May 29

HI guys AdminAnt here agin with another walkthrough for the new defense game


Bug war is a domination game with a small area of tower defense in there aswell. here are a couple videos that show you game play on the level on bug wars

Thanks AdminAnt

Bug War

Levels 1-7

Last and Final Level

May 28

HI guys AdminAnt here

here is a guide to playing savior Tower Defense with some hint tips and guide

Thanks Anthony

Savior Tower Defense


hint 1: spiders can heal themselves so don’t get to much space between 2 tower places! and there comes at least 1 spider wave in each level!

hint 2: you max. souls is 500, so don’t collect the until you have a 1000, use them for towers.

hint 3: don’t look exactly on my shapes! look on the under side of the game for the shapes!

hint 4: there are 2 kinds of play: story mod and free play.
story mod: play the levels
free play: play level 1,3 or 5 and get a game with unstoppable number of waves.

there 5 levels
in the last wave of all 5 levels there are bosses:
level 1: 1 boss
level 2: 2 bosses (i think the same as level 1)
level 3: 3 bosses
level 4:
level 5:

you can destroy the enemies by placing towers. the towers can be placed by hold your left mouse button and move in the shape of the towers! you can buy the towers by the souls you collected of dead enemies.

tower 1: sell
this is a way to sell towers you get 75% of the cost back.
shape: \\

tower 2: shadow guardian
cost: 30 souls
shape: _|
damage: 140
range: 80
info: this guardian does single target damage and can be upgraded for more damage and range
upgraded: +300 damage, +15 range

tower 3: lighting guardian
cost: 120 souls
|\\  /
| \\/
| /\\
|/  \\
damage: 200
range: 80
info: this guardian casts lightning that bounces between enemies, upgrades increases bounces.
upgraded: +250 damage, +5 range, +? bounces

tower 4: ice guardian
cost: 35 souls
damage: 120 per sec.
range: 50
info: this guardian rains ice shards down on nearby enemies causing damage and slowing down.
upgraded: +300 damage, +5 range

tower 5: fire guardian
cost: 150 souls
shape: 3 or

damage: 392 per sec
range: 50
info: this guardian breathes fire, causing attackers continual damage for a short space of time.
upgraded: +276 damage, +5 range

tower 6: earth guardian
cost: 200 souls
damage: 90 per sec.
range: 100
info: this guardian pulses natural energy dealing splash damage to all in range enemies.
upgraded: +285 damage, +10 range

tower 8: upgrade
cost: 175
shape: |
info: with this you can upgrade your towers!

May 27

Hi Guys here a video of crush the castle speed run in 8mins of video.

The bloke is very talentent in this game with a easy run killing the king within 1 or 2 shots.

Thanks AdminAnt

Crush The Castle

May 26

Hi guys AdminAnt here and yes it here

Create your Own Tower Defense 2

Please create and make your own TD maps or either play on maps other poeple have made

Thanks Anthony

May 25

Learn to Fly is similar to Shopping Cart Hero but more options. You will play the role of a penguin whose dream is to fly. Help the penguin to achieve this dream by purchasing and upgrading glider, rockets and the ramp to boost the flight duration! You can also bounce up when you hit the water surface if you have speed above 30mph. To earn more money quickly, complete the in-game badges for each mode. Below is a video walkthrough on completing the game in 16 days. Have fun! [Written by Ayumilove]

Learn to Fly

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