Epic War 3 Walkthrough - Cave of Trials 1 - Fire Demon

HI guys AdminAnt here

with a guide to the fire demon on the first cave level.

This video was not made by me and i would do it total different.

I have recently completed the whole game and got every card and achivment.

Guide to lvl 5.

Use on ranged mages rifle men and arrow women.

then for the spells use anyone you like do not use the arrow bird of fire tho.

get as close to the building without touching the faded away golbin he hits for 99,999 points each attack. The idea is the keep pushing him back to prevent him attcking you while attcking the castle.

so get as close to the castle as possible then fire everying you have at the castle. Killing the castle will kill him instant and auto win you the level.

good Luck be sure to watch for epic war 3 on the 24th of june on playtowerdefensegames.com

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