Tower Defense Game Review: Storm Winds

Today were reviewing the flash game “Storm Winds

Storm Winds @

Screenshot Of Storm Winds

Storm Winds

This great defense game is a great all round game where you can build many selection of towers that have the abilty to level up. Challenge modes and a story line the game is really good and is a great challenge.

How Do You Play?

Playing Storm Winds, Faced with more Challenges you must protect the town by constructing turrets on only the selection highlighted spots, Using your mouse click on a turret and fire apon each evil mech flying object that trys to destroy your defenses!…

Screenshot Of Storm Winds
Screenshot Of Storm Winds

The Levels

The levels are the same but as with every flash game you get new evil mechs flying around you, Also there are sometimes more than one boss on each level so prepare yourself for that quickly.

Overall Rating?

The controls are straight forward with the mouse, But you got to wait on to upgrade your stuff which is really a bother as you want to use your income towards them to make them stronger too. And the limited amount of spaces to put your turrets doesn’t help either. But saying that the game experiance once your into it gets better but way harder too, If your after something new and harder to play then this is your game to play.

Rated 6/10

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