The Company of Myself Up and coming game

HI guys another new game with a trailer.
the game is a time travel game.

Once More is a puzzle platform game that focuses mainly on a cloning mechanic. Cursor*10 and Chronotron start with the same idea, but Once More expands upon it quite a bit. A heavy focus is put on the main character’s inner monologue, exploring how he became a hermit and his frame of mind.

Check out the trailer.

The Company of Myself Up

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  1. cartouche d encre Says:

    I just have seen your video and liked it very much. I think i found this site at right time. I was looking exactly new updated games, after bored by old one. I am feeling nice to see updated new game here. Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

  2. Apocalypstic Says:

    The story…was just…so…surreal. It was mind-blowing. It was sad. It was so many emotions all bottled up in a simple, short, 15-minute flash. If only more games could convey such feelings…and with such clarity and efficiency.

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