Sep 30

Hi guys AdminAnt here sorry no trailer on this game but

Stick Figure Badminton is gonna be aswome game using box2d engine. This is the most advance badminton game in the world.

I have played the game on a preview and its really is awsome.

check soon for the Link to play It.

Sep 29

Hi Guys AdminAnt here we all love a nice zombie shooter and seem to be 100s and 100s of these games coming out. well here another one and a very good one at that.

WASD/Arrow keys to move. Click to shoot. Space to throw a grenade. 1-6 to change weapons.

Each day you shoot zombies more and more zombies each day and zombies drop cash and you a rewarded with the cash. After each day you can upgrade and buy new weapons

I wont spoil what weps but let me say this FLAME THROWER

Here is a small trailer of the game check it out.

Sep 28

Hi Guys AdminAnt here.

We are looking for some arcade Pre hacks games for our website as everyone enjoys playing arcade games with a cheat engine installed.

we currntly have one already on the website that is onslught with the money hack.

please tell me what you think about hacked games.

Thanks Anthony

This was inspired by the owner of

Thanks Anthony

should we add these kinda hacked games or not.

Sep 27

Hi guys AdminAnt here new halloween game Ghoul Racers.

This perfect 3D racing game that features many tracks is really pretty cool.Your drive around the laps in side a coffin and chose from many creep monsters.

here some info about the game

Ghoul Racers’ is a 3D kart racing game in the style of classic video games Micro machines and Mario Kart, and will make the perfect Hallowe’en game for any portal!

Players get to choose their favorite classic monster character and race around nine tracks over three worlds. The races are against three computer controlled opponents, and the levels are also scattered with power ups (Bat-Bombs, Power Stars and Thunder Clouds.)

‘Ghoul Racers’ features cutting edge 3D graphics and utilises Box2d for flawless physics modelling. The game also has a brilliantly psychotic surf-guitar original sound track and blood curdling sound effects.


Left and Right cursors to steer your coffin

Up and Down to accelerate and brake

Space to use Power Ups

Check out this Trailer

Sep 27

Click To Play

Hi guys AdminAnt here everyone loves a new zombie game here here is cracking one.

This one is a run and gun with many different upgrades.

here are some facts about the game


Takes place during the events of the original Days 2 Die. Now you play as Sgt. Vic Radel, a member of TCPD SWAT team assigned to rescue survivors. This is a prequel/sequel to the original D2D. Ever wonder what happened to the harbor? you’ll find the answer here!


move - A D / left right arrow
jump - SPACE/W/up
climb up / down = W, S/ up, down arrow
walk - hold SHIFT
reload - R
inventory - I
fix barricade - hold E when standing next to the barricade
aim & shoot - MOUSE
interact - E

option screen - escape


2 game modes, survival mode & story mode
You can continue your game anywhere using MochiGames account.
More Weapons!
More Zombies!
Zombie Bosses!

Check out the the youtube trailer.

Thanks AdminAnt

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