Learn to Fly Walkthrough Beat Game in 16 Days

Learn to Fly is similar to Shopping Cart Hero but more options. You will play the role of a penguin whose dream is to fly. Help the penguin to achieve this dream by purchasing and upgrading glider, rockets and the ramp to boost the flight duration! You can also bounce up when you hit the water surface if you have speed above 30mph. To earn more money quickly, complete the in-game badges for each mode. Below is a video walkthrough on completing the game in 16 days. Have fun! [Written by Ayumilove]

Learn to Fly

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  1. jake Says:

    hurr hurr no lifer loser.

  2. h Says:


  3. h Says:

    i cand do it…:(

  4. Plan Says:

    This mission is easy, you can natgee half of the attacks with zerathul’s void prison and then just two-slash the worm to death and for the other half use a few dark templars, units coming out of the worms can’t detect invisible units, your only problem would be overseers and spore crawlers that dot the map.

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