Epic War 3 Walkthrough Guide Tips and Cheats

Hi guys AdminAnt here

Here a small video of the final level on epic war 3.

I have played this game also and unlocked all cards and and achviments.

I have also copleted the cave missions aswell there pretty though.

My link up consists of

1.Dragon Rider
2.frost glant
3.Black Night
6.magic cannon

with skills using
1.Healing wave
2.phoenix strike

total mana cost 2435.

This bloke in the video has no idea whats he doing tbh why use them little green things as there terrible.

use my guide and you will not fail

Thanks AdminAnt

63 Responses

  1. adam Says:

    is there any cheats 4 this game cuz ppl say there iz jst askin

  2. Slightly Anonymous Says:

    the “little green things” spawn so fast u can use them to stall the enemy and draw there attacks!

  3. lew Says:

    i have got like tn more games comp than the guy who made this vid and the combo he has only works for the first 2 or 3

  4. Skylar Says:

    Does anybody know how to get the card below the dragon rider(blue card to the left of the blue dragon) and the card right above the Zues’ Wrath(yellow card to the right of the lightning bolt)? Those are the only two cards I need left.

  5. ??? Says:

    i didnt need your advice

  6. ??? Says:

    i used fire titan thing dragon rider thunder crystal frostgiant blackknight and witch

  7. Adrian Says:

    hey how do you beat the last cave i need help that little thing kills everything even my four monster i had lined up

  8. giant Says:

    epic war 3 is ok? yess i not dont to delete game epic war 3 i no my name giant what is your name ??? hi ladies is the melon

  9. Yukijin Says:

    Horrible video. You only need about 10 guys to push forward. In the beginning just use comet to stop the first few guys. After that, constantly push EVERYTHING forward. That’s the strategy I’ve used since the first time playing through and I’ve only been pushed back to my castle twice. That’s including the Caves.

  10. Ikey Says:

    how do you unlock more troops?

  11. Sereomontis Says:

    what? giant, you need to take some english classes or something…

    and i am also wondering if there are any cheats to the game, ive heard there are but havent seen any, so any help here would be apreciated.

    i use phantom armor, dragon rider, fire demon, black knight and taurus warriors in any random order for a total of 1595 mana + comet, lightning bolt and phoenix strike powers for another 1175 mana putting me at a total of 2770 mana. i find it works very well. and for the little guy at the last cave who hits like 999999 damage on everything, you have to hit him with so many units, that he gets hit so fast, the kick from the attacks make it impossible for him to attack back. thats the only thing i have found that works.

  12. Sereomontis Says:

    hope that last part helps someone, i havent been able to beat cave number 5 yet either…

  13. Sc3Amer Says:

    I Beat cave #1 and 5 so far

  14. nasty boy 22 Says:

    all this video is is a guy showing off wtf?

  15. boy Says:

    it is an alsome game and i like the red dude

  16. Wolf Says:

    DUDE!!!The guy in the video just sucks i could beat that lvl in less than 3 min…i used similiar units as adminant : Frost Gaint, Dragon Rider, Fire Succubus, Black Knight, Magic Cannon, and any titan card (plus healing card and pheonix card) which comes up to 2835 mana

  17. badboy 65 Says:

    this tells me nothing!All of us need a real vid. come on

  18. RUN BITCH Says:

    I dont have any of that crap i got better and when i attack there castle he blows the horn and boom all my men are DEAD!!!!

  19. sdsadas Says:

    sucks ass fucker get a life Frost Gaint, Dragon Rider, Fire Succubus, Black Knight, Magic Cannon are the best to use and u suck… i like to see you beat 5 cave with ur lame strategy

  20. please help me Says:

    Hello,I just played this game but I don’t know how I can get Frost Gaint, Dragon Rider, Fire Succubus, Black Knight, Magic Cannon can you please tell me!!!

  21. cory Says:

    the vedio and comments really helped me. so good job on the advice!!!!!!

