Ghoul Racers New Game Coming Soon..

Hi guys AdminAnt here new halloween game Ghoul Racers.

This perfect 3D racing game that features many tracks is really pretty cool.Your drive around the laps in side a coffin and chose from many creep monsters.

here some info about the game

Ghoul Racers’ is a 3D kart racing game in the style of classic video games Micro machines and Mario Kart, and will make the perfect Hallowe’en game for any portal!

Players get to choose their favorite classic monster character and race around nine tracks over three worlds. The races are against three computer controlled opponents, and the levels are also scattered with power ups (Bat-Bombs, Power Stars and Thunder Clouds.)

‘Ghoul Racers’ features cutting edge 3D graphics and utilises Box2d for flawless physics modelling. The game also has a brilliantly psychotic surf-guitar original sound track and blood curdling sound effects.


Left and Right cursors to steer your coffin

Up and Down to accelerate and brake

Space to use Power Ups

Check out this Trailer

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