Cluster Lander New Game Coming Soon..

Hi Guys AdminAnt here

Cluster Lander is a new game coming soon to the flash game world

Cluster lander is a flying and combat flying game that will help you improve your flight methods with limited fuel.

here are some features

Take control of a Cluster Lander, a fast ship designed to maneuver between rock clusters. This ship will let you explore complex open style levels in search of a coordinates sheet witch contains the coordinates for the next rock cluster (level).

Advanced engine with bitmap-based-textured graphics with parallax backgrounds, custom rigid body physics and replay system that saves the the best time run and lets you race against a ghost replay lander.

- 8 levels + 2 extra will be sold using microtransactions.
- top 10 per level highscore system with replays saved to our server (or the sponsor’s if that’s preferred).
- send replays to friends to challenge them to beat your best time.
- players chose against who’s replay they race, including their own best time replay.
- the player’s replays will be saved locally (not in a server as previously stated) and will be exportable to a code that can be shared as a string.
- (in review) the local saves can also be exported to the users hard drive and can be loaded into the game.

Controls: Arrow keys to move, Shift or S key to drop bombs, Control or A to change weapons, Space to release the Cluster Lander from the Teleporter.

Check out this youtube trailer

Cluster Lander

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  1. Tshark Says:

    Wow!, amazing…

  2. GGamer Says:

    This game is out…

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