Snow Virus TD walkthrough Tips and Cheats

HI guys AdminAnt here

a small video fo snowvirus TD on how to beat level 15 from reports poeple seemed to have found it pretty tricky.

Thanks Anthony

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  1. Chad Fleming Says:

    Wow you really suck you could only get passed 15. There are still 10 more levels to go dude try harder and you may get as skilled as me.

  2. Tintin Says:

    I am stuck at level 24. Any tips would be great!

  3. Tintin Says:

    Cracked that one. Now the last level seems even harder ;)

  4. Mb54546 Says:

    Tintin, can you either make a video for how you cracked 16 (up to 24 if you have the time) or post a comment telling me what torrents to use :p I feel I´ve tried every single combo there is, but still I´m stuck at 16 =(

  5. WTFosaurus Says:

    @Chad Fleming

    “try harder and you may get as skilled as me.”

    My god, does your life seriously suck THAT much that you are proud of your achievements in a flash game!?

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