

Part 5

Giant Octopus battle

Thanks for watching

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  1. jack Says:

    Where do you find the fallen star?? i beat the game, but can not find the star!!!

  2. jack Says:

    i have even turned on the fallen star button, but i have no clue where it is located at…what do i do!!!??

  3. jack Says:

    can anybody help me out and tell me where to find the fallen star/secret wepon..please. and thak you!

  4. Jenn Says:

    awesome game, thanks

  5. Lawrence Says:

    once you finish the game jack the secret weapon is the blaster.

  6. jimmy Says:

    my game just says end! what do i do

  7. ned Says:

    when you reach lvl 8 after the budah level it says “you have unlocked new races go to the main menu start a new game to unlock .your games progres has been saved and you will not loose it” . so i did and i lost all of it and have to start again . did anyone else have this problem

  8. April Says:

    How do you fill in the diamond at the bottom of each level? I have beaten all levels in all modes (and played in mummy) and can’t get it to fill in.

  9. Keaton Says:

    How do you become the aliens? i really want to be them!!!!!!

  10. Erik Says:

    How the heck do I find the fallen star? I’ve beat the entire game with all 3 races but nothing happens and I never saw the star and the Octupus is the farthest it goes with all 3 characters.

  11. Tim Says:

    The game is SHIT(sorry) though it could be great, because:

    1. It slows down every level you finish and becomes unplayable laggy when you reach the octopus.

    2. You cannot really SAVE your accomplishments, close the window or push the wrong button (F4, right next to where my audio-mixer key is)and you can start from the very beginning again

    3. The battle against the octopuss is UNFAIR, because by the time you reach the level, you simply have no chance to beat it and you must replay the same old levels again and again to level-up your abilities. This is NOT strategy, but simply a waste of time and Diablo2-ish rapid mouse clicking.

    Hope you cant take the critizism. It could had been a great game.

    Comment from AdminAnt

    By diablo 2 is ace :)

  12. irv Says:

    this game is simple, dont complain about it being hard, just build up your xp and play some old levels and then the rest is history. xp is key. i didnt even use magic i just played on no magic mode and the others so my xp was 8X higher when i would beat a level. fastest way to level up

  13. Ben Says:

    You don’t find the fallen star, go back and level up. Preferably, use sudden death to max your XP

  14. Kalo Says:

    The easiest method of xp I discovered is:

    level 1 (canoo, little boat)
    turn on all the multipliers you currently have. I started with blind (so u cannot see numbers in towers) and another one.

    As you can change your stats freely, remove all from everything other than speed, agility, strength and defense (although strength and defence not 100% necessary).
    Now u have fast troops, at level start just rush four waves straight to enemy tower. By the time your guys get there, the enemy will just about have caught the tower in front, as each of your waves get to their original tower, move them to the one just in front. 99/100 they will only do this move.
    Basically you win within about 25 seconds. You should level up each time you do it with about 2-3k xp, as you level you will unlock more multipliers, you can do this trock with most of them on for about 8-10k xp each time. Each time you get skill points add to speed and agility.
    I levelled to 34 in an hour doing it this way, when your done just withdraw all skills and add them back however you need them. I concentrate on max fireball, max strength, defence, agility and strength.

    Hope this may help you beat the game if your finding it tough to get xp.

  15. dannyboy Says:

    how do u get the quake

  16. Mike Says:

    Game is simple. Prob several easy ways to win it but I
    1) Max Exp skill first.
    2) Play with difficulty modes on to further max exp (I skip the darkness one as it annoys me)
    3)Once Exp maxed, focus on Str and Defense, Speed and Agility, then golom.
    4) if you have any difficulty, level up on easier diff until you can handle the one that balked you.
    5) At level 50, that’s your last chance to re-assign I suggest remove all points for Exp and then put one point in everything else as possible, reduce agility if that didn’t give you enough, once you have one point in everything (while still maxed on Str/Def/Speed, and agility if possible), have fun seeing how many zombie waves. I did 20 on the first fight, it gets sketchy.

  17. marko Says:


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