  22. c-nor Says:

    to beat the last cave, dont use cannons, phoenixes, or anything that knocks units into the air, because this will blast the goblin right to your base. use at least 3 ranged units and fast spawning close range units that dont suck (ghost armor). this will keep the golbin from advancing. when your units are at the enemy base, use the hercules card and your units will kill the base in half the time. this worked on the first try for me

  23. aidan Says:

    you guys i beat 3 caves #1 2 and 3 on#4 they swarm me with like 50 nights a fire titan and 2 water titans

  24. aidan Says:

    you guys i beat 3 caves #1 2 and 3 on#4 they swarm me with like 10000000000000000 nights a fire titan and 2 water titans

  25. aidrian Says:

    im stuck on #5 because of the bitchy goblin

  26. cip pooooopy Says:

    stupids espeshily sdadas

  27. sg1 Says:

    give me some cheats pllzzzzzz

  28. jori Says:

    if u attack first with the fast strike u can to the cp player he’s coming fast to u

  29. m3nt Says:

    srly… that lvl is tpo easy… anyone know how to beat the fifth and last cave ?

  30. mark Says:

    yes there is a cheat just download cheat engine 5.4.Theres a youtube show on it watch it its cool trust me

  31. mark Says:

    theres cheats for epic war and epic war 2 also

  32. wartitan Says:

    Oh man, I loved that game. Right now I’m playing this War of Titans browsergame. It’s real cool, exspeacially the graphics and it’s for free.

  33. Jack Says:

    how do you get past the goblin thats invinseble in the cave of trial 5?

  34. arap Says:

    To beat the fifth cave of trial use all the ranged guys and appropriate specials

  35. slag Says:

    can you complete cave of trial 4&5 without cheats if so make a video?

  36. :P:P:P Says:

    I know a sortof cheat fireball (or other spell) the hero and he comes runnin so its easy to kill him

  37. The Master Says:

    What I always do is keep my hero alive. If he dies I fall back ALL units until he revives. At the end when the enemy catsle is low on health, I fall back and wait for more enemy units to come. This way, you get more money and experience fighting off remainder units.

  38. stickman Says:

    wtf it dis not worck

  39. stickman Says:

    and it dis not work if u use ranged guys

  40. tomasss Says:

    hahaha im dont like video

  41. x Says:

    i hate the invisible gobilin

  42. x Says:

    did any of you play as the blue guy? i did

  43. jessse Says:

    i need to get money and more people

  44. andrew Says:

    how do you get loads of csh and exp

  45. Shurikan Says:

    Guys,for the final cave,you only need to be very fast on inflicting damage…both your units and your castle are invincible while athena protection spell is activated,so the lil’ green guy won’t damage you,but the spell won’t last forever…

  46. Shurikan Says:

    by the way…i wnatched the start of the vid…that strategy is just AWFULL!!!!i only got enemy that close to my castle on caves…

  47. ep3 pro Says:

    LOL it takes use so long to complete 1 stage o.o took me about 4-5 min to complete last cave .. . . this game requires shit load stragety but ill tell u one thing always kepp ur goblins at the castle so if u start getting owned ur goblins will save u shitload of time to regenerate ur army again

  48. ??????? Says:

    people sey you need strength and as much soldiers well heres a tip : first if you have most of your soldiers unlocked and upgraded to the MAX i would have the goblins,zombies,dwarf engineer,taurius,hantom armor and centaur archer and hold them on retreat and wait till my special abilities loade witch are : meteor strike,rain of arrows,lighting bolt,freeze trap,phoenix strike,hercule’s strength and that equals up to 3270 mana it helped me through some trials. hoped this helped you!!

  49. gardenia Says:

    For the last cave, go for a weenie army (that doesn’t toss stuff around). I had goblins, dwarf, taurus, phantom, centaur, and mermaid. Most important spells are athena’s protection and hercules strength, and comet. I also had healing wave, and freeze trap. Rain of arrows could be the 6th spell.

    Bring forth and kill the opposing hero without touching that unique goblin hero. Wait until you have most of your army out and in a solid bunch. Then go for that deadly goblin. Cast athena’s protection and hercules strength before engaging the goblin. Cast the freeze trap on him and your mermaids should be able to push that goblin to the right edge again and again. Use comet to limit the additional enemy units coming out so the mermaids hit the goblin. Castle will fall shortly thereafter.

