Colour My Fate Walkthrough and Guide

Hi guys AdminAnt here

working with kongquake from youtube we are now doing some video walk through to games.

colour my fate is one of the lastest great xmas games on newgrounds.
Once again, you must venture back to the city of Black & White, but this time to bring to the city the spirit of Christmas which has long died along with the colour of the world. Explore the vast areas of the city collecting new colours to broaden your mind and ultimately, bring back happiness to the city, as well as happiness to your love.

Please checkout this great video walkthrough.

The game

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13 Responses

  1. you suck Says:

    you were not nearly at 100% you didnt even found the letter

  2. z Says:

    What the fuck is this shitty game? Are you fucking insane? Go make something up you dimwitt!

  3. q Says:

    i’m more interested in what that song is called.

  4. Alf Says:

    great game indeed.

  5. Techie Says:

    I don’t like Colour My Fate

  6. jmz Says:

    uskiest game evr

  7. jmz Says:


  8. Alan Says:

    i have found the letter ,i put the star on the tree,and the fucking game just finished!!!!sheeeeeet

  9. Rhys Says:

    Very good name with a valuable moral behind it. :)

  10. Shooter Says:

    Though the game looks pretty ugly I enjoy playing it

  11. ro Says:

    wow, i love you most of the people who criticized this game can’t even spell “sucks”. if you’re going ot insult it, at least spell it right, noob.
    but anyway, a pretty neat game overall and pretty intertaining. sorry you testosterone-charged idiots can’t occupy your mind with something other than shoot ‘em up games, but anyone else can appreciate this game for what it really is.

  12. Dice Says:

    Very good game, almost brought tears to my eyes.

  13. heather Says:

    ive played all these ‘colour’ games and love them…(:

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