Jan 30

Hi guys Da Vinci Cannon is a new game coing very soon the game was posnsored by king.com and were making a walkthrough for the game

check out this trailer Thanks AdminAnt

Jan 26

HI guys this is AdminAnt here with the walkthrough werebox. this is a super stacker style game where you need to drop the red boxs and circles and keep the blue up right.

check out this awsome video done via kongquake on youtube

Thanks AdminAnt

Jan 25

Hi guys AdminAnt here a loverly zombie escape game preety cool and different to most.

check out this cool video walkthough of the game

Thanks Anthony

Jan 13

Hi Guys AdminAnt here

well this is a walkthrough done by myself and uploaded to youtube. i hope you like the music. ( clearing the sky check it out on newgrounds).

please check the 2 walkthroughs for insane there is 2 videos cus it took me 18mins to complete.


upgrade susport Unit range x2 and support range attack x 1

when starting the game wait until the enemys is really close to your building then build as many support units as possible. The reason iof because they always send out a speacil attack straight away.

after that keep building them support units. when they have al died wait until there close to your base. when u get excess cash upgrade money per kill and upgrade the support unit a bit more.

On the stage where you have the epypt people. try and build a tank at the start then lots of support units as they do died easy and there attack is curved a bit. I mess up a little bit on my video pushing to hard to wards there base and lost some of mine for rushing.

Asvacne though the evlotions as quick as you can and you will win in the modern date ear ( tanks etc and soliders). They will still be around 2 x evolutions behind you and should be a easy win.

Thanks for watching AdminAnt

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks for watching AdminAnt

Jan 9

Hi guys new game very good and its very great

Civilizations Wars is a simular auto build and defend game simular to nano war and some the other like elite Games one and some others.

Here is a deatils walkthrough of the whole game

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 The Giant Turtle

Part 4

Giant Scorpion battle

Part 5

Giant Octopus battle

Thanks for watching

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