  50. gardenia Says:

    I tried without using the freeze trap and it works just as well. Retreat your units after engaging the first few waves and your units will bunch up. Use comets and rain of arrows to kill the bombers. Once athena and hercules spells are ready then go for it. You may have around 50-60 units for that final strike.
    All those cards are lv 5. 1720 mana cost is all it takes. lv 4 was a lot more exciting with those two titans.

  51. some guy Says:

    Nice spelling and grammar

  52. me Says:

    i cant beat cave 4 becase that asshole kills all of my level 5 titans and my level 5 hero wat do i do

  53. John Says:

    My basic strategy destroy, destroy, destory,
    Units Goblins, torrens, witch, succubus, dragon riders, and dwarfs
    Skills comet, freeze traps, pheonix, heal, herculean might, invinsibility….

    best way to take things down, i know the cannon is beast, but for holding back units the witch and succubus combo is much more efficent, 10 attacks one after the other that pushes people back and stuns them? no question as to what im going to use.

  54. shem Says:

    to beat cave 5 all you need you need to do is type epic war 3 hacked and you will get your hero to be invinsible and that goblin would not defeat your castle because it will automatically upgrade by it’self.

  55. shem Says:

    the stratigy i used was only hero and any spell you want

  56. Blah Says:

    Lol i beat cave 5 on the 2nd try heres what you need you need fire succubus dragon rider black night mermaid and lord of shadows or any of the other bosses you like i just prefer to use lord of shadows ANYWAY you will also need the meteor healing arrow and phoenix spells which will take about 2875 mana or watever (make sure your units and spells have atleast 4 if you upgrade it to 5 thats only better) anyway build your units up and use all the spells as soon as they cooldown (because the goblin comes out fast) make sure you have the mermaids and succubus they are the most important use the black knights and dragons riders as blockers for the mermaids and succubus while they fire it will hold bacl the goblin and he wont get a chance to attack (remember to use your skills as soon as you cam use them) now if you do it right thw goblin should be pushed back all the way to his castle and the knights and the riders will attack the castle and

  57. Blah Says:

    And the mermaids and succubus will attack the goblin until it drives him bak all the way to his castle then they will attack the castle do this as long as it takes to defeat the castle because the goblin is invincible you cant kill him but if you destroy the castle he dies (read the commemt above first i would have said it all in the comment above but too many characters) anyway i used lord of shadows because he hits and hits enemies into the air which ia good for driving the goblin back even further happy gaming everyone

  58. Blah Says:

    Hey by the way if your trying to beat the goblin again try having the earth dragon and goblins in your army the goblins held off the attack of the boss soooo well since you can upgrade the goblins to 5 and so you will have a cap of 21 goblins on your side which amkes a pretty huge distraction and they spawn really fast so they are great (remember to read my first 2 comments above so you know what else you need in your army)

  59. shem Says:

    that is the lamest stratergy ever.blah.your the most suckish person i ever heard of

  60. gamer pro Says:

    To beat the last cave you have to be really fast and level you cards all to level 5. The goblin is invincible you have to be fast and use the bosses and destroy the castle before the goblin reaches you castle. I think the witch is good for striking the goblin because I takes the goblin away and you can use the blue dragons to get damaged and then use the lord of shadow and damage the castle and be really fast. If you want to cheat just type:”epic war 3 hacked” and that’s all. You hero will have invincible life periods. I used
    1. lord of shadow
    2.magic cannon
    3.blue dragon
    4.earth dragon
    I beat all the caves in 15 minute that to me is a long time.

  61. D Says:

    Hey I need a list of all the cards and where to get them.

  62. C-Browser Says:

    Interestingly, on cave 4, if one of your units goes past the shadow beast without dying and lands on the other side (due to its triple blackness attack), the shadow beast will TURN ITSELF AROUND to attack the unit behind it. This is a primo time to attack it, while it is turned around, because it can’t attack back!

  63. nerik Says:

    i have beaten all the caves

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