Neuron Walkthrough Guide Tips and Cheats

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Hi guys here is a Video walkthrough of the game Neuron with using Bomb.

Hope you enjoy.

Without dying

13 Responses

  1. Nexus Says:

    This is a tough game but it is awesome

  2. jonas Says:


  3. Sonic Says:

    Make the game level based, as in when you die and lose all your lives, you dont have to start from scratch each time..

  4. Saksikasi Says:

    Very easy game, too short in my opinion.

  5. Slatts Says:

    Fun, but not that hard. got all the achievements other than don’t use a bomb and don’t use a perk first try, and managed to get both those my second.

  6. Pat Says:

    Wow, finally beat it, tough game, but once you get into it you’ll get some tactics. Great one, lots o fun

  7. evil7734 Says:

    i did it with no bombs and no perks at the same time it sucked. just keep buying lives and dont stop shootin.

  8. brandon Says:

    wow good game but what is the name of the music that is played

  9. Braedan Says:

    Awesome game! Best online game that I’ve ever played. So much fun!

  10. ezra Says:

    verry fun game not beat it yet though

  11. ShaDdoW_EyE Says:

    I breake your score without using bombs :D 9.134 Points, and 2 deads ^^

  12. NotEasyToImpress Says:

    boring game.. its the same over and over. go 5545 points without dying in 2nd try. :P

  13. Mat Rempitz Says:

    song title please

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