Oct 28

Hi guys as we all now bloon 4 is now on ninjakiwi now and will soon b realsed on the rest of the world soon for all to play.

expect it within the new mouth due to competion it will be enetred into.

Oct 26

Hi guys AdminAnt here

Im pleased to anncoune bloon Tower defense 4 is coming out soon.

Check some video footage already of the game as it was realsed today

Bloons Tower Defense 4

Oct 24

Hi guys here is the walkthrough to the newest game from playtowerdefensegames ( US yay )

Oct 23
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HI guys AdminAnt here agina another new game pretty cool.

Full game features:

- 30 levels (FGL version with all levels unlocked)

- Level Editor

- 24 Achievements

- Full walkthrough available

Oct 23
Kingdoms: Nobility
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Hi guys AdminAnt here

Kingdoms: Nobility

This is a new game coning out soon

This is a deep city building game with tons of features

Kingdoms: Nobility is a deep and immersive Isometric city building / Economy management game. Build over 30 buildings and watch your townspeople go to work in your medieval town. Play in a 5 part campaign or in ‘free play’ mode where you can submit your towns score at regular intervals…

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