Jun 28

lockergnome plays a Desktop Tower Defense game with Defense Grid which was created by Hidden Path Entertainment, The CEO of Hidden Path Entertainment (the game company that created this game) jeff is giving lockergnome a insight into the game. It can be downloaded today on Steam and Direct2Drive!

Thanks AdminAnt.

Jun 28

A demo of the new tower defense game out for iPhone and iPod touch, More info here http://www.dothehudson.net/ .

Thanks AdminAnt.

Jun 26

Hi everyone. Here is another Epic War 3 walkthrough by tasselfoot.

This time he shows how he beat the Cave of Trials 4: Lord of Shadows.

Take a look below.

Jun 20

Hi Guys AdminAnt here with the brand new game hedgehog launch 2.

here is a walkthrough for completeing the game in 4days.

check out this video from youtube made by tasslefoot.

Thanks AdminAnt.

If this the person got rather luck playing the game.

Jun 19

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Hi guys here is a Video walkthrough of the game Neuron with using Bomb.

Hope you enjoy.

Without dying

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