Sep 26

Cannon Plunder is a new game soon to be relased by or

The game is simular style to bloons with some different concpets. Its pretty much a clone with different levels.

The music is kinda anooying but overall not a bad game check out some game play and how the game looks Thanks Anthony

Sep 26

Hi guys Hay Wizard 2 is coming next very soon as the game has just sold for sponsorship.So expect to see the game very soon on a site near you.

check out this gameplay from the game to see how aswome the game is.

Sep 26

Hi Guys AdminAnt here

Bubble Guinea pop Is  new game coming soon

Insane physics game featuring Guinea Pigs and Bubble Gum.

Pretty fun with lots of affects. The idea of the game is to Rescue the animals on each level by splatting them with gum. Blow up and use other obstacles in your way.

check out this Youtube trailer.

Bubble Guinea Pop

Thanks AdminAnt

Sep 26

Hi Guys AdminAnt here

Cluster Lander is a new game coming soon to the flash game world

Cluster lander is a flying and combat flying game that will help you improve your flight methods with limited fuel.

here are some features

Take control of a Cluster Lander, a fast ship designed to maneuver between rock clusters. This ship will let you explore complex open style levels in search of a coordinates sheet witch contains the coordinates for the next rock cluster (level).

Advanced engine with bitmap-based-textured graphics with parallax backgrounds, custom rigid body physics and replay system that saves the the best time run and lets you race against a ghost replay lander.

- 8 levels + 2 extra will be sold using microtransactions.
- top 10 per level highscore system with replays saved to our server (or the sponsor’s if that’s preferred).
- send replays to friends to challenge them to beat your best time.
- players chose against who’s replay they race, including their own best time replay.
- the player’s replays will be saved locally (not in a server as previously stated) and will be exportable to a code that can be shared as a string.
- (in review) the local saves can also be exported to the users hard drive and can be loaded into the game.

Controls: Arrow keys to move, Shift or S key to drop bombs, Control or A to change weapons, Space to release the Cluster Lander from the Teleporter.

Check out this youtube trailer

Cluster Lander

Sep 24

Click To Play

Hi Guys Adminant here

new game coming soon Steam Of War.

Command your units through hordes of enemies in this action packed RTS game.

Newest strategy soon to be available soon This was a youtube beta of the game in action. I will add a Click To Play Button Soon on when its ready to go live.

Steam Of War

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