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Jul 8

Hi guys AdminAnt here with the german walkthrough to warfare 1944.

Thanks for watching

Jul 7

Hi guys AdminAnt here with a few videos of phage wars 2.

Check this out for a speed run its pretty cool and very impressive.

Jul 5

Here is a walkthrough of the last 4 levels of Warfare 1944 in the German campaign. If your stuck in one of these levels then watch carefully at the parts where you cant get past to see if he is doing something your not.

Here is the walkthrough.

Thanks, AdminAnt.

Jul 2

Finally the sequel to Warfare 1917 is out and this time it takes place in 1944. Here is a walkthrough of the US campaign for missions 1-4 courtesy of tasselfoot.

Check out the video below.

Thanks, AdminAnt.

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