Oct 5

HI guys another new game with a trailer.
the game is a time travel game.

Once More is a puzzle platform game that focuses mainly on a cloning mechanic. Cursor*10 and Chronotron start with the same idea, but Once More expands upon it quite a bit. A heavy focus is put on the main character’s inner monologue, exploring how he became a hermit and his frame of mind.

Check out the trailer.

The Company of Myself Up

Oct 5

Hi Guys AdminAnt here once again im updating my list of new games trying to show you guys sneak previews of new games soon to be ready for you guys to play soon.

Forever Samurai is based around intense sword fighting with an innovative new control scheme that uses the mouse to provide a whole new level of visceral combat to flash gaming. It is brought to life with a totally unique and beautiful mix of vector graphics, bitmap textures, and 3D graphics.

You play as a timeless samurai struggling to survive in an age of robotic demons. Hunted by giant metal beasts, he must cut his way through a soulless army of steel to earn back his freedom.

checkout the trailer.

Forever Samurai

Oct 5

Hi guys AdminAnt here.

another zombie game coming out soon there coming out faster than any other type of games.  Stay Alive: Episode 1 is basically a small zombie one with a few upgradeable weapons.

check out this picture. for some area of the game screen.

Stay Alive: Episode 1

Oct 4

Hi guys we all seem to enjoy playing the old hacked game now and again.

From talking with the owner of arcadeprehacks.com this website gets some serious players with around 100,000 games played every single day.

we have a couple of hacked games check them out

Onsluaght 2

Ant Buster

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