Tower Defense Game Review: Turret Defense 2

Today were reviewing the flash game “Turret Defense 2

Turret Defense 2 @

Screenshot Of Turret Defense 2

Turret Defense 2

Is a pretty basic game kinda like robot terrors but more basic without any combos.

How Do You Play?

Playing Turret Defense 2, Fight off the invading robots and vehicles that attempt to destroy your tower… Using your mouse to aim and left click to fight destroy them all with your force!…

Screenshot Of Turret Defense 2
Screenshot Of Turret Defense 2

The Levels

Although the music is good the level isn’t really all great with its gray outlook and black coloured blobs running at you too.

Overall Rating?

Great music choice, But a really boring game as its one of those flash games where you’ll find it fun but only for a limited time as the controls are basic just like the game it self.

Rated 4/10

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